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Wallaby Bar Yogurt Fruit And Nut

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Brand: Wallaby / Type: Cereal Bar

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    2 Reviews
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      07.04.2009 21:39
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      Whilst searching for an item on here to review today (a flax cereal bar which I have suggested to dooyoo to add) I came across this little item, which is one of my favourite cereal bars. I see Machair has already written a great review but I thought I would see what I could offer!

      I first came across these bars in the health food store Holland & Barrett a few months ago. At the time, there were two Wallaby bars on offer and the only difference I could see was that one was covered in yoghurt and one was not. I decided to go for the one covered in yoghurt. This bar cost £0.85 and when I went in to the same shop today it was still at the same price. I have never seen them anywhere else so I don't know if it is possible to get them cheaper.

      The bar is 40g (and yes I think £0.85 is expensive for that quantity) and states on the front that it contains yoghurt, fruit and nut. The packaging is attractive and is blue in the middle and at the ends, and then clear in between. I always like clear packaging on food because I like to see what I might be buying!

      The bar is quite small and is a very compact 40g. If it didn't say on the packet that it was 40g I don't think I would believe the manufacturers, I would think it was perhaps 30g. The outside of the bar is coated entirely in a light coloured yogurt. This coating is thicker on the top, ends and sides then it is underneath. On the former five sides it is very thick.

      Inside the bar is a mixture of fruit and nuts. These include cashew nuts, almonds and macademia nuts and apricot, paw paw and mango as well as crispy pieces that sort of fill up the rest of the bar. There are small empty spaces in the bar but I think this is ok because the fruit and nut pieces have not been chopped to fit the bar and it gives it a more authentic feel I think.

      When you taste the bar the first thing you notice is the yoghurt. This is very smooth and creamy and to me tastes ever so slightly sweet (which is a surprise as there is no sugar in this bar). Then when you bite through the bar, you get a mouthful of the nuts, fruit and crispy pieces. I think that the nuts dominate the bar in terms of flavour and crunch but there is not very much fruit. The overall taste is a creamy, slightly sweet nutty bar with a crunchy, crispy texture! I enjoy the taste of this bar and I think the texture makes it a very satisfying snack.

      Health value
      The best thing about this bar however is something I have not yet mentioned. That is that it is free from all sorts of things that people are allergic to or try to eliminate from their diet, including gluten, genetically modified products, cholesterol, trans fats, preservatives, artificial colours and sugar. For me these facts are important, because I like to try to be healthy and to me this bar qualifies as healthy (though other people might think differently). You might like to note however that it contains milk products and soya.

      As I said at the start I think £0.85 is a lot to pay for a 40g cereal bar, but it is a delicious and satisfying snack and it is good for you so I think it is good value for money and worth a try!


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        07.12.2008 16:03
        Very helpful



        A tasty snack all the way from New South Wales, Australia.

        For this review I am going to transport you to sunny Australia to talk about Wallabies- not cute little creatures often seen in zoos but delicious and tasty snack bars full of healthy things!

        I am always on the lookout for healthy and interesting snacks, and was delighted recently to find a bar in my local Holland and Barratt which was instantly attractive.
        Called a Wallaby it sounded intriguing and inside the partially clear wrapper I could see a yogurt coated bar. Produced in Australia these are a yogurt and fruit and nut snack of the highest quality.

        The bars have been in production since 1993 and the company actually started not with bars but with a 107 acre Macadamia Nut plantation in the foothills of Byron Bay in Australia. The macadamia nut is actually native to Australia and is like Avocado and Linseeds rich in omega three fatty acids which are termed the good fats. The bars are made from these nuts and are a healthy snack which are low GI making them excellent for a snack which keeps you going while controlling your blood sugar, preventing the sudden rise and dip you so often get with sweets and cakes.

        The bars are organic and are free from added sugar, cholesterol, artificial flavours, colour and preservatives. They are also wheat and gluten free!

        The fruit and nut bar is actually one of a large range you can try and it is delicious. It has almonds cashew and macadamia nuts as well as a delicious coating of yogurt. It is particularly rich in calcium and each bar is 211 calories and costs 76p

        When you bite into it the taste is lovely. The yogurt has a strong vanilla taste which is from extract not essence, and the taste of nuts is distinctive and delicious. The bar also contains mango, apricot and pawpaw as well as rice syrup and puffed rice and soya beans. It actually tastes like a healthy version of that Nestle Crispy white chocolate bar and is a refreshing change from one of those so called healthy bars which need a gallon of liquid to get down. This healthy treat is actually delicious and indulgent. You can't really taste the mango or apricot as the overwhelming tastes belong to the yogurt and the nuts.

        I really liked the one I tried, it was refreshingly different to some nut based bars I have bought in the past and I will certainly be trying their range again. I think they would be really good for taking on walks as they are lightweight to pack but are a good source of energy.
        If you really like them it is possible to buy them in bulk too from www.goodnessdirect.co.uk. This is one of my favourite online wholefood stores.

        To visit the website devoted to Wallaby bars visit



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