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Green People Aloe Vera Liquid Soap

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Brand: Green People / Type: Soap / What it does: Cleanses / Quality Standard: Organic

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    1 Review
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      17.09.2011 23:32
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      An organic liquid soap with natural antiseptic properties

      At work I am responsible for not only running the office and managing the staff but also making sure we have enough tea, coffee, sugar, loo roll, hand towels, dishwasher tablets and so on. So as you can see I lead a very glamorous life with doing all of that but every once in a while I do delegate the powers to someone else to sort out.

      Hand soap isn't something that excites me, unless I am in Lush and they have something new and exciting to offer me, but my work place isn't the sort of place I can get away with buying Lush products for. So instead we have opted to use a product from The Green People which is Aloe Vera Organic soap. I love Aloe Vera as an ingredient because it does wonderful things to your skin when you are in need of a little TLC and I also like the products which come from the Green People and have used a few of them in the past.

      The Green People are a company whose main aim is produce and sell products within the market which are not only 100% natural but also 100% organic and in doing that they list upon their website a whole host of ingredients that their products do not include such as lanolin which I know causes skin problems for a few people. Their company began around ten years ago when a little two year old girl named Sandra suffered badly with eczema and other skin allergies for which conventional medicines hadn't cured. So with that in mind Sandra's mother (Charlotte) sought advice from herbalists and with the knowledge she gained The Green People company was formed. The Green People now sell over 100 different products in many categories including cosmetics, skin care, hair and body, sun products, men's products and so on. Each and every one of these products has been classed as being natural and organic.

      So the soap we bought contains 300ml and is priced at £9.95. Yes it is a lot more expensive than nipping to Asda and spending £1 on some Imperial Leather but this is organic and well its within my budget and I wanted to try it. Not only that but I actually don't like your more conventional soaps, they dry my hands out and I don't really think they are value for money, this however has been in the office for three months and is still going strong and is not in need of replacing. Anyway it is sold in a bright white bottle which is made of recycled plastic and it has a pump action dispenser. Placed on the bottle is a label which is also white with a green streak is The Green People logo, the name of your product with a reminder that it hasn't been tested on animals, it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, it is organic and there is also a list of ingredients. The one point made by The Green People is their honesty on ingredients and what your product contains. When buying products from The Green People you can find them online listed in quite a few different places and prices do differ depending on where you shop or you can go directly to The Green People website and buy directly from them.

      When using the soap you will find that it is a liquid soap and it is quite a thick texture compared to those products you buy on the high street and in supermarkets so you only need to pump the dispenser twice at the most to ensure you have enough soap to wash your hands thoroughly. As soon as it hits your hands you can immediately smell the Aloe Vera which is one of the main ingredients. On the subject of ingredients the list for this soap is quite exhaustive but there are a few main ones to note. Starting with Aloe Vera helps to keep your skin moisturised and it also acts as both a cooling agent and a healing agent for many skin conditions such as Eczema. Next comes Coconut Oil which again is a moisturising ingredient and like Aloe Vera it also helps treat, heal and care for skin complaints such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis. If you put the soap quite close to your nose you can smell the coconut oil quite faintly. Clove oil also features and it is known for its disinfecting properties and can also be used to treat skin complaints. Lemon Oil comes next and it is known for clearing the skin of excess oil and grease and helping to clear congested skin which can lead to further irritations. The final ingredient to mention is grapefruit oil which isn't one I have seen listed in many products. Grapefruit oil is similar to Lemon oil in that it helps clear congested, greasy skin and it also helps get rid of retained water from the skin and helps to clear skin irritations.

      So as I mentioned you can clearly smell the Aloe Vera which can be quite a dominant aroma and if you smell closely enough there is a slight undertone of both the coconut oil and the lemon oil but you cant smell the grapefruit oil at all. However once on your skin the soap turns into a sort of lather, you don't get copious amounts of bubbles but it does lather ever so slightly and it is so soft and smooth on your skin that you forget it is a soap and not a moisturising cream. Once you have dried your hands you will be hard pushed not to be impressed by how soft your hands feel and how lovely the Aloe Vera aroma is, assuming like me you like the smell, and it lingers for a few hours at least.

      I really like this soap and was very happy when it arrived with some free The Green People hand Sanitizer, though that's another review. It does live up to its claims in that it smells lovely, it is moisturising on the skin and it is ideal for either the bathroom, kitchen or both. Add to that, it has lasted over 3 months in an office with anywhere between 10 and 40 people in it at anyone time and I think like me you'll be impressed by it and it is definitely a product we will purchase again.


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  • Product Details

    Made with over 98% organic ingredients (essential oils of Grapefruit and Lemon), gentle foaming action to effectively cleanse hands (Coconut extract), mildly antiseptic ¦ ideal for kitchen or bathroom (Mandarin, Grapefruit and Clove essential oils), moisturising, soothing and non-drying (Aloe Vera, Sunflower oil and Sugar beet) / A fresh, citrus scent (Tea Tree and Lemon Tree essential oils) /

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