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Walkers Doritos Dippas Hot Salsa Dip

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Type: Crisps/Snacks

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    9 Reviews
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      09.06.2012 02:06
      Very helpful



      have a hot and firey night in with this tastey dip

      Its Friday night and I am getting wild and crazy with a bag of Doritos, some Doritos hot salsa dip and a book because, well, I'm wild like that. Anyway, I thought I would share the excitement with you and tell you a bit about this dip.

      Doritos Hot Salsa Dip comes in a nifty little screw top jar perfectly sized for dipping your nachos in. The Jar holds 300g of Salsa Dip. The jar probably holds enough for four people to share whilst munching their way through a bag of Doritos each. Alas, this was a party for one. Just me a bag of chips and some dip.

      Once you open it you can screw on the cap and pop it in the fridge for your next gorge fest. The label says to consume within three days. Chucking it out would be a bit of a shame considering you need to fork out almost £2 for it. But if you keep your eye out you might notice a good deal and get your Doritos free as I did at Co-op.

      The salsa itself looks good with a thick consistency and plenty of yummy pepper, onion and tomato chunks. It tastes deliciously authentic and smells great too. However, as it says on the jar its HOT, a little too hot for me. Nonetheless, I still managed to munch my way through half a bag of doritos with dip whilst gulping milk. This didn't cause me too much pain.

      I would recommend Doritos salsa dip however, I personally will opt for the "mild" salsa dip option the next time I spot the buy one get the cheapest item free deal again.

      It is pretty expensive compared to other products but you do get a lot and it does taste good.

      Give it a try, maybe share some with friends rather than hogging it to yourself though!


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        16.07.2011 23:52



        Worth the price, especially if you look out for offers

        I have tried a few types of salsa but this is my favourite I must say. Most of the other types have been supermarkets own brand but I've also tried a couple of branded makes.

        As with most things prices do vary but this can be quite pricey, at around £2 per pot, I usually try to look for it when it's on offer and then stock up!

        I feel it has the right consistency, not being too runny or too thick. There is nothing worse than a salsa which is just a whole bunch of onions & tomato with no real sauce to dip your tortilla chip into! Also, it is around the right level of 'hotness', I do like things quite spicy but I don't think that this would be too spicy for the majority of people. It is available in a milder variety however if preferred.

        The only problem with it is that once I start eating it I can't stop and before I know it I've eaten a huge bag of tortilla chips!!


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        24.06.2011 20:44
        Very helpful



        Hot N Fiery Dip

        I normally buy Tesco own brand salsa dips as they are much cheaper than Doritos. However whilst wandering down the crisp and dip aisle at Sainsbury's last week I noticed that all Doritos salsa dips were on special offer - buy one get one free.

        Each 300g individual glass jar is sold at £1.76. So this equates to only 88p per jar. 10p cheaper than Tescos own! Bargain!
        I obviously popped quite a few in my trolley.

        The jar is easily recognisable, clear glass with a burnt orange label and burnt orange lid depicting fiery flames and the Doritos logo.
        The lid is easily removed by twisting. Once opened, a lovely mild tomatoey, peppery aroma is released.
        The salsa itself is quite thick and chunky. It can be poured out of the jar but it is best to use a spoon as it tends to pour out with some force.

        When added to your favourite Mexican dish, lots of chunky tomatoes and peppers are visible. To be honest, I would love to eat fajitas every day of the week but time does not allow - so I add the salsa to a whole range of dishes, not just Mexican.
        I find that the salsa is a welcome addition to a normally boring salad, I have also added it to curry, noodles etc. I know, I have been told I do have odd tastes!

        Soured cream most definitely compliments the salsas hot, fiery tomatoey taste. However I rarely use this as it is laden with calories. As an alternative I use cottage cheese, I find it works really well, providing the cooling factor required for a salsa that has such a hot kick.

        Nutritionally, 100g of the product contains:
        Energy 33kcal
        Protein 1.1g
        Carbohydrate 6.4g
        of which sugars 4.0g
        Fat 0.1g
        of which saturates <0.1g
        Fibre 0.9g
        Sodium 0.56g
        Equivalent as salt 1.42g

        This is a fantastically tasty salsa, chunky enough to chew, spicy enough to please and cool enough to find it's way in to my cupboard, especially at such a beyond reasonable price.
        This is a salsa that is not just for dipping!


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        10.06.2010 11:04



        a good buy if you like peppers!

        I had some vouchers that I won for a free sharing packof doritos plus a dip, so off I went to mylocal supermarket, voucher in hand, to buy a pack of these yummy tortilla-style chips.

        I usually buy cheese doritos but no dips asthe flavours scare me; in most shops I only ever see the salsa dips which I imagined would be very hot.

        This time however, I decided to try something a little bit different - the "hint of lime" crisps, plus this hot salsa dip. I was being brave!

        Once home and settled in front of my tv soaps, I opened the jar of dip.

        It is an orangey-red colour with fairly sizeable chunks of green and red pepper in. Now, I dont like the taste of peppers as I find them too bitter.

        However I persevered, scooped a small amount on to one of the crisps and took a tentative bite...at first, it tasted quite watery and then the heat kicked in. It was very spicy (bear in mind, I really am not too great with spice; the hottest curry I eat for example is a chicken korma!), but not unbearable.

        After the initial kick,I did notice a bit of sweetness which left me wanting more...it is actually very moreish, and if this stuff wasnt eaten with crisps it would be fairly healthy and relatively low in fat.

        This dip costs around £1.45 in supermarkets - however they are usually on BOGOF (buy one get one free) or 2-4-1 deals, which makes them good value.

        All doritos dips comes in a glass jar with a metal lid, and keep for 3 days in the fridge once opened.


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        04.09.2009 21:49
        Very helpful



        An excellent little very tasty dip for Doritos

        I bought a tub of this today to go with the Doritos, which are for dipping. It had a great flavour and although it seemed a bit spicy at first, it wasn't too spicy and had a very nice flavourful taste. The dip comes in a glass tub, which isn't that practical as we ended up dropping ours later but it's very strong and keeps the salsa fresh inside.

        The dip has a red label as opposed to a green one for the mild dip. It says in bold yellow letters 'HOT SALSA DIP' with the Doritos logo to the left. The lid is metal and says Hot Salsa round the edge with a design on top. You must pierce the lid as it's easy to open this way but with mighty strength, you can unscrew the metal lid from the glass jar.

        Inside is an orange-red coloured dip. You can see bits of tomato and green peper in there, which provide an alternative texture to chew on too. The dip is really moist and full of flavour and spices due to the following ingredients:

        Tomatoes (70%) (Chopped Tomatoes, Tomato Puree from Concentrate), Green Peppers (11%), Onion (5%), Chargrilled Cherry, Tomato Concentrate (3.9%) (Chargrilled Cherry Tomatoes, Rapeseed Oil, Natural Flavourings (Contains Whey Powder from Milk, Onion Powder, Basil, Oregano)), Jalapeno Pepper (2.5%), Spirit Vinegar, Salt, Modified Maize Starch, Sugar, Coriander, Spices, Garlic Puree.

        Health-wise, the dip is not bad either with a low number of calories but it has a fair amount of sugar in it. It has a delicious sweet and spicy taste. It's quite hot and spicy at first but you soon get used to it. The sweet tomatoes inside are lovely to chew on and it's easy to dip in the chips as the opening hole is large enough. You may need to lift up the jar and tilt it to one side to make it easier to dip your Doritos in but it does work pretty well. For £1.47, I'd say this is worth it to buy with some Doritos for dipping as it makes a great snack to share especially with a lot of added flavour and textures. I'd recommend it although it isn't too cheap but it's well-worth trying!

        Thanks for reading,

        Dan ©


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        14.07.2009 14:20
        Very helpful



        Stick to the Tescos own brand dips to save cash AND your tastebuds!

        Doritos Hot Salsa Dip

        Price: £1.47 (Tescos price, time of writing offer £1.00)

        Tomatoes (Chopped Tomatoes, Tomato Puree from Concentrate) (70%), Green Peppers (11%), Onion, Jalapeno Pepper (3%), Spirit Vinegar, Salt, Garlic Powder, Spices.

        Nutritional Information:
        kCal 40
        of which sugars:
        of which saturates: 0.1 g

        Very bright orange and red colours over the lid (that can be a pain to get off sometimes resulting in me using a knife to prize it open!) and paper packaging displaying the nutritional information around the glass jar. A real emphasis on the HOT! Red hot!

        I do like to snack on tortilla chips even though I know how bad they are for me! It's just a cheap very unhealthy snack when i'm feeling too lazy to make anything substantial! I usually favour the tescos own salsa dip with the very cheap tescos own tortilla chips.
        But the other day I was in a rush and just picked up this Doritos dip in the petrol station.
        The price I found was way above the own brand dips you find in common supermarkets. I hoped the taste would make up for it.

        So I got it home, prized open the lid and dipped a liberal amount on a tortilla chip..And yes, they don't lie when they say this is HOT!
        Don't get me wrong, i'm a bit of a fiend when it comes to spicy food, I love my spicy curries and mexican food, but even for me the spiciness in this dip is overhwelming. It's really just a spice-fest and I couldn't really taste any other of the ingredients. Even eating small amounts would cause me to go for my Tescos value sparkling water after a few minutes in an attempt to cool my numbed tastebuds!

        I don't really see the point in food that is so overwhelmingly spicy it loses all other flavour. And this dip is no exception. It's overpriced and lacks flavour. Just a total waste of money really. And it's not even healthy, with A LOT of salt (13% RDA per 40g)...

        I'll stick to the Tescos own brand from now on!




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          06.07.2009 14:41
          Very helpful



          see review

          Before you read this review I warn you that I'm not a big fan of Doritos in general and the Hot Salsa Sauce is no exception. I actually only tried it again because my boyfriend bought it and we didn't have any of my favourite ASDA salsa sauce at home.

          For me they Doritos dips just taste unbalanced, lots of salt and spices but no actual taste of the ingredients.

          Look & Taste

          The salsa sauce comes in a medium sized glass jar with the well known fancy Doritos Design. You can see the salsa through the jar which doesn't look too inviting; the tomatoes are a watery puree and look more brown than red. You can see all the big chunks of pepper and onion on the bottom of the jar.

          It doesn't really taste of tomato; so many different spices and flavours are mixed in the dip that you cannot taste the single ingredients. It's just a huge mix of different flavours without any balance in it.

          The sauce is very spicy (too spicy for me although I love spicy Asian food) and the image of the burning chili on top of the lid is not a lie. In my opinion some lime juice and less salt would make the sauce a lot more refreshing but unfortunately it's rather bland apart from the actual spiciness. However, this can be a good thing if you really like spicy dips with your tortillas!

          I also have the impression that it leaves me with a very salty aftertaste - which is explained by the high salt level (see nutrition info).

          The dip is quite watery - the texture is what puts me off the most from this dip - and your crisps will be soggy in no time. Every time I re-open the jar there is some very watery tomato juice on to of the actual salsa and the chunks of pepper and onion. This 'chili water' is incredibly hot and there's no real need for the actual sauce when it comes to more flavour or spiciness.

          It would be a lot better if they would use actual tomato chunks instead of the puree to give the sauce some real texture.

          Ingredients & Nutrition

          I quite like reading the nutrition info on the back of the packing so let me share my newly found knowledge about the Doritos Hot Salsa Dip with you. The front label informs us that the Salsa Sauce doesn't contain any artificial colours and flavours and contains less than 1% fat. The salsa is also suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. No allergy advice is given which is really surprising.

          The salsa contains:
          * Tomato 70%
          * Green pepper 11%
          * Onion
          * Jalapeno pepper 3%
          * Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Sugar, Spices

          The nutrition values are given for a 40g serving.
          * 16kcal
          * Protein - 0.4g
          * Carbohydrate - 3.4g
          * Fat - 0.1g
          * Fibre - 0.9g
          * Sodium - 0.32g
          * Salt 0.81g

          These nutrition values are actually quite good; especially the calorie count is very low. The only think that I cannot understand are the incredibly high sodium and salt levels; both are more than 10 times as high as in my usual salsa dip.

          Price & Value

          1.80 pound is the standard price for the Doritos Salsa Sauce but at the moment you can get them for one pound at Tescos. I wasn't really convinced by this dip and I'd happily get the ASDA own brand salsa sauce, that I tried last month, again if I had to chose between these two - and not because of the price but because of the great taste of the ASDA sauce.

          326g is enough for a few of crisps & TV evenings.

          For me it is only 04 out of 10!


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          27.01.2009 16:58



          Better for people who like spicy food

          Doritos HOT (they don't lie). I usually buy the Garlic version of the Doritio's dip however, seeing this - Doritos hot salsa dip on promotion i though i would give it a try. I then obviously bought some crisps- Doritios lightly salted ! As a crisp lover I was rather eager to eat the crisps immediately.

          To be honest I know its a bit silly but regardless of the products name i was not really expecting it to me so spicy. I received quite a kick when i generously dipped my crisp in to this dip !
          Even though it is a bit too hot for what i normally go for it was still edible.
          I would definately recommend for those who like a bit more spice. The dip tastes mainly of spices.

          The dip comes in a 326g jar and was on promotion for just £1 at Tesco's hence why I bought it! This product can be bought at many places including Morrisons , Tescos , Asda's and any other leading supermarket.

          * I would definately recommend if you like a bit of spice with your food

          * Not for those who find things hot! - Stick to the garlic version


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          24.07.2008 22:41
          Very helpful



          Try it, you might like it

          I love to dip crisps etc as a snack, its a great, normally cheap way of adding a bit of flavour to an otherwise bland of plain food. I normally buy a pot of Tesco's own Salsa Dip seeing as it's a lot cheaper and I get through it really fast. However I decided to treat myself and bought Doritos Dippas Hot Salsa Dip. I like spicey things and enjoy my dips if they are flaming hot so it just seemed really nice to me.

          I know that this dip was intended to be used with Doritos, whicvh are great for snacking and lower in fat than Pringles but I just didn't feel like eating them. So instead I bought a tube of plain Pringles, perfect for sipping.

          The dip comes in a 326g jar for £1.59 which is quite cheap especially considering that it is a top brand. The jar is clear with a screw top. The top and the label around the jar are bright red, a nice warning to you that this will be HOT! The label has the Doritos logo on it and all the necessary nutrirional information. The ingredients are:

          Tomatoes (chopped tomoatoes, tomato puree from concentrate)(70%), green peppers (11%), onion (5%), chargrilled cherry tomato concentrate (3.9%) (chargrilled cherry tomatoes, tomato flakes,rapeseed oil, natural flavourings (contains whey powder from milk),onion powder, basil, oregano), jalapeno peppers (2.5%), spirit vinegar, salt, modified maize starch, sugar, citric acid, acidity regulator (sodium diacetate, acetic acid), coriander, spices, garlic puree.

          As soon as you open this jar you can smell the tomato and the spices, its a delicious smell which will make your mouth water. The taste is even better, it is very tomatoey at first but then you taste all the spices and realise it's actually really strong. It makes your mouth burn after about 10 Pringles being dipped in which is fine by me as I love spices but it might be to hot for some people. The texture is nice, It has big lumps of tomato and onion which go very nicely with crunchy crisps.

          Overall a great product, highly recommended!

          Top tip: for the best taste place in the fridge a couple of hours before you eat it.


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