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Weight Watchers Roasted Peanut Bars

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4 Reviews

Brand: Weight Watchers / Cereal Bar

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    4 Reviews
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      14.12.2009 17:39
      Very helpful



      Very nice and chewy :)

      I love snack I really do especially sweet ones, although a peanut can be described as savoury too I think!

      My mum is a member of Weight Watchers so buys a lot of their products and one of my favourites that I'm not supposed to touch is their Roasted Peanut bars...

      There are five in a box for £2.25 and you can only buy them at meetings or online or in their magazine, which seems a bit silly to me as I think these would be really popular with people on different sorts of diets if you could buy them from supermarkets.

      The box is brownish in colour and has pictures of the bars on the front and says: 'Delicious cereal and roasted peanut bars - packed with peanuts for a gorgeous treat!'

      And they are gorgeous, really sweet with like a toffee coating that sticks the puffed rice and cereal oats and the nuts together into rectangle bars than come wrapped individually.

      Each bar weighs 25g and has one and a half points on the diet plan and that is 104 calories for people who calorie count too with 0.7 g of saturated fat...

      The best before date on this box is not until next March so they keep really well.

      The snacks are really chewy and yummy and taste awesome with a hot drink I think!

      These are suitable for vegetarians but not for nut allergists or people allergic to milk, soya, wheat, oats and barley. There may also be traces of sesame seeds and other nuts too.

      There are 42% cereals in each snack and 16% roasted peanuts and the toffee sauce that makes these so chewy and sticky tastes really sugary if you have a sweet tooth :)

      These are awesome if you like peanuts as they are full of flavour and good for you but not as fattening as a Snickers bar with the chocolate on it!

      I enjoy these after a meal for a sweet treat so they are worth five stars although they are expensive for only five portions...


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        16.01.2009 12:24
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A delicious snack that I can fit into my diet plan.

        At my Weight Watchers meeting last week we were all given a small piece of their Roasted Peanut Bar to sample, I loved it so much that on my way out I bought a box of full size bars to snack on.

        The Roasted Peanut Bar is basically compressed peanuts, crisped rice and oats which on paper does not sound terribly exciting but these are a really delicious snack and have the added bonus of being low fat with just 1 1/2 Weight Watchers points per bar.

        They are nice and sweet with a lovely sticky texture, they put me in mind of those Tracker bars which were popular some years ago only these have a much softer and moreish consistency. The bars are nice and chewy and I find they satisfy my craving for a sweet snack much better than one of the Weight Watchers brand chocolate bars.

        I was surprised at how many peanuts were in the bar because these nuts are notoriously high in fat so I don't know how Weight Watchers have crammed so many in and still kept the bar so low in points. The peanuts are quite large too so the bar has a delicious nutty taste which is accentuated whenever I bite into a peanut.

        The crisped rice and oats have taken on the flavour of the syrup mixture used to bind the bar together and this gives the bar an added depth of sweetness, they have also softened beautifully and this adds nicely to the chewiness of the bar.

        Together the flavours all work wonderfully and these bars instantly took over from Alpen Groove and Special K Bars as my favourite sweet cereal type snack. The texture is excellent too, I love how chewy the bar is but also the way this is broken by the more crispy peanuts.

        I cannot recommend these highly enough to anyone following the Weight Watchers plan and struggling to find a low point snack to fit into your daily allowance. The bars will banish any sweet cravings and because of the syrupy flavour they also give you something fairly substantial to eat, therefore filling you up better than a cereal bar which is gone and forgotten in three mouthfuls.

        If you're not following the Weight Watchers plan, each 25g bar contains 104 calories and 3.2g of fat (0.7g of these being saturated fat).

        You can't buy these in the shops, only at Weight Watchers meetings and online from www.weightwatchers.co.uk A box of five individually wrapped bars costs £1.99 at the moment, which I think is a good value considering how tasty and filling they are.


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          30.09.2008 15:51
          Very helpful



          I am lucky if the pack of 5 lasts the whole week - she says munching a bar!

          I buy these from my weight watchers weekly meeting in a box of 5 bars for £2.05. They are 1 and a half points each. Each 25g bar has 104 calories, 2.4g protein, 6.3g sugars, 3.2g fat of which 0.7 is saturated fat, 0.9g fibre and 0.03g sodium. For weight watchers we look at saturated fat and calories which make the points but it is also worth looking at this snack as a source of fibre.

          The bars themselves are my weekly treat and I usually alternate between these Peanut ones and the Chocolate Whip bars.

          As for the taste, they really do not let you down. It is packed with crisped rice, oats and peanuts - in that order! I do love peanuts and I know they are very high in points so I was surprised at how many peanuts you get in the bar. It is very chewy and enough to keep hunger away in between meals.

          You get a strong taste of nuts and crisped rice when you take a bite and I also pick up on the sweetness from the syrup/caramel looking parts on the bar.


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          10.03.2008 23:02
          Very helpful




          Ok, so I have finally bit the bullet and gone back to my slimming class, the last time I stepped into a Weight Watchers meeting I was already a stone and a half less than I am now, and unbeknown to me was just a little bit pregnant!! (Of course I found out a few weeks later, so the diet went well and truly out of the window!!)

          Anyway I digress, as with all W.W meetings, as good as I think they are, they do try to squeeze every last penny from your purse before you leave, and with me being an avid shopper found myself drawn towards the merchandise table.
          Seconds later I find myself £10 lighter, having purchased a points calculator and a box of W.W roasted peanut bars, which I will now endeavour to review.

          ~~~~~~ THE PACKAGING ~~~~~~
          The packaging is reasonably simple but at the same time incredibly delicious. The box is mainly a maroon colour, with a picture of the afore mentioned bars in there "naked" state, with lots of peanuts scattered around just to reiterate the "peanuttyness"! Across the top of the box has the "Weight Watchers" emblem and underneath a statement to remind you again of the apparent added amounts of peanuts and caramel, I was beginning to think that maybe I was being brainwashed, and that these were in fact peanut less!!!
          The upside of any W.W products are, as many dieters already know, that the point value is printed on the packaging, so you can just eat without having to work it out yourself, I know lazy baggage!!

          ~~~~~~ THE BARS ~~~~~~

          The bars themselves are a fraction smaller than normal cereal bars, but this is diet food after all!
          The bars are very shiny due to the high amount of caramel in it, and smell very sweet, but not much else at that point, I will reserve judgement I remember thinking to myself ( before I rammed it down my throat, god I hate diets with a passion!!). The taste is really lovely, and it can only be described as a mixture of a golden syrup crispy, (like the ones you made as a child), and a mild tasting peanut brittle, admittedly not as peanutty as the box suggested! There is a nice chewy consistency to it, but if kept in the fridge does go quite hard!
          There are five bars in each box and each one is individually wrapped in a wrapper the same colour as the box they come in.

          ~~~~~~ ALL THE OTHER STUFF! ~~~~~~

          Ingredient wise its full of good stuff, including crisped rice, cornflakes and of course roasted peanuts. Nutritionally I will only give you the calorie and sat fat content, as if you have these bars you will actually be on a W.W diet, so the other ingredients are not needed to work out the points value.

          Per 25g bar - calories 104kcal
          Fat of which saturates 0.7g

          Thus making these little beauties one and a half points each.

          There is an allergy advice box on the packaging stating that these bars contain peanuts, milk, soya, wheat, oats and barley. There is also a chance they may contain traces of other nuts and sesame seeds, but are suitable for vegetarians.
          Bloody hell these things to allergy sufferers are like kryptonite to superman!!

          The price of these are £1.95 per box, which I don't think is particularly extortionate, considering what you would pay in the supermarket for other cereal bars, and do take a little of the effort out of this points malarkey!
          The reason I knew earlier in the review, that if you were eating these you would be dieting, is because these are unfortunately only available at the meetings, there are so many other W.W products in the supermarkets, I don't quite understand why you can only purchase them this way.
          They can however be purchased directly from the website - www.weightwatchers.co.uk
          The downside is its more of a bulk buy site, with specified minimum orders on each product, the upside is there lots more choice through the website including,
          Mint chocolate whip bars
          Red berry cereal bars
          Rich toffee bars,
          All of which are delicious, priced the same as the bars I have reviewed, the same points value and apparently none are suitable for people with nut allergies.......sorry!
          There is also a whole plethora of other delights to be obtained from the site, which are unfortunately only available through the site or the meetings.

          ~~~~~~ CONCLUSION ~~~~~~

          These are lovely cereal bars and from previous experience are at least a point lower than most of the "normal" cereal bars that can be purchased from your supermarket, they are delicious and a much needed sugar rush in the whole wasteland of "dieting world", so would I recommend them...... Yes, I probably would, but not to nut allergy sufferers, that's just cruel!!

          Thanks for reading!


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