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Bomb Cosmetics Jack the Rippler Soap

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2 Reviews

Brand: Bomb Cosmetics / Type: Soap

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    2 Reviews
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      29.11.2013 17:01
      Very helpful



      Not perfect, but a nice enough soap.

      Today I am going to review the Jack The Rippler natural soap by Bomb Cosmetics.

      Shopper's appeal
      I discovered Bomb Cosmetics a few years ago while browsing Amazon. I was looking for interesting body care products. Funny enough, soaps by this brand came up in the search when I typed in the famous soap brand Lush. When I had a voucher for Amazon, I was curious and wanted to find out whether the Bomb Cosmetics soaps could really stand up to Lush soaps, which I love dearly. I tried out two different soaps and liked them, so when I stumbled across a shop that sold Bomb Cosmetics soaps on my holiday in South England, I bought two more soaps. Since I really like raspberry-scented products, my choice fell on this particular soap.

      The packaging
      If you order this soap, it comes wrapped in see-through foil and is packaged in a brown little cardboard box. Since the shop I found this soup at was presenting the soaps lined up on a table without packaging, the soap was simply put in a nice little bag once I purchased it.
      So there was no further packaging except for the paper bag the shop provided. All other information about the soap I could look up online easily at bombcosmetics.co.uk.

      About the soap...
      The soap slice has a coconut coat that gently exfoliates. On the official website, the soap is said to contain "pure Coconut and Evening Primrose oil to moisturise and condition". The soap's scent is described as "a potent raspberry blast with a creamy, vanilla base".
      The soap par is about 9cm wide and 2cm thick. It's of a light pink colour with a white coconut coat. In the middle of the soap piece is a little swirl-like shape that seems to be made of another soap. Looks fun!

      My experiences
      I really loved this soap's look! Pink beauty products always catch my attention and this one looked especially great. The coconut coat promised a nice, gentle scrubbing effect and I was really looking forward to trying this product out.
      The soap smiled of raspberry quite nicely before I used it for the first time. The scent was gentle and sweet, but with a unique edge I couldn't really name.
      Upon using the soap under the shower I was slightly disappointed. The scent didn't turn out to be as great as I thought it would be. I was still able to smell the raspberry scent, but it now had a funky edge that smelled artificially - kind of like plastic. It's hard to describe, but the scent simply was kinda off and didn't envelope me.
      However, I was satisfied with everything else about the soap. It cleansed me nicely while providing a very gentle and pleasant scrubbing sensation. My skin felt really good afterwards - clean, but not deprived of moisture. I loved it! It was smooth and felt great after the shower.
      The soapbar lasted me about a month although I used it daily!
      My skin didn't show any negative reactions, but if you tend to have allergies or have very sensitive skin, check the list of ingredients before buying this product.

      The ingredients
      Aqua (Water), Propylene Glycol, Sodium Stearate, Glycerin, Sodium Laurate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sorbitol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Parfum (Fragrance), Sodium Chloride, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit, Stearic Acid, Lauric Acid, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Oil, Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Seed Oil, Pentasodium Pentetate, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Benzyl Benzoate, CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), CI 14700 (Red 4), CI 17200 (Red 33).

      The price
      At www.bombcosmetics.co.uk you can this soap and many other varieties for £2.49 a piece.

      I liked this soap and it cleansed me well. It was perfect for my skin! The scent pleased me at first, but then I felt like something about it was off. More raspberry scent and this product would be perfect altogether!


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      06.02.2008 13:10
      Very helpful



      Exfoliating soap from Bomb Cosmetics

      My third encounter with Bomb Cosmetics comes in the shape of a brilliantly titled soap 'Jack the Rippler'. Jack the Rippler is pink in colour like the previous contents of my box and is oblong shaped with a crusty looking pink topping. The best way to describe and compare is to look at Lush 'I should Coco' for something similar.

      Now soap for most people is either in a solid bar form or a liquid form which comes in pump action or squeezy bottles and is relatively non-descript and unexciting. My attitude to soap did change with my addiction and affection for all things brightly coloured and odd shaped with Lush and this is still the case. The only place in my house that is home to boring soap is the kitchen. My bathroom on the other hand is home to soaps in all different shapes and sizes to choose as your mood suits you and Jack the Rippler has been added to that feature.

      When it comes to pricing, some of the soaps from Bomb Cosmetics cost as little as £1.99 whereas Jack the Rippler retails at £2.49 for a 140g bar of soap admittedly Jack the Rippler is more expensive than the soaps sold within your high street stores and supermarkets but they are on par with soaps sold in places like Lush and The Body shop however Bomb Cosmetics soaps are slightly larger, so I would argue that in some cases you get more for your money. Also like Lush, Bomb Cosmetics give their products catchy names such as "Miss Pinkwhistle" and "Dope on a Rope".

      Jack the Rippler is an exfoliating soap and uses coconut flakes which are seen on the top of the soap to act as an exfoilator when used upon the skin. The Coconut flakes themselves are not harsh on the skin but when you are rubbing the soap across your skin you do notice the gently rubbing on the skins surface as the dead skin cells are removed.

      As you can probably guess this soap smells divine with a cross smell of both Coconut and Raspberry and this is because the main ingredient is coconut. The Coconut as I have mentioned can be found on the top of the soap which appear to be quite crispy to the touch but soften under water so exfoliating isn't as harsh on the skin. Secondly with Coconut oil this soap which is non-greasy and is absorbs readily into the skin and it also contributes to the amount of lather you get when rubbing the soap between your hands. Then finally there is Evening Primrose oil which is used for its enriching and rejuvenating properties when applied to the skin. There is a wealth of other ingredients to found within this soap and you can find them listed on the Bomb Cosmetic website.

      I use Jack the Rippler daily on my hands because when I am at work my hands are used to type, write, printer, fix the printer, chop paper and many other tasks which lead to my hands becoming quite dry and sore in places and moisturising cream on its own sometimes isn't enough to ease the dryness. Using an exfoliating soap like this or my previous favourite Lush Figs and Leaves, I have found that the dryness around my fingertips and palms has totally gone and the rest of my hands are much softer to the touch.

      When it comes to using this soap I ensure that there is some warm water in the sink bowl and then I placed my bar of soap into the water whilst I bathed my hands to allow it to soften slightly. The one good thing about having the coconut flakes on the top is that it is easy to keep a hold of once wet. Then as you gently rub the soap between my hands the lather was produced really quickly, much quicker than with Figs and Leaves by Lush and within a matter of seconds the white fluffy lather was enough to rub my hand together to begin exfoliating. The Coconut flakes themselves are very small in size and you can actually feel them rubbing on your skin and the harder you rub your skin whilst using it the more you can feel them. Once you have finished using the soap and have patted your hands dry you do notice the softness of your skin immediately and the lovely pleasant aroma which is left to linger upon your skin.

      This soap isn't just to be used on hands alone, it can be used on all parts of the body and although I have tended to use it on my hands predominately I have also used it on my legs twice since acquiring the soap and again the results were brilliant with the removal of dry skin upon my shins which is my problem area. I personally do only use this soap on problem areas such as my hands and shins but should you have other areas which are in need of attention then you shouldn't hesitate to try using it.

      The one thing I wanted from this soap is an immediate difference to the touch of my skin and I was very impressed to notice that almost all of the dry skin on my hands had gone and they were incredibly soft to the touch. I now use this soap on a daily basis, usually in an evening after finishing everything I needed to do whether it is at work or at home and after my hands feel better than they did just a few weeks ago, there is very little sign of them looking or feeling dry and chapped and having not used any hand cream for weeks I have also saved myself some money.

      For me there are no downsides to this soap, despite there being small coconut flakes upon the top of they are not left clinging to the sink bowl once you wash away the water after using.

      Overall I love this soap, it smells delightful and it works how I hoped it would work so for me this is a product I would definitely buy again without hesitation.

      For more information on Jack the Rippler and other products by Bomb Cosmetics then please visit their website for more information.


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      Lather up with this beautiful raspberry ripple fragrance and pure Coconut and Evening Primrose oil to moisturise and condition, a must have for your bathroom /

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