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Warburtons Sliced Sandwich Rolls

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Brand: Warburtons / Type: Bread Rolls

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    4 Reviews
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      06.05.2013 19:07
      Very helpful
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      Lovely rolls!

      Warburtons White Sandwich Rolls...are basically what they say they are; white rolls which are perfect for sandwiched. One pack contains 12 rolls. The rolls are widely available in most supermarkets at a cost of around £1.75 which I think is great value for money.

      They are quite versatile really. They make good sandwiches and burger baps. They also go well with soup. They are lovely when they are fresh; lovely and soft. They are quite plain and so they go with most flavours; I love them with Quorn Smoky Ham. I also love them with a cuppa soup.

      What's good is that they are already sliced which makes it quicker and easier to make a sandwich with them as you don't have to waste time cutting them. They are very soft and 'squidgy' as though they have been squashed to be flat.

      I do find that the rolls are quite small and so if I am having one as part of a packed lunch, then I will usually will have two, as they do seem to vanish after a few bites.

      Each roll contains 145 calories and 2.5g of fat per roll, of which 0.7g is saturated. There is also 1.3g of sugar, 0.55g of salt and 1.3g of fibre per roll. So overall they are not too bad. However, having said that there is something slightly artificial about them. These rolls also contain wheat gluten and Soya. These rolls are suitable for vegetarians and for freezing.

      So all in all, I would definitely recommend them.

      Thanks for reading!
      May 2013
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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        11.08.2010 17:49
        Very helpful



        Quality rolls


        Up until about five years ago I had never heard of Warburtons let alone tried any of its products. This despite the fact they have been a baker since 1876. However recently I have been getting bored with the traditional bread and in particular sandwiches that I have most days, so I decided to try the Warburtons 12 sliced white rolls.


        Definitely not the cheapest on the market but at £1.45 at my local Tesco's I was not overly bothered by the price. After all if the product is good I am happy to pay the price. What I was amazed about however was the range of products; there were many different kinds of bread, rolls, muffins, teacakes and even crumpets. Although bread is probably what they are most associated with, helped by television adverts.


        The 12 sliced rolls come in a plastic wrapping that is rectangular in shape. The proud name of Warburtons is effective written in large print on the top and most sides of the packet. With a blue surround that again looks good. What I particularly like is you can see what you are buying as about a third of the top is see through. Therefore you can see what sort of shape the rolls are in before purchasing them.

        ==The product:==

        The bag is very easy to open with the type of tie you get on most breads to open and seal it again. Inside you are greeted with a lovely smell that I associate with freshly baked bread. You have six rolls on the top shelf and six below it separated by a piece of cardboard. The rolls are about nine centimetres round in shape that as the name suggested are cut in two and fir together to form your roll.


        The rolls I purchased were very fresh and the rolls themselves were very soft to the touch. They tasted lovely with a filling inside them and I found my mouth watered from them. Because of their softness they are easy to bite into and a very pleasant chew. I wouldn't say the roll itself was amazing in taste it was more what you put in it that made it enjoyable as such I could imagine having this just with butter or even on it own. You had a pleasant soft fresh doughy sensation that was very nice.

        ==My thoughts:==

        I probably will but these again but not on the Internet, as you can't see what you are buying. When mine were delivered I found the plastic packing they were in a little squashed down and as a result the rolls themselves were a little flat in appearance. Plus when I checked them I found some were not together i.e. the top had lost its bottom and a bit squashed up. It seems to me that unless these are handled with care this can happen so my advice would be the check the packets before purchasing and as always put them on the top of your bag so this does not occur.

        These are in my opinion ideal for a packed lunch or a picnic. I do not think they are strong enough or big enough for a barbecue, but then they are not advertised to be. With them being a bread product the shelf life is short, I found on mine it was three days, which was long enough for me to consume them.

        Taste wise for me these were very pleasant and were a nice change from bread. I found the softness of the roll to be excellent and when combined with a filling the taste was good but for me unmemorable. Yes I enjoyed the soft texture of the roll but what the roll actually tasted of was largely lost. All I can really tell you is it was a pleasant doughy taste that felt soft, fresh and like bread.

        I am sure I will be purchasing these again as I find them so quick and easy. For someone as lazy as me the idea of rolls already cut superbly in the middle is an appealing one, no mess to worry about and a proper slice straight through the centre of it. Then all you need to do is butter and put your favourite filling into it. I found incidentally the butter easily spread on the roll and again it was easy to do with any mess.

        I think I would like to try the wholemeal version of these sliced white rolls, as I did think this product was a little high on the calorie stakes.

        ==Each roll contains:==

        Calories: 142
        Sugars: 1.3g
        Fat: 2.5g
        Saturates: 0.7g
        Salt: 0.59g
        Fibre: 1.3g


        In my view definitely worth a try, I enjoyed the taste of these mainly because they were very soft, tasted fresh and I was able to put on whatever filling I fancied. My only concern was I will not be buying them on Tesco on-line again as you can't see the packet you buy before it's delivered. At least in the shop you can select undamaged and the ones that haven't been squashed.

        Thanks for reading my review.

        ©CPTDANIELS August 2010


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          16.03.2010 19:41
          Very helpful



          Not Great

          There are now three people in my household taking a packed lunch to school/work every day. It seemed a massive chore preparing the three (different) lunches and decided rolls would be an easier option than bread.
          I had been buying in store bakery rolls for some time but although they were lovely and fresh on the day, they were not too tasty the next.
          Hence I was shopping for them daily.

          When I spotted a large packet of Warburtons sandwich rolls I decided to give them a try as I buy their bread on a regular basis.
          A pack of 12 sliced white rolls costs £1.46 (Sainsbury's), 12 pence per roll, not great deal cheaper (I had been paying 16.5p) but would save a couple of shopping trips!

          Each roll weighs 55g and contains 142 kcal, 1.3g fibre, 2.5g fat (of which saturates 0.7g), protein 5.3g, carbohydrate 24.5g (of which are sugars 1.3g), sodium 0.24g and salt 0.59g.
          They are suitable for vegetarians (approved by the Vegetarian Society). They are not suitable for those requiring a gluten free diet.

          So a good roll? I was quite disappointed, the rolls are quite flat in shape, as if they have been flattened. They are also bland and tasteless. I would estimate that if you normally eat two nice aerated fluffy rolls, you would require three of the Warburtons variety. They indeed look a pathetic offering in a lunch box.
          There is no comparison to the rolls baked in store. Warburton's rolls taste mass produced - but I suppose I should have expected that for 12p a roll!!

          They are pre-sliced which is a bonus and are just the right size for the 'wafer thin' type of cooked meat - also cheese slices, although I don't use them.
          I now buy them in 'emergencies' only, they are suitable for home freezing but they are not something I would pre-plan on buying. They don't taste particularly fresh on first opening, I have found this deteriorates quickly even though I stored as directed (in a cool dry place).

          If you find yourself browsing the bread aisle, I would give these sandwich rolls a miss, it is worth paying a little more to brighten your lunch break!


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            20.02.2010 00:42
            Very helpful




            Warburtons Sliced Sandwich Rolls are sold in Tesco for £1.46 per packet of 12 rolls. At the moment they're available on special offer, and you can get two packets for £2. Obviously that's why we bought them, because we're not the kind to say no to a bargain.

            I was really surprised with just how neatly these are sliced inside the packet. I was expecting them to be sliced part way, or to be supposedly sliced right through but actually still be attached by a few crumbs round the edges. So I was pleased to find that the bun halfs were all completely clean-cut halves.

            These are a bit on the firm side for my liking and it's strange how flat and smooth the middles of these are. They're not stale or anything, just very dense and slightly on the hard side in the centres where they've been smoothed off to perfection. The outer sides of the rolls have some fluffiness to them, but these rolls are quite thin so there really is only a tiny bit of fluff to them.

            Being quite thin and firm, I don't think I'd want to buy these as a regular thing, and I certainly don't think very much to them as sandwich rolls. But they do have quite a pleasant, mild bread flavour to them, and there's no funny after taste, so I do think I'd buy them again for situations where I need the convenience. For example I would buy them again if I was having a barbecue for a large number of people and I wanted to be able to grab the buns and prepare a load of burgers in a hurry.

            So I do recommend them for their convenience, but I don't recommend them as an everyday sandwich roll. I'd rather slice my own roll and get that nice fluffy centre on an everyday basis.


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