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Nivea Creme Soap Bar with Almond Oil

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9 Reviews

Brand: Nivea / Type: Soap / Subcategory: Oil / Cream

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    9 Reviews
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      22.04.2010 10:44
      Very helpful



      Getting soapy in the shower

      Here's what Nivea claims that this product does:

      "NIVEA beauty bar CRÈME SOFT with nourishing almond oil and creamy soft foam gently cleanses and cares for your skin while helping restore its natural moisture balance, every day. pH skin-balanced. Dermatologist tested."

      Sounds good doesn't it? It conjures images of opulent luxury; of Cleopatra-esque beauty and smooth, toned skin, writing around in the ecstatic pleasures of a wonderful, luxurious bath.

      It is, however, soap. Whether Nivea may describe this as a 'beauty bar' but you and I know that it's actually just soap. At around 50p per 100g bar, you might think it unlikely that it can deliver the epic beauty properties suggested. You might be right.

      Nivea is affiliated to the German manufacturer Beiersdorf. The Nivea brand is well known here in the UK, with wide ranges of toiletries and beauty products for men and women, notably a very popular range of moisturisers and sun lotions.

      There's something remarkably understated about this particular product. I wonder whether that's because even Nivea knows that it's not very good? Anyway, each bar of soap is sold in a simple cardboard outer that simply shouts NIVEA at you and not much else. Fair play to Nivea, at least the packaging is entirely recyclable. Sadly, when it's sold in a twin pack, it also has a plastic wrapper, but this might be recyclable in your area, if you're lucky.

      I'm never entirely sure what the target audience for these Nivea products is. There's nothing 'fun' about the product, so they don't seem to be after the family unit. (Indeed, I think the ingredients are way too harsh to use on little people's skin). It's not a particularly feminine design (a notable lack of pink and lily colours here) but the overall look and feel (of soft, creamy luxury) hardly seems targeted at men. Indeed, the product seems to have an identity crisis and I'm not, therefore, particularly surprised that it's hard to track down in the UK. Indeed, of the major supermarkets, only Sainsbury's lists it on their grocery web site (it's not stocked at Tesco, Asda or Waitrose as far as I can see). Even the two major high street chemists snub their noses at this one - neither Boots nor Superdrug appear to sell it either. You could be forgiven for thinking that nobody wants to buy it...

      It can sometimes be very difficult to decipher a smell and sometimes one can only compare it to somebody or something else. The smell of this soap is unquestionably strong. The deeper you sniff, the stronger the smell gets, to the extent where it will make your eyes water. Indeed you can smell it right through the box. I can only really describe it as "the smell of old ladies". It doesn't smell particularly floral or herbal. It's a distinctly soapy, synthetic fragrance. There *is* something vaguely creamy about it, and I think you can just about detect the almond oil content, but I find it overwhelmingly unpleasant.

      It's quite a cute-looking little bar of soap. It's not entirely intended simply for hand washing and every day cleaning and it's here that I think the design leads more towards the feminine end of the scale. The bar seems designed towards ladies, who, generally, will have smaller, more petite hands and it does seem quite easy to grip. Even with my big manly hands (cough) I've always hated the size of soap bars like Imperial Leather that just seem huge and (in the words of Bon Jovi) get extremely slippery when they are wet. This is quite a diddy little number.

      There appear to be three main uses for which this 'beauty bar' might be used:

      * Basic hand washing
      * Body washing under a shower
      * Luxury body washing in the bath

      Used during basic hand washing, this stuff is perfectly adequate. It doesn't really lather up quite as much as you might expect, creating a moderate amount of bubbles but it does clean your hands nicely. Having used it regularly at different times, it has been effective at shifting most normal dirt but needed a really good lathering and scrubbing when I had particularly dirty hands. Immediately after use, it leaves the skin on your hands feeling slightly taut, and almost waxy but it doesn't dry my skin out as other bars of soap do. Liquid soap is, however, far easier and quicker to use and (arguably in a large household) rather more hygienic. I noticed that the bar itself needed rinsing after use in this way, as it retained some of the dirt that I had washed off my hands. It doesn't, however, become slippery and unwieldy, which was good to see.

      Generally, I'd much rather use a moisturising liquid soap for this, although I quite like the way that the beauty bar leaves only a very faint smell on your hands. Some liquid soap can be a little over powering.

      I'm in two minds about the beauty bar, when used in the shower. I can't really see why/how anybody in his or her right mind would bother with something like this. It's a real chore to lather up the bar and try and get the foam onto your body. For starters, of course, the bar doesn't particularly lather up that much and if applied directly to the skin, it's rather like rubbing yourself all over with a moist Pritt Stick. If you try and simply lather up the bar in your hands and then rub your hands over your body, it's still quite impractical. A lot of the lather gets washed away before you can get it where you want it and, of course, even if you do get it on your skin, the shower water is going to rapidly wash it off anyway. You also have to keep putting the bar down in between lathers, which quickly becomes tedious. Compare this to a shower gel or moisturising body wash and I could quickly see that this stuff wouldn't be a popular choice for washing/moisturising in this way. It is, of course, infinitely easier (and more fun) if you're sharing the shower with someone else but that's a given.

      The effect on the skin seems to be much the same as when used for washing hands. I have reasonably normal skin, probably slightly dry overall, and this stuff didn't really do anything to improve or worsen this. One thing I really like from a shower is for my skin to feel cool and energised afterwards. I'm not sure that the Nivea beauty bar particularly contributed towards this and I missed the zing of a good shower gel, particularly when used in the morning. I did, however, feel clean and comfortable. The smell is definitely too feminine for my liking, but it didn't/doesn't linger so nobody would be particularly aware of this. It may be a coincidence but when I showered with this before bed, I seemed to sleep very well.

      Overall, I wouldn't use this in the shower and would much prefer a liquid.

      I don't tend to have baths that often and when I do, it's for the purposes of a long, relaxing, luxuriating soak. To this end, the Nivea Beauty Bar seems reasonably appropriate. I didn't use any other bath oil or bath soak when I used the beauty bar (which felt odd in itself) and noticed that once I got to work with the bar, the water started to turn slightly cloudy. I should imagine the effect of this would vary wildly according to whether you live in a hard or soft water area, but it certainly adds to the effect. That aside, the experience is, for me any way, almost entirely unpleasant. That taut, waxy feeling that I described for hand washing is very evident here, only on a much larger scale and when bathing with this stuff I kept getting the feeling that I wanted to jump under another shower and rinse off straight away. Using the bar was pretty easy - you could either dot the Pritt Stick or rub it in your hands I guess but it's not really very relaxing. I felt as though the actual relaxation part of the bath was negated by all the wiping and rubbing (cough).

      On the upside, even after a few showers, a couple of baths and some hand washing, there's loads of the bar left so I get the feeling this would be quite an economical little number. I was also quite impressed with the way that the bar didn't go hurtling out of my hands in the bath. On the downside, although afterwards my skin felt very clean, it felt as though it had also shrunk a size, which I found quite unpleasant. The smell wasn't as strong when used in the bath as I had expected it to be, but there was a faintly lingering feminine smell that I didn't particularly like.

      I certainly wouldn't use this in the bath in this way. There are so many good body washes, soaks and gels, that it would never really occur to me to use something like this in the bath. I'm surprised anyone can be bothered.

      Let's take a look at those ingredients.

      Sodium tallowate, sodium cocoate, sodium palm kernelate, water, glycerin, fragrance (parfum), octyldodecanol, sodium thiosulfate, sodium chloride, sweet almond oil, tetrasodium etidronate, lanolin alcohol, disteardimonium hectorite, methyl benzoate, titanium dioxide

      Mmm! Full of lovely, natural ingredients then? Not! Here are the associated highlights:

      * Fragrance is listed as 'parfum' which can, legally, virtually include anything. You have no idea what is contained here.

      * Sodium palm kernelate - is palm oil by any other name, the wide-scale use of which is contributing to deforestation and massive damage to precious ecosystems.

      * Sodium tallowate - is derived from animal fat, which means that the product is not suitable for vegetarians (the glycerin may or may not be animal sourced.)

      * The ingredients list is rife with artificial ingredients that commonly lead to/exacerbate skin allergies. Lanolin, for example, can cause a very unpleasant skin allergy. Tetrasodium etidronate is here simply to preserve the soap but is a suspected irritant.

      The parent Company (Beiersdorf) clearly states on its website that it does not conduct tests for cosmetic products on animals. Indeed they go on to say that "we are convinced that the development of cosmetic products must avoid the utilisation of test animals." This is a strong mission statement, but they go on to highlight that they cannot guarantee this of the raw materials that they use in their products. Smells like a cop out to me!

      Some of the manufacturers that you would expect to be entirely ethical aren't always so. The Body Shop soap bars contain synthetic ingredients, including detergents and perfumes, some of which are listed as being potentially hazardous. Lush soaps boast entirely natural ingredients but some actually contain EDTA or parabens.

      Why not try '''Simply Soaps'''? This is a small company based in Norfolk that produces entirely natural soaps. Their organic rose petal and geranium soap bar (which needs a review in itself) smells lovely and is entirely natural. Needless to say, these are entirely suitable for vegetarians and have not been tested on animals http://www.ethicalsuperstore.com/products/simply-soaps/geranium-and-rose-petals/

      I expected to hate this product rather more than I do. In terms of what it does, it's actually a perfectly reasonable everyday soap that cleanses pretty well and the bar lasts well too. But it's *still* a complete chemical concoction and I think that the stated claims of luxury, cleansing and gentle care are misleading and irresponsible. It's unquestionably cheap though, which I suspect will keep the punters coming - if they can find it, that is!

      Not recommended


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        21.04.2010 16:14
        Very helpful



        nice product

        == My Story ==

        Our household goes through soap like it is going out of fashion. Whether it be the pump action soaps or bars of soap, we seem to have them all and use them up quickly. My skin is practically fine when washing in anything although I can suffer from dry skin patches so tend to always opt for a more moisturising type of cleanser. Himself would wash in petrol and his skin would still be silky soft so for him type of soap are not really an issue. The little man has quite sensitive skin and some soaps can be more harsh on his skin than others. Overall as a family we tend to need a more sensitive and nourishing soap.

        All these reasons are why I ended up opting for the Nivea Cream Soft soap bars over the dozens of brands that were there for me to choose from. Plus it seemed that no other soaps were on offer as I do usually tend to opt for the branded products that are on a special offer but this Nivea still was of a reasonable price.


        The Nivea brand is a name that I have grown up with in the sense that my mum would always have a pot of the Nivea Cream Moisturiser on her dressing table and never seemed to allow herself to run out. Because of this, when I came to an age of beginning to use lotions and creams, Nivea was one of the first moisturisers I used too. The Nivea Cream itself was first introduced back in 1911 when they discovered the right ingredients needed to make a stable base for moisturisers. Who would have thought it has been around that long!

        ==What It Is==

        The Nivea Cream Soft Soap is basically a solid bar of soap. The soap is said to be rich in Almond Oil which is known for its softening and moisturising properties. There is a small range of these Cream Soft items from Nivea and you are able to get both shower cream and bath cream too.

        The bar of soap is the product I have chosen to review as I recently finished my second bar although I have tried the shower cream too. The soap bar is 125grams and looks just like most bars of soap as it is the same size although does have the Nivea logo embossed into the centre of the bar and a slight shaped edge to the sides.

        The bar of course contains almond oil and a whole host of other ingredients which are pointless to list them all but it has in it Lanolin Alcohol, Sodium Tallowate and Parfume. Of course the fact that it contains Almond oil I don't think would make it a suitable product for those people who suffer from a nut allergy but

        The soap comes in a packet of three individual soaps which are held together with an outer cellophane wrapper. This is easily recognisable as a Nivea product as it has the same classic logo which Nivea has had for many years. The logo is the traditional blue colour with the rest of the cellophane being of a white and creamy tone. The outer wrapping gives all the information that you would need such as ingredients, product information and brand contact details. Inside the cellophane wrapper each soap is housed in a cardboard box of its own. This really seems pointless to me as I wouldn't have minded the soaps being loose in the outer wrapping but the cardboard can be recycled so it's not too much of a bother.

        ==Price & Availability==

        The pack of soap is available from most supermarkets in a multi packet of three bars and I have purchased it in both Morrison's and Tesco's before now and paid more or less the same price. Again depending on where you do buy this product the price will vary but really only by a matter of pennies. I paid £1.49 pence but I have seen it on offer before for £1 which I feel is a really good price for three bars of soap.

        This price is pretty much standard compared with all the other branded soaps such as Imperial Leather and the like. Of course there are far cheaper brands such as shops own and I do know that Tesco Value soap comes in a packet of four for less than 30 pence which is very cheap but perhaps not a bargain when you have sensitive skin!

        ==Look and Smell==

        The soap is a lovely smooth white bar and unlike a lot of others is not overly cream coloured but seemingly a lot purer. It is a good size which fits in the palm of my hand very nicely which makes it easy to turning to produce the bubbles. Another point to mention is the fact that the shape they have used with the bar by having a rectangle shape but with some straight cut edges again makes it easier to roll around the hands and thus produces the beat amount of bubbles. I do sometimes find a bar of soap to get going especially when it is brand new but this seemed to spin easily in the hand.

        The soap is very aromatic and has a lovely clean and fresh smell that really reminds me of a beauty salon. The smell is noticeable even before I begin to use the bar and just on opening the packet of soaps you get the fresh aroma wafting up. Of course when the soap is being used and rolled under warm water and in between the hands the smell is far more noticeable. However even though the smell is stronger it is not overpowering in the slightest and just has a very clean smell rather than a perfumed cover up. It is a smell I really like.

        ==General Use==

        The soap is used just as any other soap bar. It always works better when rubbed between wet hands and warm water is the best to use. It generally takes a good few turns in the palms before the soap really gets going but once the entire bar is warm and wet the bubbles soon begin to flow. There is an adequate amount of bubbles produced and again this will depend on how vigorously you rotate the bar.

        The soap works well wither rubbed between the hands or even when used on a wet face cloth. I have even rubbed a bar on my body puffer before and although a lot of the bar was used up the bubbles produced were of brilliant proportions and worked wonderfully in the shower. We tend to use bar soap more for Jack in the bath or Himself likes to use it in the shower and we found this bar perfect to use in all cases.

        The soap does a really good job at cleaning the skin and removes dirt and make up easily and the skin feels noticeable moisturised when using it. The soap seems to leave a slightly oily feel to it and I guess this must be the almond oil that is in the ingredients. I wouldn't say this is a bad thing however for my skin did really appreciate this extra bit of nourishment but I don't really think it would be suitable for everyone's skin type as already oily skin my find it even more problematic. This isn't really a major noticeable effect but I did notice it and found that the bar generally worked better on my legs rather than my face.

        I did find the soap gentle enough to use on my face and indeed Jack didn't find the soap irritating to his sensitive skin at all. I found the soap a real pleasure to use instead of my pump soap on my hands as after a wash not only did it seemly remove every trace of grime and dirt but also left my hands feeling hydrated and smooth. My skin did feel clean after use but not overly tight as some bar soaps would usually leave it.

        The soap bar kept its shape well and because of its harder than most texture that bar seemed not to melt so quickly if dropped in Jacks bath of an evening. Even keeping it is the soap dish didn't seem to make too much of a mess once returning the soap after used which compared to most is another added bonus when using this soap. The fragrance although noticeable is not in the slightest bit too strong and once used on the skin doesn't really linger around too much and this is another thing I am grateful for as too many fragrant products often do not mingle well together.

        ==Final Opinion==

        I really do rate these Nivea Cream Soft Soaps. The whole range is a good one and does work well for my skin and the entire families. I feel that it not only represents a good value for money because of the cost for three bars but also with the fact that it does last a good amount of time per bar used. I will more often than not use a Dove Cream Bar and not only is this smaller is size but a bar doesn't last nearly as long as one of these Nivea Cream Soft bars. The Dove bar may produce a higher quantity of soap bubbles but this leads to it all being used up far quicker.

        This Nivea bar is gentle to the skin whilst still giving a great performance when it comes to cleansing and moisturising. It is good value and perfect for the whole family so really I cannot find much fault with the bar or the brand that make it. I think a good score of 5 stars out of 5 would be appropriate for this product and most certainly a high recommendation. I will continue to buy the bar but most likely buying it on an off as other soaps become on offer. All in all though a great soap to use every day for great looking and feeling skin.

        ==Other Information==

        You can check out the Nivea Website at: http://www.nivea.com/products/show/345

        I have seen the shower cream from this range available in Poundland for a medium sided bottle which is not a bad price as it works really well and has the same fresh fragrance.

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.

        I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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          17.04.2010 11:55
          Very helpful



          Nivea cream soap

          As a child my mum always used Nivea sun cream to protect us from the sun. I loved the fresh distinctive smell, and today the same Nivea scent takes me back to my childhood and reminds me of long hot summers. The Nivea brand has been around since 1911, but can trace its roots back even further to when the German Dr Oscar Troplowitz of the Beiersdorf Company decided to market a cream for use as a cosmetic. The company had, until that time, manufactured a cream known as Eucerit, for medical use. The name Nivea comes from the Latin Niveus meaning snow white and describes the colour of the cream perfectly. I really don't want to regurgitate the entire history of the Nivea brand as you can visit the Nivea web site and read it for yourself if you are interested.

          So let's fast forward to today. Nivea is still made by the same German company using an original formula; the only difference is that Nivea is now a global skin care brand. In the past Nivea had the imager of being no nonsense skin care brand but has now evolved with the help of clever advertising to a brand for both men and women with numerous products bearing the Nivea name including sun creams, hand creams,soap,shower creams and deodorants to name a few. However it is the Nivea cream soap that I am going to review.

          The soap.
          I buy soap in pump action plastic containers for hand washing as I think they are not only less messy with children in the house, but also more hygienic. As far as hand wash soap goes, I tend to buy what ever brand is on offer. However I always buy bars of soap for use in the bath. I buy a few brands including the occasional expensive treat from the body shop. Nivea has always been a favored brand as I love the distinctive Nivea scent.

          The packaging is unremarkable and still uses the same blue and white colour scheme on the outer wrapper I remember as a child. Inside the wrapper are 3 bars of soap in individual cardboard boxes. I have always bought Nivea in packs of 3 and don't think they are available individually. Each bar is 125 grams. The snow white soap has the Nivea name embossed at the top.

          A visit to the Nivea web site tells me that there are several variants of cream soap available although I have only ever used the crème soft cream version. However Nivea also make pearl and beauty, happy time cream, lotus beauty, honey and oil, avena crème and milk bar.

          Nivea soft cream contains both lanolin and almond oil. Almond oil is well known as a moisturiser and lanolin has soothing properties.Nivea say, and I quote that the creamy soft foam gently cleanses and cares for your skin. So does it deliver?

          My experience
          As I had already said I love the Nivea scent and am pleased to report that the scent lasts well and can still be detected on my skin several hours after my bath. The soap lathers well and unlike other brands notably Dove and Pears, doesn't dissolve into the bath water. It is easy to rinse away even with soft water as we have. After bathing with Nivea my skin feels soft and smooth. I can't say it leaves my skin feeling well moisurised as I do have dry skin and need to use either body lotion or body butter following my bath.

          I have two very messy boys and both need to have a bath or shower every night. As you would hope Nivea gets them clean and sweet smelling. The snowy white colour of Nivea often ends up muddy brown after they have finished using it! Still a quick rinse soon has it back to the colour Nivea intended! My husband likes Nivea as he says it doesn't smell to girly like my body shop treats! So Nivea gets the thumbs up from the three men in my life!

          I couldn't remember how much I had paid for my last pack of Nivea soap so looked on a few supermarket web sites to check the price. I was surprised to see that the soap wasn't listed on any of the sites I checked. Not to be beaten I took a trip to my local Tesco to check the shelves, again no Nivea soap to be found. The same applied to both Waitrose and Boots. So I guess the only negative has to be that this soap is very hard to find! Luckily I still have a few bars left in store and will continue my hunt! If you do come across Nivea cream soap then I recommend you stock up!


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            14.10.2008 11:34
            Very helpful




            I like the smell of Nivea products. It is quite distinct. This soap is no different but has the added scent of Almond oil, which is quite a sweet fragrance. It compliments the nivea smell really well.

            This Cream soap lathers very well and spreads on the skin easily. There are no added colours in this product so it is particularly good for the skin. It moisturises really well. Almond oil is really good for the skin and is often used as the base oil for massage oils.

            The smell is really clean and refreshing and lasts on your skin after you have dried. This is really important for me, as I like to smell clean and fresh.

            The bar is quite thick and when it is new it is really nice to use because it is large. The one downside about this product, and this applies to all Nivea soap bars in my opinion, is that it is really soft and so can go soggy and does not last very well.

            3 125g bars cost about £1.30 so not bad value.

            Overall a great bar of soap.


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            13.10.2008 18:38
            Very helpful



            Nivea Creme Soft Cream Soap

            Pamper your skin everyday!!

            We all like to smell nice and clean (well, sometimes quite a few people on the tube in London like to dispel this rumour but anyway...) and one of my favourite companies for doing this is Nivea. We all know Nivea, the global skin and body care brand. They products are very recognizable as they come in blue containers with white writing on the front and promote a very clean, polished marketing look. The company was actually founded in 1911 by the Germany company Beiersdorf.

            Like I said Nivea is known for its clean fresh products that do not use any dyes or colourings in them, etc. In fact the owner of the company Oskar Troplowitz actually named it Nivea after the Latin word niveus/nivea/niveum meaning snow white. This now makes sense as to why it is called what it's called and in my opinion is a very fitting and just name.

            I am actually going to review one of their soap products as it is a favourite of my husbands but in some ways not a favourite of mine even though I do like most of their products. The soap in question is the Nivea Crème Soft Cream Soap with mositurising almond. The soap comes in a bar which is probably about 7cm long and 3cm in height. It weighs 125g. I like that it is quite a thick bar of soap and is curved at the edges to make it easy to hold onto. It has the name Nivea embossed in the middle of the soap. I would say that each bar of soap between two people in our household probably lasts for about 2 weeks which I think it quite good value. To buy a pack of these at Sainsburys (a pack contains 3 bars of soap) it will cost you £1.25, quite good value I think.

            The soap has such a clean, fresh smell with no fruit smells or spa type smells which is really nice. It does make you feel like you are getting a quality, fresh product that will work well as it has no preservatives or chemicals in it.

            On the packet it informs you that the soap, "gently cleanses and cares for your skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth." Now, this is the one thing I don't like about the soap. When I get my hands wet and lather up the soap I find it seems to strip my hands of moisture and makes them almost squeaky clean and not in a good way. It feels like they are not getting the moisture they attest to. However, after I have dried my hands they do not seem to be dry and chapped though so maybe that is the way the soap works, to me it just does not feel like they are being covered in a nice rich crème to which the title would suggest.

            I would say all in all a good soap and my hands smell very fresh after using it but perhaps not the nicest soap out there on the market.


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            16.09.2008 18:39



            We have been using Nivea soap for at least four generations of my family & wouldn't use anything else.I am finding it increasingly hard to buy it now though, and have resorted to ordering it online as nowhere seems to stock it anymore, apart from the occasional chance find in a pound shop.I love this soap, it doesn't dry your skin out, and leaves the skin really clean


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            15.08.2008 15:51
            Very helpful



            Excellent value for money for a soap with a luxury feel

            Nivea Creme Soft Soap is my favourite soap; containing moisturising almond oil which itself is great for dry skin, this soap is perfect for cleansing but never dries out the skin.

            One of the reasons I love this soap so much is that, unlike most other moisturising soaps, it is clean to use and doesn't clog up the skin and the soap dish - a pet hate of mine.

            Nivea products are made by Beiersdorf UK Ltd in Birmingham and also in Dublin. Beiersdorf are based in Hamburg.

            The only drawback with this soap is that it is difficult to find as only a few retailers seem to stock it; I don't know why this is because, for its price, it would be a popular item to sell.

            Locally, the only place I have been able to find it is Savers and I pay just .99p for three 125gm bars which is excellent value for money, especially as it doesn't shrink away too fast like other soaps of its kind.

            The soap bars are white and have Nivea imprinted on them on one side. The soap lathers up well even with cold water and you can feel the moisturising qualities as soon as you use it. It rinses off easily and leaves the skin feeling clean and soft, not dry and tight like many other soaps.

            Besides almond oil, Nivea Creme Soft Soap also contains glycerin (spelt without the final 'e'), another moisturiser which is kind to skin. I have very sensitive skin, especially on my hands, and usually don't like to use soap, but my hands really benefit from this even in winter.

            I would not use any other hand soap and only wish that more outlets sold it.

            Highly recommended.


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            12.01.2008 22:46
            Very helpful



            This soap is great, well worth the money!!

            Nivea is a soap that a have been using for a while now, I decided to try it as I noticed some dry patches of skin on my face.


            This soap comes in a light and dark blue cardboard box, it`s 125g and it cost me 50p for two bars, from my local pound shop, on the front of the box it says Nivea cream soap with Almond oil.
            On the side of the box it states, that it is "enriched with Almond oil, Nives creme, this soap gently cleanses your skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth."

            Some of the ingredients include:

            Sodium tallowate
            Sodium cocoate
            Sodium chloride

            The smell

            The soap has a nice odour, it`s hard to describe the smell but it is nice and not to strong, The soap is white in colour with the word Nivea engraved into it. This soap is suitable for in the shower or just handwashing.

            Reason I used this soap

            Originally I started to use this soap due to dry skin on my face, hoping that this soap would help and I was pleasently when it did just that, After using for a short while I noticed that my dry patches had disappeared, so I have used this soap ever since.


            All in all I am happy with this soap, it does what it states on the box, it seems good for dry skin (well in my case anyway), so I would highly recommend this product!!!

            Thanks for reading


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              03.04.2004 23:06
              Very helpful



              It cleans!

              'Oooh, you're so dirty', he uttered in the heat of the moment.

              'I may be dirty,' I replied 'but you are absolutely filthy!'

              My other half had been playing Sunday league football. At this time of year when the pitch is almost waterlogged, it's inevitably going to end up being very messy.

              In he staggered, looking like he had been mud wrestling. Without fail, his annoying attempt to fling his arms around me and smother me in muck ensued.

              'You're not coming anywhere near me looking like that...in the bath now!'

              I decided that this was the ideal opportunity to try out the new Nivea soap bar that I had bought. And what a way to put it to the test. Would it get the filthy beast clean?....

              ~ The Soap ~

              Nearly 100 years ago, in 1911, Nivea was created by the German company Beiersdorf. The first of their products was what turned out to be the well known and popular Nivea Creme.

              The brand name was originally derived from the Latin words 'nix nivis', meaning 'snow white'....a perfect name for the pure white cream!

              Over the years, further sub-brands and innovations have been continuously added to the Nivea range and it is now very widespread, being available in approximately 200 countries worldwide.

              One of these sub-brands is Nivea Bath Care which is a series of body cleansing items that are suitable for almost any skin type. A lovely product from this range is Nivea Creme Soap with Almond Oil.

              Since the 'mud moment' I have actually used the product myself and it may be just a bar of soap but I think that it's great! The fact that it is enriched with almond oil (which has moisturising properties) means that it doesn't leave your skin feeling tight or strip it of it's essential moisture like some ordinary soaps can.

              During use, the soap bar creates a luxurious, thick and creamy lather and you can almost feel it moisturising the skin while it cleans. The mild formula gently cleanses the skin leaving it feeling nice and soft. A certain person won't appreciate me telling you this, but he even commented on how smooth his skin was after he had used it for the first time!

              As for the smell....well it smells clean! Unlike some bars, which can actually smell quite harsh, Nivea soap has a pleasant fragrance which leaves a light scent on your skin for quite a while afterwards.

              I thought I would also mention that although it is part of the Bath Care range, I don't take this literally and I have a bar by the sink just for washing my hands and face too.

              In typical Nivea style, the soap has no colouring whatsoever. It is completely lily white and comes in 125g bars which I must admit seem to last for ages.

              Packaging comes in the form of a box and features the familiar, strong blue and white Nivea branding. They are available individually or as a triple pack. The latter is what I choose to buy and it costs about £1.85 for the three. This sounds like quite a lot but it's worth it. I'm not sure what the going rate is for a single soap but I'm sure you are making a saving by purchasing the multi-pack.

              ~ Conclusion ~

              I think that's about it. There isn't much more to say really....it is only soap after all.

              I can honestly say that it does it's job perfectly though. My hubby even scrubbed up nicely so it certainly gets a gleaming thumbs up from me!


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