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Avon Senses Waterfall Liquid Soap

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3 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Soap / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    3 Reviews
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      05.08.2013 15:44
      Very helpful



      At 99p this is a bargain, will buy again when back on offer

      Item: Liquid Soap
      Fragrance: Waterfall (Lemon, lime and ginger)
      Size: 300ml
      Price: 99pPrice: Bought from: Avon

      So who can resist the Avon lady in work? I actually like getting an Avon book, I have a look through as soon as I get it and try not to write anything on the paper order form until I have decided if I "really" need everything I have liked!! haha Then I still order too much stuff!

      Packaging and design:
      This hand wash comes in a tall curved bottle with a pump lid. The bottle is clear and you can see the liquid through it and the pump and lid match the colour of the liquid and label. The front of the label has a picture of a waterfall on it, very fitting since this one is called waterfall!! haha the colour of the water in the picture is actually a very close match to the colour of the liquid soap so that ties in very nicely. The front of the bottle has the following written on it "Avon Sense. Waterfall. Revitalising. Lemon, lime and ginger. Liquid soap. 300ml". So there you go, pretty much all you need to know to decide if you want to buy this. The back however is very text heavy and has details written in 14 different languages. The part in English that I can read at the top states "To use; Lather and rinse" further down is the list of ingredients, this however is VERY confusing. The list appears to be a combination of ALL languages. So you would have to pick out the ingredients in amongst all the foreign words, however this is not that easy when I can hardly tell what ones are in English as some of the "scientific" names are so hard to read so I'm not sure if they are English or not. Not ideal if you have an allergy and need to look for something specific! 1 star off for that. The pump hose is long and reaches to the very bottom of the bottle so you will be able to get every last drop out. The pump can be twisted to the left to close and the right to open. I like this as you can be sure that it won't get pressed down on the way home.

      Scent and cleaning abilities:
      So have you ever been in a water all that smells of lemon, lime and ginger? No, neither have I. Actually I haven't been in a water fall but I wouldn't have expected it to smell of lemon, lime and ginger unless it was an amazing Willy Wonka style cocktail filled waterfall. So aside from not expecting those particular scents to be described as "waterfall" I do really like the smell of this. It is citrusy and spicy and when I use it, I get a sense of being clean and fresh. We keep this bottle in the kitchen and we chose this scent as it is a fruity/foody scent. If I have been cooking or have touched raw chicken one pump of liquid is plenty to get my hands clean. If I have come in from the garden after cutting the grass I will pump it twice as I need to get actual visible dirt off me.

      Overall this is a good hand wash. It suits our needs and at 99p we will be buying another when it is finished, or nearly finished and is on offer in the Avon book again.


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        31.05.2013 17:55
        Very helpful




        I really love the Avon senses brand and have previously had one of the liquid soaps from the range, as there was an offer on a couple of months ago where it was 5 products for £5 I bought myself 4 shower gels and this liquid soap.

        I have 2 young children and a husband in my house and we go through quite a lot of handwash, now I know people say decant a cheap shower gel into a handwash bottle and it does the job just as well but I feel at £1 for a 300ml bottle I don't think this is going to break the bank.

        The product comes in a see through plastic bottle with a pump top on it, the pump top is a lovely bright blue colour as is the liquid inside which to me is a really pretty colour and really brightens up the bathroom. I love the striking colours of the senses range.

        To use the product you simply twist the pump to open once you have removed the plastic underneath to prevent tampering, after a few pumps the soap will begin dispensing, it did take a fair few pumps when we opened the bottle but after that the pump worked perfectly. You can reclose the pump by turning it back around however we leave it open in our house to make it easier for our 5 year old to use.

        You only need one pump of the soap to sufficiently wash your hands as an adult which is great as you don't use the bottle very quickly but also makes it easy for my daughter as she knows that one pump is enough for her hands after using the toilet. The soap smells gorgeous slightly fruity as there is some citrus smells to it but to be honest it hardly smells of anything.

        The soap is pretty thick but aslong as your hands are properly wet it lathers up really well and makes me feel that I am giving my hands a really good clean. The soap rinses off my hands easily but as my daughter has smaller hands we have found that a pump of the soap is actually a little too much so she ends up with too much lather and therefore it takes longer to rinse off her hands.

        After using this product my hands feel nice and soft and I don't find it drying at all, I have contact dermatitis so sometimes find that some handwashes aggravate this but the Avon liquid soaps claim to be gentler than normal soap which may be why this one is gentle enough for my hands. I love the smell of this product but it should be much stronger, I feel like my hands get a really good clean with this and will rate it 4 stars for it's lack of fragrance.


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        03.02.2013 13:13
        Very helpful



        Not much better than any cheap hand wash - apart from the pretty colour

        ===The front label on my bottle is slightly different to the image above but still the same colours===

        ===The Product===

        Avon Senses is a range of bath products.
        The one I am reviewing is Waterfall.
        Revitalising with lemon, lime and ginger.
        300 ml clear plastic bottle with bright royal blue pump action top - secured with a clear plastic ring.
        Front label has an image of blue waters and a waterfall.
        Bright royal blue coloured liquid.
        The gel is made in Poland and should be used within 12 months.
        Among the ingredients are glycerine, alcohol denat and parfum.
        Avon also sell a shower gel in the same fragrance.


        £2 full price but often on offer and are now 3 for £5.

        ===My Opinion===

        Avon's website states - 'With chamomile and witch hazel. Milder than soap, gently cleanses. Contains vitamin E. Dermatologically tested'.
        This brigth blue hand wash was one I purchased as an offer as 3 for £5. It has a matching shower gel in the same fragrance.
        The colour of the gel is good for a bathroom and would match many people's colour schemes.
        The pump action bottle is activated by removing the clear plastic ring around its neck - then you twist the top of the pump 45 degrees and hopefully it will depress (one of my bottles failed to work). You then have to pump a few times to get the gel up to the top.
        The gel is clear, colourful and quite thick. It comes out easily, lathers well and rinses quickly. Although not actuially moisturising it does leave your hands smoooth and not in any way dry. Only a small amount is needed to lather up and clean your hands - so it lasts well.
        After using the Lagoon handwash and really liking it the smell of this gel was disappointing.
        Why it should be called 'Waterfall' and then supposedly smell of Lemon, Lime and Ginger is anyone's guess - but do not worry because I could not detect any of those aromas in the gel. In fact it had very little fragrance and it did not smell on your hands at all after they had been dried. If there had been lemon, lime and ginger fragrances that you could detect it would have been quite appealing.
        It was not a bad fragrance - but one you could get from any cheap hand wash or shower gel - so definitely not one you would buy for the aroma.
        This could be used by men or women and it would be quite attractive in your bathroom. But apart from doing its job of cleaning your hands it had nothing special to offer and was no better than any other cheap one I have used.
        Not one I would bother buying again - you might as well get a 'value' one from the supermarket.

        ===Star Rating===

        3 stars - cleans your hands OK but not much of an aroma.

        ===Would I Recommend?===

        Yes, when on offer - but only if you like the colour.




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