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Warburtons White Sliced Loaf Toastie Extra Thick Sliced

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Brand: Warburtons / Type: Bread

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    7 Reviews
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      05.04.2010 17:32
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      Great with a bacon buttie

      I know that white bread is not good for you and you are supposed to eat granary or seeded however there are times when only white will do. Warburtons thickest slice is fab and fits a great purpose for toast when you need that comfort slice of toast with loads of butter dripping of it or especially good for bacon sarnies. Bacon butties are not healthy and therefore should never be in brown bread -it does not make that much of a difference with the amount of fat you're eating so you may as well just go for the full unhealthy option!!!!! The bread is thick as it says on the packet and the crusts are nice and soft and as I have been known to take the crusts of bread and toast I rarely do it with this bread as it is so delicious and want to savour every mouthful. As the bread itself is so thick it doesn't get soggy even with lashings of butter on it and fills you ever so nicely unlike other brands and types of bread. It is nice and soft and not too stodgy and as it is warburtons you know it is a good brand too.

      Per 100g
      234 calories
      9.9g protein
      43.8g carbs
      2.6g fibre
      1.08g salt

      In a green plastic packing so is easy to determine from other brands and types of bread. Easy to open however sometimes the packaging can be a little bit open at the end when at the market so check before purchasing.

      Price is generally about £1.25ish however a lot of supermarkets are doing two loaves for £2 at the minute so I stock up and put some in my freezer when they can be pulled out at a moments notice. Especially if I'm going out and think I may be a bit delicate in the morning and will need some grease to help me out!


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        02.01.2010 17:09
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        Great bread, but maybe not for everyday.

        Warburtons Extra Thick bread is something I like to have as a treat! This might sound a little odd, given that you wouldn't normally treat yourself to bread, but it is quite special, honest!

        Compared to even the ordinary thick sliced Warburton's Toastie, it's still a super-thick slice. It will just about fit in my toaster, and it is great toasted as it keeps the softness in the centre of the slice, while being crunchy and golden on the outside.

        For sandwiches, it is really good. You can make a really thick 'doorstep' sandwich from it, and I would choose to put as much in this sandwich as possible - you don't want to waste good bread like this on mediocre fillings!

        True, a loaf with fewer slices isn't going to last that long, and I don't buy it so often for this reason. But you will make some of the best toast and sandwiches ever with it - so it's worth buying once in a while. It is a bit more expensive than the Thick sliced version too, and unfortunately you don't see it in all the shops - usually I find the Medium and Thick sliced ones on display, but the Extra Thick one is a rarity. Even the supermarkets don't always have it, which is a shame.


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          25.10.2009 21:22
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          The Best Bread For Toast

          This extra thick Warburtons loaf is mad, the slices are so thick that a loaf goes in just over a day because there are hardly any slices in the bag!

          It's white bread with a nice thick crust. It's proper thick and I think it's best for toast and it's not very often that I use it for a sandwich because with 2 slices of this you need a very thick filling to be able to taste it over the bread!

          It's nice dipped in stew or soup though and because it's so thick it feels nice and stodgy and is wicked in the cold weather, especially buttered! lol Comfort food for winter.

          The bread's very soft when you first buy it and I remember the first time I tried it I was suprised because with the slices being so thick I was expecting it to be a bit harder. We always have Warburtons normal sliced loaf in the blue packet and it's always soft, this super thick loaf is just as soft and sometimes it's so soft that if the butter is too hard it will put holes in the bread.

          When I have mine toasted it's wicked, the butter doesn't soak all the way through like thinner bread so the toast stays crunchy even though you might use more butter than you should!

          It's expensive and costs £1.39 a loaf, it keeps well and I don't think we've ever threw a slice of this away because the loaf always gets eaten before it has chance to go stale.


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            24.10.2009 03:36
            Very helpful



            Extra Thick Sliced Bread ...

            ~~~ INTRODUCTION ~~~

            Just imagine for a minute ... hot buttered toast !!!

            ... the aroma drifting from the toaster.
            ... the anticipation of the golden slices popping up.
            ... the moment the butter melts when it first touches the slice.
            ... and that first bite.

            There's nothing quite like it is there ? First thing in the morning or as a midnight snack, toast is simply perfect. It's also so easy to prepare and ever so versatile ... with so many spreads and toppings to choose from, as a meal with eggs, beans or spaghetti or just on it's own with a butter. Toast is indeed a truly wonderful thing !!!


            As someone who has always loved toast I often get asked if I want a slice when I visit my mum and dad. No matter what time I arrive it's always the same scenario ...

            Mum: Cuppa tea, love?
            Gray: Yes please
            Mum: Slice Of Toast?
            Gray: Oh go on then !

            I never refuse. And if I am being 100% honest then the reason I never refuse is because their toast tastes so much more better than mine. I tend to buy cheap bread and expensive coffee. They always have the best bread ... usually made by Warburtons.

            Anyway, one day the toast that was made for me was surprisingly thick. I had obviously seen thick cut loaves before but this was REALLY THICK. I asked my mum which bread it was and my dad appeared at the doorway with the packet in his hand as if he was in some kind of TV advert ...

            Dad: It's an Extra Thick Toastie Loaf.
            Mum: It's a Warburtons one !
            Dad: Look it says here that it's their thickest ever slice.
            Mum: We get this all the time now ...

            They were clearly proud of their new discovery and rightfully so too. It tasted absolutely delicious and being so thick had kept a wonderfully light and fluffy centre despite being well toasted on the outside. The crusts were a lovely golden brown colour too and also very soft. This loaf had made one of the best slices of toast I had ever tasted and when I told my parents this they let me have a few slices to take home ...

            ~~~ GRAY'S KITCHEN NIGHTMARES ~~~

            The morning after I was making breakfast and popped a couple of slices into the toaster. I then wandered into the living room to watch the news. All of a sudden the smoke alarm was beeping and I hurried back to the kitchen to discover a room full of black smoke coming from the top of the toaster. The toaster was still on and hadn't actually popped up because the bread itself had become wedged inside preventing it from working properly. It wasn't the best start to the day ...

            Later that week my dad popped round to visit.

            Dad: Did you have that bread we gave you ?
            Gray: No
            Dad: Well that was a waste then wasn't it ?
            Gray: I tried to toast it.
            Dad: What do you mean you tried to toast it ?
            Gray: Well it set fire to the toaster cos it's crap bread.
            Dad: There's nothing wrong with the bread son, it's your toaster that's the problem.
            Gray: How's it the toaster's fault ?
            Dad: Because it's one of them cheap ones. I've told you so many times if you buy cheap stuff it either breaks or it's unreliable. Look at that cheap telly you bought ...
            Gray: But it doesn't burn the bread I usually buy ...
            Dad: Yes well, that's cheap rubbish as well !!!

            And on and on it went ...

            Thing was, he had a point about the toaster. It was one of those "basics range" ones. Nothing hi tech, no sleek design ... just a bog standard white plastic toaster that cost less than a fiver. And he was right about the bread I usually buy too !!!

            Anyway, a few days later my dad called round once again with a grin on his face and a carrier bag in his hand. He'd bought me a new toaster. It was a most impressive one too ... with a shiny chrome finish and lots of buttons and settings. But this wasn't why he was grinning because there was also something else in the bag ... a loaf of Warburtons Extra Thick Toastie !!!

            Dad: Get the kettle on son while I test this toaster out !

            A little while later we sat eating our toast together and I decided that the time had come to stop always going for the cheapest option just to save money. I suppose in a way that a little of my dad's philosphy had started to rub off on me. Everytime I look at my lovely shiny toaster it reminds me of the converstion I had with my dad and since that day I have never bought a cheap loaf of bread again. Now, I may not always buy a Warburton's loaf but every couple of weeks I do treat myself to Warburtons Extra Thick Toastie !!!

            ~~~ THE EXTRA THICK TOASTIE LOAF ~~~

            With the phrase "OUR THICKEST SLICE" proudly displayed on the packaging Warburtons are clearly proud of what they have created. It is a loaf of bread that does enable you to make a delicious slice of toast and, as I have already mentioned, it is a slice of toast with a crunchy surface but a wonderfully fluffy inside due to the thickness of the slice.

            Of course it's not only suitable for toasting as this I have also used this loaf to make fantastic "doorstep" style sandwiches and it is also great for eating with a bowl of soup.

            The last time I bought this product (a few days ago) it cost £1.29 for a 800g loaf from Asda ... which is a little more expensive than similar thick cut loaves. What you also have to remember too is that although the actual packet looks quite large the actual thickness of the slices of bread inside means that compared to a standard meduim sliced loaf this does not last very long at all (especially if you're one of those people, like me, who like making toast at 2am in the morning).

            ~~~ "OUR THICKEST SLICE" THE STATISTICS !!! ~~~

            Each slice is 2-3 cm thick (the crusts are often 4-5cm thick)
            Each slice weighs a staggering 58g !!!
            Each slice contains 135 calories ... that's each slice !!!
            Each slice also contains 1.3g sugars, 1.2g fat, 0.4g saturated fat, 0.62g salt and 1.5g fibre.

            This bread is suitable for vegatarians.
            However, it is unsuitable for people with an allergy to wheat gluten, soya, sesame seeds or barley.

            ~~~ FINAL THOUGHTS ~~~

            Warburtons are a quality name we can trust and the loaf of bread they proudly describe as "OUR THICKEST SLICE" certainly lives up to it's name. It may be thick but it's also fresh and fluffy inside and has a wonderful soft golden crust. It's not the healthiest of breads on the shelves but it doesn't claim to be. It does, however, claim to be the thickest ... and I think this claim could be spot on !!!

            >>> jedimastergray73 <<<


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              19.10.2009 15:36
              Very helpful



              I love my Warburtons

              This 800g loaf costs a load of money (it's now about £1.30 a loaf) compared to other loaves around, but it is totally worth it. I am a bread fiend and I have tried most other branded sliced loaves out there and none have come close to matching the quality or taste of Warburtons white bread.

              Warburtons does a variety of white, sliced loaves and this is the thickest one available. Having tried the others I can attest to the fact that this is the nicest one going. The slices are really, really thick (more than half an inch, usually) and the bread is really fluffy inside.

              This bread is absolutely amazing when toasted as it retains it's fluffiness inside due to the thickness. It is also great as sandwiches as its thickness holds all the filling inside and the bread doesn't tear.

              You can freeze these loaves and, when you're ready to defrost, it will still be as tasty as the day you bought it. It is 135 calories a slice though so you don't get a guilt-free eat with this bread. It's pretty filling though, so one slice of this will do where usually two slices would be required.

              Because of the thickness you get a few slices less than you would in an average loaf of bread, but you will struggle to 'make do' with any other bread after trying this.


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              13.09.2009 15:18
              Very helpful




              I love toast - topped with cheese, peanut butter, jam , marmalade - whatever I decide to stick on it, toast is one of the quickest snacks to prepare when I'm a little bit peckish but can't really be bothered to cook .

              Normally, I buy Kingsmill Everyday bread, but when I run out, I often nip to the corner shop, and sometimes find they don't have it . So, this is the loaf I'll usually purchase instead, Warburtons Toastie, with an 800g loaf costing arund £1.49 . It's probably cheaper in a major supermarket, but I don't mind paying a little extra at the corner shop if I'm in a hurry .

              The packaging is a kind of waxed paper , very traditional . Unlike the picture above, the two ends of the pack are orange, with Warburtons repeatedly printed over it in white . There is also a large red and white Warburtons logo at the top of the packet, and an at a glance nutrition panel on the bottom right, which tells me that per slice there are 111 calories with 0.9 grams of fat . That might seem a lot compared to your average slice of bread - but Warburtons Toastie is not average .

              Taking a slice out, they are very thick - I'm no good at measuring but I'd say a good couple of centinmetres . This could spell disaster if your toaster struggles with thick slices, but I can just about squuze these into mine with no issues.

              The crust is a lovely golden colour, with no darkened burnt looking bits, and the bread itself is soft, light, and springy . Eating it untoasted in a sandwich, its fresh tasting and very soft to eat- although the thickness of the slices means you may need to be a little more generous with your filling.

              Toasted though, this is wonderful . The thickness of the slice makes it perfect for topping with scrambled eggs or beans without instantly going all soggy and awful, and just topped with butter theres a satisfying crunch to the outside of the slice, while the middle remains light and fluffy - it almost tastes like toast made from a fresh cut loaf.

              The disadvantage to the thickness of the slices means there are less slices per pack, which means that if you eat a lot of toast or sandwiches, you may find yourself running out sooner rather than later .

              I think the waxed paper wrapping whilst being traditional and very nice, presents a problem in re-sealing the pack and keeping it fresh . If you only use one or two slices immediately after opening, you may have to put your bread into some kind of wrapping to stop the ends drying out . Once you've used more of the bread, you can then fold the wax paper back on itself to keep the rest fresh .

              For those with allergies, you should note that this contains soya, wheat gluten, sesame seeds and egg.

              I really like this bread, although I do find it a little expensive and the thickness of the slices means I run out faster . For these two reasons alone, it's unlikely to become my regular brand, but for a decent slice of toast or a lovely thick sandwich, it really is excellent .

              4 stars .


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                13.09.2009 14:05
                Very helpful



                Its hard going back to medium slice after trying this!

                This bread is exactly what it says on the packet "thickest slice".
                Apart from uncut bread, you will not find a thicker loaf!!

                It's not the healthiest variety on the market- as well as being so thick, I have only seen it in white so it hasn't got the wholegrain goodness etc ...But it sure is tasty!!

                It is very delicious both toasted and eaten as it comes, but if I had to pick then toasted would win!
                Bread is actually quite hard to describe, but with this, you get a real bite from it, there's actually something to sink your teeth into without it being too doughy.

                The loaf cost £1.29 for 800g but Warburtons is sometimes on offer of 2 for £2.

                Each slice is 57.5g! - thats more than double its medium variety of 23g per slice!

                Each slice contains 135 cal, 1.3g sugars, 1.2g fat, 0.4g saturated fat, 0.62 salt and 1.5g fibre.

                Like I said, its not the healthiest. 1 slice is 7% of recommended daily amount of calories and a whopping 10% of your salt allowance! and that is just ONE SLICE!!!

                As it is so thick you obviously do not get as many slices in a pack so if you have a family that all have toast - there won't be much left over for sandwiches! You'll be buying a couple of loaves per day!

                Like all bread, store in a cool dry place, ideally not refrigerated. It is also suitable for freezing, great for toasting and suitable for vegetarians.
                Not suitable for those with an allergy against wheat gluten, soya, milk, sesame seeds and barley.

                This is definitely worth a try, its is a real hearty, satisfying bit of bread that tastes delicious, but not really suitable as a regular buy for those on a health kick or lots of mouths to feed!!!


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