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Weetabix Alpen Strawberry & Yogurt

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8 Reviews

Brand: Weetabix

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    8 Reviews
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      16.04.2010 22:00
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      Alpen Strawberry & Yogurt Cereal Bars -

      I had Alpen bars for the first time in ages last week and I had forgotten just how good they were. I bought the fruit & nut with milk chocolate and enjoyed them so much, that I decided to try another flavour this week. After having a look at the choices, I opted for Alpen Strawberry & Yogurt cereal bars, as they sounded very tasty.

      Alpen Strawberry & Yogurt come in a slender cardboard package, with a very attractive picture of mountains on the front. There is also a picture of an Alpen bar, sitting unwrapped on a wooden table, surrounded by delicious healthy fruit and oats.

      Inside the box, you find 5 bars which are individually wrapped in easily opened, foil packaging. When opened you find an extremely attractive cereal bar, which has a nice, thick yogurt coating on the bottom, a mix of cereal, fruit and oats in the centre and finished off on top by a drizzle of yogurt topping. It really looked delicious and I couldn't wait to take a bite!

      The bar smells sweet and it does have a strong yogurty scent, which makes my mouth water. When you bite into it, you can taste the smooth, sweet yogurt, but my favourite part, once again, is the centre. This is where you find the mix of tasty strawberries and apples and crunchy oats and cereal. These ingredients are bound together by a light syrup, which makes it chewy and sweet, but not in the slightest bit sickly. They really are delicious.

      *Nutritional Value Per 29g Bar*

      Energy - 121 kcal
      Sugar - 10.0g
      Fat - 3.0g
      Saturates - 2g
      Salt - 0.1g

      This product contains wheat, barley, oats, milk, soya/soybeans, sulphur dioxide/sulphites and may contain nuts. It is suitable for vegetarians.

      Alpen Strawberry & Yogurt cereal bars are available from Tesco in a pack of 5 for £1.65

      I can't say I find this particularly good value, as the bars are tiny and are gone in about three bites. They do taste gorgeous though and I have enjoyed them so much, that I plan to try out some more flavours very soon.

      They are also great for a snack on the go and would be very handy for a pack lunch box.

      I will definitely be watching for these going on offer and will be stocking up my cupboards.


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        08.03.2010 20:56



        easy snack but tastes bit like cardboard

        A cereal fruit bar which is perfect as a snack in between meals which you does not make you feel nearly as guilty as chocolate. The bar itself is chewy and maybe a bit too sweet as seems to have a lot of syrup/honey holding it together. The yoghurt covering the bottom of the bar, is a nice texture and does help tone down the sweetness a little bit. There are dried bits of strawberry amongst the cereal which does make it taste less like cardboard and brings the taste of fruit to the forefront of your mouth. These generally come in packs of 5 and costs approx £1.90 depending on where you shop however you can sometimes get them on special offer ie 2 for £3. The bars themselves are quite small and are good for a snack however won't fill you up if hungry. These bars are perfect as a small snack and even better when traveliing as can fit into small gaps in rucksack:)


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        07.01.2010 16:52
        Very helpful



        See Review

        Weetabix Alpen Strawberry and Yoghurt

        Whenever I go to my boyfriend's house, I can always guarantee that his nan has bought us some of these which is great because I think they are really nice. The only thing is, I don't really know what to eat them for. I don't know whether they should be a replacement for breakfast or if they should just be a snack. In that case, is it classed as eating between meals or simply snacking out?!

        I didn't actually know that Weetabix manufactered Alpen but know I know that, I seem to like them a little bit more!

        They come in a cardboard box in a pack of 6 or more and the picture above is exactly right. The actual bars have individual red wrappers with strawberries and wheat on the front which is typical for its flavour.

        These are cereal bars mixed with apple and strawberry then dipped and drizzled with a yoghurt flavour coating.

        They smell absolutely delicious and it is basically like heaven when you are eating them. I see it as my little treat because strawberry and cream is such a good combination.

        These bars are quite soft and not chewy at all. Although it says there is apple in this, I am yet to taste it. The overall presentation of these bars is great and the drizzled effect with the yoghurt looks great on the top of the bar!

        A pack of six of these is around £2.00 which is a little bit more expensive than other brands which can be annoying if you are on a tight budget. This is the only problem as the product is yummy!

        We have actually thrown the box away so I am unable to give ant nutritional information! Sorry.

        Holly x


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        23.11.2009 11:15
        Very helpful
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        A great snack for those on the go.

        I have to say I am quite a fan of these cereal bars and will snack on them during my break at work to keep my energy going. I usually buy these singly from the local shop close to where I work, but during a recent trip to our local 99p store I saw pack of five bars - I had to grab them as I thought they were such a bargain!

        The packaging is pretty much as seen in the above picture, very simple yet quite distinctive. The cardboard box that they come in entices you in with pictures of strawberries and a picture of the cereal bar. The box claims that the bars now contain more fruit than they previously have done - 30% more to be exact.
        On the back of the box you can find a list of different varieties of the cereal bar that are available, along with a list of all the ingredients and nutritional values.
        You are also told on the back of the packaging that Alpen bars are made by Weetabix - something I didn't know until looking for this review!

        The individual bars have pretty much the same packaging as the cardboard box, a red foil packet with images of strawberries and wheat.

        ***Product - Taste***
        Obviously the most important aspect of the product is the taste (and texture?). I have read many other reviews for this Alpen bar with some of most common complaints being the sweetness of the bar, there are have been many criticisms that this is an unhealthy cereal bar that is to sickly sweet.

        For me though this is one of the advantages! I wouldn't describe it as so sweet that it is sickly; however I agree that upon eating this you do find that it is very sweet. I have a very sweet tooth so for me this cereal bar satisfies my cravings in the same way a bar of chocolate would.

        The first thing to notice when you open the packet is the strong smell of strawberries and yogurt (this is how it has been spelt on the packet!). It does smell quite sweet, for me this entices me in even more.

        When biting into the cereal bar for the first time I was surprised to find how chewy it was. I had expected to find it to be hard and crunchy, but I was left pleasantly surprised at the soft and chewy texture.

        With regards to taste, the first obvious flavours when you take a bite are the yogurt coating on the bottom of the bar and drizzled across the top, this flavour is then followed by the juiciness of the fruit.
        Until reading the back of the packets for the writing of this review I wasn't aware that the bars also contain dried apple as well as the strawberries. This isn't a flavour that is obvious if you are not aware of it.

        Although you can taste the mixture of cereals used, it is not a dominant taste. However it certainly adds to the overall texture of the bar in your mouth. The cereal is held together by a mixture of syrup - which accounts for the soft and chewy texture.

        For me these bars are now an essential snack to have in my handbag to keep my energy up when I am on the go.

        I gave one of these to my partner to try and he wasn't quite as impressed as me. He doesn't really eat many sweet things and also has sensitive teeth. His main complaints were that it was far too sweet and hurt his teeth through all the chewing.
        I felt it necessary to mention this as it shows the differences in opinions based on personal preferences and tastes. Obviously if you don't really eat sweet things I would say this cereal bar probably isn't for you. But for those that do have a sweet tooth this is a must!

        ***Price and Availability***
        These cereal bars are available both singly and in a box. The single bars are available from most newsagents, supermarkets and even chemists for around 47p each.
        The boxes vary widely in price; I have seen boxes vary from £1.49 to £2.00 each. I bought my most recent box for 99p from the 99p store. There are often offers in supermarkets such as Tesco or Asda; these offers are often ones such as 2 for £3.00.

        Great for those who have a sweet tooth, with a great combination of yogurt and fruit flavours. If you get them from the right place they can be quite a cheap treat!

        Thank you for reading, this review will also appear on ciao under the same username.


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          13.10.2009 13:32
          Very helpful
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          If you have an extremely sweet tooth, you might love these

          I was given a box of Alpen Strawberry and Yogurt bars as a gift from my boyfriend after I happened to mention to him that I like any kind of dried fruit or nut that has been coated with yogurt. Well, it certainly was an original gift, I'll admit, and very thoughtful, so I'm only telling dooyoo (but I won't mention to him) that I really didn't like these bars!

          Alpen Strawberry and Yogurt bars come is a very bright, vibrant red box with a picture of a bar nestled between piles of strawberries in front of the classic Alpen mountain range.

          The picture of the bar on the front of the box is a fairly accurate representation of the bar with the exception of the size and quantity of strawberry pieces in the real bar. There are not as many and the chunks are not quite as big as depicted in the picture. The box states that these are now "even tastier" with 30% more fruit. They do contain quite a lot of strawberry chunks, just not quite as much as in the picture.

          The bars come individually wrapped in a plastic wrapping that makes them very convenient for lunch boxes and the like. The plastic is easy to tear open, revealing these cereal bars which do indeed have a generous coating of yogurt on the bottom as well as a nice drizzle of it along the top.

          The first thing I noticed when biting into these is the nice, chewy texture. The second thing I noticed immediately after this is that, oh my goodness, are these bars sweet! Each bite tastes to me like a bit of cereal bar with an unwanted added spoonful of granulated sugar on top. These make me feel my teeth are rotting with every bite.

          Now, I do eat Alpen but always buy the no sugar added variety, so perhaps I'm just not the target market for these bars. Other people seem to love them, though, and they do contain only 121 calories per bar so they make a good alternative to chocolate bars which usually contain at least twice that.

          I don't know how much these cost but I think they are about £1 a box. They are manufactured by Weetabix.


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            04.08.2009 21:26
            Very helpful
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            Try them but don't expect too much.

            I often pick up low fat snacks to try when out shopping, with the 'Alpen Strawberry and yogurt' bars being my latest find.

            Mine were purchased from a my local corner shop for just 99p for a box of eight - bargain! Anything under a pound is worth a try as you won't feel too bad if you end up disliking them.

            The description on the box says ' Mixed cereal bar with apple and strawberry, dipped and drizzled with a yogurt flavour coating.'
            This confused me a little as it implied that the coating was not yogurt - just yogurt flavoured.
            I then checked the ingredients and noticed a few bad things on the list, along with lots of sugars - I started to think that maybe this isn't as healthy as the picture on the box (of some fresh strawberries and oats) makes out.
            Looking at the nutritional information, I can see that eating one bar won't give me a lot of calories, but will give me lots of sugars - so these are not 100% healthy or natural.

            On to the important bit - the taste.

            On first bite I expected a nice crunch but instead found myself with a mouth of slighty soft oats. The oats are lovely but unfortunaltley the rest wasn't too nice.
            The dried strawberries just don't come close to the taste of fresh ones - and the apple was nowhere to be seen!
            The coating didn't really taste of yogurt and was a bit too sweet for my liking.

            Overall, I wasn't very impressed with this product and will not be buying it again.
            It wasn't horrible, just not very nice - just blah!
            As with a lot of other cereal bars, they are promoted as being health foods but actually contain a lot of sugar.

            In future I think I will try a different type of snack bar.


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              24.07.2009 12:12
              Very helpful
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              Lovely bars, but those with sensitive teeth might wish to avoid

              Rushing around town in the 30 mins work give some of us to have some food isn't often a rush, unless you have more than just eating to do, I don't make a habit of rushing around as I genuinely like my Sausage, Chips and curry (so much so the staff at Sea Breeze now know what I want before entering). However some days rushing is needed, to collect the rent, or to visit the little boys room (you don't stay a little boy eating chips and sausages daily). On days like those, snacks are the best alternative to a proper (un)healthy meal, so it's with this back story that Alpen Strawberry and yogurt (it's the way it's spelt on the box) bars are being reviewed. Obviously healthier than Macdonalds and at 5 bars for a mere 99p much cheaper than a McChicken Sandwhich (which cannot be served with mayo).

              So to B+M went the rushing bank collections agent, who despite hating the job he has, is more than happy to keep it until something pops along (hint hint-If you need a writer I'm here ;-)) to collect some crisps. Sadly they were all out so cereal bars had to take the place and it was the Alpens that were taken back to work to eat during my shift. Alpen for those who may not know, are often the bog standard "cereal bars" and are a brand of Weetabix's put opposite the similar bars of Kellogs which are often a fair bit more expensive.

              The packaging is simple but bright, in this case bright red (though the differing flavours each have their own colour) with a picture of the bar on the fruit and the fruit to go along with it. Simple yet effective really the name and flavour on the front of the box with all the nutritional information as well as allergies and ingredients on the back of the box. A pretty bog standard concept brightly done to be fair.

              The bars at 29g each and about 3 inches long are each individually wrapped in an air tight plastic wrapper the same colour as the box. Once opened they reveal a cereal bar about 1 inch tall standing on a solid yoghurt base with parts of strawberry showing through and a drizzle of more wonderful dried yoghurt over the top. As as a fan of both strawberry's and dried yoghurt's this had my mouth watering, about time as I finally got down to eating them about an hour after purchasing them having not eaten anything in the previous 7 hours. They have an odd attractive and good looking quality to them, a bit of a pretty boy of the food world which is always better than eating mushy peas.

              So onto actually eating them and the often fun taste test, which proved a huge success, a delightful amalgamation of the three parts all working together brilliantly. The cereal almost having no taste and allowing the fruity flavour of the strawberry and apple, yes theres bits of apple in there, to work with the yoghurt to provide an awfully wonderful oral sensation. The problem with eating these (if you call it a problem) is the yoghurt can become quite soft and sticky, though personally it adds to the flavour, which to begin is quite thick and creamy and compliments the sweet kick of the strawberry perfectly. The cereal acts almost as a glue to hold it all together in one piece, helped massively by the syrup coating on the bar (more about that a little later).

              The compliments however don't stop at the flavour, the texture is almost equally as wonderful, a soft and chewy and orally sticky yet crumbly a rather odd combination that feels as good as it tastes. Oh yeah these beat the Kellogs bake bars I've had in the past, though they do both have the same flaw. They murder my teeth, the honey is to blame here I think as it's just too much for my poor little innocent munchers to cope with often sending me into shockwaves of agony due to overly sensitive teeth. Yes it's likely better for people than chocolate, but hardly at 121kcals per bar and a mouth killing tooth ache thrown into the equation.

              Overall however the bars are tasty and well textured, even though those with sensitive teeth do need to watch out a little bit.


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                05.09.2007 10:33
                Very helpful



                Delicious Strawberry with Yoghurt bars for everyone !!

                I've always loved Alpen bars they were first introduced to me when I was taking My GCSE exams (so that's a couple of years ago). How? Well in my college if you are taking an exam in the morning you get free breakfast and as much as you can eat, so I noticed the bars so I just had to try one as they were for free. My first bite made my mouth watery as they tasted really good and sweet. The strawberry smelled really nice, I had four of these in a row that day and my fellow friends thought I was crazy.

                That same day after my exam I went to Sainsbury's to look for these bars, unfortunately they only sell them in packs of six so I had no choice than to just the whole pack. It cost me £1.83 which is quite a lot for six bars but well worth it really.
                The packaging of the six pack was blue and red with a picture of the Alpen which looks really fresh and ready to be eaten
                The individual packaging for each bar is blue and red with pictures of strawberries, wheat and a green garden.
                By the end of that day I had finished the whole pack (I am not too greedy lol) I just couldn't resist the taste.
                I noticed that after I ate about two of the bars in a row I felt really thirsty, so make sure you have a glass of drink beside you when you eat the bars :D

                The next day before I could buy another pack I thought to my self "hang on a minute, how many calories am I chucking in here". Well I looked at the pack and:
                100g provides:
                Energy: 1732Kj or 411 calories which isn't a lot if I must say because each bar is 29g.
                Protein: 5.7g
                Carbohydrate: 71.6g suggesting that these type of Alpen cereal bars are mainly there to provide carbohydrates into your body.
                Fat: 11.3g

                Nevertheless, because the bar seemed healthy for me to eat I went away to Sainsbury's again but this day was my lucky one indeed as there was a special offer on Alpen bars. The offer was any two for £3.00. However instead of taking two packs of strawberry I took one strawberry and one Fruit and Nut flavour.
                When I ate the fruit and nut flavour it wasn't as good as the Strawberry with yoghurt but was delicious too.
                From that day I just decided to stick to the strawberry with yoghurt flavour.

                ----------------CUSTOMER SERVICES---------------

                Don't call me crazy but this is one of the stories you might not here in ages.
                One Saturday morning a few months ago in the year 2007 I was going to my part-time job because I was late so I didn't get the chance to have breakfast. I went to my nearest News agent and bought a strawberry with yoghurt Alpen bar, it was actually quite expensive at 45p each for a bar (now you know why I always buy a pack of six, its because it's a bargain).

                I was waiting on the bus stop and decided to eat the bar, when I opened it and put it near my mouth getting ready to bite, the bar smelled really weird, a second there I thought it was my hands but not it wasn't.
                Nonetheless, I took a bite of the bar and it tasted really weird it wasn't fresh at all and it was quite hard to chew on. My bus came so I went on it, whilst I was sitting I decided to check the expiry date before I had another bite to make sure it was tasting bad.
                The expiry date showed that the bar was going to expire in four days. I was so disappointed. I put the rest of the bar in my bag and decided to go back to the News agent and ask if I could swap for a fresh one or at least refund me my money.
                I actually told a few people at work and they encouraged to go back and tell the shopkeeper.

                After work I went back to the shop. Lucky enough the person who deserved me in the morning was still there and he was actually the manager of the shop as well. I therefore told him that the bar was tasting weird and wasn't fresh.
                He asked me for the expiry date and I told him it was expiring in four day. He then looked at me and said there is nothing he can do because it hasn't expired yet.
                I tried to argue with him saying but it tastes weird and it actually gave me a stomach ache. I even asked him why he didn't reduce them to clear as the bars were about to expire and there was lots of them on the shelf priced 45p.
                I was very disappointed as I was one of his regular customers but he didn't bother to help me.

                ----------------------THE REAL CUSTOMER SERVICES--------------------

                When I was walking home I looked sadly on the pack and was reading the small prints on it. The prints were written in different languages including French.
                However To my luck I saw a part were it said "in the event of any complaint please return the pack 'best before code' and the contents to the consumer services at the address below.
                I kept reading and even better as the pack actually said 'cost of the postage will be refunded by voucher and your statutory right are not affected.
                After reading this I knew that I had nothing to lose so I decided to send the bar back to the consumer address:
                Weetabix Ltd
                Burton Latimer
                NN15 5JR

                I went to college and I was telling my friends the story and I was asking them if I should send it back a few said yes and a few were saying it's a 45p item not a T.V or Radio etc. I went to work the following day and I asked them the same question a few were saying send it for the fun of it and the rest were telling me to seriously send it though one or two said no.
                The more they told me not to send the bar back to the consumer the more I wanted to send it back.
                Five days later after purchasing the bar I decided to send it, I went to town and bought an envelope and a first class stamp I went home and type a letter on my laptop to send back with the cereal.
                In the letter I said everything that had happened.
                I wasn't mainly complaining about the shopkeeper I was mainly complaining to them as a company saying that their bars are not supposed to taste bad days before the expiry date. I blamed them for making bad estimations on the best before date and I also told them that I'm only telling them to help them so that they won't get these complains every day.

                Two days later after sending the letter I received a letter back from the Weetabix company. When I opened the letter a lot of vouchers fell out. I wasn't really interested in looking at the vouchers at that moment I was interested in knowing what they thought.
                It wasn't a long letter really. The letter was mainly apologising. They told me that the bars are meant to expire after a year so they were surprised on how it tasted bad, they also blamed the shopkeeper saying that he must have kept them in the wrong room temperature at times, which resulted in the bars tasting bad.
                They gave me vouchers as part of apologising, the bottom of the letter was signed by one of the managers and he also put his phone number below the name.

                I then looked at the vouchers they were five vouchers and each worth one pound, therefore it was five pound worth.
                The vouchers could only be redeemed in any of the huge supermarkets e.g. Sainsbury's, Tesco's, Asda etc and you could only buy Weetabix branded items. I therefore went to Sainsbury's and bought four packs of the strawberry with yoghurt Alpen bars. I finished the bars within a week, because they taste too good.

                I was really impressed by this customer services it made me see how much they cared about their customers even when you complain about the littlest thing e.g. a 45p bar lol. Their reply was very fast and they even told me that if it happens in the future I shouldn't hesitate to send back the products.


                If you are allergic to Soya, Nuts, Oats, Strawberry, Wheat and Milk you might not want to eat these bars because they contain the ingredients I just mentioned.

                You really have to store these bars in a cool dry place otherwise their taste might change and you might end up throwing them away which is a waste of your money.

                Last time I looked at the price of the Alpen Strawberry with Yoghurt six pack bars they were costing £1.99, suggesting that the price has gone up comparing from the first time I bought them.
                This hasn't really stopped me from buying the product really.

                This could be a good product to chuck in your kids lunch boxes as it's healthy and if you eat two of the bars at the same time it keeps your stomach full for sometime.

                If you have a problem with the product as well use the same address I used to send the product back as it's still valid. I promise you that they will reply within three days.


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              • Product Details

                In the 12th Century, Ghengis Khan's hordes carried yogurt in gourds to help fortify them as they crossed deserts. We can't promise world domination, but we can help battle your hunger pangs with the great taste of Alpen Strawberry with Yogurt bars. A moist and chewy combination of crispy rice & wheat flakes, topped with pieces of real strawberries freeze-dried at their succulent best, dipped in a creamy yogurt flavoured coating.

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