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Lush Waylander Rhassoul Soap

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Brand: Lush / Type: Soap

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    3 Reviews
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      11.11.2011 14:29
      Very helpful



      A good product if treated as an occasional use item

      I made an order from the Lush Retro range recently and purchased a number of soaps to try. One of these was the Waylander Rhassoul soap, as I thought it sounded interesting!

      ***What is Lush?***
      Lush is a store that makes toiletries and cosmetics, using natural and organic ingredients where possible and minimising packaging where they can. It started out as a mail order company called Cosmetics to Go, but this failed and the new store, Lush, opened in Poole, Dorset. Later branches of the shop opened in London and beyond, and there are now Lush stores all over the world. As well as in store, you can also buy products from the website, www.lush.co.uk. There are similar websites for many different countries including the USA, Japan and Germany.

      Lush buy ingredients only from companies that do not test on animals. All of their products are suitable for vegetarians and many are suitable for vegans.

      Lush say: "We believe in happy people making happy soap, putting our faces on our products and making our mums proud.
      "We believe in long candlelit baths, sharing showers, massage, filling the world with perfume and in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again."

      ***What is Retro?***
      The Retro range is only available online or via mail order, as it is made up of products that have been discontinued from stores, but were deemed popular enough not to be discontinued completely. Retro products are often more expensive than the normal range of products, as they are made in smaller quantities, but there is some interesting stuff to be found among the products!

      ***About this soap***
      Waylander Rhassoul is made from rhassoul mud from the Atlas Mountains. In Morocco it is a traditional skin and scalp treatment designed, as Lush say, for bodies that haven't seen daylight for a while. Rhassoul mud helps to soothe and treat the skin, while the pumice mixed into the soap is designed to scrub away rough skin. The soap also contains patchouli oil, which lends an earthy smell to the product.

      My piece of soap looks like a piece of chocolate marble cake, mostly brown with a white base. It smells absolutely lovely: very earthy and fresh, rather like mud, but in a good way! It is a very natural scent. I have been to Morocco and smelling this soap brought it all back. It made me think I was in a hot country having a bath outdoors in a waterfall or something.

      The soap is priced at £4.10, which is expensive for a Lush soap. However, I imagine it's quite expensive to import rhassoul mud from Morocco!

      I decided to use the soap without a body puff in order to experience its exfoliating properties. I found it very effective at exfoliating, but gentle enough to use all over my whole body. The earthy scent came out and it reminded me of my holiday in Morocco when I had a traditional hammam massage. The soap felt very luxurious to use and I felt like I was having a special exfoliating treatment rather than my usual morning shower! There was a bit of greyish-brown sludge produced by the soap, but this rinsed away very easily when I pointed the shower head at it.

      After my shower, my skin felt soft and smooth and the smell of the soap was still present on my skin, albeit not very strongly. I felt very refreshed and cleansed after my shower.

      The only negative thing about the soap was that it only lasted about three uses. I didn't use it every day, just every few days, but it still lasted me less than two weeks. I'm not sure it should really be marketed as a soap, as it seems to be more like Brimstone or Glorious Mud (a scrub and a body mask).

      Overall, I'm going to give this product four stars because it did feel really luxurious and did my skin some good. In particular, I had some ingrowing hairs and spots on my legs (caused by using an epilator) and found that this product seemed to help clear this up, possibly because of the scrub and the purifying properties of the rhassoul mud. However, I have deducted a star because it is expensive for a three-use soap, and it is after all marketed as a soap.


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        24.08.2008 23:58
        Very helpful



        A full body mud wash at a pinch of the cost you pay at a salon.

        Waylander Rhassoul is a lovely clay based soap from Lush which does wonders for your body, I absolutely love this soap so thought it was about time I review it.

        Waylander is part of the Lush Retro Range which is only available on the Lush website ( where they cheekily charge just short of £4 for delivery even if you only buy one item ) , I purchased my piece from a lady on Ebay who was very lucky and won a Lush village made of Retro soap ( I'm sooo envious ! ) .

        Waylander costs £3.50 for 100g and is therefore one of the more expensive Lush soaps, however I think it is totally worth it. This also lasts ages which makes the price more acceptable.

        This soap is a light mud brown colour and has creamy white bits throughout. This is a really think and squishy soap, it really does not feel like a soap at all. It is really easy to just pinch a bit off the side to take to the bathroom with you. It is important not to take the whole bar in the bath or shower with you as it will just disappear.

        I have found this soap is best to use in the shower rather than the bath. I get myself wet, then move away from the spray of the shower and rub a piece of this oap together with a bit of water in my hands and it goes lovely and soft and creamy. I then rub myself with this till I have a nhice layer on, take a sponge and give myself a good scrub. Once on this feels a bit like a body pack and its much cheaper than going to a salon for one !

        This soap does not really bubble, it is more like a nice creamy lather and I love it, it glides on nice and easily and whilst it is creamy it has little bits in it which are great for a good scrub without being too rough.

        As well as using this on my body, I have used it in my hair, i thought why not, most Lush soaps are also okay for the hair. My hair felt great after using this, and I just love the earthy smell.

        You do need to make sure you wash this soap off well because after my first use i found that once I was dry I had a bit of powdery residue on my body which I had to dust off, my skin also felt a little tight after use.

        This soap has Rhassoul clay in it which is why it is so good for your skin, I feel that my skin is really clean afterwards and I love the fact that it lightly exfoliates whilst you wash, it is very gentle but hugely effective.

        The ingridients in this soap as given on the Lush website are -

        Rhassoul Mud Slurry
        Propylene Glycol
        Rapeseed oil
        Sunflower oil
        Coconut oil (Brassica napusHelianthus annuus; Cocos nucifera)
        Pumice Powder
        Water (Aqua)
        Sodium Coco- Sulfate
        Sodium Hydroxide
        Sodium Stearate
        Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon cablin)
        Vetivert Oil (Vetiveria zizanoides)
        Sodium Chloride

        I really love this soap and i higly recommend it, it definitely is perfect for an evening of pampering, I particularly like the patchouli fragrance which makes it smell fresh and earthy.


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          03.08.2008 15:18



          Excellent product for super smooth skin.

          Waylander Soap is one of Lush's Retro products. That means that it originally had been discontinued, however, due to the high demand to bring back some discontinued products that customers just cannot live without, this one luckily made a comeback. Waylander is clay based and made with Rhassoul Mud. It smells absolutely gorgeous of earthy patchouli oil. It is particularly good to be used as an exfoliator on feet, hands, elbows and knees (especially before using fake tan). It leaves your skin feeling beautifully smooth and clean and the smell lingers on your skin for hours. It can be used on very sensitive skin. The soap is very creamy, rich and like a piece of luxury. The only downside to it is that it goes pretty fast, which is probably due to its creamy texture. I would, however, recommend it to anyone with skin issues as this lovely soap is bound to be able to sort them out.


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      • Product Details

        Waylander Rhassoul is a soap for preparing bodies for adventure, especially if theyve not seen daylight for a while / What they need is a lovely, clay based soap made with Rhassoul Mud from the Atlas Mountains, a traditional Moroccan skin and scalp treatment which works marvels on troubled skin / perfumed with earthy patchouli oil, with pumice powder mixed in so when the Rhassoul mud washes away the dirt youre left with a hard, rocky centre of ground pumice to scrub away rough skin / Use it on feet, hands, elbows and knees (especially before using fake tan) / At this point you start up a new, soft, creamy, muddy bar and youll find that your skin has already transformed itself magically from dull to bright /

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