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Body Shop Fruit Soaps Gift

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    2 Reviews
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      26.11.2014 14:26
      Very helpful


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      5 out of 5

      I was bought this bag of fruit soaps a while ago for a birthday and they were just lovely, I haven't been able to buy any since which is a shame as they were just lovely!

      They came in a bag and there were 5 different soaps in total. These were all designed to look and smell like a fruit. There was a banana, an apple, an orange, a lemon and a strawberry. I must admit that it was a little odd washing with something that smelt like a banana as it isn't a usual kind of scent that I would go for but it was quite nice!

      I think the nicest smelling of the soaps was the strawberry one, it was lovely and fresh smelling. When they were all in the bag it was hard to tell what they smelt like but that didn't affect them once you separated them. They still smelt their individual smells rather than a mix of them all.

      The soaps were really lovely to use as they were very cleansing and carried their lovely scents nicely whilst washing. Some soaps lasted longer than others, the banana one seemed to be used up faster and the apple lasted longest, I'm not sure why!

      I really liked these, I think the fact that they looked so different made them appealing and my grandchildren found them amusing too! They all smelt really lovely.

      I was pleased to receive these as a gift and would be quite happy to have them again.


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      13.08.2012 16:54
      Very helpful



      Lovely fruit shaped and smelling glycerine soaps

      ---Why I Buy These---

      Last year I can across many good offers with Body Shop online and stocked up on items for my gift drawer. These little bags of soaps were so cute I bought loads to give with presents as a little extra, and still have some left for myself.

      ---The Product---

      These small fruit soaps come in a cellophane packet. The back of the packet is green but the front is clear to allow you to see the fruit soaps inside.
      The packet is sealed by the top being folded over and a round Body Shop sticker in place to hold it closed.
      The pack contains five fruit soaps of 25 grams each.
      The bag is made in France while the soaps are made in the UK.
      The small back label states they have a 12 month shelf life and the label can be peeled back to reveal the full list of ingredients.
      The soaps are:
      *Tangerine - 1.5 inches with rough 'peel' and orange colour.
      *Banana - 3 inches long and a bright yellow colour.
      *Lemon - 2 inches long and with a rough 'peel'.
      *Strawberry - 2 inches long and with dimples to represent seeds, a dark red colour.
      *Apple - 1.5 inches, smooth 'peel' and a sage green colour.


      £3.50. This is full price but I always try and buy my Body Shop stuff when on offer on their website. Unfortunately these are no longer on their webiste so seem to be discontinued - but you may still find them in store on or Ebay.

      ---My Opinion---

      I think these are so cute and smell lovely. They are perfect minatures of the the fruits represented and made ideal little gifts. The smell coming from the packet is divine, but I must admt that once opened it is mostly the tangerine soap that has the storngest smell, while the others do not have such a strong smell at all. However I think the fact of their cuteness outweighs the fact that the strawberry and apple do not smell very much. The lemon and banana do have faint smells, but it is hard to distingush as after they have been in the bag with the tangerine one the smel sort of rubs off on all of them. For the money I think they are very good and are nice to just have out on display or even use in drawers to fragrance underwear or hankerchiefs.
      These are novelty soaps and are therefore made more for their appearance rather than being a long lasting bar of soap, but everyone I have given them to has been pleased with them.
      Body Shop also made a similar product which is a bag of five animals for the same price but I have not tried these at all. I find the little fruits are great for adding in with Birthday or Christmas gifts and suit any age - and if people don't want to keep them as novelties they can always just use them!
      These soaps are also great for kids party bags or if travelling as they are nice and small for your luggage.
      The soaps are made from glycerine and oils and are of the same quality as the larger size Body Shop bars on sale.
      I am sure children would love to keep these as novelties, I know years ago one of my sons had some little squirrel soaps from Avon that we had to keep until they just disintigrated!

      ---Star Rating---

      5 Stars.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes definitely.



      ---Review summary---

      Lovely novelty fruit soaps that make a great little gift for any age. Very realistic and with a lovely smell (especially the tangerine) these will scent your drawers or bathroom. Shame no longer on the website but may return in some form for Christmas.


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