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Wicked Pig Sweet & Sour Flavour Pork Snacks

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Brand: Wicked Pig / Type: Snacks

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    2 Reviews
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      28.10.2010 20:40
      Very helpful



      much better snacks out there.

      I purchased these Wicked Pig Sweet and Sour flavour pork snacks for the first time yesterday. I have a small Tesco Express near my home and needed a few items, always on a look out for a bargain I spotted packets of the snacks reduced from £0.72 to £0.19!! So I thought they were worth a try.

      The pork snacks come in a waxy plastic packet which is purple in colour and has a picture of the round disk shaped snacks on the front. On the back and sides of the packet you can find detailed ingredients listings and nutritional information as well as other flavoured products in the range.
      Once open I came across my first disappointment as the bag was barely a quarter full with around 8 small pork snacks lying in the bottom. I know they are meant to be a snack but I think a small child would expect a few more than that. It also seemed a waste of so much packaging especially as the packet does not seem to be recyclable either.

      ~~~~~The Appearance/Smell/Taste~~~~~
      Although you can warm up the snacks by placing the opened bag in the microwave I decided to eat them cold. The small disks were a reddish brown in colour and felt a little damp. The smell was rather off putting a little sweet put also a little chemically.
      The texture was soft, cold and mushy they did not resemble pork in any way or taste like sweet and sour. The flavour was more sweet but had a tangy after taste. I would not say they were not edible but not the best snack like this that I have tried.
      The pork snacks also come in the follow flavours:
      -Southern Fried
      -Firecracker Chilli
      -Hog Roast

      ~~~~~Nutritional Information~~~~~
      This is the part you should probably avoid looking at with this snack as it is not on the healthy option list. Per 42g bag:
      Calories (kcal) - 144
      Fat - 9.9g
      Sugar - 2.7g
      Sodium - 0.37g

      For £0.19 I can not really complain about this product but I would not buy them at full price. They taste very processed and the poor nutritional value and amount you get in the packet leaves a lot to be desired.


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        21.09.2010 18:58
        Very helpful



        Tasty little bites!

        I love snacky type foods and when I spotted these costing 61p a pack and a new product that I hadn't seen before I couldn't wait to try out something out called Wicked Pig...made me think of my boyfriend....any way moving on lol....

        These comes in 4 different varieties and in the end I decided that I really fancied the sweet and sour one's!

        The Packaging:

        The plastic bag this variety came in is purple with the a photograph of the snacks on the front of it and I am told that they are 'New' Wicked Pig 'Wickedly tasty snacks', Sweet & Sour Flavour Pork Snacks and that they are ready to eat and that they are microwavable. On the back of the bag other information listed includes being told a bit about the other flavours in the range (Southern Fried, Firecracker Chilli and Hog Roast), ingredients and allergy advice is given, there is a full nutritional rundown chart listed, I'm told how to heat them (up to 1 minute in the microwave) and contact details for Tulip Ltd are listed (the manufacturer of the product). Nice easy to open and informative packaging this is.

        The Pork Snacks:

        Small and round you get about 8 in a packet. They are an orangy brown in colour with a roughish texture to them and look appetising and have a slight sort of sweet smell to them along with something a bit spicy.

        Basically these are pork bites. Not greasy but moist they are slightly denser on the outside and then moister on the inside. Not too thick they taste of good quality mushed up pork and have a nice seasoning of sweet and sour to them. I struggled to detect any sourness to these but could taste a sweet taste and hint of ginger that really was rather tasty.

        I found these naturally sweet but not majorly so. I mean not so much so that, that flavouring overpowered the natural taste of pork these have to them or anything like that!

        These are great warmed and cold but are a snack and no good as part of a meal in my opinion and I thoroughly enjoyed them...so much so that since I have consumed my first bag in Tescos I have eaten a couple more of this same flavour!

        Nice quality, nice flavouring and a great tempting name! I like them alot!

        Nutritional Information Per 42g Bag:

        Energy: 144Kcal
        Protein: 5.7g
        Carbohydrate: 7.9g
        Of which sugars: 2.7g
        Fat: 9.9g
        Of which saturates: 3.6g
        Fibre: 0.2g
        Sodium: 0.37g
        Salt Equivalent: 0.93g

        Available in all good supermarkets etc.


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