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Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Creamy Soap Bar

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    2 Reviews
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      16.04.2015 10:31


      • " not-expensive"
      • " design"
      • "nice flavor"


      • "price sometimes"

      This soap smells nice and I like it

      This unique soap I decided to buy after I became an Oriflame Consultant. As it has a lot of good reviews by the people I know so I've tryed it too. I don't know exactly what I have expected but I may consider I wasn't dissapointed in it. By the way composition of this soap is also quite nice; it contains milk and honey extracts so it's very pleasant to take a bath with it! I have tried different Oriflame soaps and I like to use many of them, espessially when they contain natural extracts.
      When it being using, it smells very well, immersed in lush velvet foam and flavor remains on the body for a long time later, so you can bring such a pleasure to yourself. Besides it has a great not small size that can stay in your bathroom for a long time.
      This series of Milk and Honey is very old and has already much popularity between all clients of this famouse company and many other people who love nice cosmetics products and nice fragrance by them. What about me, I am fond of good and natural cosmetics, I like to choose between much of it, and before buying I often read the lables, that say what there enters. Unfortunately there are a lot of cosmetic products that have such harmful substances as Propylen glycole, Parabens and so on, sometimes people buy it too, but I prefer not to deal with them because it can be negative for our skin or health.


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      14.06.2010 12:23
      Very helpful



      great but pricey soap

      I am not the person responsible for buying soap in my household and to be honest, I don't really care about it as long as I have something to wash my hands with that doesn't dry them out. However, my mom knows how much I like this scent so she bought Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Creamy Soap Bar thinking about me.

      It comes in a little yellow and golden cardboard. It looks very luxurious. Inside you will find oval soap bar that also has yellow and golden (something in between) colour.

      At first, it seems quite hard but it lathers up extremely easily producing a large amount of foam. It cleanses really well.

      Also, it leaves a really nice after feeling. The hands seem smoother and softer (I was actually quite shocked when I discovered that because this is not the sort of thing a 'normal' soap would do...). It obviously won't moisturise very dry hands but it does nourish normal skin a bit.

      The milk & honey gold scent is absolutely lovely but it is love-it-or-hate-it sort of smell so not everyone will like it. It stays on your skin for a few minutes but then it disappears (or maybe I got used to the scent quickly) and the scent doesn't spread around the bathroom.

      One soap bar lasts for quite a long period of time (I was personally quite surprised that it doesn't get used up as quickly as other soap bars). Unfortunately, it is very expensive - 75 g soap costs £2.25


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