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Avon Senses Enchanted Liquid Soap

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Brand: Avon / Type: Soap

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    1 Review
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      11.11.2011 09:59
      Very helpful



      A liquid hand soap product from Avon that I would recommend..!

      I am a big fan of most of the products from the 'Senses' range at Avon, which is a range containing various scented shower gel and bath products, as well as a range of liquid soaps. Having tried most of the liquid soap products from the range in the past, I was intrigued to notice a seemingly new addition to the range, namely the 'Avon Senses Enchanted' liquid soap.

      I bought the Enchanted soap recently and paid around £2 for the bottle which is a generous 300ml in size. I think it is worth mentioning that there is a matching shower gel product in the Avon Sense range which is a 500ml bottle, and the usual price for the shower gel product is around £3.50.

      The Enchanted soap is packaged in a clear plastic bottle, and there is a plastic 'pump' dispenser in a pale turquoise or 'aqua' colour on top of the bottle which requires the smallest of pushes to dispense the liquid into my palm. The plastic bottle has an attractive-looking label on the front which has an image of a sort of magical-looking lagoon or waterfall which is in keeping with the name of the product and its appearance overall. The words "Delightful & Spellbinding" are printed on the front of the label underneath the product name, which I thought made it sound like a very uplifting product with a rather innovative image.

      The Enchanted liquid soap itself has a slightly unusual appearance in that it is not at all opaque or see-through in the same way that most other liquid soap products that I buy regularly are. The consistency of the pale aqua-coloured liquid is instead more 'cream' like in its appearance and it resembles a bath cream product or creamy shower gel in my opinion. This is a mere observation on my part, and is not a negative point for me personally.

      The consistency of the Enchanted liquid soap is similar to that of the other liquid soap products that I buy on a regular basis, regardless of it's cream-like appearance. To elaborate, I didn't find this particular liquid soap was any thicker or any more indulgent in its consistency than most other products that I regularly use. It wasn't overly thin, nor did it spill from my hands easily.

      The Enchanted liquid soap has a very pleasant fragrance and I really liked using it. I didn't find that the fragrance was over-powering or sickly, even though it had a slightly floral-like undertone to it. I did find that the smell was quite sweet, but again it wasn't sickly or unpleasant at all. A light scent of something that reminds me of talcum powder gives the impression of the soap being quite mild and slightly feminine without being overly girly. My husband certainly had no issues with using this soap, so I would think that the fragrance is slightly more 'unisex' than other liquid soaps I have purchased before.

      The fragrance didn't last for too long on my hands after I had used the liquid soap but that is not a particular point that matters to me too much and I won't be deducting any marks from the product rating for this.

      As for the product being "Delightful & Spellbinding" well, um.. No it isn't. This is of course just my opinion (and I know for a fact I'm a complete cynic) but I'm afraid it takes slightly more than a liquid hand soap product to make me feel spellbound...! It is a pleasant claim, and is of course in keeping with the name and image of the product overall, so I didn't feel particularly let-down that these feelings weren't invoked in me!

      I am pleased to report that I have suffered no ill-effects from using the liquid hand soap in terms of it causing any aggravation to my sensitive skin or eczema.

      A little tip.... It did strike me that the liquid soap and matching shower gel would make an attractive gift idea, given the particularly attractive look that the product's packaging - and the liquid itself - has. Packaged with some silver-coloured tissue paper and placed in a turquoise and silver paper gift bag, I already have two such Enchanted 'gift sets' set aside for my husband's colleagues, purchased recently to take advantage of a recent discount available from Avon. The total cost for each of the Enchanted sets - including packaging materials - was around £4.50 which I think is very reasonable value for such an attractive looking Christmas gift!

      You can order the Avon Senses Enchanted liquid soap from your local Avon representative, or alternatively you can shop online at www.avonshop.co.uk. The Enchanted liquid soap is often available at a reduced price, and it is currently available for only £1.75 for the 300ml bottle which I think is really great value.


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