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Weetabix Weetos Bar

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3 Reviews

Brand: Weetabix / Type: Cereal Bars

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    3 Reviews
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      14.04.2012 11:37
      Very helpful



      A great little cereal bar for people on the go.

      Now I start work earlier in the morning than I used to I find it hard to stomach breakfast before I leave for work so have been trying out different cereal bars recently to allow me to eat something quick and easy when I get to work. Recently when shopping in Asda I spotted the Weetabix, Weeto's chocolate cereal bars on a great special offer and though I would give them a try.

      I paid just £0.50 for a box of 5 of the chocolate Weeto's bars which I thought was excellent value as some cereal bars can be rather pricy for what they are.

      The cereal bars came packaged in a cardboard box with the 5 bars all individually wrapped inside. On the front of the box is 'Weetos' written in large bubble writing, a picture of one of the cereal bars and it also states that each bar contains just 99 calories. On the back of the box you can find a description of the bars, ingredients listings and nutritional information. The information is also written in several different languages in a side panel on the back of the box too.

      The Weetos bars are described on the box as 'delicious chocolatey wheat hoops to create a soft and chewy bar, with an indulgent thick layer of chocolate on the bottom'. As I stated each bar is individually wrapped, the wrapper is quite a thick foil one so keeps the bar nice and fresh as well as protected. This makes the bars ideal for popping in a lunch box or straight in a bag to eat on the go. I find this especially useful as it means I can pop one in my bag in the morning and eat it on my way to work or when I get there.

      The nutritional information for a single 20g bar is:
      Calories - 99kcal
      Protein - 1.2g
      Carbohydrate - 14.2g
      Fat - 2.9g
      Fibre - 0.3g
      Sodium - 0.02g

      The cereal bar itself is about 6 inch long and domed shaped. You can see all the little Wheeto hoops piled on top of each other and then the smooth milk chocolate underneath. The bar is quite chewy but the Weetos are still nice and crunchy so that combined with the smooth milk chocolate gives a nice contrast in textures. The bars are quite sweet but for me this is a good things as I do like sweeter things in the morning to give me a little sugar/energy boost. Although it seems that the bars might be a little sickly the Weetos are quite subtly flavoured and so most of the chocolatey taste comes from the layer of chocolate on the bottom and you still get quite wheaty, cereal taste from the hoops. Overall I think these are quite a pleasant cereal bar and if I spot them on such a great offer I will certainly purchase them again.


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      19.09.2010 18:06
      Very helpful



      see review

      I am a chocoholic and could literally eat chocolate all day everyday, but now i'm trying to lose weight I am having to find tasty low-fat substitutes.
      So when I saw these I immediatly had to try one as I always used to eat the weetos cereal when I was yonuger.

      This is my review for Weetos cereal bars.

      The box has a very delicious looking picture on the front of what the cereal bar looks like and the front of the box also say's that there are only 99 calories per bar.

      Upon opening the box there are 5 individually wrapped cereal bars.
      When I removed the bar from the wrapper I was quite surprised that the bar was quite big, I've found in the past that anything chocolate based thats low-fat turns out to be very small.

      The bar is made up of weetos, for anyone who has never had weetos before they are small chocolate hoops made out of wheat.
      The bottom of the bar is a chocolate coating, which makes it look extremley appetising, however i've discovered that if you remove the whole bar from the wrapper to eat it, it does melt in your hand.

      I was really expecting alot from this cereal bar as it looked like a chocoholics dream, so I tried to eat it slowly so I could appreciate the flavour.
      It was better than I thought it would be, the chocolate coating just sort of melts in your mouth and the weetos are exactly as I remembered them from eating the cereal all those years ago.

      It was so delicious infact that I had to double check the calorie and saturated fat content for my weight watchers calculator.

      Nutritional information per 20g bar: Energy-370kj/88kcal, Protein-1.2g, Carbohydrate-14.2g, Of which sugars-8.2g, Fat-2.9, Of which saturates-1.3g, Fibre-0.3g, Sodium*-0.02g, *Equivalent as salt-0.05g.

      I was very happy when I worked out that these are only 1 and a half points per bar on weight watchers as now I can have my morning chocolate fix.

      The only thing that confused me is that the box says that there 99 calories per bar, whereas the nutritional information says there 88 calories par bar.
      Not that i'm complaining at all but I would have thought that putting the actual amount of calories on the box would be even more of an encouragement for people to buy them.

      They do have an allergy adive on the back of the box that says that the product contains wheat, soya and milk.
      It also says that it may contain traces of nuts

      I know usually these are in the 2 pound margin but I bought them on an offer in asda for 1 pound.


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        25.05.2010 11:38
        Very helpful



        Great Cereal Bar for all the family!!

        I was shopping in Tesco recently and came across Weetos Cereal Bar. They were retailing at about £1.38 I think. I had heard of Weetos but not the cereal bar, so I decided to give it a go.

        It comes in a brown box, with Weetos across the front. It is made by the much respected Weetabix company. It also boasts that they are made with Real Milk Chocolate.

        Upon opening the box I was met by 5 individually wrapped bars. Each boasted a calorie content of 99 (although their own website boasts 88 calories, with a picture of a bar with 99 calories on), so they weren't too unhealthy. Each bar weighed in at 20g.

        The bar itself is made up of mini chocolate wheat hoops, covered in milk chocolate and with a milk chocolate layer on the bottom. They were nice and chewy and the taste of the chocolate was delicious.

        Sometimes cheap chocolate leaves a nasty after taste in the mouth. This was not the case here. I was surprised by just how much a 99 calorie cereal bar could taste. I also found them extremely moorish, and if my family hadn't beaten me to the others, I'd have gladly had another.

        The bar itself is made of the following ingredients, and only has 2.9g of fat, although a higher 8.2g of sugar.


        Chocolate Flavour Hoops and Balls (37%) (Wheat Flour (Plain, Whole), Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Vegetable Oil, Milk Powder, Salt Flavouring), Milk Chocolate (35%) (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cocoa Mass, Full Cream Milk Powder, Milk Fat, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin), Glucose Syrup, Grape Juice Concentrate, Humectant: Glycerol, Vegetable Oil, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, Antioxidant, Tocxopheral.

        Allergy Advice

        Contains wheat, soya and milk, and may contain traces of nuts.

        Would I recommend them? Yes I would. At 99 calories, these are an easy chocolate fix. I'm not saying they are the healthiest cereal bar on the market, but they must run close.

        Copyright Stebiz 2010 - also on ciao.co.uk


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