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Asda Essential Sensitive Mild & Gentle Soap

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Brand: Asda / Type: Soap / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      29.03.2009 14:07
      Very helpful



      Probably best used as a hand soap to be fair to it

      I have written a few soap reviews whilst I have been on this site. Don't ask me why but I love soap and particularly like none fragranced one's and one's made with delicate, sensitive skin (like mine) in mind. I do use an awful lot of highly fragranced bath and body products and occasionally feel I like I need to take my skin back to basics for a wee bit as my skin can start to feel congested and dried out and look a bit dull from time to time. I also love unfragranced products to use when I'm going out on a big night out say and want my posh perfumes to speak for me rather than fragranced soaps or shower gels or something like that! This I spotted in my local Asda and priced at 26p a bar (4 bars for 76p in a pack) I thought it was definitely worth a go!

      The Packaging....

      Paper white, oblong packet which is incredibly simple in it's design. With grey writing on the front I'm told it's Asda Essential Care Sensitive Mild & Gentle Soap which is dermatologically tested, 100% fragranced and colour free and suitable for all skin types. On the back of the packet ingredients and cautions are listed, I'm told the product is safe to use up to 24 months after opening and that Asda is against animal testing and funds research into alternatives, size is stated (125g) contact details for Asda are given plus a refund promise (if your not entirely happy with the soap for any reason at all) and finally there is a bar-code on there. As I said very simple packaging and in keeping with promises about this being a simple soap in my opinion!

      The Soap....

      Well it's large and oblong, rather thick and heavy. It's white in appearance but sort of shiny and transparent over the top of it giving a slightly glossy look to it. There is no smell as promised from this soap and even if you sniff the soap dry there really is no scent from it at all.

      Using it is of course simple. If you want a good rich thick white foamy lather then you need to rub it into your hands or onto a sponge or flannel before applying it onto the skin. However you can of course use the actual bar directly onto the skin if you wish but this way it doesn't give very much lather at all though you see the soap coming off as a white liquid with a few bubbles to it as you go. Personally I rub this directly onto my skin cos I'm lazy lol. It's not easy to do so because of the size of it (when you first use it and you have a full block) and because there is no dent in the soap or anything and it is so large and heavy it does tend to slip out of hands a lot and if using this in the shower do avoid your feet at all costs cos if like me you drop the soap on your foot you don't half know about it (I have the bruise still on my right foot to prove it!).

      Basically it washes you very well and is smooth and gentle on the skin and therefore is none irritating. You don't need to rub skin too hard to get yourself clean and as it melts gently it's an economical soap to use! I can use this to shave my bits and bobs with but do avoid contact with any body hair (if possible) as it makes it greasy lol.

      Basically it's a hard working soap. Removes unwanted body odours.... however although it cleans and leaves skin fresh and smooth enough it isn't that hydrating (although to be fair it doesn't dry skin out skin out in any way either) doesn't leave me feeling all that clean and that is due to the lack of fragrance of course. Having said that you face that issue with any none fragranced soap I guess! Overall it's a delicate and kind soap, that's simple to use, doesn't scum up in the bath and does a great cleaning job. It all depends on what you want from a soap but me this lacks a luxurious feel!


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