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Walkers Luxury Mincemeat Tarts

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Brand: Walkers / Type: Cakes

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    1 Review
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      25.01.2009 01:17
      Very helpful



      Don't say no if you're offered one.

      Why would I be writing a review about mince pies in January? I know, Christmas is over and most people probably want to forget the season of overindulgence until next December. These were something I gave my mum over Christmas as part of a set. The bottom of the box said that the set were made especially for Boots stores, and the mince pies came as part of a package with a little bottle of wine, the name of which I forget.

      Despite the huge selection of mince pies on sale every year, seemingly from October onwards, to me, they're an acquired taste. Very traditional, I know, but not something that I've ever really liked.

      However, offered one of these by my mum, after I'd just given them to her, I thought why not? They were only small, as mince pies goes, and there were only six in the box. They didn't look any different from any other mince pies that I've seen, except for the fact that these were probably only about 4 centimetres across!

      ~ Presentation ~

      Packaged quite nicely with the bottle of wine, as I've said, as part of a Christmas gift set. The bottom half of the packaging consisted of a brown box, with a clear plastic top half, and a little red ribbon around it as a finishing touch. Looked good enough for the purpose of giving as a seasonal gift, however nothing really special. Both parts of the packaging, being plastic, were unfortunately not recyclable which is rather a large drawback.

      ~ Contents ~

      Together with the small bottle of wine, the name of which I can't remember. I do remember thinking it would be rather strong though, being 19% proof! The mince pies were packaged separately in their own little box. Open the box and you find six of the mince pies. They are made by Walkers, which I believe to be the Scottish company which is better known for making shortbread biscuits, although there was no information available about the manufacturer on any of the packaging which I could see, not even a company website address.

      The pastry casing was an even colouring and looked like it had all been properly cooked to me.

      ~ Taste ~

      It had no particular smell when I first held it, and so to eating! These are so small, that two dainty mouthfuls and they're gone. These tasted very rich to my mind, compared to others I've had in the past. The filling seemed to be all fruit and no cheap 'filler'. They had a really tangy taste to them, which wouldn't usually be to my liking, however I think that the fact they were so full of fruit was a big advantage. Unlike other cheaper brands, Walkers had obviously set out to make something a little special, judging by their efforts. The pastry wasn't overly thick and didn't detract from the filling either.

      ~ In conclusion ~

      The only drawback really was that there were only six pies in this set, and most people aren't likely to buy more than one gift set each. Unlike supermarket mince pies, where you can stock up if you like them, this is more of a one off. That was also reflected in the price, which was £15.

      If you're stuck for a gift for someone at Christmas time then this could be a useful solution. Do look out for these in Boots stores this coming year, they seemed quite popular when I got mine, judging by how few were left on the shelves, so they will probably stock them again.

      I should also say that a quick check of the box revealed that each mince pie contained 147 calories. This was rather excessive for something so small, but this is probably in line with other mince pies.


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