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Waitrose Lemon Fondant Fancies

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2 Reviews

Brand: Waitrose / Type: Cake

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    2 Reviews
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      02.01.2009 20:55
      Very helpful



      A zesty little or not so little Lemon Fondant Fancy

      Sometimes a change is as good as a rest, we have so much variety these days it is unbelievable. No longer do we have to choose from a handful of different kinds of biscuits and cakes, the market is awash with new inventions and creations.
      Years ago we toiled over hot stoves to give our family their teatime treats, but no longer...the worm has turned and instead we go off hunting the aisles in search of new and tantalising treats.

      A high day and a holiday sees a visit to Waitrose, the prices reflect the quality they offer. Waitrose is packed with the finest food and I for one love to browse the aisles in search of something new and tasty.
      Liz and I made for the double doors like schoolchildren on a trip!
      We always make a pact, nothing too fattening, but pacts have a habit of being broken.
      Why is it that im drawn to the cake and biscuit aisles?
      The same goes for Marks and Spencer's, the aisles that are filled with prepared salads, beautifully displayed fruit and healthy eating all get bypassed.

      The delicious Patisserie display is certainly eye-catching to say the least and on this particular visit Liz pointed out the Lemon Fondant Fancies, I thought they were rather like a large Petit Four, Liz was just stood over them practically drooling!
      In my defence I made a point of saying that they were 89p each, but it was water off a ducks back.
      We had already half decided that we would buy a sandwich and sit in the park to enjoy it, the Lemon Fondant Fancies soon put paid to that idea.
      The Waitrose assistant lovingly wrapped two of the gold nuggets in a bag and we headed off to the tills to pay.

      The ducks in the park were treated to a display, how to enjoy a Waitrose Lemon Fondant Fancy!
      The thick and zesty fondant icing was sickeningly gorgeous, I felt like a child with a cupcake. We had the delicate little brown paper cake case to catch any crumbs in...highly unlikely.
      Liz was almost making love to her Fondant fancy, at one point I hoped the ducks were all over the age of consent.
      As we sucked and dribbled over the lemon heaven we both stopped in our tracks, the inside of the creation held a secret...under the slightly domed top was a `dob` of butter-cream, in the middle of the softest sponge lay another layer of butter-cream that mingled with seductive strawberry jam.
      Ohhhh those Waitrose Patisserie Chefs know what a woman needs!

      After scraping every last vestige of Fondant Fancy from our fingers and apologising to the starving ducks we were left with just the brown paper cake case to remind us of our wild abandonment.
      We agreed on one score, the Lemon Fondant Fancies were much larger than the average iced fancy and must have held at least a half a days calories.
      The combination of the featherlight soft sponge, the cream and strawberry jam, topped with the wonderful zesty lemon fondant and so elegantly swirled with a white iced pattern was indeed an experience to behold.

      One word of advice...
      Should you pass the doors of a Waitrose...enter, go straight to the Patisserie shelf and seek out a Lemon Fondant Fancy.
      Definitely an adult experience.


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        17.12.2008 16:50
        Very helpful



        A bright and cheerful cake which is as yellow as a bunch of daffodils.

        Oh dear- move over My Kipling your time is up!

        One of the greatest joys of finding Dooyoo is the wonderful reviews which suggest all kinds of products and services and also the great comments people leave about your work which are often really helpful.

        Last week I wrote a review about Mr Kipling's Fondant Fancies and a fellow Dooyooer suggested to me that if I tried the ones from the Waitrose patisserie I would ditch them for good.

        So off I went to the Waitrose website to have a look and there I found to my delight their fresh versions of the same thing, chocolate, lemon and strawberry fancies. As I often have a Waitrose delivery (which is a new service they have started in my area in addition to their own Ocado) I added some to my order which arrived today. Waitrose comes direct from our local store and Ocado from a warehouse but it's all Waitrose food, it's just with these fancies being a fresh Patisserie item they are only available from Waitrose.

        Now my husband is working at home today so for lunch I decided to serve him one of these Waitrose fancies- the lemon one. I could see his brain thinking "not a Mr Kipling" so I thought "right I'm not wasting these on the unconverted"- I served him a piece of Tiffin instead. Then he looked over at mine as I could see jealousy creeping in! You see myself and hubby have been married for a long time and yesterday was 30 years since we got engaged so I know him too well! I know that often he will scowl at goodies which he subsequently nibbles! This being the case when I find something really delicious that he looks like he isn't going to enjoy I give him an alternative and wait! He soon started to comment on the cake I was eating saying how much more filling it had and how good it looked!

        These are no ordinary fancy! Unlike Mr Kipling they are larger and inside there is a separate layer of cream in a sandwich as well as under the domed top. The cake tasted so fresh it was like it had just been made, and the sponge was moist and delicious with a lovely tangy fresh lemon flavour. The icing was drizzled with pure white fondant and the cake sat in a lovely chocolate brown paper case. Utterly delicious and a beautiful pale buttercup. A taste of sunshine.
        Ingredients are not listed on the website but it does say they contain egg, milk, colour and flavouring.

        Cost of these are 89p each so more than 3 times the cost of a French Fancy made by Mr Kipling. However since these are freshly made and Mr Kipling are long life I think comparing them price wise is probably not fair to Mr Kipling.

        So the question is which will I buy?- you know there is no doubt in my mind that the Dooyoo comment I received was 100% right. After you have tasted the Waitrose fresh alternative I don't think I would want to go back.

        I might just settle for one of these less often. If I was having a childrens' party though I would probably be tempted to use the Mr Kipling version for economy as they are still "Exceedingly Good Cakes" just not in the same league.

        Waitrose Lemon Fancies are citrus tasting and a fresh as a lemon grove in Sicily- these cakes are to die for.


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