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Knight's Castile Mild & Gentle Soap

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2 Reviews

Brand: Knight's Castile / Cleansing / Type: Soap / What it does: Cleanses,

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    2 Reviews
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      01.02.2011 15:54



      Bought this soap because I remembered it from the Old Days, you know, when we used to have fun!Well, I don't believe that it used to smell like these, I bought at Poundland. 6 bars for £1.00. Well what did I expect. IT STINKS. Certainly won't be buying it anymore. Anybody want two bars, free.?


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      29.09.2008 13:36
      Very helpful



      A surprising soap that does its job well from a lesser known company,

      Back on the ranch of bargain hunting and using the last of my shower gels I have returned to using Imperial Leather's original sandalwood soap or Pears glycerine soap. Whilst both these products have a drying out quality I do like their scents and general reliability of being good all rounder soap products. Luckily I have a big privately owned pound shop on my side who can supply me with good shower gels which do a good job but they also sell soap and whenever I shower and use soap, it cuts my time on water usage. There's nothing wrong with variety however even though it seems everyone is buying Dove soap at Pound shops making it lesser available for everyone else like me!

      I had the option of buying Fairy, Pears and Cussons Imperial Leather at the same price of £1 before looking at this brand carefully at my local pound shop. Against what was on offer, these larger 125g bars looked promising at the time but it wasn't without the great recommendation of a friend that these bars were bought instead of other quality names and products.

      Largely I have only ever seen Knight's Castile soap on sale at privately owned pharmacies against well known shops such as Superdrug and Boots. I have always passed this brand up because largely I don't know of it and I have never seen adverts about it. Singularly one 125g bar costs on average between 99p and £1-25. This could well be down to the fact that Gumption, the people who make this brand name aren't that well known in the UK due to their small market sales but don't let that put you off.

      Gumption makes good and fairly priced cleaning agents such as washing powder, dishwasher tablets and general household cleaning products. It is of course quite different to consider a bar of soap even if the home company has a good overall reputation, particularly when it's something you are putting on your body rather than a work top surface in the home!

      The package of soap in my pound shop however got me 6 pre-packaged bars for a pound. I guess if it doesn't work out, I can always donate the bars to the school! The soap bar on its own is a mild and gentle formula and thus is white in colour and has a curvy rectangular shape with the simple words "Knight's Castile" in large capital lettering.

      When it came to use, I swapped the Pears soap in the shower for Knight's Castile to see what I would be up against in comparison. Remembering that the package doesn't state whether this is a cream bar or not, I wasn't expecting the surprising results. Scent wise though, it is a very understated scent, flowery at times and has shades of Camay's original fragrance without being overly powerful. Sometimes I am also reminded of Coal tar soap but without being too strong. The secret of this soap however is with its actual use.

      Move over Pears and Imperial Leather! After wetting the bar and allowing it to roll around my hands for a moment, what I was rewarded with was quite surprising - this soap lathers up extremely well - and upon applying to my body, I found that the soap moisturises and rinses off well without drying out skin too much. Certainly it is obvious from the moment you start to wash with this soap that it has an extra long lasting effect, even if the scent is barely detectable. In some way it reminds me of Cussons' original "Pearl" soap in the way it leaves a film of softness. And after towel drying down, my skin feels smooth but a smidge dry.

      So does it make a good replacement in lieu of Dove soap? Well in some ways yes, because Dove leaves me smooth and replenished without feeling dry and Knight's Castile does a similar job although there is a little dryness left over compared to Dove. Here although this is a cream soap, its Ph balance gives me no irritation which is why I also recommend it for facial use as well, particularly for men who dry or wet shave.

      The website for this soap does not state whether it has moisturisers built in, but I have been positively surprised by this soap's quality. The website also shows that this product is a cream soap but there is NO indication on the bar itself other than the wording "mild and gentle." After washing with this soap in the shower, I went as far to try it on my face against my usual facial wash (another cheap brand name) and found a similar result on my face - even after shaving - my skin feels smooth and moisturised - but with very little drying out.

      Gumption also make at least three different types of bath products as well as this soap - so its always best to look out for its "Mild and Gentle" statement on the main face of the paper like packaging. Although the soap packaging is void of practically everything but the name and brand company (all in white with blue lettering), there are no indications to anything which has been added and with the research of this soap from Gumption's website, the company state that this soap is Ph balanced but you won't find that on the packaging for the soap. Look out for the only other distinctive emblem on the soap paper packaging; it's a picture of a little girl in a little white dress. Whilst I don't mind this at all, it certainly stands out from the crowd against more ostentatious and luxury wrapped soaps on the market.

      Availability of this soap will therefore probably be the hardest bugbear of buying never mind trying to find. It is a wonderful soap which belies its price, leaves skin smooth and almost a feeling of being nourished.

      In terms of long lasting, and with it being devoid of almost many additives, Knight's Castile lasts as long as an average soap depending on use - it certainly doesn't disappear as fast as Dove soap bars tend to do!! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2008


      PS Apologies for the 

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