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Lush Sweetheart Soap

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Brand: Lush / Type: Soap

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    2 Reviews
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      10.02.2012 10:47
      Very helpful



      a lovely soap

      Lush offer a range of cosmetic treats for your whole body. They believe in reducing packaging where possible and do not test their products on animals. Lush regularly use fresh ingredients in their products.

      ~Sweetheart Soap~

      'Don't say goodnight, Sweetheart'

      When you enter a Lush store, you will find a huge display of massive blocks of soap. The soaps are all different colours and carry different fragrances and names. Lush often pre-cut various sized slices of soap, wrap them and label them with a price to reflect the weight of the soap.

      Whilst the majority of Lush soaps are available all year long, some are seasonal releases. This year, Lush have released a few products which are for Valentines Day. The Valentines Day soap this year is aptly titled 'Sweetheart'.

      In the shop, this soap block is huge and is white with large, baby pink swirls indented through it. Each sliced piece will differ in appearance. My block is an exact 100g size and is almost 50% pink and 50% white. My slice came pre-packaged from the Lush warehouse as it was ordered online.

      Sweetheart Soap is described as having a 'sensual' scent which is ideal for a Valentines Day purchase. It is scented with jasmine, mandarin and vanilla. Sandalwood oil is also present. Lush say that this soap will produce creamy bubbles. It contains rapeseed oil and coconut oil.


      Sweetheart Soap can be bought in Lush stores or online (www.lush.co.uk). A 100g sized block averages at £3.00. This is one of the lower priced soap bars available from Lush.

      ~My Thoughts~

      My sister was recently ordering a few bits and pieces from the Lush website and asked if I wanted to put a few things on her order. I ended up buying a few bubble bars and a slice of this Sweetheart Soap. I was attracted to this soap by the appearance - I love all things pink and girly! The scent also appealed to my sweet natured side.

      £3.00 is a bit more than shop bought soaps would cost, but personally I find Lush soaps to be worth that extra cost. I can see why it would be the ideal Valentines Day gift for the girl you love - i know I would love to receive it as a gift. I love the appearance of this soap. It reminds me of coconut ice! The soap in its solid state, smells lovely and sweet so I couldn't wait use it!

      ~Sweetheart..I <3 U~

      A 100g slice of soap needs to be used a few times to allow the edges and corners to be smooth enough and therefore comfortable to smooth across the skin. Using this in the shower is a true treat. Whilst I prefer to use liquid shower gel, I will happily use a Lush soap to cleanse my dry, sensitive skin.

      Sweetheart soap offers a luxurious, pampering experience for my skin. As soon as the soap makes contact with water (or wet skin) a rich, creamy lather starts to form on the bar. It transfers to my skin with complete ease and feels incredibly soft and fluffy on my skin. The lather spreads well and cleanses my skin whilst being incredibly gentle. The lather feels amazing on my skin and is quite refreshing yet comforting at the same time - ideal for using in the morning or the evening as a treat.

      The scent of this soap within the shower is yummy! It isn't a bright, vibrant scent but is more sweet, playful and sensual. The vanilla and mandarin blend together to offer a creamy, sweet scent with a light fruity undertone. The jasmine offers depth encouraging the scent to be more grown up and romantic - unlike the initial impression the soap gives you with its girly appearance.

      The soap rinses from my skin well and doesn't leave any residue. Once dried off, my skin feels cleansed, smooth and soft. Unfortuantely the scent isn't as strong on dry skin as I would have liked. I can detect a lovely sweet scent but it fades quite quickly and doesn't linger as long as some Lush soaps do. My skin does feel pampered throughout the day - silky smooth almost and no irritation.

      This soap is also ideal for using as a hand soap. The lather is so rich and plentiful that it gives my hands a lovely treat and doesn't dry them out further. The scent is a bit stronger on my hand.


      I love this soap! The lather is so much more appealing and rich compared to many of the Lush soaps and the scent is simply delicious for the time that I can detect it on my skin - I just wish it was a bit stronger! My slice hasn't lasted as long as other Lush soaps do. Because of how much lather comes off the slice each time, it reduced in size quite quickly. It didn't dry out whilst in my bathroom and was easy to use during the next shower.

      It certainly isn't as value for money as a bar of Dove or Lux soap but it is more luxurious to use.

      Overall I can recommend this soap.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        10.02.2012 08:18
        Very helpful



        Limited edition Valentine's soap from Lush

        Lush released several limited edition products for Valentine's Day this year. Some of them had been released previously, but others were brand new including the Sweetheart Soap. This soap was designed (I suspect) to look like a Love Heart sweet - a cake of this is round, white in colour with a pink heart in the centre and the words 'Sweet Heart' in the middle. It's also possible to get mini versions of the soap (in the Valentine's gifts) which are white with a little pink heart inside. I chose a piece cut from the main cake, so it came out rather like a slice of cake!

        Sweetheart Soap reminds me a little of last year's Love Birds soap. Last year's soap had the vanilla and jasmine scent of the Keep It Fluffy ballistic. This soap also contains vanilla and jasmine absolutes with the addition of sandalwood oil for a muskier undertone and mandarin for a citrus note. To be honest I did prefer the more delicate scent of Love Birds but Sweetheart is very distinctive - I love vanilla and jasmine but am slightly less keen on the addition of the musky note, though the mandarin adds a lighter twist. The scent is slightly overpowering for me, but it isn't unpleasant.

        The bulk of the soap is made up of rapeseed oil and coconut oil. Lush no longer use palm oil in their soaps as its use speeds up deforestation. Though some of the soap's other ingredients contain a little palm oil, by not using it in their main soap base Lush are still greatly reducing its use which is only a good thing. The soap is suitable for vegans and costs £3 for 100g.

        I've mostly been using this soap as a hand soap and it has been very effective. It has a rich creamy texture which is a delight to use and it lathers up really easily, without going down in size excessively. The soap doesn't dry my hands out at all, though I still need to use hand cream. I could probably go without hand cream though if my hands were less dry and the weather at the moment was less cold! The soap leaves the scent on my hands for a while afterwards which is very pleasant.

        I've also used the soap on my body on several occasions. Again it lathers up very well and cleanses effectively without drying. I use a body puff in the shower which dilutes the scent somewhat so it doesn't last on my skin.

        Overall I think this is a lovely creamy soap that lathers up really well and feels very luxurious on the skin, particularly in this cold weather. I do find the smell slightly overpowering though, so I've deducted a star.


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