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Dirty Soap

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Brand: Lush / Type: Soap

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    2 Reviews
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      10.03.2013 22:17
      Very helpful



      One of Lush's more masculine scented soaps

      Lushy 'Dirty' Solid soap

      "Sometimes you have to get Dirty to get clean
      A blue bar of Dirty Soap, for when you want a quick wash that will leave you smelling of spearmint, sandalwood, pine and oakmoss. Use for layering with the rest of our Dirty range, to leave you top to tail irresistible."

      Lush as most people know is a company that make different toiletries and are firmly committed to creating eco friendly products. They are vehemently against animal testing and try to buy Fair trade ingredients and use natural ingredients where they can.

      I love Lush as I really support their views re animal testing and find the staff in the shops to be enthusiastic, well informed and so keen to share the benefits and excitements of their products with you and they are NEVER pushy.

      This is a soap I managed to get in the 50% off after Christmas sale when I spent probably more than I should have just to try a few more of Lush's lovely products. As it costs £4.10 for 100g I was more than pleased to get the 50% off. In fact I actually did even better as the chunk that was cut off was less than 100g so they gave it to me free as they can't sell less than 100g.

      The soap is a lovely deep blue colour made in a rectangular block and is probably one of the simplest shapes of Lush soap I have seen. In a darker blue the word 'Dirty' is printed on the top but on my chunk it isn't evident at all.

      This soap is made from a palm free base and Lush have worked hard to highlight the dangers of forest destruction to plant oil palm and the fact that this destroys the natural habitat of animals such as the orang-utan.

      The soap has no animal products so is Vegan friendly and of course being Lush it has had no ingredients tested on animals.

      There is a really nice colour and the soap smells strongly of spearmint like the rest of the Dirty range. It is in my mind more of a manly sort of scent and probably not one I will buy again as although it is a nice soap there are so many others I prefer.

      .I love the creamy lather and my husband said he likes this one better than many others so I allowed him to take it over. My rectangular chunk was initially quite sharp at the edges but it soon softened and became comfortable to use. I had cut my piece into half as the piece was quite large and I prefer to change my soap scents often so cut mine up smaller bits. That way I can use a different smell each week and it is always fresh and new.

      I notice in the ingredients that they include both rapeseed and coconut oil so that is why I feel quite moisturised after using this. It lathers quite well and I found that it is quite soft so once my husband started to use it the soap disappeared quite quickly.

      Interestingly like a lot of Lush soaps this also contain salt Sodium chloride is simply salt. Salt is stimulating, cleansing, antiseptic and astringent. It is softening for the skin and also apparently hydrates the skin when used in moderation. It is also full of minerals, softens the water and helps to de -grease the skin, removes dead cells yet it leaves the natural oils so that your skin is left feeling soft and moisturised yet clean.

      This does sadly have the chemical Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is a questionable chemical agent often found in bathing products but if you are concerned you need to check.

      All Lush soaps are a bit more in price than you might buy a bar of soap from other places but they do feel a bit more luxurious to use. I am not sure I would buy this at full price but as mine was a true bargain I was happy to share it with my husband. If you like fresh spearminty scents then give this a try.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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        19.11.2012 08:45
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Dirty soap from Lush

        Just over a year ago, Lush launched their new Dirty range. This included a shower gel, toothy tabs (solid toothpaste), soap, body spray, hair cream and shaving cream. Originally aimed at men, I've actually tried the whole range because I really like it!

        The Dirty soap is deep blue, like the rest of the range. Suitable for vegans, it cost £4.10 for 100g. The soap is designed to be used with the rest of the range to layer up, and smells of spearmint, sandalwood, pine and oakmoss. At least, that's the idea: all I could smell was a sweet spearmint scent that was a little too sickly for me.

        Lush make this soap, and all of their other soaps, without palm oil as production of this oil endangers the rainforests and may be contributing to global warming. Instead, the base of the soap is made up of rapeseed oil and coconut oil.

        The blue soap looks pretty on the side of the sink and lathers up well when I go to wash my hands. My hands always feel thoroughly clean after use - the soap works well and is pleasant to use.

        Unfortunately, the soap seems to wear out quickly. It isn't exactly cheap to begin with, and it doesn't last very long. I'm not particularly keen on the scent either, though this is a matter of personal preference. I really like most of the Dirty range, but the spearmint scent of the soap is a bit much for me and I feel as though it will give me a headache if I smell it too much. I prefer Lush's previous mint-scented soap, Ice Blue.

        Overall, I'm not marvellously keen on this soap, mainly because of the scent and the speed at which it wears out. However, that's no reason to avoid it yourself if you like the sound of it.


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