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Clinique Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula

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2 Reviews

Brand: Clinique / Type: Face Oil / Subcategory: Soap / Cleanser / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    2 Reviews
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      25.02.2014 21:16



      not a product I would buy again

      A while back I was searching on the internet for products to help oily skin as I have it so bad and just cant find any brand or product that has actually helped and I've spent a fortune trying to find one and still cant. When searching this product came up. So what I thought about the product - expensive & boring. Just the brand imprinted at the top of the bar nothing with the wow factor however remembering it is just for your skin so anyway I used this product on a morning and on a night and after a few weeks I did see a small change in my skin but nothing dramatic as promised and no where near as good as what the reviews said online. Not only that the smell wasn't nice - I cant describe exactly what it was like but I just didn't like it and it didn't leave my face smelling oh so good either.

      I would be so grateful if anyone could recommend any products for oily skin that actually has been tried and tested by yourself and have seen the good results I would be ever so grateful :)


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      16.07.2011 15:03
      Very helpful



      Overpriced facial soap - you'd be better off with babywipes

      Back in the days when my step-brother used to be travelling back and forth from America quite frequently, I used all my wiles to persuade him to pick me up cosmetics in the duty free departments of the various airports he visited. After a while, he got so used to my cajolings that he didn't even need to be reminded of the brands I favoured and he'd just take the initiative and buy me a few bits and bobs, which was how I came by this. I also got a massive bottle of the purpley toner, but I don't think they were part of a set.

      ~*~Who is it for?~*~

      People with oily skin. The clue is rather in the name with this one. I wouldn't really describe myself as having oily skin - particularly now I'm into my thirties - but I do have combination skin; my nose and chin can be oily and at certain times of the month and in winter (when I'm spending more time indoors) the rest of my face can be too.

      ~*~What's the packaging like?~*~

      I'm no longer the huge fan of Clinique that I once was, but I do like their packaging. Understated and classy, it looks good on a bathroom shelf or in a washbag. An added bonus with this packaging is that it was quite functional: the soap tray slots into a little container so the soap can't rub against things inside your bag and get all icky.

      ~*~How does it work?~*~

      I'll be honest with you Dooyooers, it's a worry that I'm having to explain the principles behind operating a bar of soap but some of you may be dirty brutes so I'll crack on. In theory you moisten the bar of soap with some tepid water, rub it between your hands to get a lather and then massage that gently on your face. After a couple of minutes you rinse it off. In theory you should now be all squeaky clean and ready to embark on stage 2 of Clinique's oddly dictatorial cleansing regime. The reality is that this is where the wheels kind of come off the wagon. When I rinse this off my skin always feels like it's been aggressively cleaned (you know that tight, almost raw feeling?) but I find that my make-up has rarely been thoroughly removed. Even when using non-waterproof mascara I still have the 'panda eyes' effect. If I run a babywipe over my face after using this soap I can usually see a few faint traces of make up and I'm not someone who cakes on heavy foundation and concealer.

      Once I've dried my face the feeling of tightness intensifies to the point where it's slightly uncomfortable and unpleasant. Even the areas of my face that are oily feel like they've been scrubbed with ethanol and a Brillo pad. After 2 or 3 days of using this on the trot I find that the skin on my nose starts peeling and flaking, almost as if I've got sunburn.

      Mind you, I would be prepared to overlook all of this if the soap was really good, but it just isn't. Looks wise, it's not dissimilar to a bar of Wright's Coal Tar Soap (now, there's a blast from the past) and it doesn't smell that far removed from it either. It has absolutely no effect on blackheads or the areas of my face that are oily. As it goes, a few days after I stop using this I think the oiliness actually temporarily increases as if it's my skin's way of protesting about the harsh treatment it's had to endure.

      ~*~Should you buy it?~*~

      For the love of God, no! Mine was a gift but I see Boots are selling it for £12. That's TWELVE QUID. For a bar of soap. If you really can't find better things to spend twelve of your hard-earned pounds on, then send the money to me and I'll put it to good use for you. I use Tesco sensitive facial wipes which are less than a quid and do an infinitely better job than this soap ever will.

      Additionally, Clinique was the chosen skincare brand of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. If that isn't enough to put you off, I don't know what is.


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