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Walkers Doritos Sizzling BBQ Flavour

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Type: Crisps/Snacks

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    1 Review
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      18.11.2007 01:10
      Very helpful



      You cant beat Walkers!

      Ok the love of my life so far has been crisps!

      As a child my Mother would try give me a cake or a biscuit as a treat and apparently I would fling it at her till I got something savoury.
      I couldn't tell you in my 33 years how many bags I've downed I could quite happily live on them and Doritos, well really they are the modern day crisp, more shall we say adult lol

      I go through phases of favourite flavours last week I ate 12 packets of the sizzling BBQ , this week I've eaten 15 bags of the chili heatwave!
      Enough bout my habits let talk the Dorito!

      They are not made of Potatoes so officially they are not a crisp!
      Cooked in sun-seed oil (60per cent less flat than 2006)
      Salt has been reduced so a standard bag of crisps from across the range now has 0.5g of salt and if you grab a bag of 'crisps' from a multi bag they generally work out 0.4g a bag (don't ask me why) lol
      Come in 8 flavours which are, Chili Heatwave, Sizzling BBQ, Sour Cream and Chive, Cool Original, Hint of Lime, Lightly Salted, Tangy Cheese and Hot Salsa.
      They come in 35g bags at around 45p ,140g bags at around 99p and 245g bags ideal party size at about £1.49 a bag, all foil lined for freshness.
      Appearance wise they are usually triangular shaper and rough you cant really call them crisps as they are based on being Mexican and ground dough.

      I certainly don't feel naughty eating them till I delve into a party bag and eat the lot!
      Also there are a variety of dips about either by walkers or shops own!
      Great for sharing if your that generous!

      To me you cant fault them and to me Walkers still rule on the cutting edge of crisps , constantly bringing out flavours and if you email Walkers with idea for flavours they always get back to you trust me though i was a little upset recently they didn't like my idea of squid and prawn flavour!

      Always of superb quality, fair pricing, always lots of deals in shops and a great range and always trying to improve on nutritional content and helping us stay healthy and that's not even starting on their amusing advertising campaigns!


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