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Warburtons Medium Sliced Wholemeal Bread

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Brand: Warburtons / Type: Bread/Cakes

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    1 Review
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      10.10.2011 22:35
      Very helpful



      Warburtons wholemeal bread is highly recommended by me and my family. Enjoy it.


      Bread is one of the items which is always present in my shopping basket. I love my bread nice tasting, soft and nutritious. I also prefer brown wholemeal bread than white bread for the obvious reasons known for over centuries; it is a healthy, good source of roughage and normally has a natural taste. I find white bread too fine and not as filling as wholemeal bread so would tend to eat more slices of white bread which means more starch, calories, you name it. I can only enjoy eating white bread when toasted but I can eat wholemeal bread fresh from the pack even without any spread. As my girls were growing up I really struggled to convince them to like wholemeal bread so in the end we all had to compromise. We settled for Hovis Best of Both or Kingsmill 50/50 bread which I understand have a bit of both; white with some of the goodness of wholemeal bread as well but no undesirable hard grain bits. It is not what I would have wanted but at least it was better that plain white bread. Now that my girls are grown up, they understand healthy eating and have no issues with wholemeal bread any more.

      We have had to sample from the large range available in our local supermarkets and we finally settled for Warburtons Wholemeal bread.

      ~Availability and Price~

      This bread is readily available in most supermarkets and the price ranges from £1.35/800g loaf in ASDA; £1.39 in Tesco and £1.40 in Sainsburys. It is manufactured (baked) by Warburtons family bakers;

      The packaging is clear plastic with the bottom half tinted with brown colour. The words Wholemeal and Warburtons are clearly printed and very visible. The nutritional information is also printed on the back part of the plastic packaging. The plastic packaging now is predominantly brown and not blue as shown one of the images.

      ~Quality and Texture~

      The bread looks well rounded with a nice smooth doom at the top. The texture is very good, not too fine but average granular, no lumpy bits or hollow sections an indication that the dough was made of the right proportions and also thoroughly mixed. Those who bake at home and have also attempted to bake bread the traditional way not using the bread maker know what I mean. It doesn't have hard seeds/grain in or on it which my daughters would really dislike.

      ~Taste and Smell~

      The bread smells very nice and fresh and this continues as long as the bread is still within its use by date. The smell is very pleasant and appetising actually, no odd smell of baking ingredients like yeast or raw flour or preservatives like you get with other bread. This to me is a good indication of good quality and I like food made with the original unspoilt recipes which is what the Warburtons family bakers actually claim to do.

      The bread tastes as fresh and natural as how normal bread is meant to taste, not too salty or a bit sour due to too much yeast.


      It is recommended that the bread should stored in a cool dry place. I usually store bread in its plastic packaging and keep it in the fridge for day to day use and texture and taste does not change despite this. It still feels soft and delicious. I can usually keep mine in the fridge for up to 5 days with no problems at all. The bread is also suitable for home freezing but should be thawed thoroughly before consumption.


      I have been buying this bread faithfully now over the past 2 years, I have not even bothered to check if there is any new entrant into the bread market as I am content with this one.

      I use the bread in various ways, for sandwiches especially during the week, as part of my breakfast or occasionally as part of my meals as a carbohydrate source, when I am a bit lazy to cook.
      This deliciously soft wholemeal bread is best for the whole family.


      Warburtons wholemeal bread is made with 100% wholemeal flour and contains whole grain, low-fat and is high in fibre. Brown wholemeal bread contains bran and germ which gives it the brown colour.

      Nutrient per 40.3g (slice)

      -Energy kCal-------------93kCal
      --of which sugars--------1.5g
      --of which saturates ---- 0.3g

      The bread is also suitable for vegetarians.

      Thank you for reading and rating.

      © hildah11 Oct 2011


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