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Walkers SunBites

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Type: Crisps/Snacks

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    6 Reviews
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      09.01.2012 21:30
      Very helpful



      a great alternative to crisps

      On my recent visit to the supermarket I ventured to the crisp section and decided to try something new, as sunbites were on offer in flavours I thought I'd like, that was my choice.

      Sunbites are part of the walkers crisps umbrella but are wholegrain crispy snacks rather than crisps as we generally know them.

      £££££ Price and what you get for your money ££££

      Mine were on special offer two bags with six packets in each for £2 therefore that works out at about 16p a packet, not bad. The usual price is around £1.60 a six pack taking the individual cost to around 26p each, I probably would pay this but not on a weekly basis and stock up when offers are on.
      Each bag is 25grams and as with most multi packs the amount of crisps are not to the top of the packet they come in at around just over half full.

      **** Design and flavours ****

      The packets are bright which is nice and attracts your eye immediately especially the sweet chilli flavour as it is a pink salmon colour. Along with this they decorate the bag nicely with bright sunshine logo's, butterflies and wheat.
      Flavours are sun ripened sweet chilli, cheddar cheese and caramelised onion, oven roasted onion and rosemary, sour cream with cracked black pepper and sea salt.
      The flavours I have found are quite intense especially the sweet chilli one which I do prefer. Strong flavouring is good as they is nothing worse than a feeble crisp in my opinion, this goes for the crunch too. These bites are very crunchy and firmer than crisps due to being a wheat snack. Each little bite has a crinkle cut to it's oblong shape and are sufficient for a mouthful. Not overly filling but then they are meant to be a snack.
      The flavours are not unusual in that they are similar to crisps but they do have a slight variation which is nice like the onion and rosemary.

      !!!!! Ingredients and nutrition !!!!!

      An average standard packet of crisps gives you around 130kcal and 8gram fat whilst sunbites gives around 120kcal and 5.5grams fat, therefore they are generally a little healthier, about 30% according to walkers.
      No artificial flavours, preservatives or colours. They are suitable for vegetarians but to note that they do contain wheat and gluten so should be avoided with allergies.
      The packs contain 67% wholegrain which according to the packet and 2005 dietary guidelines of America (not sure why they have used Americas?) this is about a third of what we require.
      All in all I am quite happy with the contents and as a snack find them more than suitable as a snack.

      I will defiantly buy them again when on offer as I do find them a pleasant alternative to crisps.

      Review maybe posted on dooyoo and ciao under the same username.


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        07.08.2009 20:42



        Walkers has done it again!

        Until fairly recently I've always bought Walkers Cheese And Onion or Thai Sweet Chilli crisps, but then myself and my other half have discovered Walkers SunBites!

        I'm not really too keen on the original or onion and rosemary flavours, but I think the Sour Cream & Black Pepper ones tastes really nice. My most favourite one of them all is the new Sun Ripened Sweet Chilli flavour - I think these are the most delicious of all and very VERY "moreish"!

        I do feel a bit thirsty after eating the Sour Cream & Black Pepper flavoured ones though (maybe it's just me but I find them a bit too salty for my likeing), as for the Sweet Chilli ones well I could just eat them all day long...!

        Last time I checked the packs of 6 SunBites were on offer in Asda, something like 2 packs for £2 (cheaper than their own brand equivalents!), there are probably similar offers in other supermarkets too.

        So if you want to try something different to your usual crisps, give these a go!


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        12.05.2008 21:31
        Very helpful



        Yummy bits of sunshine in a ripply crisp

        At work, I usually get a meal deal at Boots. A sandwich, a drink and a packet of crisps. I was trying to cut down a bit and saw these on the shelf. Wholegrain, I thought, isn't that meant to be good for you? So I put it in the lunch meal deal bag and off to the till I went. 36p in Boots they are but I have recently bought a pack of six for £1.36 but they were from the bargain sections as they only had 3 months left on them. Silly eh? The original price was £1.55, which works out to about 26p a packet.

        Flavours and the packaging.

        They come in two different type of packets. Single packet (28g) and multi pack x 6 (25g). I only found this out from the website. I always wondered why the packet in Boots looked slightly bigger than the one I had at home. Just thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me.

        The packaging is really appealing. A beautiful sunrise over a big meadow/field with trees. The word SunBites is in the middle of the meadow/field. Then under that, 2 crisps showing you what the SunBites actually look like and each different flavour has a different picture of a bowl with the ingredients of the flavours.

        There are three different flavours at the moment. Original, Sour Cream & Cracked Black Pepper and Oven Roasted Onion & Rosemary. I haven't tried the Oven Roasted Onion and Rosemary one as I've never seen it on the shelves when I do the shop but it sounds lovely so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for them.

        Fattening or not?

        The packet for 25g, it contains 117 calories, 2.1g sugar, fat 5.4g, saturates 0.6g, fibre 1.7g and salt 0.3g.

        Initially, I thought ouch 117 calories. That's quite a bit for such a small packet but it is more than one third of my wholegrain recommend intake, they have 30% less fat than normal crisps. They are made with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and also prepared with Sunseed oil, which is naturally higher in mono-unsaturates and lower in saturates. So I would go with not so fattening but don't eat too many packets.

        The product

        So on my lunch break, I open my sour cream & cracked black pepper packet and would normally expect to see a crisp. A normal greasy crisp but not in this packet. This crisp is in the shape of a square or an oblong, depends on how big the crisp is. It's a light shade of brown (cardboard colour) and have a rippled effect (see the front of the packet). In the crisp, there are flecks of the grains. To be honest, not that appetising to look at and they don't really smell of anything. So I take a bite. Crunch. The crisp has a lovely crunch to it and it tastes lovely. The sour cream hits my tongue immediately but give it a minute and you get the kick of the black pepper too. There's no funny aftertaste and before you know it the crisps are gone.

        The overall opinion

        They are absolutely delicious and not too bad for "crisps". Not bad value either. They only thing wrong with them, well with Walkers, is that they haven't brought out a share pack yet as people at work or my mum always nick some.

        For more information, just visit the Sunbites website where you will find the Nutritional information and more about wholegrain and how it's good for you. http://www.sunbites.co.uk


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          11.03.2008 20:06
          Very helpful




          When it comes to crisps I am terrible, i love them, can't get enough of them and when I go anywhere shopping whether it be the corner shop or supermarket, i always come out with either multi packs of them or the odd couple of bags to keep me happy during the evening.

          Today I popped into my local convenience store and made my way to the crisp's section. I am not really fussy when i comes to crisps, i like Walkers and normal crisps and I also like fun crisps including the likes of Monster Munch and Wotsits. I saw a small offer sign, 2 bags of Walkers Sunbites for 50p and they only had Oven Roasted Onion and Rosemary flavour. To be honest if they had not been on offer I don't think they would have interested me, and I wouldn't have looked twice and opted for Walkers Roast Chicken or something along those lines, however the flavour more so caught my eye so I thought I would give them a go.

          The packaging on them I feel is really interesting, a bit different from the normal kind of packaging that you get on crisps. This particular flavour is in a light green foil packet, with a design on the front of field and hills, which gives me the impression that these are better for you than normal crisps. It has the Walkers logo and name of the product on the front and also has a picture of a roasted onion and some kind of herb which can only be the Rosemary. The nutritional values are at the bottom left hand side of the packet and contain the amount of calories, sugar, fat, saturates and salt within the product. On the reverse of the packaging it gives a little bit of information about the Sunbites brand, more nutritional information in depth and also your daily guidelines, which with this product being wholegrain based they do have more of a reason to include this information. Ingredients and complaints procedure are also located on the back of the packaging.

          The product itself, well, i was somewhat surprised by how good they actually were. I wasn't expecting anything really fabulous, but some standards with them being made by Walkers. The bites themselves are rectangular in shape and are very thin, a little similar to Squares is the way I would descrive, however with ridges in them. When you smell the flavour coming out of the bag I can only describe it as the smell of Rosemary, not very powerful but you can definitely distinguish it.

          The taste of the product is very nice. When you first put them in your mouth, they are very light, the taste of the oven roasted onion hits you more, its not very pungent which is good, as when onion is cooked the flavour disappears a little anyway, so it does taste just as they should do. When you bit into them and start chewing on the product, the onion flavour disappears and its the wholegrain within the product that then overpowers the onion. The flavour does remind me of something, which is not actually the same flavours, it tastes very similar to Chicken flavour Golden Wonder crisps when they first enter your mouth. The texture of the crisp is hard and when you bit into them they have a lot of crunch about them.

          The nutritional information, although it does state because they are made of wholegrain, they are better for you, they don't seem to be any more healthier than normal Walkers crisps, it just gives you that inpression because their is more fibre in them.

          In general a tasty option, which is nice for a change from crisps and I will definitely purchase them again if they are on offer, but I do prefer my crisps I think than these.


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            21.01.2008 14:12
            Very helpful



            A slightly healthier alternative to crisps

            Now I am not normally a crisp person an would not go out of my way to find a new product or flavour in the supermarket but did spot Walkers SunBites as work whilst attending a training course where lunch was provided, nestled amongst the packets of crisps there was one that caught my eye as I have not seen them before and I decided to give them a try. The flavour I will be reviewing is Sour Cream & Cracked Black Pepper.
            The packet itself is quite unique in distinguishing itself from other crisps as it is not shiny or the same colour all over nor does the Walkers logo dominate or even the flavour. The packet has a lovely inviting feel to it and by the appearance alone you know you are going to get something a bit different than your normal crisp. Reading the bits of info on the packet I noted that these are Wholegrain snacks and contain more than 1/3 of the suggested daily amount of wholegrainas, well that what is says and they are supposed to generally more healthier than ordinary crisps, well lets take a look and see.

            OK what it inside my lovely packet, well no problems opening the packet exactly the same as any other packet of crisps, inside I don't find a crisp shaped snack at all so different already in not looking like a thinly sliced potato but square to oblong shaped pieces that are rippled, similar to the pattern you would see on corrugated cardboard but with the ripples spread out a but more. I also note that there are dark flecks in the snack and assume this is part of the grain. Now the lovely people at Walkers have very nicely told me that this snack is made with Sunseed oil which is apparently higher in mono-unsaturates and lower in saturates, however, I am no expert on these matters but assume this is good and these days everyone seems to be watching what they eat and trying to take more care of their health and I find that nearly every pack claims to have something beneficial for you whether it be lower in fat, a better type of fat, omega 3, the list is endless. Anyway back to my snack, Walkers also claim that these are made with no artificial colours, flavours or preservative and have 30% less fat than ordinary crisps, will get to that later.
            OK never mind whether they are good for me or not, what do they taste like I hear you ask, well they aren't too bad for a snack that looks like little piece of cardboard, they are very light and crunchy and the flavour is barely there, maybe this is because it is naturally flavoured so there is no overpowering false taste left lingering in your mouth. I can think of a couple of other brands that have black pepper as part of their flavouring and have always found this to be far too overpowering and ruined the snack totally, this is not the case here, just the right balance seems to have been reached though I would have liked to have taste the sour cream a bit more. To compare them to another product I would have to say similar to Rivita minis but much easier to chew and eat as they are much thinner than, as thin as a normal crisp.

            Now are they actually any better than ordinary crisps, well to check this out in my own way I have a packet of SunBites and a packet of Asda ready salted crisps in front of me to make a comparison of the Nutritional info. For control purposes I will be sampling both to compare taste, well have to have some excuse to eat a packet of crisps don't I.
            Ok here we go. Both packets contain 25grams so off to a good start, all below are per bag


            Calories 116
            Protein 1.9 g
            Carbohydrate 15.3 g
            Of which sugars 2.0g
            Fat 5.3g
            Saturate 0.6g
            Mono-unsaturates 3.8g
            Polyunsaturates 0.9g
            Fibre 1.6g

            Asda Crisps
            Calories 132
            Protein 1.3g
            Carbohydrate 13.2g
            Of which sugars 0.7g
            Fat 32.7g
            Saturates 3.9g
            Mono-unsaturates 7.5g
            Polyunsaturates 20.6g
            Fibre 3.8g

            Now the important ones that I normally look at are the number of calories or you may notice that this is now often referred to as energy on a packet and the fat, just the totally amount mind you not the breakdown of the different types of fat as most of this is meaningless to my brain so on comparison if I had the choice I would pick the Sunbites straight away. I am not going to attempt to work out whether there is in fact 30% less fat the sun bites as maths is not my best subject and will probably get is all wrong but feel free to work this out for yourself.
            Comapring the taste, the Sunbites are dry and crisp and easy to chew on but I found when doing a direct comparison with the ordinary crisp that I noticed how much greasier the Asda crisp was in comparison to my Sunbite, not something I would have paid much attention to if had I not done this and assume that is down to the high fat content compared to the Sunbite.

            Walkers Sunbites can be found in Tesco, Asda and all other major supermarkets and they come in 3 different flavours, which are original, Sour Cream and Cracked black pepper and Oven roasted Onion and Rosemary.

            I have also noticed that all Walkers crisps are now made with Sunseed oil and are much lower in fat than non Walkers crisps.

            Would I buy them again, yes I would as I won't feel so guilty about having these as I do when I eat a packet of crisps even though there is very little difference in calories.


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              21.01.2008 11:58
              Very helpful



              A great tasting lower fat snack!

              I first saw SunBites in our local Tesco store where someone was offering samples to shoppers. I have to say that I didn't take any notice at that time. Then I received a voucher for a free packet again from Tesco's (they were determined that I was going to try them weren't they?) so I decided to try them. Since they were free I wasn't going to be losing anything was I?

              I can't remember how much an individual packet costs but currently a pack of six individual packets costs £2.39 so that would make one packet about 50p or thereabouts.

              I do like crisps, Pringles and all that sort of thing but they have to be the plain or original flavour for me. I can cope with the occasional salt and vinegar flavour but that's it. I can't be doing with all these weird flavours!

              Based on this information I shall obviously be reviewing the original flavour. The other two flavours of SunBites are Sour Cream and Cracked Black Pepper and Oven Roasted Onion and Rosemary.

              The packet of SunBites is quite unusual when compared to other crisp packets in that it is coloured pale blue and green in stripes to look like sky, grass and sea. I am guessing that this is to make sure we all know how 'healthy' these snacks are. I will say that the packet does look very inviting.

              The Walkers logo is there of course and the words 'SunBites wholegrain snacks bursting with the goodness of wholegrains'. There is a picture of a couple of the SunBites and one of a pestle and mortar (why?). There is also a panel across the bottom of the packet to show how many calories, how much fat, sugar, salt and saturates the contents of the packet contains.

              The back of the packet gives more specific detailed information about the nutrition together with explanations of what these SunBites are all about.

              Basically they are a light, crispy snack made from corn, oats, rice and wheat. The actual ingredients are as follows whole corn 39%, sunflower oil 19%, whole wheat 19%, rice flour 14%, whole oat flour 14%, sugar and salt. Obviously from the list of ingredients they are suitable for vegetarians.

              Sunflower oil is used because it is naturally higher in mono-unsaturates and lower in saturates. Using the wholegrains means that there is fibre and essential nutrients in each bag. Again as shown by the ingredient list there are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. One more really important thing is that these snacks have 30% less fat than regular crisps.

              Hang on a minute I'll just go and get a packet from the cupboard. I can't remember quite accurately how they smell - that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Actually there isn't any real smell to them at all. Oh dear I have had to open the pack to find that out I'll have to eat them now! What a shame!

              When you open the packet you will find that the contents don't look anything like ordinary crisps. They are oblong in shape with a rippled sort of surface looking like a corrugated roof. There are dark flecks in the snack which are obviously the whole grain.

              The taste is really nice. They aren't as greasy as ordinary crisps, in fact they are light and crunchy and just salty enough. It is difficult to describe the taste but I am sure that I can taste the fact that there are wholegrains within!

              There are 132 calories in the whole 28g pack so that's not too bad although I could eat more than one pack at a time!

              As to whether they are good for me or not is anyone's guess but I do find them tastier than crisps or other snacks of that ilk.

              I hereby announce that my allegiance has been switched from crisps to SunBites - they're lovely!


              Consumer Services Department,
              Walkers Snack Foods Limited,
              P. O. Box 23,
              LE4 8ZU

              Also submitted on Ciao


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              Wholegrain crisps available in several flavours.

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