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Walkers Crinkles Cheddar and Onion Crisps

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Brand: Walkers / Type: Crisps

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    1 Review
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      08.05.2013 23:35
      Very helpful



      A great tasting snack that ups Walkers game quite considerably and gives Golden Wonder competition.

      Walkers Cheddar and Onion Crinkles


      Walkers Cheddar and Onion Crinkles, come in a bag which has a cream colour as the background in the top one fifth of the bag and has in this area a circle with a golden sun coloured orb that contains a wavy red banner with the text "WALKERS" streaked in white. The bottom four fifths of the bag has a dark sky blue background with the words "CRINKLES", "MORE FLAVOUR IN EVERY GROOVE" displayed in the creamy colour used as the background for the top half of the bag and the words "CHEDDAR AND ONION" are written in yellow below these words in a smaller font. Below all the words is a picture of the crisps contained in the bag which you can clearly see are irregular slightly undulating crisps with no sharp points and with four or five grooves per crisp. Finally in the bottom left is all the nutritional information clearly laid out to aid the consumer in making healthy choices.

      It's a nice design, with a very oceanic feel to it and it suits this relatively new product well as it has a feel of modernity about it yet familiarity with the past. It states to the consumer "this product is a natural evolution not revolution of what came before; it serves not to break ties with the past that bind us together". I think it reassures the consumer that what they are getting is something familiar yet also excites them into buying because it's not totally conservative, it's managed risk.

      ~~~Appearance, Taste and Texture~~~

      The crisps are all quite irregular shapes, but they are the same irregular shape. They are a light yellow colour with some being a little orange to the point of being a light bronze colour. They are darker than regular cheese and onion crisps from walkers but they are not as boldly orange as the Cheese and onion crisps from Golden Wonders. Each crisp has four or five grooves in the crisps which are quite interesting to eat.

      They taste very strongly of cheese but not so strongly that it is overbearing or off putting, that said the cheddar used in these Crinkle crisps is not exactly like your cold cheddar cheeses it's much more like a regular cheese flavour found in most cheese crisps with just a little cheddar edge.

      The crisps also tasted quite salted, which gives a really scrumptious taste which is quite moreish however the salting is not so extreme as to make you thirsty, the amount of salt in these crisps is weighted just right to give you a lovely, yummy tasting crisp. It contains0.3 5g of salt which is permissible from a health consideration as its just over 5% of your RDA of salt which leaves lots of margin for error in respect of salt consumption in your diet. (Salt RDA is quite fixed and nearly independent of size and sex).

      The onion in this crisp is quite a subtle base flavour that melds in well with the salt and cheddar cheese in this crisp. It is there in the background but is not a prominent taste, just a subtle note you can taste throughout each crisp.The distribution of the flavours is good as well as the whole crisp tastes the same, like Golden Wonder, where each part of the crisp has a constant distribution of cheddar, salt and onion flavours such that you don't end up with one part of the crisp that tastes too cheesy or too strongly of onions and other areas devoid of onions or cheddar.

      Texture wise each crisp just dissolves on biting and is hard enough to give you crunch but soft enough to be very easy to eat and effervesce in the mouth whilst the taste gently strokes the taste buds, not exploding into life like golden wonder but not dying either like so many other brands. Overall I am very impressed with the taste and texture of the crisp which just dissolves in the mouth and is not far behind Golden Wonder in terms of being crispy yet smooth, crunchy yet soft.


      Per individual bag in my local co-op its 70p for a 28g bag and similar sized bag of Walker's Cheese and Onion is the same price but golden wonder is 60p for a 25g bag. Thus it is slightly dearer than Golden Wonder for an individual bag but a 6 pack is on offer at Tesco right now for 89p which is very, very good value and better than the £1.48 for 6 as of the time of writing, available from Tesco online. However from memory normally they are slightly dearer than golden wonder multi pack and this is confirmed by the fact that on Tesco online the regular price is £1.89 for a 6 pack however you are getting 3g extra per bag which is 18g or over half a bag extra, it's still dearer but only around 20p or so not the initial 41p difference assumed.

      Whilst they are on the special offer they offer exceptional value with one pack costing only 13.333p (Tesco online). Compared to 70p for a single bag as a non-multi pack! Clearly multi packs are the way to go however if you are feeling snackish and your local paper shop doesn't stock Golden Wonder individual bags, these are a good alternative and definitely superior to regular Walker's cheese and onion crisps which have less taste and are a little too crunchy and still taste soggy.

      ~~~Nutrition, Ingredients ~~~

      This product contains 9g of fat per bag which is still fairly high but only 0.8g of saturated which is healthier than a lot of crisps out there. There are 14.4 g of carbs per bag and 1.7g of protein and as mentioned earlier there are 0.35g of salt per pack which is fairly typical of most bags of crisps, yet it manages to taste very salty indeed! Each bag provides 150 kcals. There are healthier snacks out there indeed Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps contain slightly less saturated fat per bag, similar salt and slightly less carbs and calories per bag.

      The product contains sunflower oil (26%), Rapeseed oil and cheddar and onion seasoning. The seasoning is made up of among other things; dried milk, whey, salt, sugar, dried cheese and milk lactose. Thus as with many things this may not be suitable for those with lactose intolerance, bigoted cowists!

      ~~~ Would I recommend? ~~~

      Absolutely one hundred percent yes. They have a taste and texture to rival Golden Wonder and they are a big step up from the traditional Walkers Cheese and Onion fare which had soggy yet jaggy texture, not so with these bad boys. They offer crunch and bite whilst managing to be silky smooth at the same time yet not damp or moist tasting. Cost wise they are generally dearer on an individual basis or multi pack basis than golden wonder however when on special offer they can be cheaper than golden wonder and it is then I would snap em up. In a straight fight with Golden Wonder they still lose, but not by much and most of the time it will be cheaper to buy Golden Wonder too so its not even a straight fight. However when the dice are loaded in their favour price wise I'd have no hesitation going for these as they are delicious.

      I would always go for these over the regular Walkers Cheese and Onion Crisps which are simply made redundant by this product which is of similar nutritional worth, tastes as good (better in my opinion) and has a far more delicate, desirable texture than the regular Walkers Crisps. They are an evolution of Walkers Regular crisps and I'd give em 5 stars, very few cheese and onion crisps can even come close.


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    • Product Details

      More flavour in every groove 100% British potatoes and more natural flavour on every crinkles crisp No artificial colours or flavours No MSG and preservatives Suitable for vegetarians

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