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Weetabix Alpen Light Apple & Sultana

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10 Reviews

Brand: Weetabix

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    10 Reviews
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      17.01.2013 16:01
      Very helpful



      a quick, tasty treat from Alpen

      I follow the Slimming World plan and part of my plan includes 'healthy extras' which give me my fibre and calcium for the day. One healthy extra listed is Alpen Light and I am allowed one or two per day.

      ~Alpen Light~

      There are a few different flavours available in the Alpen Light range but my review will discuss the 'Apple and Sultana' flavour. When bought in supermarkets, you get 5 individual, foil wrapped bars. These bars are presented in a cardboard box and the flavour is instantly recognisable thanks to illustrations of sliced apples.

      Alpen Lights are cereal bars which contain half the fat of the regular Alpen bars. The full description from the box is 'prebiotic mixed cereal bar with sultanas, apple and a yoghurt flavour drizzle'. They are high in fibre and are great for a healthy digestion. Alpen Lights are suitable for vegetarians.

      Each 19g bar has 63 calories, 4.7g of sugar and 0.7g of fat.

      Ingredients for those interested include cereals (a mix of whole oats, rice and wheat), prebiotic syrup, sugar, dried apple and sultanas. Full ingredients can be found the company website.

      ~Price and Availability~

      A 5pk of Alpen Light retails at £2.00 and is available from big supermarkets. Asda currently have this range reduced to £1.50 and Tesco have a '2 for £3.00' offer running.

      ~My Thoughts~

      Before starting Slimming World I wouldn't think twice about eating lots of Special K or similar breakfast bars. I now only eat Alpen Light cereal bars as they can be included as part of my plan. They offer my the recommended fibre amount on my plan by eating one or two instead of certain cereals or wholemeal bread. I find eating these bars more convenient and they are great for when I am out the house early but I still want breakfast or for snacking on in the evening as part of my plan.

      I only ever buy these bars when they are on offer and tend to stock up. I like a few of the flavours on offer and I am happy to pay £1.50 for a box of 5. I usually eat them every second or third day depending on what my meal plan is like for the day. The Apple and Sultana flavour is my second favourite flavour and one which I have come to enjoy eating. The bars are small - there isn't much too them at all but they are fine for me. Each bar is kept fresh inside the foil packet and they are so easy to slip in my handbag or pocket. I like to take one to have at my slimming class after my weigh in as a way of keeping my sweet tooth under control.

      The bars look like standard cereal bars - rectangular and with lots of visible oats and whole wheat rolled together. They aren't overly sticky compared to Special K bars but you can tell they are coated in a light syrup. The yoghurt drizzle is simply that - a drizzle. There is just enough of it to be tasted but not overdone. I find most of my Apple and Sultana bars to be similar in terms of how much fruit pieces there is - mainly visible sultanas. The bars smell mainly oaty which I wasn't keen on it at first but thankfully they taste pleasant.

      These bars are surprisingly tasty in my opinion. They are quite hard so not for those with loose teeth but once I bite in to them, they are chewy and it does take me a while to eat one. They don't taste overly dry which I sometimes would expect from a cereal bar. The bars taste good and are quite sweet but not sickly so. They are no where near as sweet as Special K bars. The sultanas and apple pieces are sweet and I notice the apple flavour more as I believe there are apple juices running through the bar. They overpower the taste of the oats and other heallthy bits which makes my body think I am eating something a little bit more indulgent than i actually am. The drizzle of yoghurt gives a light creamy topping which is nice. One bar satisfies my sweet tooth for a few hours as they are quite flavoursome.

      I also use these bars as part of a dessert if I don't fancy having one on its own. I usually crumble it up (this is very easy to do) and put it in a dessert bowl with some Muller Light yoghurt and fruit - very delicious and I don't feel guilty as it is actually recommended that I have them as part of my plan! They are ideal for a sweet treat when out on a picnic, for lunch boxes and as a snack at work if you just need something sweet to hit the spot. Much better than chocolate!


      Whilst Alpen Lights aren't as cheap as some cereal bars, I do find them quite appealing and easy to eat. The sugar content isn't brilliant but providing you aren't scoffing an entire box, they are fine to have. I didn't think I would like them to be fair as they do verge more on the healthy 'oaty' side compared to the more calorific cereal bars but I have grown to like them and will continue to buy them on a regular basis.

      Thanks for reading :)


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      11.05.2012 00:15
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      An Apple Alpen De-Light! Great stand-in for a missed breakfast.

      When it is a day of early rise, a quick start to the day is needed and if, like me, you sometimes are not the most eager to jump out of a warm bed, time becomes swiftly against you. Skipping breakfast is the normal solution, and think that grabbing something on the way to work will remedy it. What I grab is normally a cereal bar. I honestly only bought these Alpen Light Apple and Sultana bars because nothing else took my fancy, and discovered a tasty morning treat indeed. Here are my views on these waistline friendly Alpen Light bars.

      ---Italian? French? German? American? Well, British Actually!---

      Despite being named after the famous mountain range in Europe, and having the image of snow-capped peaks adorned on the packaging, the Alpen range of cereals are nothing to do with Italy or neighbouring countries. Neither are they anything to do with the town of Alpen in Germany, and surprisingly, not associated with the cereal giants in the USA. Alpen branded foods are made by the still British owned cereal company Weetabix. Yes, that shocked me too, much like the TV adverts Lenny Henry did for them when he was still funny.

      As a brand, Alpen cereals emerged in the late 60's. Marketed as organic and healthy, the first breakfast cereals were muesli based with rolled oats with no typical artificial additives. I remember back in the eighties that they always seemed too expensive and in tiny boxes, and couldn't compare to an exciting giant box of Sugar Puffs! I mean, they had a orange monster on the cover! Of course, as I aged I realised that the cereal itself was rather nice, and was much better for me than honey coated wheat kernels. Alpen has always been a big seller both here and over the pond, using the natural food tag well. As with most brands, they expanded their flavours and varieties over time and finally produced a range of cereal bars from 2007. I'm not a big fruit eater, but two fruits that I do like a lot are apple and sultana, so trying these was merely a formality, the low calorie count was just a nice upshot.

      ---Price and Packaging---

      Anyone familiar with the Alpen brand will not be surprised to see the mountain range of the same name plastered prominently over the box. Light blues of the image offset the green colours themed in with the apple flavour, with the Alpen logo in large white letter clearly on the box. It stands out shouting, 'ALPEN, you know us!' An image of the bar next to it's ingredients finishes off a standard to attractice bit of design. Of course, also displayed clearly is the per bar '70 calories', flashed as a yellow sticker design. The individual bars are wrapped in a foil cover with the same design and are tight and keep the contents fresh and moist. This all fits with the brand and is an eye-grabber certainly. All the usual information is on the back, and the box is fully recyclable.

      For the princely sum of £1.99 you get five bars in a packet, but they are regularly on offers such as 2 for £3 and such like. This is a little more expensive than other cereal bars such as Nutri-Grain or Harvest Chewee, the latter sometimes under a pound for the same amount of bars. That said, its fair to say that the packaging, product quality and ingredients used is of a higher standard.

      ---Taste and Texture---

      While not jumping up and leaping into your nostrils, the fragrance of these bars is very appetising, especially if you like your apple. It's nice to have lots of fruit used too, and the sweet appley smell is very nice, and mixed with the juicy sultana and ever-so-slight oaty aroma, it's all good in the olfactory department.

      Just slightly tacky to handle, but not sticky, you can easily pick them up on the go and bite without having to wipe your hands. They are coated in a sugary syrup to hold them together, but they are not fused solidly. They are quite delicate really, and will crumble when squeezed. Unfortunately, because of this they can fall apart in the wrapper, which can be a little messy when opening if they have been banging about in your coat pocket.

      I must admit, apart from the nice smell, they look pretty scrummy too. Nicely shaped, a good balance of cereal and fruit gives very natural and appetising colour, and the squiggle of yogurt on the top is the final draw, and you won't be disappointed. Just right in consistency, not too chewy but just enough, and still with a little bit of crunch amoung the flavoursome apple pieces and moist sultanas, the creamy essence of the yogurt topping it off. Sweet yes, but not in a hugely strong sense, and the cereals and syrup just bring the whole fruity flavour together. Very nice indeed, and satisfying too. So much so, that a single bar doesn't last long with me, it's gone in three bites.

      ---Ingredients and Nutritional Information---

      Low in calories per bar for what they are, fears about ruining a diet should be dismissed. High in fibre with added prebiotics, which Alpen say aid digestion. It's worth pointing out that unlike the normal cereals, preservatives are used in these bars.

      Cereals (33% Rice, Whole Oats, Whole Wheat), Prebiotic Oligofrutose Syrup (30%), Sultanas (13%), Sugar, Cereal Flours, Humectant (Glycerol), Fruit Juice Concentrates (0.6% Grape, Apple), Dried Apple (2.8 with Preservative Sulphur Dioxide), Glucose Syrup, Vegetable Oil, Dextrose, Milk Lactose, Milk Yogurt Powder, Malted Barley Extract, Maize Starch, Flavourings, Salt, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Malic Acid, Antioxident (Tocopherols)

      Allergy Information: Contains Wheat, Oats, Barley, Milk, Soya and Sulphites. Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers.

      Quantity per Bar.
      Energy - 263 kj / 63 kcal
      Protein - 0.8g
      Fat in total - 0.7g
      Of Saturates - 0.3g
      Carbohydrate in total - 11.3g
      Of Sugars - 4.7g
      Fibre - 4.1g
      Sodium - 0.1g


      They are British. They are low in calories. They taste great. For me, these are a good substitute for a missed bowl of cereal, maybe even better in some aspects. Apart from a sterner price tag than other bars in the same category, and with a few added preservatives, these are delicious and feel good cereal bars I wholly recommend you try. Stickiness, fruitiness and oatiness, it's all good and not guilt inducing either. Have a box in your cupboard today in case you miss a breakfast any time soon. Just as high in quality as the mountains that spawned their name.

      Thanks For Reading. © Novabug


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        10.06.2010 08:31
        Very helpful



        Small Cereal Bar


        The bars are individually wrapped and are packed in a paper carton. The carton is predominantly green and blue in colour with the lower green half showing a picture of the Alpen bar along with some slices of apple, some green grapes and some wheat. The blue half of the box at the top has the Alpen Light logo with a picture of some snowy mountains in the background. There's a yellow "bubble" in the top left hand corner proclaiming that there are fewer than 70 calories per bar.

        The back of the box contains the ingredients, nutritional information, allergy advice and a few other bits and pieces.

        The website address is:- www.weetabix.co.uk

        and the product is described as:- "Prebiotic mixed cereal bar with sultanas, apple and a yogurt drizzle. Half the fat of a standard Alpen cereal bar with yogurt"


        Cereals (36%) (Rice, Whole Oats, Whole Wheat), Prebiotic Oligofructose Syrup (30%), Sultanas (12%), Sugar, Humectant (Glycerol, Fruit Juice Concentrates (Grape, Apple 0.5%), Dried Apple (2.8%) (Preservative (Sulphur Dioxide), Glucose Syrup, Vegetable Oil, Wheat Gluten, Dextrose, Milk Lactose, Skimmed Milk Powder, Milk Yogurt Powder, Malted Barley Extract, Defatted Wheat Germ, Maize Starch, Salt, Flavourings, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Acidity Regulator (Malic Acid), Antioxidant (Tocopherols).

        Nutritional Information per 21g bar {per 100g in brackets}

        Energy kJ: 251kJ {1197kJ}
        Calories: 59kcal {283kcal}
        Protein: 1.2g {5.6g}
        Carbohydrate: 14.0g {66.6g}
        of which sugars: 4.3g {20.6g}
        Fat: 0.8g {4.0g}
        of which saturates: 0.3g {1.4g}
        Fibre: 5.0g {23.7g}
        Sodium: 0.03g {0.13g}
        - equivalent as salt: 0.07g {0.33g}

        Dietary & Allergy Information

        Contains wheat, barley, oats, milk, soya and sulphites
        May contain traces of nuts

        The bars:

        Each box contains five bars weighing 21g which are individually sealed in their own plastic wrapper. All of the information on the wrapper best before date, ingredients etc can also be found printed on the outer box.

        I paid the sum of 99p for these in my local corner shop. Asda currently have a 2 boxes for £3 offer on them.

        Taste and Opinion:

        Opening the wrapper for the first time I'm quite surprised at how small these cereal bars are. They're around 8 1/2 cms long, just under 3cms wide at the bottom (the bars are slightly curved so the tops are narrower) and just over 2cms high. I can see that the bar is mainly composed of oats and wheat and that it has a yogurt drizzle on the top. There are a few bits of sultana that I can spot amongst the oats and wheat but no bits of apple. The bar itself just about retains its shape, however it is not very strong at all and one piece of it broke off quite easily whilst I was measuring it.

        Biting into the bar the overall taste is of something sweet. I'm not quite sure whether this is down to the fruit juice concentrates or the various forms of sugar listed in the ingredients. The oats, wheat, sultanas, and apple work well together to create a pleasing taste although, to be honest, there isn't really that much dried apple in the bar or that many sultanas. Still, at least it doesn't taste like cardboard and there's none of that artificial aftertaste you sometimes get with some products. Presumably this is because our old friends aspartame and acesulfameK are not listed in the ingredients.

        Sizewise, as I said, these are quite small and unless you're the sort of person who takes exceedingly small bites they'll be gone in 3 or 4 mouthfuls so they're not a good product to buy if you're looking for something filling.

        The sugar content with these isn't brilliant coming in as it does at 20.6% However, one bar will provide you with 4.3g of sugar (RDA for adults is 90g) so in real terms they're not so bad. They're much better on the fat front, being comprised of 4% fat or 0.8g per bar. Given that the fat RDA for women is 70g per day and for men is 95g per day these bars aren't going to trouble the scorer too much.

        Overall I found these bar quite pleasant, although they are perhaps a little too small and whether they'd keep any sort of hunger pangs at bay is debateable.


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        08.06.2010 13:57
        Very helpful



        Alpen Light Apple & Sultana Cereal Bar - yummy, chewy cereal bar.

        Ever since I bought Alpen bars during the easter break, they have become firm favourites with both myself and my children. I am now slowly working my way through the variety of favours and this week I picked up Alpen Light Apple & Sultana.

        These Alpen bars come in quite a slender cardboard package, with a very attractive picture of mountains on the front. There is also a picture of an Alpen bar, sitting unwrapped on a wooden table, surrounded by oats, grapes and slices of apple. This pack is clearly marked as being 'Light', with 'Fewer than 70 calories per bar', prominently displayed on the front.

        Inside the box, you find 5 bars which are individually wrapped in easily opened, foil packaging. When opened you find an extremely attractive cereal bar, which has a mix of cereals, sultanas and apple and is finished off on top with a drizzle of yogurt. Yum!

        The bar smells sweet and fruity, which does get my mouth watering. The cereal bar is delicious, with the mix of juicy raisins, sweet, crunchy apples and crunchy, chewy cereal. These ingredients are bound together by a light syrup, which makes it chewy and sweet, but not in the slightest bit sickly. They really are more-ish.

        I did slightly miss the thick base of chocolate or yogurt that you get on the original bars, but this does make for a bar which is lighter in calories. If you are watching your calories, this is the cereal bar to go for!

        *Nutritional Value Per 21g Bar*

        Energy - 59 kcal
        Protein - 1.2g
        Carbohydrate - 14.0g
        of which sugars - 4.3g
        Fat - 0.8g
        of which saturates - 0.3g
        Fibre - 5.0g
        Sodium - 0.03g
        Salt Equivalent - 0.07g

        This product contains wheat, barley, oats, milk, soya/soybeans, sulphur dioxide/sulphites and may contain traces of nuts. It is suitable for vegetarians.

        Alpen Light with Apple & Sultana cereal bars are available from Tesco in a pack of 5 for £1.57

        I can't say I find this particularly good value, as the bars are tiny and are gone in about three bites. They do taste gorgeous though and make a nice change from the usual bar of chocolate.


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        09.11.2009 20:59
        Very helpful



        if you like eating cardboard- this is for you.

        This review is for Alpen light- apple and sultana cereal bars.

        On the front of the bar it has a picture of an apple slice and to me looks like a handfull of grapes. It also says that it's less than 70 calories.

        On the back it says that this is a prebiotic spicey mixed cereal bar with sultanas, apple and a yogurt drizzle.
        It also says that it's half the fat of a regular Alpen bar.

        Ingredients: cereals (39%) (wheat, oats, rice), prebiotic oligofructose (30%), sultanas (9%), sugar, humectant, glycerol, apple juice concentrate (27%), glucose syrup, dried apple (2%) (preservative: sulphur dioxide), vegetable oil, dextrose, wheat gluten, malted barley extract, milk lactose, milk yogurt powder, salt, skimmed milk powder, maize starch, milk whey powder, defatted wheat germ, flavourings, emulsifier: soya lecithin, acidity regulator, malic acid, antioxidant: soya toccaperol.

        As you can see there's a lot of stuff thats in this product and most of it is things i've never even heard of.

        Nutrition, typical average values per 100g: energy-1193kj/282kcal; protein-5.7g; carbohydrate-56.4g (of which sugars-24.7g); fat-3.7g (of which saturates-1.3g); fibre-22.2g; sodium-0.19g (salt equivalent-0.48g)

        Unfortunately the packet doesn't have the nutritional value for the 21g bar, which I don't like because I'm a weight watchers lady and like to work out how many points is in the products i'm eating, but for those weight watchers out there i looked it up and there 1 point per 21g bar.

        I don't really like these sort of cereal bars but they were lying in my kitchen cupboard so i decided to try one.

        It's not very nice at all, infact it tastes like cardboard with the odd sultana to chew on. Also it gets stuck in your teeth and I found that half an hour after eating it I was still trying to pick it out of my teeth.

        I also don't understand why the grapes are on the picture as there are no grapes in this bar at all.

        This product is not an ideal thing to eat if you have a sweet tooth as it really didn't satisfy my sweet tooth.

        Allergy advice: may contain traces of nuts.


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          13.10.2009 13:52
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          worth a try if you like cereal bars?

          I'm not a great fan of cereal bars it has to be said but when I saw these in Farmfoods for just £1 I decided that I'd purchase a box for my daughters who love them.

          There were 5 individually wrapped bars in the box & it states that each one contains fewer than 70 calories. The box itself seems to promote the 'healthy-eating' aspect of the product with it's emphasis on 'light', the picture of a bar surrounded by fresh grapes & slice apple etc., However, when scrutinising the (very small) print describing the ingredients, alongside the healthy stuff there are also emulsifiers, starches, syrups, dioxides etc.

          Forgetting all that (!) I was surprised at how nice they actually are. The bar is as shown in the picture & is basically a cereal bar with a fairly generous drizzled yoghurt topping. The bars aren't very big - approximately 4.5" long & only 0.5" - so I found I only got 4 bites before I'd finished one. They aren't very filling either but would be good if you need something to 'bridge that gap' as they are probably much more healthy than the (famous) Cadbury's snack.

          When biting into a bar you get the great flavour of apple with a more subtle flavour of sultana - a great combination. They are nice & crisp yet chewy but, unlike some cereal bars, I didn't find that bits stuck between my teeth.

          I found them to be quite sweet but not overly so & that eating just one satisfied my craving for something other than savoury. To be honest I don't think I'll have any more as they weren't very filling & not exciting enough for my tastebuds but I'll buy more for my daughters who appreciate cereal bars more than I do!

          - attractively packaged in individual wrappers + box.
          - great texture.
          - nice blend of apple & sultana.
          - only 3-4 bites in a bar.
          - OK for £1 but would hesitate at buying for RRP of £1.50 or more.


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            02.02.2009 09:26
            Very helpful



            Give these a try.....

            Having had some bad experiences with Ryvita cereal bars, I'm back to my trusted Alpen Lights. It seems that Alpen is owned by Weetabix (hence the dooyoo title).

            Alpen Lights generally come in three flavours - Summer Fruits, Apple and Sultana, and Chocolate and Orange (some have said that there is a 4th, but I've never seen this. The selling point of Alpen Light Cereal Bars is that they have less than 70 calories in them, which is a lot less than your average cereal bars, so great for those attempting to lose weight like myself!

            Normally in our local Tesco they only sell the Summer Fruits ones which I like, but not as much as the Apple and Sultana ones which I'm reviewing today. I have bought these in Morrisons before, but was so pleased to see a box (just the one mind!) of these at Tesco the other week.

            ---The Packaging---

            My box has 6 Alpen Light bars in it....I say my box because I have since bought a packet of the Chocolate and Orange flavour which is a different shape and only has 5 in it. I'm not sure if perhaps all of them will be going that way.

            Each individual 21 gram Alpen bar is in an attractive light blue and green plastic wrapper with a picture of apple and grapes on it.

            ---Eating Experience---

            On opening the packet and taking it out it does actually look pretty small and insignificant. You can see the oats, and a light addition of yoghurt stuff on the top (not loads like on normal Alpen bars)

            I can smell it, and it smells lovely, can smell the apple!

            First bite and I get that lovely combination of apple and sultana. It's chewy, and nothing at all like cardboard. It is sweet, but not too sweet.

            In fact it's pretty much absolutely perfect, it reminds me in flavour of Apple Strudel.

            The only problem is that three large bites and it's gone.

            ---What's in it---

            The 21g bar contains Cereals (39%), Prebiotic Oligofructose (30%) - this doesn't found particularly appetizing, but there you go (and people do seem to like the prebiotic things these days - apparently it aids healthy digestion, not that I've ever had a problem in that area!), Sultanas (9%) and various other bits and bobs - sugar, milk etc. In fact it has a lot of ingredients, which are probably what enables it to taste so good whilst having so few calories.

            Talking of calories, it actually only has 59 calories in it, which is a lot (well, 11) less than 70 - so even better....since it's only small, there's not really a great deal of fat and stuff in it - half the amount of standard Alpen bars.

            Unfortunately it's not suitable for those with wheat, oats, barley, milk, soya & sulphite allergies, and it might contain traces of nuts.


            The six packs of Alpen Lights can cost from anywhere about £1.50 and up to £3.50 which is pretty extortionate - don't think I could possibly justify spending more than £2.50 on a box.

            I bought mine for about £1.90 (so working out at 32p a bar) - prices do seem to fluctuate a lot (especially at the moment). Sometimes you might get an offer of 2 boxes for £3, and that is well worth it.


            I really like these, and would definitely say that they are my favourite low calorie cereal bar, and I seem to have tried quite a few.

            Highly recommended.


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              07.10.2008 14:13
              Very helpful




              These bars are meant to be healthy but I'm not 100% convinced. Probably good for a quick sugar fix if you are on a diet but there are far healthier options available. They are tasty though and I would buy them again, to keep in my drawer for emergencies.

              The cereals are chewy rather than crunchy and there are lots of different sorts in there, They are packed in and so the bar is quite filling - much more so than a chocolate bar.

              It is quite healthy, with 9% sultanas and 2% apple. It has apple juice in it as well for bonus fruit content but really some dried fruit or a glass of fruit juice would be far healthier. Also the apple juice makes the bar a bit too sweet for me, though it is tasty.

              It has a yoghurt flavour topping that is pretty sweet and adds no nutritional benefit.

              Nutritional info per bar:
              59 Calories
              1.2g Protein
              0.8g Fat
              4.7g Fibre

              I paid £1.25 for a box of 6.

              A tasty snack but not as healthy as a handful of dried fruit.


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              06.10.2008 21:59
              Very helpful



              A tasty snack bar

              As you will know if you read one of my earlier reviews - and if not why not? LOL! - I have recently tried Alpen Light Summer Fruits Bars as a snack to keep me going whilst I am working.

              I really enjoyed them and so I decided to see if there are any other flavours - the ones they had in Tesco's were chocolate or apple and sultana. I didn't fancy chocolate at all - it just didn't seem to fit in with the whole cereal bar thing to me so I decided to try the apple and sultana.

              They cost the same as the summer fruits flavour at £1.50 for a box containing six bars.

              The box is pretty much the same as the summer fruits one and is pale blue with the word Alpen written vertically and Light and apple and sultana horizontally. There is then a picture of one of the bars together with a slice of apple and some grapes. The information of the front of the box tells us that each bar contains less than 70 calories, that they are prebiotic to aid healthy digestion and that they are low in saturated fat.

              Inside the box each of the six bars is individually wrapped and weighs just over 20g so they're not particularly big, but then they are supposed to be a snack not a substitute meal.

              When I unwrapped one I was, like before, impressed with how the bar looked. It appeared to be light and oaty and the sultanas were quite obvious. There was also a zig zag of white across the top of the bar. It smelled healthy and slightly appley - if there is such a word!

              I took a bite and was impressed with both the flavour and the texture. It was light and chewy and I could taste both the sultanas and the apple. I have to say that I enjoyed it, although I didn't think it tasted as nice as the summer fruits one. Although it wasn't very big it was big enough to give me a boost and to bring my blood sugar back up.

              So what exactly are the ingredients used to make the bar? Well it is 39% cereal which is made up of wheat, oats and rice and as with the summer fruits bar it is also 30% prebiotic Oligofructose. Now you may be like I was and be thinking what one earth is Oligofructose? I found out when I was writing my previous review by looking it up on the Internet! For those of you who didn't read the other review and are interested I'll give the explanation again. If you aren't interested then just skip the next paragraph!

              Apparently Oligofructose is a type of sugar molecule which is not digested in the small intestine, therefore adds very little to blood glucose, which is great for me as a diabetic. However, it is broken down in the colon which is where the prebiotic bit comes in as it contributes to the health of the colon. So now you know!

              The sultanas make up 9% of the bar and the apple makes up 2% of it but it also contains 2.7% apple juice concentrate. This makes the bar nice and moist and it has a very pleasant taste, although as I said earlier I do prefer the summer fruits one.

              The white zig zag stripe along the top of the bar turned out to be yoghurt and I have to say that I wasn't expecting to be very keen on this although I do like yoghurt itself. To be fair I was pleasantly surprised though as it definitely does add to the taste.

              The nutritional value of a bar is as follows:
              Calories 59
              Protein 1.2g
              Carbohydrate 11.8g
              Of which sugars 5.2g
              Fat 0.8g
              Of which saturates 0.3g
              Fibre 4.7g
              Salt 0.1g

              In conclusion whilst I enjoyed these bars I won't be buying them again as I think the summer fruits flavour is nicer, but that's just a matter of taste.


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                06.08.2008 17:48
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                If you want a healthy snack, these tast really good

                Having a tasty snack without the calories is important nowadays. Especially for me, as I sit in front of my screen a lot. I used to eat chocolate, but ending up piling on the pounds and feeling sluggish. Asda had these on offer for my first purchase and I looked very carefully to find that unlike some other brands these did not have too much salt or bad sugars. The saturated fat in this product is also pretty low.

                These bars are really oaty, quite firm and chewy, but not too chewy. The taste is quite refreshing actually. The topping of the yoghurt type is just enough to add a a bit of a creamy finish. I hate bars that are too oaty and get stuck in your teeth, but I am happy to say that these Alpen bars are perfectly OK.

                The only negative is that the ingredients list is a little bit jumbled, so hard to read. The fact that the bars are really tasty make up for this shortcoming.


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              • Product Details

                Less than 70 calories a bar and still tastes fantastic. High fibre wholegrain wheat flakes and nutritious oats combined with delicious apples and sultanas and finished with a delicate drizzle of yogurt.

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