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Walkers Wotsits Prawn Cocktail

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Type: Crisps/Snacks

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    4 Reviews
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      31.01.2011 18:22
      Very helpful



      Why eat something that makes you want to gag?

      The Back Story...

      I tried these as they were on a multibuy deal at my local ASDA. I bought 1 6-pack of Quavers, a 6-Pack of Squares and a 6-Pack of mixed Wotsits for £3. I was really excited as I love prawns and prawn cocktail flavoured crisps! However these are really rather unpleasant - A taste which is nearly indescribably bad.

      My Experience...

      I was really disappointed by these. They were exactly like the cheesy and flamin' hot Wotsits in their texture. I also expected them to be bursting with lovely flavour that turns your fingers orange, like the original Wotsits and flamin' hot Wotsits. Unfortunately, these are vaguely bursting with flavour - the only problem is that I thought it was a terrible flavour. The flavours of each of the packs I tasted were exactly the same - a strong salmon-y taste. I'm not a big fan of salmon, and these made me gag they were so horrible. Along with the salmon is a slight Wotsit-y taste- like they covered the original cheesy ones in fish- yum. They do not taste reminiscent of prawn cocktail whatsoever. Perhaps it is an interaction between the actual Wotsits and the flavouring that makes them taste terrible. I'm sure food isn't meant to make you gag, so I tried these 3 times and will never try them again.


      Really Cheesy Flavour:
      Maize, Vegetable Oil, Cheese Flavour [Dried Cheese (7%), Milk Lactose, Flavour Enhancer (Disodium 5'ribonucleotide), Colours (Paprika Extract, Annatto), Natural Flavourings], Salt, Potassium Chloride.

      Nutritional Information...

      Really Cheesy Flavour
      Average Values Per 100g Per Pack
      Energy (kJ) 2270 397
      Energy (kCal) 545 95
      Protein 5.5g 1.0g
      Carbohydrate 56.0g 9.8g
      of which Sugars 8.5g 1.5g
      Fat 33.0g 5.8g
      of which saturates 4.0g 0.7g
      of which mono-unsaturates 24.0g 4.2g
      of which polyunsaturates 3.5g 0.6g
      Fibre 1.1g 0.2g
      Sodium* 0.78g 0.14g
      *Equivalent as salt 1.98g 0.35g

      I've noticed that other people on Dooyoo have given very positive reviews of these. I'm not sure if every time I tried these I got a bad packet or my taste buds are just different to other people's but I do not have one positive thing to say about these. Crisps are not meant to make you feel physically sick, and these did, so unfortunately I have to give these an awful 1/5

      Supergirl out.

      Thanks for reading! :) (c) xxsupergirlxo


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        22.07.2010 16:06
        Very helpful



        A tasty snack with a bit of a kick

        Always one for something new, and as my sister lobbed over the latest in a new range of Wotsits a smile came to my lips.

        I like a nice packet of wotsits but can never settle with just one pack as they are so moreish.

        I have to say the picture shown on Dooyoo is not the same as the one I have from the multi pack. The new packet is similar in design but pink to match the new flavour of prawn cocktail. Before I opened the pack and devoured it within minutes as normal I had a think about it. How strange to think that cheese and prawn flavour could mix, and the more I thought about it the more I was unsure about this.

        Anyway as I less than hastily now opened the packet and gingerly popped my nose in for a good smell was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't too strong. The normal smell of the cheese was there, but you could smell the prawn trying to crack over the top and overpower it.

        As I popped just one in my mouth (it was new after all) I decided to try and savour it for a moment unlike my normal crunch and swallow. As I sucked the tubey shaped wotsits the taste of them strangely was neither cheese nor prawn. Well not in my opinion, it tasted like tomato. Maybe I have the strangest taste buds in the world, but was surprised as I bit into the next one that they reminded me of the old 10p packs of Tom Tom's I used to buy as a kid.

        Half way through the packet, it changed. It was so weird and I didn't expect it. I took a gulp of water before cracking onto the bottom and found the lower I got the more the prawn flavour was beginning to make an appearance.

        Polishing off the final remnant crumbs at the bottom it was such a sweet flavour that it made me wince a little. Thing is I quite like the last bit of a packet, making sure that I clear the whole packet. (Well you have to get your moneys worth) but I didn't really enjoy the last bit.

        After I finished I had a strong flavour which lingered for about 20 minutes, which is probably less time than a standard cheesy packet of wotsits.

        The packet was from a multipack from the supermarket and was on special offer for £1.99 (normally £2.21). I haven't been able to find them sold on their own yet.

        They only contain 91 calories, 1.0g sugar, 5.3g fat, 0.4g saturates and 0.3g salt and listed on the pack tells you the percentage of a guideline of a daily amount.

        Overall I would have to say these are a unique packet of crisps and Walkers as ever and very inventive in trying out new flavours, and being very successful

        I would recommend that you give these a try


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          07.09.2009 15:23



          tasty snacks

          Prawn cocktail wotsits are the greatest wotsits by far.
          The tangy sharp prawn cocktail taste is te perfect accompaniment to the make up of the wotsit. I love the fact that you don't chew wotsits like a normal crisp, you just let it melt in your mouth, it dissolves it to nothingness leaving the taste of the flavour in your mouth.

          In a 18g bag of wotsits the nutritional value is:
          Calories 95
          Protein 1
          Carbohydrate 9.6
          Fat 5.8
          Fibre 0.2

          So a pack of wotsits is hardly anything, so all you weight watchers should be fine with a pack or two.
          the only bad thing is that the multipacks have cheesy wotsits and you can just buy a bag with just the prawn cocktail or the flamin' hot, you end up with a pile of cheesy wotsits (which arn't terrible, just not as good).
          Wotsits are really good crisps!


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          01.09.2008 08:00
          Very helpful



          I choose to eat the other 2 kinds first

          Unfotrunatly when I buy a multipack of Wotsits, these ones seem to get left until the last to eat. I don't dilike them, actually they do taste pretty good. It's just I prefer the other 2 flavours that Walkers Wotsits make - Really Cheese and Flaming Hot, to these ones.

          First of all the nutritional values.

          91 calories
          1.0g Sugars
          5.3g Fat
          04.g Saturates
          0.3g Salt

          The shape of these are sort of cylindrical, crunchy puffs. They don't have the strongest flavour, but the flavour is nice and tangy.

          You can't buy these in individual bags, only in the 12 pack variety, which has 4 Prawn Coctail, 4 Really Cheese and 4 Flaming Hot. The multipack costs around £2, but I bought 3 12 packs for £3 from Asda recently.

          Wotsits are one of my favourite kinds of crisps, and as I said I usually go for the other 2 kinds before these ones, which might make me think i'm not so keen on them because I could have 6 bags of them in my cupboard and no other kinds, so I could eat them for days in a row. But they are tasty and not bad at all.

          Again suitable for a calorie controlled diet, as calorie wise they aren't that bad. They are also suitable for Vegetarians and Coeliacs.


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        • Product Details

          17.5g. Crisps. Made with 100% Sunseed Oil, each standard bag now has: Up to 40% less salt. And only contains up to 4% of a child's guideline daily amount of saturated fat.

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