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Yorkshire Tea Chocolate Biscuits

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Type: Biscuits

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    1 Review
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      23.10.2008 21:34
      Very helpful



      NB This review may be found on other review sites under the user name of Krazikas

      I was shopping in Morrison's and for some reason just fancied having some shortbread biscuits. I browsed along the shelves looking for some. Eventually I found some - they were Yorkshire Tea's 'shortbread with chocolate'. I popped a packet into the trolley! I hadn't realised that Yorkshire Tea made biscuits...

      When I got home I decided to 'sample' them. I opened the packet and was quite surprised to find that the biscuits were in the shape of a big 'T'! Printed at the top of the biscuit is the word Yorkshire and down the stem of the biscuit the word 'Tea' - quite a clever and novel idea...

      The packet contained 12 good sized biscuits.. The biscuits also contained ingredients such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla. I quickly glanced over the nutrional information. i didn't really want to know that the biscuits were quite high in calories!!

      I must admit when I first bit into the biscuit the shortbread it did seem a bit 'harder' than other shortbreads I have had in the past. It was quite firm. However, it still tasted very good. The chocolate found in the shortbread was a delight!!!

      I then decided to try one with a good old cup of tea.... And, of course, I tested their 'dunkability'!! The biscuits were perfect for dunking. First of all because of the T shape and secondly, the firmness of the shortbread meant that the biscuit was able to absorb the tea without the biscuit becoming too soggy and falling into the tea.... They were very 'moreish'...

      The price of the biscuits was £1.39p - quite pricey really. However, you can actually get Yorkshire tea biscuits for free by collecting saving Yorkshire Tea tokens from their packets of tea. They also do a collectors card to put the tokens on packs.

      Alternatively, you can collect the tokens to support Yorkshire Tea's 'Trees for Life' Fund. Simply collect the tokens from any pack, send them to Yorkshire Tea and they will plant a tree. For every 4 tokens sent back they donate 50p to tree-planting projects.

      The Trees for Life appeal started in 1990. Yorkshire Tea wanted to give something back to the communities they depend on for their tea leaves. they decided upon the idea of planting trees. To date Yorkshire Tea have helped to fund the planting of over three million trees on four continents, and donated more than £1 million to Oxfam.

      Yorkshire Tea have other varities of shortbread that include 'Original' that are made with Yorkshire Tea, Oat and Honey and Ginger.

      The biscuits can be found in most Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Morrisons stores.

      I do recommend these delightful shortbread biscuits and will most certainly be buying them again... but only for the occasional treat as they are a bit pricey.


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      A melt in your mouth tea time must!

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