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Lush Santa's Rice Porridge Soap

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Brand: Lush / Type: Soap

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    3 Reviews
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      11.01.2011 14:37
      Very helpful



      A lovely fresh, festive cleanser

      For Christmas 2009, Lush brought out a limited edition fresh face mask called Santa's Rice Porridge. For Christmas 2010, they reformulated the product as a fresh facial cleanser and renamed it Buche de Noel. I did request that Buche de Noel be added to the Dooyoo catalogue, but for some reason they said they wouldn't be adding limited edition Lush products, so I decided to write my review here seeing as the two products are very similar.

      In real life, a buche de Noel is a sort of cake. Lush's cleanser resembles one too, being shaped like a roll, like other cleansers Angels on Bare Skin, Dark Angels, Herbalism and Aqua Marina. When you buy it you get a piece inside a black pot (the medium size pot). The post cost £5.50, a price similar to other available cleansers. The roll was wrapped in seaweed to keep it together, but I didn't get any seaweed with mine.

      In the store, Buche de Noel was distinguished by the little Christmas tree ornament on the top of the roll. I wasn't sure about buying it at first, as I've had problems in the past with cleansers irritating my skin (not Lush ones, however) but the assistant was happy to give me a sample to try first. The cleanser was fine on my skin, and I returned to purchase a full-size pot.

      The cleanser is suitable for vegans, and contains almonds to exfoliate, dried cranberries, kaolin to cleanse pores, fresh satsumas to provide vitamin C, and brandy to stimulate and tone the surface of the skin. It smells delicious, like brandy and almonds, and looks good enough to eat (but don't!). It does have a very festive scent and I really enjoyed using it from the beginning of December, as it made me feel really Christmassy in the morning!

      To use the cleanser, you need to wet your face, take a pea-sized amount of cleanser and mix it in the palm of your hand to form a sort of paste. You apply this paste to your face, rubbing it in to cleanse, before rinsing off. The texture is slightly gritty, because of the almonds, and this exfoliates your face. I find using this cleanser to be slightly messy, and prefer to use it in the shower in the morning as the shower spray helps to wash it off. On the couple of occasions I have used it in the sink, I've found it rather tricky to remove all traces of the cleanser.

      My face always feels very clean after using this cleanser, and on the odd occasion when I've used it at night I've found that it removes makeup well, although I haven't tried to remove eye makeup with it as I don't want to get bits of almonds in my eyes. Also, I'm not sure it's a good idea to use an exfoliating cleanser on my face more than once a day. I prefer a cream cleanser for the evening, such as Simple's cleanser, and tend to stick to using Buche de Noel in the morning.

      I've been using the cleanser for over a month, and am pleased with the effect on my skin. It is gentle, despite the exfoliating action, and is good for use in the winter even on sensitive skin like mine. My skin feels really soft and smooth, which I put down to the almonds. I would recommend the cleanser for use on dry skin, as the dry patches which sometimes appear on my skin in the winter months haven't made an appearance this season.

      My T Zone is slightly less shiny after using this cleanser, although I've had the same effect using other products and this may be down to the cold winter conditions anyway - my skin is always drier in the winter. I haven't noticed a reduction in spots or blackheads, or smaller pores, but these are less of a problem for me in the winter anyway, and if I do get the odd spot I can use a spot cream or a Lush fresh face mask.

      After using the cleanser for over a month I have about half of the product left, so it's lasting well. As a fresh cleanser, it keeps for only a couple of months unlike cleansers from the likes of Boots which often have a 12 or even 24 month shelf life. The date on my pot is at the beginning of February which I suspect will give me just enough time to use the cleanser up. I've used my cleanser on average once a day - if you use it twice a day you'll obviously use it up more quickly.

      Sadly, Buche de Noel is a limited edition Christmas cleanser and is no longer available, but hopefully it will be back for Christmas 2011. I will certainly be repurchasing if so. It's the ideal winter cleanser for my sensitive skin, although in the summer I could probably do with something a little tougher on shine and blackheads. If you like the sound of this cleanser, Lush's Angels on Bare Skin is apparently very similar and is available all year round, although I've never tried it myself.


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        13.11.2009 14:08
        Very helpful



        A fruity smelling face treatment

        My love affair with Lush started back in 2007 when I was given a Lush package for my birthday, which contained an array of gifts to pamper and nurture every crevice of my body. There has in that time been quite a few products that I have disliked but more that I have absolutely loved in particular the Bath Ballistics, Bubble Bars and the skincare products. I am particularly fond of the facial scrubs that Lush produce, my favourite being Santa's Rice Porridge, but having seen all the new Christmas gifts in stock allowing me an opportunity to buy a few items, I decided to trade in my 5 black pots to claim my free product and whilst I was there I bought Santa's Rice Porridge, which is part of the Christmas Range.

        Arriving in a little black 45g tub with the Lush logo clearly visible to the eye Santa's Rice Porridge is awash with a slightly fruity smell combined with Cocoa Butter and admittedly it does smell absolutely delightful and much nicer than your average facial scrubs and appearance wise this scrub is the colour of sand at a lovely beach with darker bits in it, which for Lush is rather bland because most of their products are quite bold in colour and stand out really well. However if you should never judge a book by its cover then you shouldn't judge a Lush product by its colour! Also, if you are unsure about a product ask the sales assistant for a trial pot of something, they are always quite happy to oblige.

        The texture of this facial scrub can only be described as you would expect it to feel in all honesty. If you have used facial scrubs before then you will know that there is amongst the scrub a grainy feel amongst the cream which in some products is usually oatmeal, crushed walnuts etc... but in this product the grainy feel is ground almonds and admittedly isn't as rough in feel as a lot of products but you definitely know that they are there.

        Santa's Rice Porridge is marketed with the slogan "Fruity Nutrition for your face" and this brings me to the list of ingredients. Firstly there is both Organic Coconut the skin is cocoa butter which as most people will know by now is used to soften the skin and moisturise it. Kaolin which is used as a basis for a lot of skin masks and scrubs is used to draw out impurities and toxins and thereby clears the skin of excess oil, dirt and pollutions bringing them to the surface of the skin to be cleared away. Vertiver Oil helps to nourish and moisturise the skin but it is specifically beneficial for those people who suffer with dry, irritated and dehydrated skin. Almond Oil is suitable for most skin types which helps to relieve irritation, inflammation and itching and it is also a good softener for the skin which helps to protect the skins surface. Cedarwood Oil helps relieve itching but is better known for dealing with oily skin problems, a lot of people who have oily skin often have dry skin at the same time, particularly in and around their T-zone (Forehead, nose, chin and sometimes cheeks). So the fruity bits? This comes from dried cranberries and fresh Satsuma's which are both calming and uplifting as well as being high in vitamin C which on the skin which increases the production of collagen, without which your skin would look dull and be quite saggy. Overall Vitamin C improves your overall quality.

        For further information on the ingredients contained within this product, I would suggest asking in the shop you purchase a product from as the staff are very helpful at explaining the benefits too you and online there is a list of what the ingredients are.

        When it comes to using the facial scrub you need to ensure that you moisten your face using warm water and then apply a walnut sized blob on to the palm of your hands and then be your fingertips with some water and gently massage your face using a circular motion, if you rub your face too hard it will hurt. Then after at least 15 minutes, which is how long I left it on my face as I was laid in the bath reading my book, you need to rinse your face thoroughly using clean water and ensure you have removed all of the facial scrub from your skin and finally blot your skin dry (don't rub) and then afterwards your skin should feel soft and smooth whilst smelling quite fruity.

        Lush Santa's Rice Porridge comes in just one size in my Lush store and that is a 45g black tub for £6.45 which means it is slight more expensive and you also get less than you would if you bought Ocean Sea Salt. However, I have had the 45g pot for just over 2 weeks and looking at the pot I have another 2-3 weeks usage in there, so it does last quite a while and you don't need to use it more than once a week by which point your dry skin should hopefully have sorted itself out and be more manageable as you come to the end of your pot. One of the disadvantages with these products is that because the ingredients are so fresh, their shelf life is relatively short, but there will be a sticker on your pot to tell you when it was made and when you should use it by, however, I keep mine in the fridge so they do last a few days longer than stated.

        I personally love this product, it smells divine. My skin does feel softer and fresher after using it and I now have a way of combating my oily T-zone skin as well as the dry patches on my cheeks. This product does not aggravate my skin like a lot of other perfumed products so I would highly recommend this for people with oily/dry skin problems but also for those who like fresh natural ingredients in their products.

        If you are not too sure then you can always visit the Lush website at www.Lush.co.uk is set out very clearly with headings to make your navigation throughout the site really easy. If you have never used Lush products before then I would suggest you click on the 'Find out more' for more information about who Lush are, what they do, how they do it, their policies on animal testing, information for pregnant women and much more. On this website you are able to click on each product to see what ingredients they contain, how much they are and what sizes they are sold in.


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          20.10.2009 17:22
          Very helpful



          Perfect face mask for all sorts of skin combinations!! x

          Aah, it's a Saturday night, The X Factor has just finished and I am feeling blissed out listening to my lovely radio station! Because I am that sad, yes! I recently purchased a 'Freshers Box' from Lush, and decided to dip into it... So here's my review about Lush's Christmas face mask; Santa's Rice Porridge.

          ~Why I Bought It~
          I headed into my Leeds Lush with a friend and we were - as per usual - whisked away by one of the lovely members of staff for a pampering session, free of charge, obviously. The lovely lady (who's name was Laura, look out for her!) asked us what we would like to look at with her. Our answer was, everything! After a browse with her I mentioned that I'd like to find out more about the face masks as I had only ever purchased one. I had loved it, but had just never got round to getting another one. I didn't know too much about them either, rare for an addict like me, so I was eager to find out more! Laura sat us down and sampled a face mask on our hands. She told us about each one, and I decided to try Santa's Rice Porridge. She sampled it on me, I loved it, and so I decided to buy it quick while it was on the Fresher's offer (more on that later) and it was still around over the Christmas period. Santa's Rice Porridge specialises in smoothing out wrinkles (that's not why I bought it though!), ridding your skin of spots and unflattering blemishes (that may be why I bought it!) and generally just making it a lot healthier!

          ~Taking It Home~
          When you have purchased a face mask, you must put it in the fridge, as they are fresh and will turn manky if you leave them out in your bedroom. Also, check the use by date because they don't generally have a very long date on them (mine is: Made On: 8/10/09, Use By: 4/11/09, and I bought it on 10th) and also they have to be used two weeks after they are open. This is their only disadvantage; that they have to be used so quickly.

          ~Using The Mask/My Lush Ritual~
          Whenever I have a face mask handy I have a little Lush ritual, which I really recommend. I can always feel the difference on my skin afterwards and I just feel so refreshed and my skin feels much healthier.
          *Step One: Cleanse
          I first cleanse my skin using either Ultrabland or Angels On Bare Skin. Ultrabland is one of Lush's bestsellers and is a liquid cleanser, and Angels On Bare Skin is like dough! Both work wonders on my skin!
          *Step Two: Face Mask!
          As with all Lush fresh face masks, to use Santa's Rice Porridge apply after cleansing, using your fingers. Santa's Rice Porridge has the thick, doughy, textured consistency of porridge (without much milk!), so I suppose some may find it quite hard to apply without experience. I managed it easily though, so I wouldn't worry. It has whole cranberries and almonds in the mask (shows just how fresh and pure the face masks are!) and once you have covered your face in the mask relax for as long as you want (I tend to leave mine on for around fifteen minutes). I am wearing Santa's Rice Porridge right now, so this review is also as fresh as possible. I can really feel the 'goodness' in the mask working as I type, it is pleasantly tingling my skin! It is easy to remove the mask with warm water and possibly some cotton wool - or just your fingers! - just do it above the basin as some of the bits from the mask might make a mess below you as they fall off otherwise!
          *Step Three: Tone
          In my Fresher's set it included two toner tabs, and I have never used these before...so here goes! *Approx five minutes later* Ooh, lovely! I will do a more in depth review of these, but you basically fill a basin of hot water and drop the tab into it. Put your face above the basin for up to five minutes to tone your skin. Apparently the toner water can also be used to remove your face mask! I use Lush's Tea Tree Toner Water too, which is fab!
          *Step Four: Moisturise
          The final step in this fairly long but rewarding ritual. I use Vanishing Cream moisturiser (all the products I've mentioned are Lush by the way, and I'd expect proper reviews on them soon!) at the moment, but I have also used - and this is a bit weird - Cosmetic Lad, Lush's male moisturiser! I got it given as a tester once and I loved it, and it really helped my skin! I don't think I have manly skin, but y'know, if that's what worked...ew, I'm getting a bit worried now! Lush assistants have reassured me that some of them love that too, and that it is absolutely fine for girls to nick the guys stuff (and vice versa dudes!!).
          === Done! ===

          ~The Look And Smell~
          Santa's Rice Porridge really does look like a tub of rather dry porridge. It is slightly drier than the other Lush face masks, but that doesn't make a difference - it works just as well! It smells quite strongly of the exfoliating and skin-loving almonds, and you can also smell the antioxidating (I know that's not a word but you know what I mean, cranberries have antioxidants in them, right? That's what I got told!) cranberries.

          ~The Aftermath~
          After following through with my Lush Ritual, my skin was soft and felt gorgeous, and I can feel what a difference the products have made to my skin! This facemask did not let me down and I'm looking forward to using it again. Each pot lasts for around four to five uses. Unless you have a big head.

          ~The Price ~
          The face mask is £4.95 for 75g, which is actually excellent if you think about it; it's about £1 a use and that is one of the cheapest offers you will find around Boots, and you must bear in mind these use fresh, expensive ingredients and they are much better quality and better for your skin than other masks. Oh yes, they are £6.45 if you buy them from Mail Order or online. Don't ask me why, it's something about P&P. Tuh.

          ~The Offers~
          Once you have collected and washed out five black Lush pots, bring them back to Lush and you will receive a free face mask! Lush will then recycle the pots. So it's all good, for everybody!
          The offer that I purchased this fresh face mask in was a Fresher's Box. It allowed me to choose a face mask, a sample tin of moisturiser, a solid shampoo bar, two bars of 50g soaps, two toner tabs and a sugar scrub all for a tenner! I don't know how they afford to do this offer, it would normally cost somewhere between £15-£20. I'm not sure how long this offer will last, so I recommend you take advantage of it now!

          === Written very late Saturday night, will be posted as soon as Ciao accepts my product suggestion! Hope you enjoyed my review, thanks for reading! ==


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