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Nivea Green Tea & Cucumber

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Brand: Nivea

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    2 Reviews
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      01.12.2013 09:59



      Smells Fabulous

      My weakness seems to be beauty products. As soon as I get paid the majority of my wage goes on tried and tested products and new little treats that catch my eye. This Nivea Green Tea and Cucumber Soap was the latest product to catch my eye and at 69p from my local supermarket it was a bargain too.

      I regularly use Nivea products as they are a tried and tested brand that are very sensitive on my skin. They don't cause me to have any nasty reactions and work are very gentle. When I bought this item I had not previously used a Nivea soap before.

      This soap was delightful. As soon as I opened the fabulously designed plastic packaging from around it I saw the light green coloured soap with was very easy on the eye. The smell hit me straight away too. I could smell the cucumber straight away. It was a gorgeous smell.

      When applied to my skin with water the soap lathered really well, the great smell continued and it left my skin undoubtedly clean and soft.

      The soap lasted just as long as any other soap I have used so overall this was great value for money.

      I will continue to use this soap until another little bargain comes across and catches my eye.


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      14.05.2013 17:31
      Very helpful



      A pleasant and unusually scented soap from Nivea

      I bought Nivea's Green Tea and Cucumber soap because I love cucumber scented skin care products. It is a aroma that I find really refreshing and not too overpowering. The soap cost me just 59p in Sainsbury's which was another good reason to give it a try!

      I have previously purchased other soaps from the same company such as the passion fruit variety, which proved to be good skin cleansers if not the most creamy or easy to lather. Nivea say that this particular soap is made with "precious cucumber extract" and has "the refreshing scent of green tea". I am familiar with the long-standing use of cucumber as a beauty aid to the skin but I did think it a little strange to describe extract from cucumber to be a precious thing. They are not exactly gold dust! It makes the product seem more exciting I suppose. These ingredients along with the others used are supposed to gently cleanse and pamper my skin as well as leave it "delicately perfumed".

      The soap is light green which suits the ingredients but otherwise looks the same as any other bar once out of it's plastic wrapper. It is slightly contoured which makes it easy to hold but as it wears down you loose that advantage anyway. I was intrigued by the scent which doesn't really deliver on the cucumber front, but is still very pleasant. I can indeed smell green tea which works surprisingly well in a soap along with a more traditional soapy undertone that becomes more prevalent as the bar shrinks. In fact, by the time there is only scraps left I can't really smell much of the green tea at all which is a shame. When the bar is fresher, the perfume does lightly fragrance the skin but it is gentle enough to be only really obvious if you make the effort to sniff at your hands for example. Perfect if you are wearing other scents as I often am.

      I mentioned above that I didn't feel the other fruit/herb soaps that I had tried by Nivea lathered very well. Although this one seems to be made of mainly the same ingredients as these others, I did think it produced a good froth when I wanted it to. I know that it isn't strictly necessary to ensure good cleaning but it is more satisfying to me if I can get sudsy. It doesn't have the creamy feel of the traditional Nivea Creme soap but it feels pleasant on the skin and it doesn't leave an unpleasant film behind. It certainly feels gentle but be aware that I don't have sensitive skin and soaps rarely have a drying effect to me, even when used on my face.

      When rinsed away, the soap definitely leaves my skin cleaner and fresh feeling with no hint of tightness or irritation. I wouldn't say that my skin felt "pampered" as such but I am happy to settle for a clean skin which is the chief reason I want to use this soap anyway. I prefer to use an olive oil soap on my face which does actively leave my skin softer in general but I am happy to use a Nivea one otherwise.

      The soap has proven to be good value for money as it does not turn into mush quickly but slower decreases in size despite feeling somehow not as hard or solid as some bars do. For this reason, and the nice scent and proficient cleaning, I think it is worth a recommendation. I don't agree that it is especially caring or pampering in it's effects on the skin so I wouldn't recommend it if that is what you are looking for but it doesn't feel harsh either. I would like the scent to have been lasted to the end of the bar but for the price I paid I am happy. All in all I am going to still award it 4 stars. You can buy these soaps in the usual places but the best deal seems to be in the poundshops where they are often available for 2 for £1. I have also seen them for 49p each in Savers on occasion.


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