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Walkers Vintage Cheddar & Onion Chutney Sensations

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Brand: Walkers / Type: Crisps

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    5 Reviews
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      27.10.2010 09:40
      Very helpful




      I'm not a big fan of crisps however sometimes I crave them, so when it comes to a bag of crisps only the decent ones are welcomed by me.

      They are a few brands of crisps which passed my very strict test; one of those rare brands was Walkers SENSATIONS. I believe that Sensations are the best kinds of crisps produced by the Walkers family.

      Sensations Crisps are also available in theses fantastic flavours:

      Thai sweet chili.
      Roasted chicken and thyme.
      Balsamic vinegar and caramelised onion.
      Southern style BBQ.
      Oriental red curry.
      Lime and oriental chutney (poppadoms) .
      And Peking Spare ribs (crackers).

      I nag a lot so I was hoping this sensation would be as sensational as the previous ones I had tried .I actually had one of those instant cravings While I was doing my weekly shopping in Wilkinson's which in turn is one of my favourite shops so I thought I would try out something special and special I got.

      I got the Walkers Sensations big bag which is 160 grams, so it was the bigger bag. I was for once taken aback at how attractive the back was. The bag seemed to be very oriental and the colour had changed from the previous white to a pitch black colour. There was a golden S-shaped peacock and On the peacock tail there was a box of cheese, a cheese board, a cheese knife a pot of onion chutney and a crumbly cheese. For me that was the most attracting thing on the packet.

      At the back there was the nutritional information but I was more concerned with what the description was. I could only read half of it as it was too mouth-watering so I decided to open the bag.

      Once I opened the bag the smell waffled up into the air, no wonder they call it walkers sensations for the smell at least was simply sensational. The smell of vintage cheese was strong in addition to the vinegar and onion smell. The crisps were thin, they weren't really to big nor too small. The colour of the crisps was pretty attractive, mostly golden brown, some of the crisps were lighter I supposed not all of them were seasoned equally.

      I absolutely loved them to be completely honest with you .It was everything you would expect from "the perfect" packet of crisps. The crisps were crispy and light. The maturity of the cheese combined with the rapid taste of the chutney was perfect. What I like most about the crisps was that it was sweet and savoury. What I mean by that was that the cheese was savoury and the chutney was sweet which gave me the perfect blend.

      Another tasty thing in the crisps was the seasoning however I did feel that there was a taste of ghee or butter but over all I thought it was perfect.

      Now to the one of the most critical things in my crisps test the aftertaste. In truth it gave me a bit of a dry mouth. It also gave me oniony breath for a while.

      While reading the ingredients, I noticed there was butter so I was right from the very beginning.SO EVERYONE BE WARNED anyone who does not like the taste of butter don't go near it.

      Walkers Claim:

      * There are No artificial sweeteners
      * There are No artificial flavour enhancers (No Monosodium Glutamate)
      * There are No preservatives
      * There are also No artificial colours

      You can find it in supermarkets, corner shops etc. I got mine from Wilkinson's for 98p; prices can vary from one supermarket to another due to different offers and promotions.

      Nutritional information

      Per 35g serving 168 calories
      Fat 8.8g
      Of which saturated 0.7g

      This is not suitable for vegetarians as it contains cheese made from animal rennet however it is Suitable for coeliacs

      For me it is highly recommended, a new change from the normal bags with the usual tastes. There was a wonderful mix of flavours and it was definitely mouth-watering and it is something which you will constantly crave after you try it for the first time. So For me this is definitely worth a try.

      Thank you for reading my review

      Also posted ciao under the same username


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        17.09.2009 22:48
        Very helpful



        A top quality flavour from Walkers

        I bought a packet of these on the way home today. I finished late, and couldn't wait to get home for tea, so popped into the garage to get 2 packs for £2. Individually, they cost around £1.50 in there, although know that Tesco have them on offer for well under £1 each at the moment.

        These are supposedly the more upmarket higher quality crisps from Walkers. They come in a 160g bag, with each 35g serving giving you 168 calories. I have absolutely no idea why they reduced the doses to tell us how much is in a 35g bag. I would have thought this a bit silly as I was buying a 160g bag, but there you go. No doubt there is a decent reason.

        In terms of the flavour, you get an instantly cheesy smell on first opening the bag, although it's not overly processed as some cheese flavoured crisps can smell. The taste is lovely, with the cheese being more of an aftertaste and the chutney very, very subtle, yet lovely tasting. The crisps are quite powdery on the surfaces, which can make a bit of a mess, but this is a small worry.

        The crisps are cut a bit thicker than regular Walkers crisps, and the flavours are very well balanced indeed. There are quite mixed flavours in terms of the savoury and the sweet, with the finish in your mouth definitely a bit sweet. The packaging is appealing. While it doesn't actually look like the picture here, it is actually a black bag, with a swirl of yellow to indicate the flavours. The whole thing is well made and well presented, and if it wasn't for the slightly higher price in some places, this would be a perfect packet of crisps.

        You get 9g of fat (again, per 35g!) which is quite good, I suppose, and I know that Walkers use sunseed oil to cook their crisps in, which is apparently lighter in saturated fats than other oils. So, they're a bit healthier for you as well. These are crisps I would happily recommend to any consumer. There are many other flavours, such as Southern Style Barbecue, and Oriental Red Curry, but these ones are quite traditional in the base of the flavour, and get the thumbs up from me.


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          13.09.2009 13:57
          Very helpful



          Sensations range

          Sensations are Walkers up market premium brand crisp range and as such you can expect to pay a little extra for them however at the moment they are on special offer at Tesco and are half price so a 160g bag is selling for 75p which is apretty good price given that a normal size individual bag retails for about 50p.

          These are the upmarket version of Walkers cheese and onion crisps which are my favourite all time flavour, the first thing I notice is the fact that the crisps are a little thicker than the normal ones and biting into them they are a bit more substantial and very crunchy when you munch on them.

          Flavour wise you can taste the slightly strong cheese however they also have a more fruity flavour to them as well which is the contribution of the chutney. I do find thatthese crisps are quite greasy on your fingers with the coating of the flavouring coming off onto them as well which means I need a tissue nearby while I eat them.

          Theynow come in a black packet which is different to the Dooyoo picture, personally while the flavour is nice these are something I would only buy if they are on special offer as I do not think they are worth the full price but at half price they are good value.


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            11.09.2009 10:52
            Very helpful



            If you like Prawn Cocktail you will love these crisps!

            After trying out the Roasted chicken and Thyme sensation crisps my husband decided to pick up a packet of these crisps last night whilst he was out shopping as they were still on offer in Tescos for 77p for a 160g bag.

            The packaging like all the other Walkers sensations is black with a bright yellow S on the front of the packet. There is a picture of a peacock and some of the ingredients such as cheese and chutney.

            The crisps are made with Lady Rosetta and Saturna potatoes which I have never heard of, Walkers say these are a thicker cut crisp but to me they look like a standard crisp the only difference is the crisps come in all different sizes.

            When I opened the bag I expected to smell a cheese flavour but instead I could smell Prawn Cocktail!
            When I looked inside the bag I could see that the packet looked a little greasy.
            Looking at the crisps I could see little flecks of red all over the crisp, I then tried one of the crisps and I have to say I was really dissappointed as I could taste absolutely no cheese at all, not even a hint! What you do get instead is a very sweet onion taste that soon turns into quite a strong peppery taste.

            After trying these crisps I checked the description on the website and the back of the crisps to check that I had eaten the right flavour. I then did a google search and it seems that other people agree that there is no cheese in these crisps.

            I have taken a look in the ingredients list and vintage cheddar and onion chutney seasoning, dried cheddar cheese(made with animal rennet) are listed.


            I really do not know what has happened with these crisps at first I thought maybe the wrong flavour had gone into the bag but the more reviews I read (not the dooyoo ones) the more convinced I am that these do taste more of a Prawn Cocktail.

            Each 35g serving contains:-

            168 - Calories
            1.2g - Sugar
            9.1g - Fat
            0.7g - Saturates
            0.6g - Salt

            No artificial sweetners
            No artificial flavour enchancers
            No preservatives
            No artifial colours


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              06.05.2009 22:25
              Very helpful



              Crunchy crisps with a delicious cheese & onion flavour.

              Sensations have had a makeover and come in a sleek black packet and have quite a classy look to them. This is definitely what drew me to them!

              These crisps are made with Lady Rosetta & Saturna potatoes which I have never heard of before but they seem to give these crisps an absolutely fantastic bite and they are lovely and crunchy.

              The flavour of this packet is listed as vintage cheddar & onion chutney and whilst there is a lovely cheese taste on these crisps there is also a very sweet onion chutney and while I am not the biggest fan of onion I found this to be delicious. It's gorgeously sweet and after a while my tongue began to tingle with sheer delight. I ended up eating around half the bag with my sister polishing off most of the rest and just a few left over for my fiancé to sample when he dropped by.

              Overall I was very pleased with these crisps. They were very flavoursome and had a delicious crunch to them. I would definitely purchase these crisps again. They were selling for £1.74 in Tesco per 150g bag or 2 for £2.00 which seems to be a frequent special offer and I find myself only ever stocking up on these when they are on special offer. There are 149 calories and 8g fat per 35g serving and this is quite high (as most crisps are) but I don't mind at all because they taste fantastic. I must say though that the scent was not particularly pleasant when I sniffed in to the bag.

              I would definitely recommend these crisps to any lovers of crisps or onion or even just trying something new and I am therefore rating these crisps 5/5 for their delicious taste and the sleek look of the packaging.

              Since I first started purchasing these crisps a couple of years ago I have been disappointed to notice that the packet size has gone from 175g to 150g and the price has gone from £1.47 to £1.74 which really is just a typical sign of things, however, the calorie & fat content, per 35g serving, has actually been decreased so that is always good as the taste is just as good today as the first time I tried these and they are slightly less unhealthy which is always good.


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