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Lush Big Hugs Soap

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Brand: Lush / Type: Soap

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    1 Review
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      29.11.2006 10:12
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      it's a nice soap, it does the job and smells good but falls apart easily

      Lush Big Hugs soap bar came out for Valentines Day earlier this year. I have only just finished using it in November after receiving it as a gift. I don't tend to use soap bars very much, generally I either use shower gel or handwash, which probably explains why it has lasted me so long! I wouldn't normally buy soap and don't particularly like getting it as a present but my one exception is when it comes from Lush. They're products usually smell gorgeous, depending on what ingredients are used (I vaguely recall a face mask which stank of garlic!) and failing that they brighten up the bathroom.

      *THE SOAP*

      Lush soaps are made in huge blocks and then cut up into smaller pieces. The block I had was 200g and basically has two layers. Firstly the bottom layer which has a creamy quite dark pink appearance. On top of this is a thinner translucent pink layer with pink and white heart-shape pieces of soap stuck into it. The heart shapes are quite big so in my piece I only had one and a bit! It was a nice touch for Valentines Day though. I had the advantage of seeing the whole block of this soap in Lush, where it looked far more impressive than my little chunk did.

      The soap had quite a subtle smell to it. Predominately smelling of jasmine it was a soft floral fragrance, not in the slightest overpowering. It is a clean and girly smell just what you would imagine from looking at the soap. There are other ingredients such as honeysuckle, and although I have no idea what honeysuckle smells like, the dominating scent is definitely jasmine.


      The first point to make about usage is that I found that the two layers of the soap fell apart very easily. Not surprising really as the bottom layer would be made first and then left to harden and then the top layer added. It is, however, quite annoying because it means you are left with two smaller pieces to use separately. Not a bit deal really but I prefer it when my soap remains intact when I use it.

      The soap lathered up well and you could smell the delicate fragrance while using it. Not for long afterwards though. The scent did not hang around, and when I smelt my skin a few hours after using the soap, I could no longer smell jasmine Although the actual fragrance does not last I found that whenever I used the soap I always had a nice 'clean' smell about me which lasted pretty much all day. I didn't find it to be very moisturising but it didn't dry my skin out.

      The soap was not used up quickly, it seems quite hard and you don't need to use much for a good lather. Although I only used it maybe once or twice a week I still got nearly nine months usage out of my 200g bar which I think is pretty impressive.

      Overall the only way I can think to describe the soap is nice. It's nothing amazingly special, it looks pretty and sweet and it smells clean and floral but now it's all gone I don't find myself wishing I had some more. This is probably why Lush only brought it out for Valentines Day when they knew it would sell. To sum it up; it has a cute name, it's pretty, it smells nice and in makes you clean. I'm sure you would like it but it won't bowl you over.


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    • Product Details

      Hearts, hugs and jasmine scent: it may be our most loveable soap ever, possibly / Mo made Big Hugs to remind us all to be lovely to each other and especially to our Mums / It's scented with our gentle jasmine Alkmaar fragrance but comes in translucent pink and is decorated with many, many hearts, little smiley soap faces and big grins / Buy a chunk for Mothers Day, for yourself, or for a friend who could do with a Big Hug in the shower!

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