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Tyrrells Honey Roast Ham and Cranberry Crisps

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Brand: Tyrrells / Type: Crisps/Snacks

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    2 Reviews
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      07.11.2010 14:10
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      Tasty crisps from Tyrrells!

      Tyrrells Hand Cooked Potato Chips (otherwise known as crisps) are made at Tyrrells Court Farm in Herefordshire. They are in control of everything from 'seed to ship', so you know you're in for a good product.

      The Honey Roast Ham and Cranberry flavour potato chips come in a pink and cream coloured bag - the pink no doubt resembling the ham. The bag features a black & white photo of 3 women carrying some pigs.

      As with other Tyrrells crisps, the potato variety is noted on the front (my particular crisps were made using Lady Rosetta potatoes), along with the best before date.

      The crisps themselves are thick and crunchy and full of flavour. These crisps actually do taste like ham and cranberry, despite the ingredients that go into making this flavour. According to the back of the packet, the flavour ingredients include (but aren't limited to) raspberry powder, blueberry flakes, garlic powder, liquorice powder, paprika extract, ground black pepper and ground cloves. Not a bit of ham or cranberry in sight!

      These crisps are trans fat free, gluten free and contain no artificial or GM products. The bag also notes that they can be eaten as part of a healthy common sense diet along with plenty of broccoli (urgh!) and lots of exercise.

      These crisps are available in 40g bags (for 1) and 150g bags (ideal for sharing). I can't comment on the price of the 150g bags, but it cost me around the 65p mark for my 40g bag (not cheap, but then these are premium crisps!) from my local supermarket.

      Definitely recommended!


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        14.10.2010 16:36
        Very helpful



        a good homely style crisp with intense flavours

        Whilst waiting in the post office line in my local Londis village shop, I found myself lured by the crisp section I was stood next too. I spotted the Tyrells selection of crisps, not ones I usually go for as they are quite expensive. However, not spying anything else that caught my imagination - I thought I would splurge and buy some. The flavour I chose was honey roast ham and cranberry as I had not heard of that combination before.

        As I have said they are not cheap - 65p for 40g! althougth as this is a village shop you may find them cheaper else where.
        The packet is made of a substantial foil affair, oozing quality moe than many other crisp bags. The top and bottom of the bags are bright pink with a creamy magnolia colour middle strip, inside which is a photograph of ladies with pigs in times of old british feeling picture.
        Across the top is the name and flavour along with print to say they are hand cooked potatoe chips. What I liked the most and thought was quite an original idea, was that in the bottom corner they tell you what potatoe variety the crisps are made of! Mine are Lady Ropsetta :)
        Moving onto the back of the packet there are the standard information you would expect like full list of ingredients and nutrional details as follows:-

        Ingredients - potato, sunflower oil, honey roast ham and cranberry flavour, whey powder, sugar, salt, yeast extract, potato starch, raspberry powder, flavouring, citric and malic acid, blueberry flakes, garlic and liqorice powder, succinic acid, paprika extract, black pepper, cloves and milk.
        They also sate the product contains no artifical or gm products, it is gluten free and has no trans fat.

        Nutrtion - per 40g bag - 180 kcal, 2.7g protein, 22.5g carbohydrate (0.5g of which is sugars), 9.2g of fat ( of which 0.9g is saturated), 0.9g fibre and 0.27g salt

        The details of the website www.tyrrellspotatochips.co.uk and address can be found too.

        I particularly like the section which tells you they are made from "seed to chip" on the Herefordshire farm and the quirky statement on the side "our chips can be eaten as part of a healthy common sense diet along with plenty of brocoli and lots of exercise". I feel this shows me they are well aware the product is not "healthy" particularly and they are not trying to make out it is.

        So what is in the bag? and are they any good?

        This was my only sigh of disappointment :( On opening the bag it was only half filled with crisps. I know this is pretty standard for big brands now, but I still felt slightly cheated especially given the price.
        However, the waft soon distracted me and I tucked in.

        The crisps themselves are quite dark in colour and have a thin edgeing from the potato skin, with a small dusting of red flecks which one assumes is the cranberry flavouring. The slices are thick, very crunchy and don't disintergrate on entering your mouth like many others.
        They hugely taste of honey roast ham with a hint of cranberry, although it does vary from crisp to crisp. The actual flavour is quite intense initally, but doesn't linger in your mouth to long that you are tasting it for hours.

        I have to admit dispite the price I am now a fan and endevour to try other in the range. Here I should note this flavour is part of the seasonal range and is only avaliable from October to April - so buy some quick!


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