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Warburtons Pizza Flavour Crumpets

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Type: Snacks

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2006 14:57
      Very helpful



      Pizza in a crumpet format


      I love crumpets as a quick snack but I wasn't until recently that I learned that crumpets are low in fat, so I now feel less guilty about eating these.

      I was shopping in my local Co-op and down the bread aisle next to the regular crumpets we New Warburtons Pizza Crumpets. I had to chuckle to myself as I thought they sounded horrible but never one to knock it until I've tried it I bought them.

      The Product

      This packet contains six pizza-flavoured crumpets and is slightly pink in colour, which makes them look quite strange. They smell like a tomato pizza as well so that's a good start.

      Except for the colour and smell they look just like standard crumpets. If you can get passed the colour and smell then they fine.

      You can cook them just the same as ordinary crumpets so either grill or in a toaster. I prefer to grill mine as crumpets always get stuck in my toaster and I end up burning myself.

      The packet states that these cook in 3-4 minutes in a medium/hot grill but I have always found it to be about 6-7 minutes either way they are a quick and tasty snack.


      Once the crumpets have been nicely browned I served by spreading a little butter over the top. I always allow time for the crumpet to cool for two reasons, one because it's hot and will burn your mouth, second is I like to have the butter melted into the crumpet.

      Right lets have a bite. It tastes like a pizza, tomato flavour and something else, which make taste really good but I am not sure what it is, it is a meaty taste. However the ingredients do not state much about the pizza flavour.

      Right lets cook another and add a little cheese on top to make it more like a pizza. Yes the taste is much better; the cheese adds a more pizza like taste. Excuse me while I finish this.

      Nutritional Information

      The stuff from the packet that we all read but do not enjoy as much as the product.

      Per average crumpet without butter and /or toppings.

      Calories 88
      Fat 0.5g
      Of which saturates 0.2g
      This product is suitable for vegetarians.

      This information makes them sound quite good for you in small portions that is but it would be more helpful if they could give some indication about what the estimated calories would be with butter/topping.

      Allergy Advice

      The allergy warning for those who need to know.

      The Warburtons Pizza crumpets contain wheat gluten, barley and milk and are produced in a bakery that uses soya and eggs.

      Other information

      Warburtons have a free phone number which is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm: 0800 243684

      Or you can write to the below address:

      Warburtons Limited
      Hereford Street
      BL1 8JB

      Warburtons also have a website that has some delicious serving suggestions for this product and other.


      This is a yummy alternative to the standard crumpets, even though the colour did put me off at the beginning. The pizza crumpets are not very good with butter alone but adding some cheese makes them a tasty snack. When I tasted these they seemed quite nice but now I still have pizza taste in my mouth after having finished these about 30 minutes ago (sorry I went to clear up).

      Warburtons are trying to pass these off as a healthy snack but when you add butter and/or topping you can really have no idea what you are turning it into. They may only be 1% fat before butter/topping but it then all depends what you throw on to make them a hearty snack.

      I did enough these but it is not something that I shall go over board about. I might still buy these occasionally especially when I have my niece and nephew over to stay as they will probably be a big hit with children.

      My final result is that they are fine but I will always prefer the standard one, however after looking on there website I might try some of there recipes which could make them a little for interesting.

      This packet cost me about 71p, which is quite expensive considering that you can buy ordinary crumpets for about 30p.

      Thanks for reading.


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    • Product Details

      At less than 1% fat, they're an snack with an authentic pizza taste.

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