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Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps

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    38 Reviews
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      19.10.2015 23:03
      Very helpful


      • "Great taste"


      • "Not enough in the packet!"

      Tasty crisps that I hate to share

      I have always had a more savoury tooth than sweet and always loved crisps. Because I struggle with my weight I need to force myself to limit the amount I eat, although I do always have crisps in the house for emergency cravings.
      Before becoming pregnant I was never keen on prawn cocktail crisps. Then one day I woke up and they were all I could think about so off trotted my other half to get me some, and he came back with walkers prawn cocktail. I still love them 5 months after having my baby.
      I bought my latest stash in asda where I got a multi pack containing six 25 gram packets and only paid £1 for these which I think is excellent value. The supermarkets always seem to have offers on walkers crisps so it is usually easy to pick up a bargain.
      The packet is bright pink in colour with the walkers logo on it. There is a picture of crisps saying fresh taste guaranteed. The front of the bag also has the nutritional values of the crisps which are as follows for a 25 gram bag.
      130 calories - 7% of recommended daily amount
      7.6 grams fat - 11% of recommended daily amount
      0.6 grams saturates - 3% of recommended daily amount
      0.5 grams sugar - 1% of recommended daily amount
      0.33 grams salt - 5% of recommended daily amount
      The back of the packet has an address and phone number and website address so you can contact Walkers if there are any problems with your crisps. Iv never had to do this as the only problem I have ever had with them is that I eat them too quickly!
      The packet also states the crisps are made with 100% great British potatoes, are cooked in sunsets oil so are naturally lower in saturates, and have no artificial colours or preservatives.
      Ingredients : potatoes, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, sugar, glucose, salt, citric acid, potassium chloride, dried yeast, dried onion, tomato extract, paprika extract.
      There is also an allergy warning that the crisps are made in a factory which also handles milk, wheat, gluten, barley, soya, celery and mustard.
      On opening the packet the smell of prawn cocktail is pleasantly strong. The crisps are tinged with pink for the flavouring.
      They are nice and crunchy and not at all soggy and have a good strong prawn cocktail flavour. There is no unpleasant aftertaste which I have found with other brands of prawn cocktail. Although the smell of prawn cocktail is fairly strong the smell does not linger on my fingers after I have eaten them and I don't feel a strong urge to wash my hands as soon as I have ate them.
      This is definitely currently my favourite crisp and I would recommend these to anyone who enjoys the flavour of prawn cocktail. I will continue to buy these and blame them the weeks I don't lose as much weight as I would like! ..


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      29.04.2013 18:52



      crunchy crisps full of flavour

      I do not often review food but I have just had a packet of Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps so thought I would review tem while they are still on my mind!

      We got these as part of a multi purchase deal, 3 packs of 6 bags of crisps for £3 which we thought was a reasonable price at just 16 pence each.

      The crisps have a really strong scent when you open the packet, the amount in the pack is a bit of a disappointment because like many products over the years the serving has reduced, the bag tends to be about 1/3 full.

      The crisps are very fresh, crunchy and full of a tangy and zesty flavour. Often we buy cheaper brands of crisps and whilst I do think that branded products usually do not have advantage over store brands, in the case of these crisps they are certainly more delicious and full of flavour than any other band I have tried.

      These crisps have 130 calories and 7.6g of fat, so they are not particularly healthy but are not too bad to have as a treat every now and then in a balanced diet.


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        29.10.2012 14:04
        Very helpful



        Recommended crisps, but only if you like a good strong prawn flavour.

        I normally see crisps as a mid afternoon snack, or part of lunch. I generally eat them on the go because they come in a bag, and you don't really need to be sat down to eat them. I have always loved prawn cocktail crisps, above any other flavour of crisps, simply because the flavour is very strong, and it lasts in my mouth for quite some time afterwards.

        The crisps have a very strong prawn taste to them, its really sweet and sour, quite salty and there is just a hint of the oil they use for the crisps. The taste is not for the faint of heart, if you don't like prawns or any strong sweet and sour tastes then these are not for you.

        I love the taste, i think it's one of the best walkers make, but i do have issue, and thats the salt. Far too much salt has gone into these and they just taste so dry, the salt messes with the good prawn cocktail flavour that i want.

        The smell is quite pungent and lingers on your fingers for quite a long time. The smell isn't over powering but it is strong, and when you've been eating quite a few without a drink, does give you prawn cocktail breath. I recommend that you drink after eating them to get rid of this, as it is not pleasant, trust me.

        The crisps leave an after taste which takes a long time to go away if you don't drink. I can feel the salt on my lips now and it's like a dry sort of, tingling sensation. I like the after taste, its a good after taste that is basically just a less powerful taste of the crisps, and maybe a slight hint of some sort of oil, most likely vegetable oil.

        The crisps are all mish mashed and misshapen, some are bent, some are straight, curly, and some are conjoined together where they stuck together when being cooked. I'm not that fussed about the crisps being oddly shaped but its when you get the really annoying small ones where they seem to have just cut odds and ends off potatoes, and just given you the worlds smallest crisp to bulk it out with.

        Overall these are great crisps, i love them, they are my favourite flavour, and yes, they are quite strong. My only concern is the amount of salt. It really sticks out among the prawn cocktail flavours and it's a shame because it really ruins the crisps.


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          12.12.2011 08:31
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Delicious prawn cocktail flavour crisps from Walkers.

          I have always adored Prawn Cocktail flavoured crisps and regularly buy them for myself. I have tried many different brands over the years and have found most of them are quite satisfying and flavoursome.

          Packaged in a bright pink-coloured bag, the Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps are certainly no exception to this, and it is a purchase that I regularly make. An individual bag of the crisps costs me around 60 pence from my local independent corner shop, but this is a purchase that I make only occasionally, as I regularly have a multi-pack of the crisps at home.

          Costing in the region of £1.50 (as @ November 2011) for a multi-pack containing six individual 25g packets of crisps, the outer plastic wrapper is an identical colour to the individual bags themselves and so I find it stands out easily when I am perusing the aisles in the supermarket. One thing I find with Walkers crisps is that the 'use by' date on the products are always quite far in advance so I never have to worry too much about the crisps going out of date before I have had the chance to eat them all. This is unfortunately not always the case with supermarket-own branded crisps, and is something that I find extremely annoying!

          As soon as I open the bag of Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps, I can detect the strong flavour and aroma almost immediately. Slightly similar to seafood, there is a sweetness to the crisp's aroma, and it is slightly tangy too, which I find makes my mouth water. The crisps are often slightly orange in their appearance, but this is merely as a result of the tasty Prawn Cocktail Flavour that has been used to flavour these crisps and it is not at all off-putting, to me anyway.

          The Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps are lovely and fresh, with a gorgeous crisp texture, which is probably helped by the foil wrapper they are enclosed in. I find too that these crisps always have a pleasant 'bite' to them and are not at all soggy or lacking anything in their texture or crispiness. I find that they are deliciously crunchy and this makes them extremely satisfying and enjoyable to eat. I also find that the Walkers crisps are of a high enough quality that they don't have a particularly 'greasy' feeling to them.

          The flavour is of course slightly like seafood or fish, although I have to confess that I don't think that prawn cocktail flavoured crisps ever really taste of prawn cocktail?! Whilst the taste is slightly seafood-like, I can't honestly say that it is an identical taste to prawn cocktail but the crisps have an extremely delicious taste nevertheless. I find that the crisps are quite tangy and flavoursome, but with a delicate sweetness to them, so I think there is a sort of 'sweet and sour' type element to the overall flavour of the Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps. There is a definite 'tang' to the flavour which makes them quite more-ish in my opinion, and I could quite happily munch on a family-sized bag of these particular crisps as a result. I do find, however, that the flavour is one that is a bit of a 'marmite' of the crisp world, with many people I know hating this particular flavour, which I can only guess is down to the fairly tangy, strong taste of the crisps.

          For me though, they will always be a winner and I will happily continue to buy the Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps for the foreseeable future!

          The nutritional information on the reverse of the packaging informs me that each 25g packet of the prawn cocktail crisps will provide 133 kcal and 8.2g fat. I can see too that they are suitable for vegetarians, and there is sufficient allergy advice given on the package, so that consumers can make an informed choice.

          There is a whole range of crisps and snacks in the Walkers range which can be found in all good grocery stores and supermarkets. I have bought the multi-pack (containing six individual bags of crisps) in both Tesco and Asda recently, and the cost is great value, costing around £1.50.


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            21.01.2011 01:01
            Very helpful



            They didn't satisfy me

            Person Account
            After eating the crisps I was undecided to what I actually thought of them. I bough the packet of crisps for 40p because they stood out to me most as it is a bright pink packet. When I thought that paying this much for the packet of crisps it would be full. I get home and open the packet of crisps to find half of the packet was empty. So I thought oh well thats doesnt matter because I aren't that hungry. I start eating the crisps to find the smell overpowering and are starting to get complaints from family members of the strong smell that is coming from them. Half way through eating the crisps I find a number of crisps that are green this is really off putting because as a child I got told that green crisps weren't good for you and were off. By this point of eating the prawn cocktail crisps I have to stop as they get stuck into your teeth. Another point I have noticed about these crisps are that some have more taste to them than others. Meaning you could get a really plain flavoured crisp then a really strong flavoured crisp that it can take your breath away. After eating the crisps I had extremely greasy smelly fingers and breath. I had to wash my hands and then get a tooth pick to get the crisps out of my teeth. As my breath had an extremley strong smell of onion I had to brush my teeth to get a minty smell and freshness back again. I was overall rather dissappointed with the product.
            I also believe that the crisps don't taste anything like prawn cocktail even though it is just a flavouring

            Product Information:
            The bright pink packet contains
            180 calories
            0.7 g of sugar
            11.3g of fat
            0.9g saturates
            0.48g of salt.
            The information on the packet has been made to look more attractive yet it is too small to read.
            The grease from the crisps however sticks to the packet.
            They are good because you can have them for a snack or in a lunchbox however this isnt a healthy option.
            Walkers do a numerous amount of different flavours of crisps and are a well known brand of crisps.

            Overall the crisps are worth a try but you have a different experience with them each time. These really didn't satisfy me.

            Thanks for reading
            lilloulfc (also on Ciao under the same name)


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              04.11.2010 14:02
              Very helpful



              A dubiously entitled Prawn Cocktail flavour crisp from Walkers

              If some asked you to describe Prawn Cocktail crisps how would you do it? I'm sure after a bit of a think you'd automatically say they tasted like a Prawn Cocktail. But imagine if they'd never had a Prawn Cocktail, now try and describe how it tastes.
              Not as easy as it sounds is it? The problem is, when I've had Prawn Cocktails in restaurants none of them have ever tasted the same! Some have been slightly sweet, more slightly sour, a lot more were sharp, or sprinkled with, drowned in and some had no paprika at all.
              And so Walkers have come up with their own version of Prawn Cocktail and put it into a crisp, successful? We'll see!

              The crisps themselves look lovely, they're nice and big, not thick cut, but not so thin they shatter into pieces when you bite them.
              The first taste you're going to get is that of vinegar, actually in a blind taste test you'd be hard pushed to say these weren't Salt and Vinegar. But then theres a subtle taste, warm is the best way to describe it, it is slightly fishy. The problem is that I find prawns don't really have a taste, they have to have something added to them to bring out any taste. So to make them slightly fishy is a bit of a false pretence.
              That flavour disappears though, and the vinegary one remains, the aftertaste is also one of mild vinegaryness.

              You could definitely believe theres a fair whack of vinegar because if any of the flavouring, coupled with the good amount of salt gets into any cuts in your mouth it stings like hell!

              However I love them! My second favourite after the awesome Cheese & Onion. And they are perfect in a crisp sandwich, but real butter though, but spoilt if you tried them in a cheese sandwich.

              Definitely not a Prawn Cocktail favour as I can remember, but in their own rights a great flavour. Just don't have any expectations before you eat them!

              Nutritional Values....

              Energy 131kcal
              Fat 8.3g
              of which is saturates 0.7g
              Suitable for vegetarians
              Suitable for coeliacs
              No artificial colours


              Potatoes, Sunflower Oil (33%), Prawn Cocktail Flavour (acidity regulator (sodium diacetate), Dextrose (from wheat), flavour enhancers (monosdium glutamate, disodium 5' ribonucleotide), flavourings, sweeteners (saccharin, aspartame), Colour (Paprika Extract), Salt, Pottasium Chloride.


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              24.05.2010 16:48
              Very helpful




              Walkers - Prawn Cocktail

              What is it?
              A pack of crisps by Walkers.

              Special features?
              The prawn cocktail flavoured ones.

              What do I think?
              Prawn cocktail is actually one of my favourite flavours and disappointingly Walkers are one of the very few companies who do this flavour besides Skips. I say I'm disappointed because I often find that Walker's version of this flavour isn't as good as their other flavours. I'm not sure whether it is to do with the specific flavour itself, such as the kind of additives being added in the prawn cocktail version are harsher or less potato friendly, but I find that these flavoured crisps are often crumblier, thinner and a bit more greasy...

              I'm still happy that they claim to only use sunseed oil, and that it has no artificial additives or MSG etc, but still why is it that these are slightly more inferior than the other flavours, or is it that I'm so lucky that I always manage to pick up a pack that has been sat on...?

              Anyway, sometimes I do get the odd few crisps that are 'normal' - the ones with a thicker bite, are less greasy and are a decent size, but to only get this now and again isn't really good enough and is really disappointing, particularly when it's with one of my favourite flavours.

              I rarely get this now as I know it isn't very good as the other flavoured packs, only when I'm absolutely craving prawn cocktail do I buy this, only for it to remind me again that it isn't as good...

              A 37.5g packs costs about 45p, already as I've said in previous Walker's reviews that I think their prices could be cheaper, for the quality, I definitely think that it isn't value for money with this prawn cocktail flavoured crisps. It's a shame really, because it could be so good if Walkers could work out why the crisps are slightly more greasier, crumblier and thinner with this flavour...

              Definitely will keep buying it if they improve the texture and quality of it...

              Thanks for reading.

              ©Leighsa 2010.


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              09.04.2010 01:39
              Very helpful




              Walkers Prawn and cocktail! I must say this is my favourite flavour out of all of walkers flavours, if i could choose one thing to live on it'd be prawn and cocktail flavour walker crisps, made from freshly grown potatoes, there is nothing better in a packed lunch or even in a sandwich :)

              Everybody's got to love prawn and cocktail crisp sandwich. it leaves a tingling sensation on your lips making you want more. it is a great snack, however they contain precisley 181 calories in a packet and is a 17% carbohydrate.
              These marvelous crisps have in them 33% of sunflower oil, which does make your hands quite greasy when eating them, they are suitable to vegetarians. They're also suitable for coeliacs. More good news as the crisps do not contain artificial colours.

              It does not say whether these crisps are suitable for those with nut allergies and therefore I wouldn't recommend them for those with nut allergies, just to be on the safe side.


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              26.03.2010 17:21
              Very helpful
              1 Comment




              Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps............

              I am not a big fan of Walkers crisps but I am a fan of a freebie and seeing as work had a massive multi pack of all the different flavours I thought I would get in there whilst I could.

              I know you can pick the multi packets up for a good price when they are on special offer and for a single bag they cost around 50 pence which is around the right price for one bag on its own. They
              must be on offer at the moment for them to have got them at work.

              The prawn cocktail flavour is probably the best flavour of the whole Walkers range in my opinion. The bag is coloured pink and other than the colour difference looks just like all the other Walkers crisps with the large logo across the front and a picture of a potato half sliced into crisps.

              In one bag you get 25grams and on opening the packet it doesn't look like there's many in there but compared to some of the lower fat crisps there is a good sized portion. The smell is strong when the bag is opened and alongside the prawn aroma there is also a slight greasy whiff to the crisps. When looking at the crisps you can see the pinkish tinge of flavouring that is covering the golden colour of the snack itself.

              On the taste front, they do seem to have changed I think since last time I used to eat these crisps as they seem far less greasier on the tongue than I remember. The flavour is very strong and compared to the likes of Skips the flavour is immense. They do have a slight saltiness to them as well which compliments the prawn flavour that tastes quite realistic too. They are exceptionally crunchy but light in the mouth. They also have a tenancy for getting stuck between my teeth which can be somewhat annoying.

              On the whole they are a very delicious snack and although not especially healthy for you not as bad as I would have thought containing only 0.6 grams of saturated fat but they do have 131 calories and 0.35grams of salt which is the bad aspect.

              I think a good score of 4 out of 5 stars is acceptable for these Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps. They are nice to have once in a while but not something that should be eaten on a daily basis due to the fact they are not overly healthy.

              I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

              Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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                08.03.2010 23:59
                Very helpful



                They are okay... average.

                Walkers in a famous British brand of crisps and I occasionally purchase the prawn cocktail flavour.

                ****************** Packaging and Availability ****************

                These crisps are easy to spot because they are contained in a pink packet with the famous Walkers logo at the top of each individual foil packet.

                The basic nutritional information can also be read at the bottom left hand side of each packet.

                These crisps are available in most major supermarkets. They can be bought in mulitpacks of six (which costs around £1.20) and they appear in multipacks of 26 for around £2.70. You can also buy single, larger 50g packets in most corner shops for around 60p.

                ***************** Nutritional information **************

                Each 25g bag contains the following:

                Calories: 131;
                Protein: 1.5g;
                Carbohydrates: 12.8g; (of which are sugars: 0.5g);
                Fat: 8.2g;
                (of which are saturates): 0.6g;
                (of which are mono-unsaturates): 6.7g;
                (of which are polyunsaturates): 0.5g;
                Fibre: 1.0g;
                Sodium: 0.14g;
                Salt: 0.35g.

                Ingredients: potatoes; sunflower oil (33%); prawn cocktail seasoning (flavouring, sugar, salt, glucose, citric acid from sugar beet molasses, potassium chloride, dried onion, dried tomato); colour: paprika extract; sweetener: sucralose.

                Other nutritional information:
                - They are suitable for vegetarians;
                - They contain no MSG;
                - They contain no preservatives;
                - They contain no artificial colours.

                *********************** Taste test **********************

                These crisps are very crunchy - they are quite salty and they taste like other prawn cocktail crisps - you can taste the sea salt and the prawn also has a sweet kick.

                They have a pink appearance and the flavouring isn't too overpowering.

                They are very similar in consistency to other Walkers crisps.

                *********************** Overall ************************

                I think these crisps are rather average and personally I think there are other prawn cocktail crisps available that have less calories and are tastier.

                If you like Walkers crisps then you probably enjoy this product. But personally I am giving them three out of five stars because I think they are distinctly average.


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                  04.03.2010 02:14
                  Very helpful



                  Very tasty and not as unhealthy as you may think.

                  One of many flavours by Walkers, Prawn cocktail flavoured crisps come in a bright pink packet (mmmmmm pink), with 34.5g worth of yummy crisps inside. What I also like about the packet is the fact that they put the most important nutrutional information on the front of the packet.

                  As soon as the packet is opened, a strong smell of prawn coctail wafts up to your nose. I find this particular flavour is quite a bit stronger than other flavours from the range. To me the crisps taste quite sweet with quite a tangy, sharp side.

                  These crisps are suitable for vegetarians and suitable for coeliacs. There are also no preservatives, no artificial colours and no MSG.

                  At 180 calories per bag they could be worse. The fat content is 11.3g but only 0.9g of this is saturated which is quite impressive to me. There is also 17.7g of carbohydrate but again only 0.7g of these are sugars. This probably has something to do with the sunflower oil which keep the saturates at a low level.


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                    10.11.2009 22:05
                    Very helpful



                    At Last A Bag Of Crisps That Walkers Haven't Changed For The Worse

                    I haven't had a packet of Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps for agggggges but today there was a bag in the cupboard and I had to have them even though they're not my fave flavour.

                    These are one of the few flavours that Walkers haven't mucked up since they changed the oil they use to make their crisps and they still taste yummy.

                    Prawn Cocktail crisps don't taste of prawns or prawn cocktail but I do think they've got a bit of a faint fishy flavour when you eat them. They are quite sweet tasting and even though that sounds mad they are proper tasty.

                    The crisps are very thin and that makes them lovely and crispy, there's loads of flavouring on them and some of the crisps are mega strong but that doesn't spoil them because the flavour is so nice.

                    I enjoyed this bag of Prawn Cocktail crisps big time today and will deffo buy them more often, especially since Walkers have changed a lot of their flavours. These ones don't taste greasy at all, they're a bit salty tasting but I'm not bothered about that because when I want a pack of crisps I expect them to be salty and these don't taste too madly of salt because I think the sweet flavour helps get rid of it a bit.

                    They cost about 45p but aren't always available in the shops by me so we only usually have them when they come in a multipack.


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                    13.10.2009 08:56
                    Very helpful



                    Walkers Prawn Cocktail

                    I got another Walker's multipack at the weekend. This one has 3 of the same flavours as the one I last week and three different flavours.


                    The front of the multipack bag is predominantly red and brown with the usual Walkers logo and various bands of colour telling you that it contains:-

                    4 x BBQ Rib
                    4 x Prawn Cocktail
                    4 x Worcester Sauce
                    4 x Salt and Vinegar
                    5 x Ready Salted
                    5 x Cheese and Onion.

                    The back of the bag contains the usual lists of ingredients and nutritional information for each of the flavours and a blurb about the spuds used for the crisps.

                    The Prawn Cocktail flavour itself comes in a pink bag and has the usual ingredients and nutritional information printed on the back of the bag as well.

                    You can also visit Walkers at:- www.walkers-baked.co.uk

                    Nutritional Information per 25g bag {per 100g in brackets}

                    Energy kJ: 545kJ {2181kJ}
                    kcal: 131kcal {523kcal}
                    Protein: 1.5g {5.8g}
                    Carbohydrate: 12.8g {51.3g}
                    of which sugars: 0.5g {1.9g}
                    Fat: 8.2g {32.7g}
                    (of which saturates): 0.6g {2.5g}
                    (of which mono-unsaturates): 6.7g {26.6g}
                    (of which polyunsaturates): 0.5g {2.1g}
                    Fibre: 1.0g {4.1g}
                    Sodium: 0.14g {0.55g}
                    Equivalent as salt: 0.35g {1.40g}

                    Allergy advice. These are suitable for vegetarians.
                    These crisps contain no MSG, no preservatives and no artificial colours


                    Potatoes, Sunflower Oil (33%), Prawn Cocktail Seasoning {Flavouring, Sugar, Salt, Glucose, Citric Acid From Sugar Beet Molasses, Potassium Chloride, Dried Onion, Dried Tomato, Colour: Paprika Extract, Sweetener: Sucralose}


                    At the time of writing Morrisons are charging £2.68 for a multipack containing 26 bags of crisps.

                    Taste & Opinion:

                    Here's the first of the 3 flavours in this multipack which are different from the ones in the last pack.

                    On opening the bag there's a really strong aroma that you usually associate with Prawn Cocktail flavoured crisps. In fact these probably have the strongest aroma of any of the Walkers crisps on the list so far.

                    Like the Steak and Onion and some other flavours these have an orange appearance to them, but, as with the aroma I'd say that are stronger coloured that any of the flavours I've reviewed so far

                    Tastewise, I've no idea whether or not these taste anything like prawn cocktail. I'm not a big seafood person and I don't like prawn so I've never tried prawn cocktail. The flavour is tangy but it has a slight sweetness to it as well which is probably down to the sucralose listed in the ingredients. Perhaps the nice thing about this flavour is that once you've tasted it you'd recognise it again with no problem at all. Some of the Walkers "meaty" flavours are fairly similar and it's not always easy to work out which is which but that's not an issue you'd ever have with this flavour once you know what it is.

                    As with the rest of the regular Walkers range these crisps are pleasantly crunchy, not too hard that they're uncomfortable to eat and not so soft that they melt as soon as you put them into your mouth. They're a decent size although perhaps it would be nicer if there were more of this flavour in the bag as it's probably my favourite flavour of crisps in the Walkers range.

                    Like the rest of the regular Walkers range these are fairly high in fat so there are plenty of other crisp products on the market that contain less fat. But, for me, they are the most tempting Walkers flavour available in the regular range.

                    Crisps ranked in order of fat content:-

                    01) Golden Wonder Nik Naks (Rib 'n' Saucy Flavour): 38.3%
                    02) Frisps (Ready Salted Flavour): 35.1%
                    03) Walker (Ready Salted): 34.1%
                    04) Frisps (Cheese 'n' Onion Flavour): 34.0%
                    05) Frisps (Salt 'n' Vinegar Flavour): 33.9%

                    06) Walkers (Salt and Vinegar Flavour): 33.1%
                    07=) Walkers (Cheese and Onion Flavour): 33.0%
                    07=) Walkers (Steak and Onion Flavour): 33.0%
                    09=) Walkers (Prawn Cocktail Flavour): 32.7%
                    09=) Walkers (Roast Chicken Flavour): 32.7%

                    09=) Walkers (Worcester Sauce Flavour): 32.7%
                    12=) Walkers (BBQ Rib): 32.6%
                    12=) Walkers (Smoky Bacon Flavour): 32.6%
                    14=) Pringles Extreme (Smokin' Ribs Flavour): 32.0%
                    14=) Pringles (Hot & Spicy Flavour): 32.0%

                    16) Quavers (Prawn Cocktail Flavour): 31.0%
                    17) McCoys (Flame Grilled Steak Flavour): 30.7%
                    18) McCoys (Roast Ham and Mustard Flavour): 30.6%
                    19) McCoys (Thai Sweet Chicken Flavour): 30.3%
                    20=) Quavers (Cheese Flavour): 30.0%

                    20=) Quavers (Salt 'n' Vinegar Flavour): 30/0%
                    22) KP Discos (Salt 'n' Vinegar Flavour): 29.6%
                    23) KP Skips (Prawn Cocktail Flavour): 29.5%
                    24) Hula Hoops (Roast Chicken Flavour): 28.6g
                    25) Hula Hoops (Barbecue Beef Flavour): 28.5g

                    26 Hula Hoops (Original Flavour): 28.4g
                    27) Golden Wonder Wheat Crunchies (Crispy Bacon flavour): 25.1%
                    27) Golden Wonder Wheat Crunchies (Worcester Sauce flavour): 25.1%
                    29=) Golden Wonder Wheat Crunchies (Spicy Tomato flavour): 25.0%
                    29=) Monster Munch (Pickled Onion Flavour): 25.0%

                    31=) Smith's Chipsticks: 23.0%
                    31=) Smith's Frazzles: 23.0%
                    33) Space Raiders: 22.8%
                    34) Red Sky (Anglesey Sea Salt flavour): 21.8%
                    35) Red Sky (West Country Bacon & Cream Cheese flavour): 20.9%

                    36) Sainsbury's Bacon Crispies (20.6%)
                    37) Walkers Squares (Salt and Vinegar flavour): 18.0%
                    38) Walkers French Fries (Ready Salted / Cheese and Onion / Salt and Vinegar flavours): 16.0%
                    39) Walker Baked (Sour Cream and Chive flavour): 8.7%
                    40) Walkers Baked (Bacon and Cheddar flavour): 8.5%

                    41) Walkers Baked (Cheese and Onion flavour): 8.3%
                    42) Walkers Baked (Salt and Vinegar flavour): 8.1%
                    43) Ryvita Limbos (Salt and Vinegar flavour): 1.9%


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                      09.10.2009 19:40
                      Very helpful



                      great tasting crisps

                      Walkers are the biggest maker of crisps in the UK, I love crisps and although there not that healthy they do taste good, there great for a quick snack and there also very good for having with sandwiches too.

                      These prawn cocktail flavoured walkers crisps are those one that you either love or hate I think, however I love them. I don't usually go for these kind of flavours as I actually hate real prawns them selves however when I first tried prawn cocktail flavoured crisps I just loved them.

                      The taste is just right there not too strong but they are fairly rich in flavour. They do smell a bit though so don't open these in confined spaces as I think a lot of people don't really like the smell of them.

                      There in a very distinctive packet, the pink one/purple one and are about 35-40p a pack, now they are walkers so you don't exactly get a lot in a packet which isn't great although they do come in the larger packs as well which are a bit more expensive.

                      I like these crisps because they have a very distinctive flavour, a lot of people will probably hate these, but do be aware you don't have to like prawns to like the flavour and give them a try any way.


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                      01.10.2009 18:09
                      Very helpful



                      Better than any supermarket own brand.

                      To be honest I am much more of a savoury snacker than I am a sweet snacker. I also like some savoury food with my lunch to keep me full up through to dinner time, and at the moment this is my bag of crisps of choice! I go through phases you see, but at the moment, this is the one for me!

                      Walkers prawn cocktails crisps, come as single packs, as multi packs, or as mixed variety bags. The packaging is typical crips packaging, foil/ plastic wrapped for extra freshness. I am not sure if the packaging is recyclable or not.

                      The packet is pink to represent prawns. The packaging in all other respect is the same as the other walkers crisps, with potatoes on the front.

                      Now I dont even eat proawns, let alone prawn cocktails, but I am told the flavour of this is nothing like the real thing, its name sake. The flavour is quite strong, and you can smell it before you eat it. The crisps are coated in a pinkish red coating. and the taste is quite sharp and spicey.

                      These walkers crisps are nicer than any supermarket own brand I have tried. They are much better quality and have a much nicer flavour.

                      If you fancy some different crisps then give these a go, they go superbly with a sandwich!


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                    Walkers Prawn Cocktail flavoured potato crisps.

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