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Korres Milk Soap

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  • soothing for the skin
  • expensive
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    3 Reviews
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      30.11.2014 19:59
      Very helpful


      • "soothing for the skin"


      • expensive

      A gentle soap

      This is the last of the Korres products that I have recently tried that are now on sale in Debenhams. It is a milk soap that is specifically developed to soothe and calm stressed and sensitive skin.

      The soap is a large 125g bar that is wrapped in paper. The ingredients and Korres brand are on the packaging. When you take the soap out of the packaging the first thing you notice is the smell. The fragrance is soft and milky and straight away feels very soothing.

      To use the soap you lather it with water and then massage it over your body. I find that it lathers well and therefore glides smoothly over my body without any rough edges.

      The soap is dermatologically tested and contains all natural ingredients to ensure that nothing irritates your skin. The key ingredients are milk proteins to help reduce inflammations and accelerate skin recovery. The soap is very mild and can therefore be used by people who have skin allergies or eczema. It can be used on both the face and the body.

      Although I do not have particularly sensitive skin I liked using this soap and would use it again as it is very soft and gentle. The 125 gram bar lasted me ages using it mainly in the bath and shower as I prefer to use other products on my face. The cost is about £5.50 which is expensive for a bar of soap but as it lasts so long and has all natural ingredients I think that it is worth it.


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      06.11.2010 04:08
      Very helpful



      A great value product that really works

      The Product

      Korres Milk Soap for stressed skin is available to buy from their stores, UK ones being in London and Edinburgh, or from various online beauty retailers. I bought mine on Amazon marketplace at a price of £4 for 2 40g soaps.

      Why I Bought It

      I've always had quite sensitive skin, but recently, due to a combination of changing weather conditions, illness and a poor diet resulting from this, it's become even more sensitive than usual. My usual skincare products have begun to irritate my skin, bringing me out in awful rashes or leaving me with a bright red face. Similarly, the slightest bit of cold wind would leave my skin looking red raw.

      So I decided to take my skincare routine back to basics and look for something fairly natural that wouldn't irritate, and would hopefully calm my skin down a bit. After a bit of research online I decided to try this, as one of the cheaper options, figuring at least if it didn't work I wouldn't have wasted too much money.


      The 2 soaps come packaged in a neat little plastic case which is very handy and makes them great for taking travelling with you. The plastic is pretty robust and should withstand any knocks it may have to endure. It has a catch on the front which is easy to open but clips securely into place when you close it, so again, it's fine for travelling with.
      The only thing I would say about the packaging is that it would have been nice to have a divider inside the box to keep the 2 soaps separate, so that you're not putting the one you've used, still wet, back into the case touching the fresh one. But I think that's probably just me being fussy because I like to keep things looking clean and new for as long as possible!


      Korres describe this product as an exceptionally mild creamy-lather soap that leaves a velvety feel on the skin. It contains milk proteins which act as inflammation reducers, accelerating the recovery of the physiological skin condition.

      Suitability and Warnings

      The soap is suitable for use on the face and the whole body. It's dermatologically tested, and free from mineral oil, propylene glycol and silicone, so should be suitable for even the most sensitive skins. As with anything though, the fact that it is dermatologically tested does not mean that you cannot be allergic to it, so you should always check the ingredients list if you have a known sensitivity to anything.


      Use as you would any soap - either lather in the hands and use the lather to wash, or rub the soap over wet skin.

      In Practise

      Each soap is a rectangular 6.5 by 4cm, and about 1.5cm in depth, so they are quite small and thus I personally would limit them to facial use, as they'd disappear far too quickly if they were used for the whole body as well.

      Add a little water to the soap and it lathers up in no time at all. I prefer to lather it up in my hands and then use the lather to wash my face with, rather than applying the soap directly to my face as I personally feel this is more effective. The lather it gives is surprisingly thick and soft, and you get a lot of lather from just the smallest amount of soap and water. There's no distinctive scent to this soap, it just smells like your average 'unscented' soap.

      It feels really lovely and soft, and very gentle on the skin. It causes absolutely no irritation to my skin at all, and I'm even able to use it on broken skin without it stinging and without disturbing the healing process, which is fantastic as I'm able to thoroughly clean these areas which I would otherwise avoid until they began to heal.

      After using the soap my skin does have that 'squeaky clean' feeling that only soap gives, but without the dry, tight feeling which usually accompanies it. It feels soft and super smooth, and looks clean and healthy. It also definitely calms my skin down, soothing away any redness and irritation, and making it feel generally more comfortable.

      I was a tad worried when I first used it that it would leave my combination-oily skin feeling really greasy or just not clean thoroughly enough, but I needn't have worried as it cleans fantastically well for such a gentle product, and leaves my skin with a lovely matte feel.

      The Results

      Within a week of starting to use this soap twice a day my skin was starting to look and feel almost normal again. All signs of the constant irritations that I had been experiencing had completely disappeared, and my skin was looking and feeling much more comfortable.

      I've now been using the soap for nearly 2 months and I can honestly say my skin is back to it's best. My complexion is looking clearer and brighter than ever, and my skin just feels amazing. I haven't experienced any kind of skin irritation at all in this time, and I definitely attribute that to using this soap. My formerly mega stressed out skin now looks and feels healthy and happy.


      Overall I'm extremely impressed with this product, and I couldn't be happier with what it's done for my schizophrenic skin. I also think it's amazing value for money, costing just £4 for 2 soaps, each of which will last me at least 2 months. Considering what I normally spend on cleansers I'd have happily paid 3 or 4 times the price for something that works so well, and it has left me very eager to try more of the Korres range.


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        09.11.2009 01:03
        Very helpful



        4 stars

        Price: £4 for 2x40g
        From: Lookfantastic.com
        For: Gentle, soothing cleansing of sensitive skins

        The packaging is a tidy little plastic box, perfect for taking travelling with you. It's pretty sturdy and fastens tightly so there are no worries about leakage or it opening in your luggage. It's also handy just to have as a soap dish, rather than just leaving them lying around on the sink or side of the bath.

        The soaps are a milky white colour and quite small for a soap, but the perfect size really for facial use. The smell just like any normal soap, no special fragrance or anything, and they don't smell of milk like I was expecting them to!

        They lather up pretty well when you add water to them, and it's a nice bubbly lather unlike most soaps which just give a smooth, consistency rather than a proper lather. It feels really soft on the skin and is lovely to use.

        The lather rinses off really easily and my skin is left feeling really smooth and soft and cared for. It cleanses the skin but doesn't dry it out or make it feel tight at all like soaps tends to do, and it actually feels moisturised if anything.

        The only problem I have with this soap is that it just doesn't cleanse well enough for my skin. It feels clean enough after use, but I found that after a few days of using it I had far more noticeable clogged pores than normal, so it's obviously only cleansing superficially rather than getting right down into the pores. So I think for those people who don't have a tendency towards clogged pores it would be great, but if you do it just won't cut it.

        One soap lasted me about a month using it just on my face, so if you were to use it for the whole body as Korres suggest then it would be gone in no time at all. If you're just using it on your face though it's pretty good value for money if it works for you.

        All in all I think this is a nice cleanser for skin which is not prone to clogging.
        Thumbs up from me.


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    • Product Details

      Korres Milk Soap is an exceptionally fine-textured soaps that gently cleanse whilst caring for the skin / It removes everyday impurities and make up from face without stripping the skin / '