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Femfresh Soap Free Wash

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9 Reviews

Brand: FemFresh / Type: Wash / Subcategory: Soap / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Refreshes,

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    9 Reviews
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      09.05.2013 13:14
      Very helpful



      Delicate wash for delicate parts!

      I tried Femfresh as I have found that since using the contraceptive pill, my downstairs area can get irritated and more prone to infections than previously. Femfresh is a gentle product which helps clean and soothe lady parts.

      Smell and application:

      Femfresh has a very light scent which is pleasant and not overly strong. This is exactly the way I would want the product as if it were heavily scented, I doubt it would be so gentle.
      The bottle is an excellent design as it allows you to squeeze out only the small amount that is needed each time. It is easy to squeeze so doesn't lead to the problem of wasted product at the bottom of the bottle that can't be squeezed out.


      I have found that Femfresh wash does exactly what it is designed to do. It allows for a good wash to my pink bits without any irritation. It leaves me feeling clean and ladylike and the smell of the product is pleasant without being overpowering.

      Value for money and packaging:

      The packaging of Femfresh is discrete and I think, for the most part, would only be recognised by other women. The name of the product and the fact that it's a feminine hygiene product are only evidence from the front of the bottle. I tend to just turn the bottle round in the shower so visitors can't see the name.
      At £3.69 for 250ml Femfresh wash is excellent value as it lasts a long time. I use the product every day and find that a bottle will last 3-4 months. I think that comfort for delicate parts is worth paying for!


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      02.06.2012 19:28
      1 Comment



      Clean that area

      Right now ladies, or men for that matter of fact! (yes men can actually use it too :] ) genitals are always a big issue on male and females minds all the time such as worring about how it looks etc but to have to ponging away is probably the worst! It works amazing for every situation! Sexual encounters, seeing the dr or even just for hygiene it works amazing! The bottle lasts ages to, I use a pea size drop on my hands and lather it in to a foam and wash in the nessecary regions. So only using that much and spending that much is just like a steal! It's natural scent is pure and simple and gives off that refreshing odour, I know some ladies or men wash there gentials with normal soap but do they know that's a real big chance you'll get thrush! Ouch! Some ladies are embarressed to go and buy the product but think women get periods and they don't smell holy! It's nice to have a good wash! Personal femfresh is amazing a must for a womens or men's bathroom!


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        12.04.2012 14:17
        Very helpful



        Femfresh wash

        During my recent pregnancy I had a case of thrush which I had never had before. It was unpleasant and not very comfortable and although its a natural thing that most women have from time to time it made me feel a bit unclean shall we say and so I decided to start using a feminine wash I'm in the shower to give me a fresher, cleaner feeling. It's recommended that you don't really use regular shower gels when washing your private parts as this is sometimes the problem and one of the causes of thrush as it upsets the natural balance of the area but if you don't use a shower gel its hard to get nice and clean down there.

        I found this feminine wash in Boots next to all the sanitary towels and tampons. Its gentle enough to use as a daily wash which is nice as it means I can use it in the shower everyday. The reason why I chose this particular wash is because it has a really nice smell. It contains extracts of camomile and aloe vera and has a nice somewhat fruity scent to it although its not sickly or overpowering as I think you just want something fresh and clean smelling.

        According to the bottle this wash has been specially formulated to cleanse intimate skin whilst helping maintain a healthy pH-balance. The low pH of the intimate area helps to protect against irritation and this can be upset by ordinary washes and shower gels. I do find this wash very pure and it does not sting or anything. I like how I smell after using it and so far so good, I have had no more thrush and I do feel nice and clean everyday now. The wash is thick but not as thick as a regular body gel or wash in my opinion. I do find that it lathers up well and a little goes a long way and anyway I don't like to use too much anyway, just a little bit does the job perfectly well.

        This wash is hypoallergenic and soap free and has also been gynaecologically tested so I feel safe knowing that it has been tested and approved by professionals especially in an intimate area. A 250ml bottle costs £2.99 which is a little bit more expensive than a regular body wash but as you just use it in one place and only a little a time it will last for quite a while and is a feminine wash I recommend.


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        04.03.2012 14:38
        Very helpful



        Feminine hygiene product with balanced PH levels

        I shower every other day and wash in between at the sink.
        I don't wash my hair everyday or the natural oils we have will be washed away which means your hair can get greasy quick.
        With this Feminine hygiene product it is a staple item in my routine.

        THE WASH:
        Femfresh Intimate Wash is for women with sensitive areas which need something very subtle and neutral to clean without irritation.
        This product is the perfect answer for those struggling to find something.

        Most people think this product is just for the "feminine" area, but I use it all over.
        It makes for a great all over wash if you have sensitive skin.
        This product is designed to keep a woman clean and fresh with being specially designed to rid of odour.
        If your skin is sensitive, this product is perfect for you.

        I prefer to wash with a flannel or a shower puff.
        Applying this to a shower puff lets a small amount of the product to lather up and you can wash your entire body with it.
        The foam it creates isn't too thick and hard to wash away when you're clean which is a great property.
        As this is odourless, I like to wash the top half of my body with a scented shower gel afterwards, just to feel and smell good.

        This product is HYPOALERGENIC and soap free which is suitable for sensitive areas.
        It's balanced in PH levels which means it's been made as neutral as possible to keep from any irritation.
        The bottle tells us that it has been Dermatologically and Gynaecologically tested for using on intimate areas for women.
        I think the best part about this product is that it isn't scented.
        There is a slight fresh smell coming from it with is the camomile and aloe vera which is soothing and comforting.

        Maybe one day they will make a male version for men with sensitive areas.

        I don't see why a man couldn't use this too.
        If you have a sensitive area which would require a very subtle but worthwhile body wash, don't be afraid to buy this product.
        The name would automatically put you off i'm sure.

        I do feel slightly embarassed buying this product which I'm sure other ladies do too.
        When it's going through the checkout I think that the cashier is thinking "she must smell to buy this".
        I tend to hide it under the rest of the shopping to make it a blur going through the till.

        You can find this product in the womens feminine products aisles of supermarkets and drugstores.
        For 250ml it is £3.00 in most supermarkets.
        I usually buy it when on offer for around £1-2 and stock up as even though it is a worthwhile buy, I prefer to get it cheaper than it is.

        You can buy Femfresh wipes which are handy for your handbag.
        I haven't bought these yet, but I think I might try them for when it's the time of the month to keep myself clean and fresh.

        Thanks for reading my review
        and apologies to the men as this ones for the ladies!



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        01.01.2012 01:11



        A good product that I would buy time and time again.

        Especially around the time of the month for ladies, this wash is an ideal remedy for helping to feel clean and new! It is pretty much what it says on the bottle, soap free so doesn't sting or irritate downstairs and it does not have a strong fragrance which I prefer as I have quite sensitive skin in the beginning and so I have to find a mild wash which is suitable.

        I have tried other brands and find the femfresh brand to be the most ideal brand of feminine hygiene products anyway and this wash does not disappoint. Only a small amount is needed to do the job, and I use it on a general daily basis around my time of the month, not for an everyday basis as it is not necessary although if this is the case for other consumers they may not find this product so ideal.


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        22.12.2011 16:49
        Very helpful



        A nice wash for sensitive parts

        During the past few months I hadn't been well; I had infection after infection and was on one antibiotic after another. This gave me an unsightly reaction!

        Fem Fresh Soap Free Wash:

        'A delicately fragranced, gentle alternative to soap, specially formulated for intimate use, with an anti bacterial agent for odour free confidence everyday of the month. Use every day as part of your personal freshness routine'

        My Findings:

        Due to being on a lengthy course of antibiotics the side effects meant is caused me to have thrush. Now I have never had this before and nor do I ever want this again, I cannot begin to stress how horrid thrush actually is! So as I was feeling rather delicate I decided I needed a delicate wash, which prompt me to purchase Fem Fresh.

        If I'm honest I was a little embarrassed in purchasing this item, as it's known for helping with un-wanted odours and that was not my problem. But that being said it has completed changed my opinion of this product. As it is just a delicate intimate wash which is perfect for monthly moments or in my case of having thrush.

        It's a clear pinkish gel of medium consistency which smells fresh and slightly floral. When squeezing some of this gel into my hand mixing it with warm water is lathers well. It was also light and soft when rubbing over my skin. The product is also safe to use every day, in case you want that extra freshness.

        In my opinion this made me feel clean and fresh after use which also had lasting effects for the whole day. Cleaner than using any other gels or soaps I was really surprised just how nice this product actually is. It really does make a difference in feminine hygiene when in my mind I just thought it was another money making product on the market - how wrong I was!

        The packaging is discrete and feminine, I like how the lid works it's not a flip or pull off lid you just slide it up, it still stays attached to the tub but then you're able to squeeze the product out. The gel comes out nice and easy, once empty the plastic bottle can be recycled.

        Price and Availability:

        I purchased mine from my local pound shop costing (you guessed it!) just £1. This is excellent value for money as you only need a small amount so it lasts well. You can also get this in wipes and a spray can.


        Well my whole opinion of this product has changed and I personally really like it. It leaves you feeling fresh, clean and it smells really nice too. The fresh feeling also has lasting effects which great making this well worth its value.

        A huge five out of five stars from me.

        Thanks for reading.

        Additional Information:



        Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Parfum, Triclosan, 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1, 3-diol, Citric Acid, Magnesium Nitrate, Magnesium Chloride, methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone


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          19.12.2011 16:59
          Very helpful



          An intimate wash that doesn't prevent things!

          I suffer constantly from something called Bacterial Vaginosis. Even with good vaginal hygiene and treatment, it constantly comes back. More about bacterial Vaginosis below. This is a very embarrassing problem and not an easy review to write. I read using fem-fresh to wash with can stop the infection from returning, so I thought I'd give it a try!

          Please note this is joint to a review of fem-fresh!

          ***What is Bacterial Vaginosis? (BV)***
          The vagina normally contains mostly good bacteria and fewer harmful bacteria. When there is an increase in harmful bacteria this can lead to the infection known as bacterial vaginosis. It can effect any woman at any age. Once you have had the infection, you are more likely to get it again.

          Abnormal discharge with an unpleasant or fishy smell. This smell is normally worse after sex or during a period. Discharge may be milky white, gray and thin. Other symptoms can be a burning sensation when urinating, and itching/irritation around the vagina. Some woman show no symptoms at all.

          ***Is it catching?***
          Woman cannot catch it from toilet seats, bedding, swimming pools or from touching objects, however if you have got this infection you are more prone to contract Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. It can also make you prone to HIV infection.

          ***Known causes:***
          Douching, which is washing the inside of the vagina with a stream of water. Having sex with a new partner or having multiple sex partners or even a female sex partner and using a intrauterine device for contraception. Semen exposure can also affect the vaginal bacteria balance. I also got advised that some soaps and body washes can cause this infection as well as over-washing that area!

          Woman who have never had sexual intercourse are rarely effected, but on the other hand, even virgins are known to suffer from it.

          Bacterial vaginosis sometimes clears up with no treatment, if your lucky enough. In other, most cases treatment is required. Usually anti-biotics are an effective cure. How-ever they do have a vaginal gel, which is to be used for 7 days, with no sex during the course of any of the treatments!

          ***Personal Experience:***
          I have had BV, 3 times, and I have been with the same partner for 4 years. I noticed an unpleasant discharge and a unpleasant odour just after my periods. I have had treatment three times for BV, but I seem to get it back again.

          ***Advice from my doctor***
          When I went to see my doctor she advised me that over washing that area can cause BV, as well as some shower gel's and soaps.

          ***Fem-Fresh Intimate Gel**
          I normally use normal body wash, but have decided to start using fem-fresh intimate wash which has been specially formulated for intimate use. It has an anti-bacterial agent and is odour free.
          Use everyday as part of your personal freshness routine. Dermatogically and gynaecologically tested.

          ***Where can I buy it from***?
          Fem-fresh intimate gel comes in a 150ml bottle. It is a clear gel with a hint of peach colour to it, but not much. It's pretty much fragrant free. Available from Boots, Superdrug, Chemists and other good stores, this cost's around £2.49. It's normally found near the sanitary towels and tampons.

          ***Using the product***
          It smelt pretty much fragrant free and lathered up a bit. I have used the gel a few times now and noticed that this hasn't made any improvements to the BV, in fact I'm sure it's made it worse. It didn't really make me feel clean, but I think this is probably because the product is fragrance free.

          ***Overall opinion***?
          I think the price is reasonable, its pretty much fragrant free and is available in many supermarkets and chemists. If you suffer from BV, I definitely wouldn't use this wash. I'm not too sure I'd use this wash even if I didn't have BV! I'm going to stick with washing with water, this does the trick and will help reduce the chance of getting BV again.

          ***Other fem-fresh products***
          Fem-fresh also do intimate wipes and a deodorant spray intimate spray. I have not used the other products in the range.

          (review also on ciao)


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          21.11.2011 02:49
          Very helpful



          Brilliant intimate wash.

          As a female, I know how important it is to stay fresh down there, and being an extremely hygienic person, I found that simply water and shower gel weren't enough for me. I went out and purchased this bottle of Femfresh soap free wash which is designed specifically for "down there". I had previously seen it in Poundland so I went back to pick one up, and for £1 it was worth trying out to see if it did any good!

          It comes in a fairly small bottle, and I was a little worried that this would mean it would run out quickly, but at the price I paid I would happily continue repurchasing at the rate I repurchase various other shower gels. The liquid itself is mostly clear in colour, and it comes as shown in the image above. To use it you simply have to pull the lid upwards, which is a little bit awkward as it is not like most shower gel lids, but I have never experienced many problems because of this. To use it, you simply need to squeeze the bottle once, and a significant amount comes out. All you have to do then is apply to your lady area and you will notice that it starts to lather up immediately which is excellent meaning that you can really scrub it clean! This is a very gentle wash therefore there is no discomfort as you are washing, and it simply washes off with water. I personally only use this when I am in the shower as it can be a little awkward to clean off if not, and if you do not wish to purchase this for shower use, I would recommend trying out the wipes instead.

          So what were the results like? The liquid itself did not irritate my skin at all, and it left my lady area feeling lovely and fresh as well as odour free. Obviously it will not conquer problems that you might face down there, but it can at least make it more bearable. It is a daily intimate wash, therefore you can use it on a daily basis rather than when you just want to freshen up. I have been using mine now for around three weeks on a daily basis, and I am amazed at how much is still left in the bottle. It barely goes down at all, and I can see this soap wash lasting me months and months which is excellent as it is a cheap way to stay fresh.

          Just incase you are interested, it is lightly fragranced to help it smell a little nicer down there. It is enriched with camomile and aloe vera which allow the wash to cleanse and refresh the intimate area. Another excellent feature of this is that it is both dermatologically and gynaecologically tested meaning that you are in safe hands and your lady garden won't turn out in rashes! Rest assured, this is an extremely safe wash to be using and it works miracles.

          I have noticed much better results since I have been using this, and it has also allowed me to feel much more at ease and relaxed about the whole down there situation and leaves me much more confident knowing it is in tip top hygiene! I know some people could be a little embarrassed at purchasing a product such as this, but I really do urge you to try it out as it makes you feel much better and cleaner down there and there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

          Overall, I definitely give this product five out of five as it is convenient to use when you are in the shower, and it helps you to feel much fresher down there. I will definitely repurchase this continuously in the future, but if you feel that it would be too much hassle, I would check out the Femfresh feminine wipes instead. Thanks for reading.


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            18.11.2011 23:17



            must have

            This product is just what i need. At around 3 pound on amazon it's such a bargain. I bought as i found soup was rather irritating and this claims to be soap free and made for the intimate area. It comes in quite a large bottle so it last absolutely ages. One thing i must say is the lid is rather confusing to work. You pull to top up and then squeeze but the product is very runny so you always pour too much.

            Used in the shower as soon as the product is applied it automatically turns to foam and is really easy to spread so hardly any product is needed. The best thing is there is absolutely no irritation you can't feel any discomfort when applied.

            The product really does do it's job. It leaves your intimate area feeling very fresh and clean and relieves you of all your irritation. It's fantastic value for money. It's a sensitive wash so you can use it no matter your skin type. I highly recommend this to anyone who suffers irritation or odd smells. A must have for any girl in my opinion.


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