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Weetabix Alpen Raspberry & Yogurt

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Brand: Weetabix

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    1 Review
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      30.01.2010 10:11
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      Why not give them a try

      I used to have a couple of biscuits for my early morning tea break but thought I should start being a little bit healthier. I have looked at these in Asda but though they were a little overpriced at £2.29. A couple of days later I saw them in Home Bargains for £0.99 so decided they were worth a try for that price.

      The box contains six individually wrapped bars. I've bought these a few times and still not managed to open the top without ripping it. There is a slot on the top to hold it together after opening, but in my case the box had never been intact enough to use them. The bars are wrapped in a nice bright pink wrapper with Alpen on the front and a picture of a few raspberries and a piece of wheat above the flavour description. The best before date is on the back, this particular pack has until November on so they do keep a long time. There is a list of ingredients in several different languages too.

      The bars are wrapped in a foil, heat sealed packet. The jagged end makes it easy to tear open. Inside I am greeted with a bar that is full of oaty bits and fruit on the top and a coating of yoghurt along the bottom.

      The bar has a sweet smell that is pleasant and on the first bite I am pleased that it isn't hard to bite into it is quite soft. The oaty pieces are chewy without being soggy and there is the right amount of fruit to balance them out. The yoghurt coating is a welcome addition because I think the bar would be too dry without it. The yoghurt is plain but sweet tasting.

      I do really enjoy these bars, on closer inspection they are actually raspberry and apple bars, not just raspberry as stated on the front. I find them to have a nice balance between the savoury oats, the tangy raspberries and the sweet apple.

      However, I am a little concerned that these are advertised as a healthy alternative. The ingredients list preservatives (Sulphur Dioxide), emulsifier (Soya Lecithin) and acidity regulator (Malic Acid), I'm not an expert but these don't sound great. The nutritional information doesn't make good reading either. They are only 120 calories but they also contain 10.8 grams of sugar and 3.0 grams of fat.

      Overall, these are a tasty snack and a good buy when on offer; just don't be fooled into thinking that they are healthy.


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    • Product Details

      In the 12th Century, Ghengis Khan's hordes carried yogurt in gourds to help fortify them as they crossed deserts. We can't promise world domination, but we can help battle your hunger pangs with the great taste of Alpen Raspberry with Yogurt bars. A moist and chewy combination of crispy rice & wheat flakes, topped with pieces of real strawberries freeze-dried at their succulent best, dipped in a creamy yogurt flavoured coating.

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