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Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild

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7 Reviews
  • emoves dirt and make-up with ease
  • reasonably priced
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    7 Reviews
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      15.11.2014 11:28
      Very helpful


      • " 3 step system has improved my skin"
      • " reasonably priced"
      • "emoves dirt and make-up with ease"


      • none

      Step 1

      I bought this Clinique liquid facial soap extra-mild a while ago from Boots.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      This liquid facial soap is available from Boots or online at boots.com for £15.50 for 200ml.

      ~ Clinique’s 3 step skincare system ~
      This Clinique liquid facial soap is part of Clinique’s 3 step skincare system.
      This is step 1 and step 2 is a clarifying lotion or a toner and step 3 is a moisturiser. Each step is made for different skin types so there are lots of options to choose from.

      ~ In use ~
      I have found this liquid facial soap to be very effective.
      The dispenser pump has to be twisted on to release the soap and off again to stop the soap from being released by accident. It dispenses a good amount of soap.
      The soap is white in colour. I have found that a little goes a long way and you don’t need to use much of this facial soap to get a good coverage.
      It feels creamy, like soap does, but is quite thin in consistency and it doesn’t really lather up. If you rub it between the palms of your hands it just looks white and creamy. It doesn’t produce a soapy lather. It feels very gentle on my skin.
      You can rinse the soap off your skin or I have found that with it being so thin you can just wipe it off or wipe it over your skin with a cotton wool pad.
      It removes dirt and make-up from my skin with ease and it leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.
      It has a light scent, which is pleasant and quite soapy, but it is very subtle on my skin.
      I thought I’d buy the extra-mild facial soap for very dry to dry skin because the skin on my face can be quite dry and I wanted to use the mildest soap possible on it as there is nothing worse than a soap that makes your skin feel really dry.
      I like this soap, but I could just as easily have got away with using the mild soap, which is for skin type 2 dry combination, in the Clinique 3 step skincare system.
      The soap doesn’t leave my face feeling dry at all.
      I use this before toning and moisturising and I do think that my skin has improved since starting to use the 3 step skincare system. My skin looks brighter and I suffer less breakouts.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      I think this facial soap is really good.
      It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.
      I think it is a reasonable price. I would expect to pay around £15.00 for a product like this by Clinique.
      It works well and is a nice product to use. I like to use this as part of Clinique’s 3 step skincare system. I have found that my skin has improved in appearance since using this skincare system.


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      28.02.2014 22:20
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      nice but expensive

      This is a product I have bought several times over the years(when I can afford) so I was surprised to discover I hadn't reviewed it

      **Getting the right product for you**
      There is quite a large selection to chose from so I do recommend getting help from the person on the clinque counter. I have on occasion had samples of the mild one and It breaks me out . Its surprising what a difference that one little word saying extra makes

      **The brand**
      This is generally quite an expensive brand that can be found on line and in department stores.

      The bottle looks just like the picture. I quite like the bottle having the dispenser pump as I think that it looks quite classy.

      **In use**
      This product forms step one of three from clinque. I use this with the mild clarifying lotion and then a face cream such as burts bees( allergic to the dramatically different lotion after being okay with the first two bottles I tried off it). I do think the product is great as it is non drying and I can get away with using it twice a day. This leaves your skin feeling cleansed and I must admit bottles of this always go quicker than step two as I sometimes use it by itself. This doesn't work as well taking off make up but its not really designed for that so I wont mark that down.Two little pumps of this is all that is needed for your face,it does look creamy but it doesn't really lather that much.
      .Again I want to summarise the importance of making sure you get the proper facial soap for your skin as even going from extra mild to mild made me break out.

      I like this and think that it works well however the price tag does put me off buying regularly. I think for me long as I buy a nice face cream this isn't essential as much as I would like it to be around £15 a time plus what you pay for step 2 makes it expensive.


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        21.08.2011 22:37
        Very helpful



        A facial wash product that works well

        ~A mild and gentle cleansing product that works well!~

        A short time ago I was lucky enough to have been offered the chance to trial some of the range of Clinique skin care products that form part of Clinique's 3 step skin care range of products. The Clinique Liquid Facial Soap was one of the products I received as part of the '3 Step Challenge' pack that arrived for me to try and I was keen to see what kind of results each of the products would produce once in use on my skin. The mild nature of the liquid facial soap should mean that it is suitable for a wide variety of skin types and having used the product I found it was mild and light yet left my skin feeling smooth, soft and very clean which I was more than pleased with.

        ~Clinique's directions for use~

        Using fresh clean tepid water, lightly lather up the Liquid Facial Soap between the palms of your hands.
        (Although in use I found that the soap didn't lather up all that much which was something I liked).

        Next begin to massage the liquid soap/ water mix all over your face/ throat, then rinse and gently pat your skin dry. (Which I found quick and easy to do with no mess or fuss at all).

        For best results try to use the wash twice daily.
        (I found that using the wash in the morning and at night produced the best results)

        After using the liquid soap follow up with the step 2/ 3 Clinique products recommended for your skin type.
        (Products I used were a clarifying lotion plus the 'Dramatically Different' moisturizing lotion from trial pack).

        ~Product presentation and ease of use~

        The facial soap product that I have had in use came packed in a simple light olive green coloured plastic squeezy tube which was simple to handle and use as required when washing with the soap product. The plain olive green plastic lid was easy to place back on to the tube of face wash after use, as it screwed back on with ease. The Clinique logo and product name were clearly displayed on the front of the product tube making it easy to see which of the trio of skin care products I was using. The back of the tube had an ingredient list header, which merely directed the user towards seeking out a larger sized bottle of the liquid soap which would have a list of ingredients printed on it.

        I felt this failure to provide a list of the contents of the tube was a little lacking, however as the tube I had was part of a special challenge pack I can only think that the producers of the soap felt it was not overly important. There was a very short sentence on the back of the tube which stated that the product was the first step in the 3 part system that could be used twice a day to cleanse the skin. The idea of this product is that it is able to gently cleanse your skin without stripping it of 'protective lipids' according to information given out by Clinique, whilst also preparing your facial skin for the follow up step which is the clarifying process.

        Having used the product to wash my face with I was not suprised to find that the liquid soap was almost clear and colour free when I first placed a little of it on to my hands in order to wash my face with. The fragrance given off by the liquid soap is very lightly scented and reminds me of a combination of tee tree and believe it or not shandy! I really have no idea why it has that scent as it does seem an odd combination for a facial wash product, yet I can say that once you splash your face with cool water and massage in just a very small half penny sized blob of liquid soap on to your skin the feeling of the product is that it is refreshing and lightly cleansing.

        ~Soft, mild and soothing~

        Not only does the liquid soap not sting or burn slightly sensitive skin when in direct contact with it, I found that it actually seemed to give off a very nice soothing action once I had washed it off lightly and carefully dried my skin with a fresh clean towel. Once I had allowed my facial skin to dry fully it felt nice and clean as well as being super soft and smooth all at the same time and just to remind myself of that I must admit to having had a quick wash with the product prior to writing this review, so as to have the effects of the product clear in my mind. So as I sit here writing this review, with a freshly cleaned smooth and soothed complexion, I can honestly say that this is a very nice facial cleansing product that I will most certainly consider in future as it really does leave skin feeling fresh, soft and clean.

        ~No annoying foamy bubbles to sting your eyes with!~

        One thing I have noticed about this product is that it doesn't seem to make much of a lather when mixed with water, so there are no super sized foamy bubbles to get into your eyes when massaging the soap in to your skin to give your face a nice clean finish. I also find that due to the lack of foam the wash is easier to rinse off which again makes it something that is a pleasure to use as you don't need to mess about rinsing your skin for ages after washing with this product. Over all I would have to say that this is a very nice product that will suit a wide range of skin types as is it quick to use, has a mild feel and works well. I have had no ill effects when using the wash to cleanse my skin with, which makes me feel it has lived up to it's name as it has felt extra mild and cleans rather well too.

        ~3 variations of soap to suit most skin types~

        The full sized pump action bottle that you get from Clinique holds a full 200mls of product, which may not seem all that much, however I must say that in use as you need so very little of the product in order to get really good results, it should last some time before you need to purchase another bottle. The nice thing about the product is that it also comes in either a extra mild, mild or oily skin variants meaning there should be a wash product to suit most women. When using this product along side the other 2 products in the 3 step range you really can notice a distinct difference to skin tone over the course of a week or so, although if you only want to use the liquid soap as I have done from time to time as a stand alone product, it still produces very good results.

        ~Cost and product rating~

        As far as the cost of the product goes once again with this being a premium branded Clinique item it is not as cheap as many high street face wash products, yet at £14.00 for 200mls it will last a long time when in use, which over time does make you feel you are getting reasonable value for money. Having thought about the effect the product has during and after use, as well as the easy way it handles so well when mixed with a light splash of cool water, I feel the product is worthy of a 4 star rating. Had the product been a little cheaper to buy I feel it would appeal to even more women, as once you have tried even a small sample of the product you can instantly feel your skin is softer and smoother with a nice fresh feel. Well done Clinique, this mild liquid soap offers the user a very nice way to end up with clean soothed, smoothed facial skin!


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          03.01.2009 19:41
          Very helpful



          Absolutely the best cleanser i have tried for sensitive skin!

          I began using Clinique Liquid Mild Facial Soap when i first became a firm believer in Clinique products, especially their 3 step skincare system. However last year i had an allergic reaction to a food, which left my skin irritated and red. I was forced to look for the mildest cleanser on the market, and decided to stick with my favorite brand (clinique). I did not know that clinique offered an 'extra' mild cleanser, and therefore i was ecstatic when i came across it. The product costs a very worth-it $20(approximately) for a 6.7oz. bottle.

          The packaging is Cliniques signature clean green shade that looks as calm and gentle as the product itself. The pump-type applicator is perfect and convenient and it is easy to use after you've washed off your make-up and need to find the cleanser with your eyes closed, this is perfect for times like this. Having sensitive skin naturally i needed a product that wouldnt irritate it, cause breakouts, or dry it out like many other facial cleansers i have used in the past. However i still needed a product strong enough to clean deep down in the pores to keep my skin glowing and healthy without breakouts.

          This cleanser promised to be mild and gentle, non-comodegenic (non- pore clogging),and will not dry skin out or irritate the most sensitive skin types. I was very intrigued by this promise and was determined to try this for myself after the lady at the clinique counter had fully sold me the entire 3 step skincare system and afew cosmetics to top it all off and blow a nice sized hole in my wallet. I was pleased that the mild cleanser did as it promised by providing the gentlest cleansing possible while still cleaning deep down into my pores.

          The only downside to this product is that is does not remove make-up, which makes it a slight inconvenience. You have to fully remove all your make-up using a facial wash or eye make-up remover before using the mild facial soap. Once you have fully cleansed off your make-up, you can then take a small dollop in your palm and rub it between your fingers to warm it before applying it to your face in a circular motion. I like to begin by using warm water on my face to enlarge my pores to ensure deeper cleaning and better effectiveness when you use the cleanser.

          The product is light and you only need a tiny drop for your whole face and it will produce the most delightful suds that actually feel like when you rub it over your skin because it is so
          gentle. And because you only need a drop, this bottle will last a long time. An added benefit is that it actually smells really light and fresh, like a crisp clean tub of laundry drying in a spring breeze (thats the best way i can describe it). Therefore nothing about this product is irritating, rather it is a pleasurable experience that feels like a relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatment for your face.

          The product rinses off effortlessly in an instant, that is another thing i really love about this product, no scrubbing required! It rinses off so cleanly and doesn't leave any residue behind on your skin. Once you have completely rinsed the product off, your skin feels so incredibly soft, smooth and clean. I love the feeling of my skin right after i dry my face because it is not the least bit irritated or dry, rather it feels moist, soft, smooth and comfortable. I then proceed with the rest of the 3 step skincare system which includes the clarifying toner and dramatically different moisturizing lotion. Also, for the best results use the product or the 3 step system twice daily for optimal skin benefits.

          I definately recommend this product for anyone of any age, and skin type. The product is so gentle and effective that it will practically work for anyone, however it is best to use it in conjunction with the 3 step skincare system and speak to the clinique consultant for the cleanser thats best for your age, and skin type.


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            25.10.2008 20:41
            Very helpful



            a very gentle cleanser but it does the job


            I have always preferred a soap and water approach to washing my face as opposed to a cream cleanser but as I have got older my skin has become much drier and so I began searching the internet to try and find something which would cleanse without drying. I had read a lot about Clinique and it's 3 step regime of skincare of cleanse, clarify and moisturise so decided to give it a try.
            There was a Clinique stand at my local department store which to my delight had a special offer on of buy one full size product from the 3 step range and get the other two as free samples. Always one for a bargain I thought that'll do me!

            The Clinique assistant told me she would ask me 8 questions about my skin and the answers would be fed into a computer which would then determine which products would be best suited to my skin.
            1 Eye colour
            2 Natural hair colour
            3 How quickly does the skin tan in the sun
            4 What is the skins natural colour without a tan
            5 Size of pores ( invisible, small, medium or large)
            6 How often skin has breakouts of spots
            7 Is skin oily, dry or combination
            8 Do you have surface facial lines
            The computer recommended I try the mild liquid cleanser, mild clarifying lotion and dramatically different moisturiser. I opted to buy the full size cleanser and get the clarifying lotion and moisturiser as the free samples.

            After using the cleanser for a few weeks I found it wasn't making any difference to the dryness on my face and decided when it ran out to try the next one down in the range the extra mild. I ordered it from feelunique at a cost of £11.95 for 200mls which was considerably cheaper than the department store where I paid £13 for 100mls. It came in a pale green bottle with a pump action dispenser. It is also available in a bar of soap form for those who prefer that method.
            On the first application I noticed it was a completely different consistency than the mild cleanser being more of a liquid cream and white in colour. I used a blob about the size of a 10p piece and began working it in to my dampened skin. It didn't lather up at all and at first I thought it wasn't going to be any good and was tempted to add more. However I persevered and found ,although there was no lather ,it still spread around my face and neck reasonably well. When I began rinsing it off my skin felt moisturised almost as though I had used a cream cleanser. After drying my face I was a bit worried it would feel greasy but it didn't. It felt thoroughly cleansed, moisturised and smoother compared to all the other cleansers I had tried . Particularly around the eye area, where it always felt very dry after cleansing, I noticed also felt much more supple and moisturised.

            I have been using this cleanser for around a month now and I am pleased with the effect it has on my skin and also the fact that I have had no problems with breakouts of spots around the nose area where my skin is slightly more greasy. I thought maybe with this being more moisturising I may have seen more open pores or blackheads in this area but up till now everything is fine.
            I would recommend the extra mild cleanser to anyone who has very dry, sensitive or mature skin and who prefers the soap and water method of cleansing.

            I thought , in my case. the computer analysis of my skin wasn't quite right but a useful indicator of which products might be suitable when trying for the first time. But if you would like to take the questionaire yourself go to www.clinique.co.uk where you will also find an option to discover which foundation is most suited to your skin colour based on your answers.
            I started using this cleanser in May and am now down to the dregs of the bottle so it has lasted me just over three months. Not bad for £11.95. I found it difficult to get the last of the cleanser up through the pump so I removed the top and added a couple of drops of water, gave it a good shake and I had enough to last another week without compromising the quality of the product.

            I hope this has been useful and thank you for reading


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              18.07.2008 05:34
              Very helpful



              This is an overall nice product to use, its user friendly, but its also quite expensive.

              I bought this from boots for the free gift and the points, its not something I would normally use and my normal skin care regime consists of soap, water, towel and a moisturiser so this whole skincare thing was new to me.

              I thought it would be an effort to change, but in terms of using the facial soap, it really was not. I found this very easy to dispense onto my hands, I only need two squirts in my hands and onto my face.

              It does produce a lather for me- not to the same extent as soap, but it feels a great deal softer, and rinses off very quickly. I was worried about it being hard to remove- sort of like fairy liquid is if poured undiluted onto hands, but this product is really different- it comes off with two or three splashes of water. Very easily.

              It has a very mild scent, sort of minty, but its not to the point where its as strong as chewling gum, it sort of smells relaxing. I actually love the scent -and normally I cannot stand mint, so this must have something else in it!! (lol)

              It does not leave my face feeling as dry as soap does- it had been something I had gotten used to, but I am glad now to be rid of. My skin feels soft and comfortable after drying it.

              I do follow through with the toner, which as another reviewer pointed out, does still get rid of further amounts of unremoved makeup and dirt, so obviously although the cleanser gets rid of something, it doesnt get rid of all of it. Though I did speak to a skincare specailist from the dermalogica range where they say you must wash your face with cleanser twice each time, once to remove surface dirt, once to remove deeper dirt, it does seem to make a difference when I do this. But I have to admit to being a perfectionist and saying there is still some dirt-albeit much less dirt, which comes away on cotten wool with the cleaner.

              I am halfway through this massive full sized bottle, its so far lasted me a month and a half. But I do not use it sparingly and do occassionaly wash twice an evening. (In the morning I do not use this at all, I just rinse.) I think this will last about 3 or 4 months a bottle. It was £14 at full price (I did get many boots points with this though!) so thats around £3.50 a week or 50p a day. Pricey but I would buy this again if I had the money.


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                28.01.2008 12:00
                Very helpful



                An extra mild liquid soap for dry skin from Clinique.

                While I was at University I didn't pay much attention to my skin, cleansing for me involved using a 89p a bar soap that was recommended to me by a friend. Since leaving University I've noticed that my facial skin has been going quite dry, especially during the winter months, and decided as I'm no longer what you'd call a spring chicken it's time to start taking care of my face! I bought a couple of Clinique products last year and thought they were really good so decided to invest in their Extra Mild Liquid Soap.

                The Brand

                Clinique is advertised as a premium brand of make up and skin care products which is currently stocked at Boots, Debenhams, Selfridges and other department stores. The range is quite exclusive and certainly at the higher end of the market with prices ranging from £10 to £30 depending on the product; eye shadows retail at around the £11 mark and foundations at around the £18 mark to give you a couple of examples. All products are allergy tested and fragrance free so it's really good for sensitive or troubled skin.

                The Product

                The liquid soap comes in typical Clinique packaging which consists of a very pale green bottle with a light green pump head for easy usage. The Clinique logo is imprinted on the front of the bottle along with the product name and the skin type it's best suited to. I much prefer the liquid soap to an actual bar of soap as that can get a little gooey and does tend to make a mess in a soap dish.

                The soap itself is white in colour which gives a very clean and hygienic look to it and there's very little smell to it as all Clinique products are fragrance free. It's the liquid version of the Clinique famous dermatologist developed bar soap. This particular one is Extra Mild which is best suited to very dry or dry skin, it also comes in a Mild and an Oily form depending on your skin type.

                To dispense the product simply press down on the pump once and this will give you just enough soap. The pump action is really handy as it avoids any hassle or spillages that you'd incur with a screw on bottle top and it can be turned to lock the pump feature if you want to carry it around in a bag. One "pump down" will dispense just enough soap to wash your face with so it guides you on the right amount to use.

                The Result

                I've been using the Extra Mild Liquid Soap for nearly a month now and I've been left with mixed impressions. During my time using it I wouldn't say my skin has appeared overly dry so therefore it's not damaged it in the same way that soaps have in the past. However I would say that it has left me very slightly more prone to spots than I've been previously - I haven't changed anything else in my make up regime so can only assume that this is due to the soap.

                My main concern with the Liquid Soap is that it just doesn't lather up at all as it's more like a cream soap which doesn't always leave my face feeling the most cleansed. I use it in conjunction with a Clinique Clarifying Lotion and find that when I use this there's still quite a lot of make up residue on my face suggesting the soap alone is not enough to thoroughly clean my face.


                The soap retails at £13.00 for a 200ml bottle which isn't bad value for the Clinique range. I've been using it for nearly a month and tend to use it twice daily, based on this routine I'd predict that a bottle will last me just under three months. It hasn't damaged my skin in any way and it does feel more moisturized than it used to, although I have incurred a couple more spots during my time using it although this may be down to January blues and tiredness after Christmas!

                Will I be buying this again? At the minute I'm undecided, if I hear of a better product to try I'd probably opt for that (so any suggestions would be most welcome) but I may well go back to Clinique in the future. I know other people that have used this in the past and raved about it so it may well be down to personal preference or your skin type - I would recommend trying it if you are looking for a new cleanser or soap that won't damage your skin.

                Thanks for reading.


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              • Product Details

                All the benefits of Clinique's famous dermatologist-developed facial soap in a new liquid formula. Preps skin for the exfoliating action of Clarifying Lotion. Convenient pump dispenses just the right amount.

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