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Whole Earth SOcrispy Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Flavour Crisps

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Brand: Whole Earth / Type: Crisps

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    1 Review
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      12.08.2009 19:03
      Very helpful



      A healthy, light, crunchy flavoursome rice snack.

      I have a constant Love/Hate relationship with "rice cake style snacks", I want to Love them, but find the polystyrene texture of them very off putting.

      A couple of weeks ago whilst out shopping I nipped in Holland and Barrett, whilst hungrily scouring the shelves, I came across these, the gorgeous powder blue coloured bag initially caught my attention( I don't like admitting to liking the colour blue).

      "SOcrispy Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar flavoured light & crunchy bites made from natural ingredients". As stated on the bag, sounds Lovely~ Sold.


      As Ive already said, the 28g bag is a gorgeous eye catching colour, not a shiny bag, it's more "matt" and the writing on the front is as above, with the whole earth tree symbol and a picture of large wooden casks of balsamic vinegar, with a bottle of vinegar and the rice snacks themselves. Im also told 109 calories, less than 4g fat, baked not fried.

      On the back we have a little of the company story~

      The Whole Earth Story began in 1967 when Craig Sams along with his brother Gregory opened "Seed" a vegetarian, organic and macrobiotic restaurant in Paddington, London. It goes on to tell us their products are natural and don't contain any artificial ingredients.

      Whole Earth Foods,
      Coopers Place,
      GU8 5SZ.
      We are invited to contact them and tell them what we thought of their product.


      Soya flour 43% , rice flour 42% ,sunflower oil, sea salt 3%, balsamic vinegar powder 3%, cane sugar, malt vinegar powder, acid: citric acid, yeast extract, natural flavouring.


      This product contains soya and may contain traces of sesame seeds.

      Nutritional Information~

      Per 28g bag
      Energy~109 kcal
      Best Before 01/2010.

      Suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike.
      High fibre, cholesterol free, no GM Ingredients and gluten free.

      Price 65p available from Holland and Barrett and independant health food stores and direct from www.wholeearthfoods.com.

      How do they taste and smell?

      Upon opening the bag, Im greeted with a fresh salty smell mixed with the sharp, slightly sweet tang of balsamic vinegar, they certainly smell appertising.
      Each small, creamy white coloured rice snack(approx 1& 1/2 inc in diameter) is round and "knobbly" and covered with a dusting of flavour .
      They are really light to hold and light to eat, with a great crunchy ,dry texture, no grease or "polystyrene" any where in sight.

      What to liken them to, I have no idea, they aren't like crisps or rice cakes, infact they are unique I would have to conclude and "Light and Crunchy Bites" is a perfect description.

      The flavour is strong but not artificial and doesn't leave a nasty "after taste" and the "dusting of powder" on each bite lingers on the lips. They are delicious, very tasty, the one down side, as with all rice products, they don't fill you up for long so they are good as a snack to tide you over or as part of your lunch.

      As they are gluten and cholesterol free and low in fat they really are a healthy alternative to crisps. Looking at a 25g bag of Walkers crisps they have 8.3g fat compared to a 28g bag with 3.1g, so the rice bites do win on that count.

      I enjoyed them sooo much I went straight back into the shop to buy more for home and they have even passed my other halfs taste test and he is very sceptical about any "healthy snacks especially rice cake types". In fact I wish he didn't like them as he keeps "snaffling" my supplies, I may have to resort to hiding them!

      Other flavours~

      Cheese, Onion & Chive~ very tasty.
      Smoky Paprika~ nice, don't particularly like the smoky taste but 3rd in line.
      Italian Herb~ have yet to sample these.

      The sea salt & balsamic vinegar are definitely the favourite.

      Whole Earth have a large range of products~
      Organic sparkling drinks.
      Peanut butter
      Baked beans.

      For a tasty, tangy, crunchy snack or little addition to your lunch, they definitely get 5 full flavoured stars from me.

      Thanks for reading my review.


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