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Warburton's Fruit Loaf with Orange

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11 Reviews

Brand: Warburton's / Type: Cake

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    11 Reviews
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      21.08.2012 19:16
      Very helpful



      One of the best fruit loaves out there by far!

      I love fruit - especially sultanas and I love bread, so put them together and for me it's a match made in heaven so fruit loaf is often something I buy when doing my shopping. I have tried loads of different brands and have had varying results, needless to say of course I finished the loaf whether I liked or not. I didn't buy this loaf, my mum brought it round to have with a cuppa as she had only had a couple of slices and it would go stale if it wasn't eaten and she thought of no one better to bring it round to than me! So here's what I thought of this fruity loaf whilst sipping my cuppa and catching up with my mum;

      ~ About Warburton's ~
      Warburton's is a family bakery that began in 1876 in Bolton. Warburton's now employs around 5,000 people in 12 bakeries and 13 depots across the UK and provides us with over two million fresh bakery products every day. It is the second biggest grocery brand in the UK and still continues to 'bring us traditionally baked products with the freshness and quality you can really taste.' Warburton's bakes various types of breads, loaves, rolls, pittas, wraps, brioche, teacakes, pancakes, crumpets, potato cakes, English muffins and have recently introduced pitta chips. They also provide products for people with special dietary needs such as gluten free and weight watchers loaves.

      ~ Product and availability ~
      Warburton's fruit loaf is available to buy in most well stocked supermarkets and can definitely be found at waitrose, Tesco's, Asda, Sainsbury's and Ocado. It is only available in one loaf size which weighs in at 400g. It can be bought for around £1.20, which is actually quite pricey when you compare it to other fruit loaves such as Asda's chosen by you fruit loaf which is priced at 85p for the same sized loaf, but after all it isn't any old brand, its Warburton's!

      ~ Packaging ~
      Warburton's fruit loaf comes in a clear plastic wrap (just the same as any other loaf you would buy), with an eye-catching orange band across the side with Warburton's printed in large white lettering. There is also the usual tie at the top of the bag to keep the loaf fresh. Going around the top of the bag there are some pictures of oranges and sultanas. I am also told down the side of the bag that this is perfect for breakfast. The back of the bag tells you that this is a fruit loaf with sultana and orange flavoured pieces. You are also given a clear easy to read nutrition table, ingredients list, contact details, allergy advice and storage instructions.

      ~ Smell, appearance, taste and texture ~
      Opening the bag you can definitely smell citrusy oranges and sultanas. This smell is very prominent and gets your hopes up that this is packed with fruit, which is certainly is! Each slice is quite small, smaller than your average slice of toast anyway and you can clearly see lots and lots of plump sultanas in every single slice. The slices are rough squares in shape. I toast mine, but I'm sure you could eat it cold if you wanted to. I toast mine for about 1-2 minutes to get a nice crispy slice without it being too crunchy or charred. It toasts perfectly, browns nicely on the top with a slight crunch to the surface and then nice firm bread beneath. The great thing is that not one single sultana burnt in the toaster, which was excellent because I hate burnt sultanas! The ratio of fruit to bread is fantastic, It's the most fruit I have found in a fruit loaf yet! The taste is superb, the sultanas are so juicy and succulent and you can definitely taste the orange, the combination of the two is perfect. There are clearly more sultanas than orange pieces but I think they've got it spot on because orange can be a bit bitter. The loaf is quite sweet, so it's great for my sweet tooth but it's not overly so that it's sickly. The loaf is so moist and just melts in your mouth, it's not one bit dry or hard to swallow like some loaves, you don't even need butter! Although of course it is gorgeous with lashings of butter but with the calorie content being pretty high (I will come to that later) I don't tend to put anything on top as it's so nice, tasty and ever so fruity by its self. Sometimes putting something on top diverts you away from how nice the actual bread is on its own anyway. But if you do like butter on it, it soaks it up very nicely and goes well with the saltiness of the butter.

      ~ Other information ~
      Each slice contains a hefty 88 calories, 8.8g of sugar, 0.9g of fat, 0.1g of saturates, 0.29g of salt and 1.6g of fibre. The fibre content is good and the fat isn't too bad, however for the size of slices 88 calories is a lot! You can have a bigger piece of wholemeal bread for less calories than that. And as for the sugar...10 % of my daily sugar intake from a piece of toast! Pwar!

      Two slices contain one of your 5 a day which is a plus side, and you can tell it does too!

      Warburton's fruit loaf is suitable for home freezing.

      It's vegetarian society approved.

      This product contains wheat, gluten and soya and is made in a bakery which uses milk, sesame seeds and barley.

      ~ Overall opinion ~
      I don't half enjoy a couple of slices of this for a snack! It stays fresh for a long time if the bag is done up tightly, I've eaten it after four days of opening and it was still fine to be toasted. I think it's a shame about the calorie and sugar content and the size as most people would need about four slices for it to fill a hole. But I have no complaints what so ever about the taste of this fruit loaf, it's truly lip smackingly delicious. I will no doubt be buying this loaf now my mum has introduced me to it and I would recommend fruit lovers to give it a try, but if you have a big family you may well need a good few loaves to keep you going! I'm not sure how well this would go down with kids as the flavours are quite 'grown up'. This is definitely one of the best fruit loaves I have tried and I would urge others to look out for it as it does on this occasion beat supermarkets own brands my miles in my opinion.

      The reason I haven't given this product five stars has nothing to do with the flavour, It's the size and the calorie and sugar content that let it down for me I'm afraid.


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      16.07.2012 12:52
      Very helpful



      Give it a go!

      I am always looking for new breakfast or snack foods as these are my 2 favourite "meals" of the day. I have tried fruit loaves and things in the past, but never really made it to the end of one as they were too rich or sweet. When I saw this one from an old favourite, Warburtons, I had to give it a go. I paid around £1.20 for a 400g loaf from my nearest ASDA.

      The slices are smaller than regular loaves, but each one is packed with a considerable amount of fruit. Each slice has 88 calories so some people might want to go easy on how much butter they put on the top!
      I prefer mine toasted, on setting number 2 (no doubt something that varies for every toaster!). I either spread Clover or thin slices of mature cheddar onto it as soon as it's out of the toaster. That might sound weird but it tastes absolutely gorgeous!

      The quality of the bread when toasted is good, it has a nice bite to it. There is always that worry with fruit bread that you are going to have some slices packed with fruit and some with the odd raisin, but each slice was packed with a reasonable number of raisins and they were all juicy and succulent. There is also a gorgeous zesty flavour of orange, not too overpowering but definitely there. It is tasty and very moreish; I don't even care about the calorie content if I'm in the mood for a few more pieces.

      Despite the fact that it is high in calories for such small slices, I love 2 or 3 slices for breakfast. It also keeps me full for a surprisingly long amount of time, even though it is white bread. I can go 3-4 hours without feeling hungry and it does taste really, really good with mature cheddar sliced or grated on top of it! As part of a balanced diet, there really isn't any problem. There are around 9g of sugar per slice, so do go easy on it.....

      I will definitely be buying it again, but not too frequently due to the sugar content. I do like to mix it up at breakfast time!


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        28.06.2012 23:19
        Very helpful



        Great snack, helps you to avoid cake!

        I always have my fruit loaf toasted but I'm the same with hot cross buns and things so I think that's just personal taste. This Warburtons loaf is my favourite.

        It's got a lovely orangey taste to it but when toasted has a lovely bit of a crunch too it - not too crunchy, just perfect. I tend to have it as a snack - it can of course be eaten for breakfast or whenever you fancy it really. It's sweet but not too sweet and it feels a little luxurious and more unhealthy than it is. I was in the shop today contemplating buying a cake but decided to be good and buy this instead.

        It is quite a healthy product - only 88 calories per slice and 0.9g of fat and two slices are one of your five a day! Be careful how much spread you put on it though - it's amazing how many calories and how much fat spread contains, even the lighter versions.

        I paid £1.49 for it today in my local Spar but I have found it cheaper than that before. I think it is good value, a loaf lasts me a couple of days and stops me eating cake!


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        04.11.2011 15:24
        Very helpful



        Great Fruity Snack

        I like fruit but I'm not a great fan of fruit based products - fruit cake, raisin bread etc so Warburtons Fruit Loaf With Orange is not the type of product I would normally buy - however, how could I not be tempted when I discovered a loaf in Tesco's reduced section for only 29p?! It's usual retail price is £1.20, this is for a 400g sliced loaf.

        The bread is sold in a clear plastic bag with the white Warburtons logo sitting upon an orange background. It is not a standard size loaf, it is a mini loaf, the slices are very small. A little on the expensive side and if liked by my family would not last for very long!
        The small slices are the optimum size for little fingers and would not over face a child.

        Once opened, a lovely orange flavour aroma is released, not sweet but more of a savoury smell, it reminds me a somewhat of a homes made Christmas cake.
        The bread itself is not light, it is quite heavy requiring a good bite it is however lovely moist - but not sticky!

        The fruity taste is exceptional, the balance is just right, not overpowering, just enough fruit to excite your taste buds. A little sharp tasting but very refreshing and moreish!
        There is so much fruite packed into the little loaf that I am not surprised that eating two slices equals one of your five a day.

        We have eaten the bread spread with butter and also toasted, I do think that toasting the slices detracts from the flavour and I would now only do so if the bread had become a little stale (and there is not much chance of that!).

        The bread is now a firm favourite with the whole family, my son does not seem to notice that he is eating fruit so it's a great way to sneak in an extra portion. It is also unexpectedly filling, I find eating a slice mid morning and mid afternoon helps to avoid more unhealthy snacking.

        Each 34.5g slice contains:
        88 kcal
        2.6g Protein
        16.6g Carbohydrate
        of which sugars 8.8g
        0.9g Fat
        of which saturates 0.1g
        1.6g Fibre
        0.29g salt

        I have since found the loaf around 20p cheaper in Aldi, I am always on the look out for a better deal!

        Highly Recommended! Worth paying full price for.


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          22.08.2011 18:37
          Very helpful



          A prince among fruit loaves

          Most of the time I try to steer well clear of chocolate, cakes and biscuits because once I start nibbling, I just can't stop. However, there are times when I absolutely crave something sweet and since discovering Warburton's Fruit Loaf with Orange, I now always have a little something in the freezer which satisfied my sugar craving without damaging the diet.

          Price and availability:

          I buy this from Aldi, when they have it available, for £1.09 but it's also on sale at all major supermarkets for £1.20.

          What do you get for your money

          Each loaf contains twelve slices, including the end slices, and each slice is well studded with fruit. Warburtons certainly don't short change their customers with regard to content. I won't list all the ingredients which include various stabilisers, preservatives and guar gum etc but the main ingredients which contribute to the delicious flavour of this fruit loaf are: wheatflour, sultanas (20%), orange flavoured pieces (4%), apple puree, orange and pear juices.

          Each slice has 88 calories and 8.8 grams of sugars which is quite high but that is balanced out by being low in fat, only 0.9 grams and of which only 0.1 gram is saturated fat, so this won't exactly ruin your diet and as an added bonus, two slices not only provides that essential shot of sweetness but also Jonathan Warburton assures us it counts as one of your five a day.

          This is suitable for vegetarians and allergy advice is that this loaf contains gluten and soya and is produced in a bakery which uses milk, sesame seeds and barley.

          The taste experience

          How it tastes can be summed up in one word - scrumdiddleumptious! The sultanas are of the large and plumptious variety and the orange is there more as a background flavour so it doesn't overwhelm the whole taste experience but you just get a hint of orange with every bite. The message from Jonathan Warburton on the pack says that "the trick was getting the right amount of orange - not too much and not too little" and he thinks they've cracked it and I have to agree. Other fruit loaves I've tried, often seem to include spices such as cinnamon in their recipes which makes the loaf taste more like a hot cross bun, but this loaf doesn't have any fancy spices, relying entirely on the fruitiness from the sultanas, orange pieces and fruit juices instead.

          This can be eaten as it is from the packet, with or without butter or Flora, but it's even more tasty when toasted. Each slice is thick enough that when toasted and buttered, it stays firm even when the butter sinks into the loaf and the toasting process seems to make the sultanas swell so that they're even more plumptious.

          Although I normally eat this toasted with butter, I've also used it on occasion to make bread and butter pudding which certainly seems to give the pudding an extra zing.


          This loaf keeps quite well for a few days in the bread bin, although doesn't last as long during the summer months, but as it freezes very well, I tend to stick the entire loaf in the freezer and just take a couple of slices as and when I need them. That also keeps it out of temptations way!

          Summing up

          The legend on the pack says "Bursting with fruitiness" and it certainly is. This is quite simply the best and tastiest fruit loaf I've ever eaten and I can't find anything negative to say about it at all other than there's never enough of it. This is the fruit loaf by which all other fruit loaves should be measured. It's a five star product.


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            05.04.2010 19:35
            Very helpful




            Warburtons was established in 1870 with a small grocery shop in Bolton. Bread baking began in 1876. The history of Warburtons and how it got to where it is today can be found on the company's website 'www.warburtons.co.uk'. I found this website quite interesting, particularly the timeline styled history.

            The loaf comes pre-sliced in commonly used 'bread bag' type packaging. The bag is mostly orange in colour (except for a transparent section to enable you to get a viewing of the product through the bag). There are orange slices and sultanas decorating the front and back of the bag, making its appearance quite attractive. The print on the front of the packaging declares "Fruit Loaf with orange bursting with fruitiness". There is a full ingredients list later in this review, but briefly the sultana content is 20%.

            The manufacturer's statement on the back of the packaging says "We've made this fruit loaf even fruitier - two slices now gives you one of your five a day!" I think this is a good idea on Warburton's part. One fifth of a person's daily recommended fruit and veg consumption from two slices of this fruit loaf makes this eligible for the lunchbox, at least, in my opinion!

            The ingredients list:

            Wheat flour, Water, Sultanas (20%), Orange Flavoured Pieces (4%) (Concentrated Apple Purée, Concentrated Pear Juice, Concentrated Orange Juice, Wheat Fibre, Gelling Agent Pectin, Citric Acid, Vegetable Fat, Natural Flavouring Orange), Yeast, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Glazing Agent (Water, Potato Dextrin, Preservative E202, Stabiliser Guar Gum), Emulsifiers E471, E481, Gelling Agent E466, Soya Flour, Natural Flavouring, Preservative Calcium Propionate (Added To Inhibit Mould Growth), Flour Treatment Agent Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).

            The allergy advice states that the product contains wheat, gluten and soya and that it was produced in a bakery which uses milk, sesame seeds and barley.

            It retails for around £1.30. I bought my loaf in the local Tesco store.

            **My opinion on taste, texture, and this fruit loaf generally**

            I think the loaf has a pleasing, fruity smell on first opening the bag, and you get a good hint of orange.

            The individual slices are about the same thickness as a 'thick sliced' loaf, but otherwise the size is a good deal smaller (as you would expect). There are a dozen (twelve) or so slices to each loaf which weighs 400 grams in total.

            The sultanas through the loaf are quite moist and plump, and the orange flavour is also quite noticeable. Initially I found I liked the flavour of the sultana and orange combination, however, there is an aftertaste with me. This aftertaste is similar to orange pith/peel and stayed on my tongue for quite a while later. I can only describe it as similar to a cheaply made orange juice from concentrate, where you get the impression that yours came from the dregs at the end of the mixture, or the sludge that had settled at the bottom. The loaf itself is perhaps a little dry for my liking, but a small amount of low fat spread tends to correct this. Otherwise I like the texture of this loaf, and I think the sweetness is about right.

            I found I preferred the slices toasted, and, with the orange flavouring, this loaf when toasted reminds me of toast and marmalade (but with less sugar and fewer calories). I have to say though, that even when this product was toasted, the pithy aftertaste of the orange is still there.

            Calorie wise, the average slice contains about 85. The average slice contains approx 2.5g of protein, 16.5g of carbohydrate, and only 0.9g of fat (mostly unsaturated).

            This fruit loaf is suitable for vegetarians, and also for freezing.

            Overall, this product certainly tastes fruity, and I feel can make a useful addition to a family's lunch boxes/picnic lunches from time to time. I think it is a healthier choice, than say a biscuit, to share with a cuppa. With the addition of some vitamin B it could make a nice start of the day food, but there is no mention of vitamin B in the ingredients (yet). I don't think it's as good as the Raisin Loaf with cinnamon though.


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              21.01.2010 19:11
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Delicious anytime of the day !

              I'm not one for eating much during the day but I recently saw some Warburtons Fruitloaf on the shelf in my local supermarket and it called out to me....Eat me... I'm delicious ...just look at all the fruit I have inside every slice....Well it probably didn't say all of that but I was starving at the time !....anyway on with the review..

              Warburtons Fruit Loaf...

              ~~~~~~~ The Packaging ~~~~~

              Each loaf of Warburtons has its own distinctive colouring in the packaging for the Fruit loaf the pack is Orange and clear plastic , ( the orange colour obviously being used as a guide to the loafs ingredients).

              ~~~~~~ The Contents~~~~~~

              After opening the loaf ( the same as with any other pre packed bread ) you can immediately smell the fruit, the sweet sultanas and zesty orange leave your mouth watering...(so much so on more than one occassion I have caught my hubby eating it straight from the pack) There are between fifteen and seventeen slices in each loaf , so if you like it and you've got a large family you'll probably end up buying half a dozen loaves at the same time...Don't worry about the bread going stale Warburtons Fruit loaf can be frozen.

              Each slice is choc full of juicy sultanas and orange zest and if you decide to toast it it leaves lingering aroma throught the kitchen.

              ~~~~ The Best Way To Eat It ~~~~~~

              Quite honestly anyway is good with this loaf, not only is it delicious hot or cold each slice gives you one of your recommended five a day portions of fruit and veg.You can't say the same of many loaves.

              ~~~~The Ingredients~~~~~~

              Bread ..obviously
              Orange peel zest ...Yummy

              ~~~~~~technical stuff taken from site~~~~~

              Kcal 85 per slice
              Fat(g) 0.9g per slice
              Contains Wheat Gluten Yes
              Contains Soya Yes
              Contains Egg No
              Contains Milk No
              Contains Sesame Seeds No
              Contains Barley No

              Each slice contains~~~~~of adults daily recommended guidelines~~~~
              85 calories=4%
              8.8g sugars =10%
              0.9g fat=1%
              0.1g Sat=<1%
              1.6g fibre=7%

              Allergy Information
              warburtons fruit loaf contains wheat gluten and soya and is produced in a bakery which uses milk sesame seeds and barley.

              suitable for vegetarians


              Well I have seen a number of prices on the Warburtons fruit loaf but generally you can pick them up for £0.90 a loaf,(sainsburys and other supermarkets often have them on offer)


              A Healthy filling alternative to cereal in the mornings or just a snack when you fancy spoiling yourself...my toaster hasn't seen as much action since all my kids were small as it has since I got the taste for this terrific filling and fruity loaf.I say buy it ..eat it ..love it ! but not too much I need to eat it


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                16.10.2009 22:28
                Very helpful



                worth a try very addictive

                When I was pregnant I went on a fad of fruit loaf, I couldn't get enough. One day when I was shopping around asda I saw this loaf on a 2 for £2 this was cheap due to one loaf is normally £1.69.

                The loaf

                This is a half loaf that has about 10 pieces in it and they are miniture in size. This loaf is full of sultarners and has orange zest in it to give it the flavour. It is quite a helathly loaf eaten in moderation and releases the carbohydrates slowly through the day to ensure that you have energy for longer.

                The packaging

                This is a fresh seal pack that really does keep the loaf fresh. It states very well that it has orange bursts in the loaf.

                The taste

                This is lovely to eat the orange bursts really compliments the flavour of the loaf and makes it more interesting to eat. When butter is added on the toast and is left to soak in it is so georgeous to eat and helps the burst of flavours.

                The price is a bit expensive but I always buy it no matter the price because I like to have it for a mid morning snack. If you can get them on a special deal then they are worth a try to see if you like them.


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                  30.09.2009 13:44
                  Very helpful



                  Try a loaf! ;-p

                  A 'Warburtons Fruit Loaf' mysteriously appeared in the freezer and didn't have my mum's diet written all over it so I tried a couple of pieces just to see what it was like!

                  The loaf is only little at 400g and comes wrapped in a really bright and funky wrapper with a big orange slice on the front and lots of grapes scattered all over the packaging :)

                  I do like fruity flavoured things but didn't know if this would be my type of thing until I tried it...

                  The slices were really small, like baby slices so although each one has 85 calories in it I would say that two of these slices would equal one big piece of normal bread if you wanted them for breakfast for example.

                  The bread is white and has little pieces of orange and lots of sultanas which were very juicy and full of flavour. The wrapper says two slices equal one fruit portion as well which counts towards your one of your five a day...

                  It is advertised as low in fat and has no added sugar although it is very sweet and has 8.8g of natural sugar from the fruit in it. The fat is only 0.9g which would appeal to a dieter and people who are looking to healthy eat.

                  Suitable for vegetarians the allergy advice is that it contains wheat and gluten but is made in a factory that handles nuts...

                  This can be frozen and used within a month so no wastage, but the bids would love it as it is full of tasty fruit, lol!

                  There are 20% sultanas and 4% orange pieces so you can really smell and taste the fruity sweetness, this is definitely a loaf for the sweet toothed person.

                  I really like the flavour; the citrus is really nice and gives a tang to the sweeter sultanas, it's also lovely and chewy despite being doll sized slices!

                  Five stars from me and I was told it's over one pound to buy at Morrisons (but I didn't ask until after I'd eaten some, lol!)


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                    25.05.2009 15:14
                    Very helpful



                    Really nice product and two slices gives you one of your 5 portions a day

                    Sometimes you feel the munchies but just aren't sure what you would like. Well it was one of these occasions when I found Warburtons Fruit Loaf with Orange. I had rushed to work and not had breakfast and by 10 o'clock I was feeling really hungry. Someone offered me a slice of this bread and I tried it toasted with butter. It was really lovely . You can eat it without toasting but for me it is definitely best toasted with some butter. It has a lovely zesty taste, which obviously owes a lot to the orange content.

                    It does seem a little pricey at over £1 for a small loaf but trust me, it is worth it. There is lots of sultanas and orange in it and two slices gives you one of your recommended daily five portions of fruit and vegetables.

                    Warburtons is a well respected brand name and this is certainly an excellent product. I normally buy a loaf one a week, I usually split the loaf in half and freeze half so it stays fresh for me to have a slice or two every day and not waste any.

                    The bread has 85 calories per slice but it is tempting to add a lot of butter which will put that up.

                    The product is suitable for vegans.


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                    25.05.2009 02:50
                    Very helpful



                    If you fancy hot-cross buns at the wrong time of year then this makes a good substitute!

                    I've never really been a fan of fruit loaves but as this one had orange in it I thought I'd give it a try. When I first bit into a slice it was soft, chewy and very fruity. The packaging says "bursting with fruitiness" and it's not wrong - some of the fruit pieces pop slightly in your mouth as you bite into them!

                    If you don't toast it it's very sticky to hold but lovely and moist so you don't even need butter or jam.

                    It toasts very easily (and quite quickly in my toaster) and goes crispy but remains soft to chew. The fruit pieces get gooier and are warmer than the bread so be careful not to burn your tongue! I still didn't need butter on it toasted; it wasn't too dry at all.

                    The bread itself smells like hot-cross buns and tastes a lot like them too but with a strong hint of orange.

                    I was surprised to learn that two slices of this fruit loaf count as one portion of your 5-a-day of fruits/vegetables! Those crafty sultanas can get stuck in your teeth a bit though!

                    The Warburton's Fruit Loaf is suitable for vegetarians and is suitable for home freezing.

                    The allergy advice warns that it contains wheat gluten and soya and is produced in a bakery which uses milk, sesame seeds and barley.

                    This loaf cost me £1.09 in Sainsbury's and I also used the code on the Best Before label to enter Warburton's online competition to win £1000 (in celebration of National Bread Week).

                    Wheat flour, water, sultanas (20%), orange pieces (4%) (concentrated apple puree, concentrated pear juice, concentrated orange juice, wheat fibre, gelling agent: pectin, citric acid, vegetable fat, natural flavouring: orange), yeast, vegetable oil, salt, glazing agent (water, potato dextrin, preservative E202, stabiliser: guar gum), emulsifiers E471, E481, gelling agent E466, soya flour, natural flavouring, preservative: calcium propionate, flour treatment agent, ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

                    Nutrition information:
                    (per slice)
                    Energy - 359kj/85kcal
                    Protein - 2.6g
                    Carbohydrate - 16.6g
                    (of which sugars - 8.8g)
                    Fat - 0.9g
                    (of which saturates - 0.1g)
                    Fibre - 1.6g
                    Sodium - 0.12g
                    Salt - 0.29g


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