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Bomb Cosmetics Moby Wave Soap

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Brand: Bomb Cosmetics / Type: Anti Cellulite / Subcategory: Soap / What it does: Rejuvenates,

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    1 Review
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      22.04.2008 17:06
      Very helpful



      A massaging, exfoliating soap

      Browsing online is always a big mistake for me especially when I am not looking for anything in particular. My roving eye was drawn to the Bomb Cosmetics website as my stock becomes quite low and I want something new to try.

      This time I wanted some new soap for the bathroom, gone are the days when I go into my local supermarket and buy something ordinary looking and plain smelling. I now want something that smells invigorating and something that is quirky yet good for my sensitive skin. Now I know that soap isn't the worlds most exciting product and that it is never going to set the world on fire, but it does come in all shapes and sizes, in a variety of forms and it doesn't all have to smell the same and this is why I like places such as Lush and Bomb Cosmetics.

      Moby is the name of my new soap and if I am honest the reason I bought it was because I was intrigued. For anyone wanting to know why it is easier to read this review and then go and look for yourself. Moby is a bright pink coloured soap, so that is one box ticked because pink is my favourite colour. Not only is Moby pink but it has to be one of the strangest looking soaps that I have ever seen and describing it will not be an easy task. Looking at it you have a bar of soap with spikes on the top of it, long spikey spikes and these spikes are not soap, they are sponges and are soft to the touch and upon this soap there are nine spikes.

      This soap is designed to be a massaging sponge and the spikes are called fronds and it has been designed in such a way that you can use it in either the bath or shower as you would do with your normal soap. However when it comes to using this soap the massaging foam fronds when used upon the skin, usually in a circular motion which I find easier, will stimulate your circulation whilst at the same time gently exfoliating your skin and unlike other exfoliating soaps this one is much softer on your skin in that you can hardly feel the fronds removing the dead skin. I did assume I would have problems using this soap because of the odd shape, but nothing could be further from the truth, it was infact just as simple as using a normal bar of soap and once you have got the hang of using the fronds, you will notice that they are quite tough and not very easy to break.

      As always with Bomb Cosmetic each product has a very distinctive smell Moby is no different and with Geranium, Cedarwood and Lemon oils reputed to aid cellulite reduction the name Moby came about because this soap is supposed to stop making you feel like a whale... as in Moby Dick the whale, yes groan away. Back to the smell and the oils involved. Geranium and Cedarwood Oils are one of those uplifting oils which help to relieve stress and anxiety whilst upon the skin it helps to create balance between oily and dry skin. Lemon Oil for this purpose is used to help remove dead skin cells, which is one of its more common properties when being used in a product of this type. Then finally the last oil to mention is Eucalyptus Oil which helps to delicately clean the skin whilst acting as a soothing agent. There are a few more essential oils and ingredients to add to this list and they can be found on the Bomb Cosmetic website.

      When it comes to pricing, some of the soaps from Bomb Cosmetics cost as little as £1.99 whereas Moby retails at £3.99 admittedly Moby is more expensive than the soaps sold within your high street stores and supermarkets but they are on par with soaps sold in places like Lush and The Body shop however Bomb Cosmetics soaps are slightly larger, so I would argue that in some cases you get more for your money and they do last for quite a long time. In this case I have had my Moby for just over 2 months and it is showing no signs of shrinking.

      This soap isn't designed just to be used on hands alone, it can be used on all parts of the body and this is what I do, when I feel that I need something to exfoliate dead skin, particularly with the ever changing weather, I use Moby as that exfoliation product and the results were brilliant with the removal of dry skin particularly on my arms and legs which tend to be my problem area. It also works just as well on your hands. If you have a job like I do where you use your hands constantly and they get a little dry, this soap is a perfect little pick me up.

      The one thing I wanted from this soap is an immediate difference to the touch of my skin and I was very impressed to notice that almost all of the dry skin on my hands had gone and they were incredibly soft to the touch. I now use this soap on a daily basis, usually in an evening after finishing everything I needed to do whether it is at work or at home and after my hands feel better than they did just a few weeks ago, there is very little sign of them looking or feeling dry and chapped and having not used any hand cream for weeks I have also saved myself some money.

      For me there are no downsides to this soap, despite it being a little steep in price I am happy to pay for it because I like the smell which is a mixture of fruity and citrusy and the effects it has upon your skin are quite simply amazing for a soap. It doesn't dry out your skin and does what it is designed to do and remove dead skin cells, massage the skin and stops you feeling like a whale.

      Overall I love this soap, it smells delightful and it works how I hoped it would work so for me this is a product I would definitely buy again without hesitation.

      For more information on Moby and other products by Bomb Cosmetics then please visit their website for more information.


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    • Product Details

      Wave Soaps are a foam sponge with massaging fronds, the finest quality Glycerine soap enriched with essential oils / Contains geranium, cedarwood and lemon oils reputed to aid cellulite reduction /

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