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Weight Watchers Nacho Cheese Flavour Tortillas

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Brand: Weight Watchers / Type: Tortillas

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    3 Reviews
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      24.08.2013 09:09
      Very helpful



      These hit the spot and stop me scoffing a massive bag of Doritos!

      Item: Weight Watchers Nacho Cheese Tortillas
      Size: 18g Bag
      Price: £1 for 5 packs
      Bought in: The Pound Store

      These came in a multi pack and there was 5 packs inside. The outer bag is light blue with dark blue and orange writing across it. The front of both the multi pack bag and the smaller individual bags both state "Weight Watchers, Nacho Cheese Tortillas. Delicious crunchy corn snack." It also tells you that these are an 18g bag and are "reduced fat". The multi pack bag is quite flimsy but the smaller individual bags are really quite thick and high quality packaging. The back of the packs also have details on the ingredients and nutritional values and even have a top tip "Fancy a treat? Avoid keeping them in the house so you have to WALK and get some exercise first!" haha that made me laugh as this is a MULTI PACK BAG. Do they expect you to want some crisps then go walk and get these and eat them all in the one go since you don't want to have then in the house. Bit of a pointless "tip" really! The packaging is light and enticing and has a picture of the tortillas on the front so you can get an idea of what they look like before you buy them.

      Taste test:
      These don't really taste of Nacho Cheese. They do have a cheesy taste but they actually taste quite garlicky. The tortillas are little white triangles with an orange powdery dust over them and they actually feel a little "stale" on the tongue rather than "crunchy" as described. The do have a savoury taste and after you have eaten them the garlic taste really repeats on you. They smell like cheese slices rather than cheesy tortilla chops too so overall do have quite an artificial taste and smell.

      "30% less fat*":
      This is stated as "*Contain at least 30% less fat than standard flavoured tortilla corn chips". Sadly it also seems like they taste more than 30% less tasty than other tortillas like Doritos. Hmm so am I better to eat Doritos but just have 30% less than usual, haha no, but that would be handy!!!

      Do they fill me up?
      No! as the bag is only 18g in size these are not really going to take the edge of a major hunger but what they actually do is take away a major craving for tortilla chips where before I may have scoffed a full bag of Doritos (forgetting to stop once I get to minus 30% haha) so they do give me a wee taster but they don't taste so good that I scoff the full multi pack.

      Now that is not exactly normal is it, to eat something that doesn't taste as good but it seems to work for me. I get the odd wild craving for a high fat treat and unless I have something like it, it's all I can think of. So these are handy to have in the house. They retail at much higher in Tesco and Asda, at £1.99 per 5 pack I think, and that that price I wouldn't buy them. But at £1 I feel this is a reasonable price for an OK product.


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      21.07.2012 22:36
      1 Comment



      Would recommend only if you're desperate to have 'healthier' junk food.

      I absolutely adore tortillas -- Doritos especially. I love the crunch and the nuttiness, and it's just the awesome replacement for popcorn (which tend to be soggy) while watching a movie! But here comes the problem - your usually Doritos are deceptively unhealthy - they're extremely high in fat, and in sodium as well. So Weightwatchers, I thought, was going to be the answer.

      I've tried several of other Weightwatchers products like their biscuits and they're really not too bad for something that's apparently 'better' for your diet. This product however just doesn't cut it as tortillas.

      This product comes in a huge pack of 5 smaller packs, that is meant to help you control your nachos intake. But to be honest, if you're a real nacho lover, you are more likely to head out to your local supermarket to get a real packet of tortillas ;-)

      The tortillas are thicker than usual - and they look more like crackers, and yes, they ARE probably more like crackers. The flavour of cheesy nachos is kind of subdued, plus the thicker crackers simply make this taste more like (not so) cheesy crackers than like cheesy nachos.

      Nutritionally this is lower in fat, but I still find the sodium content rather high as well as the carbohydrate content.

      I'm not sure if I would really give up that pack of Doritoes for this.. sometimes, taste is more important than health!


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        03.06.2011 14:46
        Very helpful



        Tortilla taste, without any substance.

        I've been on a diet for the last few weeks in an effort to squeeze into my summer clothes (which all seem to have shrunk during the Winter months!) and as a consequence, not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips, no chocolate, no biscuits and no crisps. Wherever possible, I've been substituting high fat for low fat products so, as you can imagine, life has hardly been worth living just lately, especially as there isn't a non-fattening food in existence that could be described as a pleasure to eat.

        The other day, I spotted a multipack of WeightWatchers Nacho Cheese Flavour Tortillas in the 99p Shop for, you guessed it, 99p and as the blurb on the bag claimed they only contained 78 calories and were worth 1 WeightWatcher point, I thought I'd give them a try. They couldn't taste any worse than the salad without any dressing or mayonnaise that I'd brought for my lunch.

        Unlike most multipacks, this bag only contains 5 packs but, after eating one packet, I consider that to be more of a blessing than a curse. Each foil pack declares that the tortilla chips contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and that these are 'Delicious cheese flavoured tortilla corn chips'. I suppose five accurate words out of six isn't bad going but 'delicious' is a downright lie. The word WeightWatchers should have chosen for absolute accuracy is 'edible'!

        Nutritionally, despite being low fat, this product still has a hefty carbohydrate content at 12g per pack and each pack is titchy weighing in at only 18g altogether. Each pack also has 2.9g of fat and 1.1g of protein plus negligible amounts of fibre and sodium. The main ingredients are cornflour, potato starch, wheat bran and flavourings, including cheese powder. Allergy sufferers should be aware that these chips contain gluten and milk and are manufactured in a factory that handles sesame seeds, nuts and peanuts. These are suitable for vegetarians.

        As for taste, it could really be summed up in one word: dry! Using a Dorito as a yardstick, the initial flavour is actually not bad and gives a fair approximation to a full fat tortilla chip but once you begin to chew it's a completely different story. The experience is something akin to eating a dry cream cracker or a poppadom, although this does have the advantage of making each chip last longer than average because until it's been chewed for a fair length of time, it's just impossible to swallow it. In fact, I found a swig of water with each chip helped the process along.

        Not only are these chips dry but they are also pretty insubstantial and after finishing the pack, along with half a bottle of water, I didn't feel as though I'd eaten anything at all and felt I'd wasted 78 calories which I could have used to eat something that would have filled me up.

        I'm desperately racking my brains to think of anything positive to write about these tortilla chips and all I can think to say is that they are edible and there isn't any wastage. Unlike ordinary crisps which always seem to have a lot of tiny crumbs and lots of salt left after the packet has been eaten, that isn't the case with these chips.

        I think these tortilla chips are more likely to appeal to people on long term strict diets who are feeling deprived of snack foods. Personally, I won't be buying these again as I feel even a dry Ryvita would have been tastier and have fewer calories! I'm awarding these a very generous 3 stars because, in fairness, they do have a tortilla-like flavour but they have absolutely no substance.


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