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Pitcairn Island Honey Soap

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Brand: Pitcairn Island / Type: Soap

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2012 13:59
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      A brilliant gift that no one will be expecting!

      Pitcairn Island Soap

      Anyone is knows me well is certain to be aware that I have a passion for islands, especially remote ones that are difficult to visit. I have had this interest for as long as I can remember, and I spend many hours researching them and planning to visit them in the future. One island that has always fascinated me is Pitcairn - a British Overseas Territory that lies 1350 miles east south-east of Tahiti and is home to just fifty people. Even more interesting is that these individuals are descended from the mutineers of HMS Bounty and their Tahitian companions. The island is really tiny just 2 miles long and a mile wide and is isolated from the world. Its only communication for trade is when ships pass by, and so everything that is taken to and from the island is subject to great uncertainty. In winter there are severe storms and the island is cut off due to the dangerous conditions that affect the harbour. There are actually four islands in the chain but only one is inhabited, however the islanders do visit the others for holidays!

      In recent years the island has developed a new business which is involved with the production of honey and soap, and I have long wondered about mail ordering these products. I wondered how long they would take to arrive, and was always so excited by the prospect of eagerly awaiting the postman who would bring me this exciting package! I had mentioned this to one of my daughters who equally shares my islands passion, and for my last birthday I received a card with the words - "Mum- I have ordered something for you but you will have to wait - it may take five months!" Now my birthday is in March, and to my delight in late May I was the proud recipient of a package from Pitcairn! I could hardly believe it - at first I read the sent from address with the postcode PCRN 1ZZ and was mistakenly thinking of somewhere in England, when the beautiful Pitcairn Islands colourful stamp caught my eye and I knew I had a wonderful treat in-store!

      Inside the parcel Abbie had purchased not only soap but pure Pitcairn Honey, but for the purpose of this review I shall just talk about the soap. This is made using pure coconut oil Pitcairn honey and is scented with wild frangipani flowers that grow on the island. It is hand made and then cut into small square bars before being decorated with a label adorned with a frangipani flower.

      The soap is luxurious to the extreme. It is beautifully soft and it lathers so well producing lots of lightly scented bubbles that glide over the skin leaving it so moisturised. The scent of frangipani is extremely light - you can hardly discern it at all which may disappoint some who could expect a more distinct scent, but for me it was perfect as I am used to natural soaps of this type. It is a fawn colour reflective of the high honey content. It does not last for ages as it is completely natural and lathers so well, so it is important to place it somewhere dry after use so that it doesn't continue to dissipate in a moist place.

      Due to the very light scent this soap also appeals to men as well as women, and is ideal for anyone who has sensitive or Eczema prone skin as it is just so pure and gentle. I often find my husband has used it as he is really impressed with the softening properties and uses it before shaving.

      Cost wise this product retails for $5 New Zealand dollars for a bar and there is a minimum order of 2 bars. There is an extra $1 for packing and $4.70 for posting. To give you an approximate idea this equates to roughly £8 total. As this is a luxury and unique item I think this represents excellent value notwithstanding the fact that the bars are relatively small (6cms by 5cms). I think for an unusual and unique gift especially these are so special. Payment is by Paypal and is secure.

      The items were very securely packed for their journey and as I said earlier even though the order form does state that delivery takes up to five months, I was on this occasion very fortunate to receive my package within two.

      If you prefer to seek out products that are totally natural you can't go wrong with this as there are no chemicals colourings or additives of any kind used in the manufacturing process. Also for me comes the wonderful knowledge that this is a small cottage industry operating from a very remote location, and in some small way I feel that by buying this I maybe helping a small economy to survive in what are very challenging circumstances. In addition to this the honey used is some of the purest in the world and it tastes absolutely divine. If you want to purchase this as well as the soap I can highly recommend it. The bees feed on mango passion flowers and guavas which are found all over the island, and as a result the honey has a beautiful fruity flavour.

      I can honestly say this was probably one of the most exciting birthday gifts I have ever received and I will continue to order from Pitcairn myself in the future. I can highly recommend this unique soap that leaves skin so soft and that starts its life thousands of miles away on a tiny island.

      Pitcairn has had a troubled relatively recent history with scandals, arrests and sentences for some in 2004, and for those interested in this it is easy to discover the details. I know for me these events did cast an air of gloom over these remote islands, but now these events are in history and in the past, and I prefer to see the islands as a picture of innocence and a place of dreams.

      For the web order page

      To discover more about the islands

      This review will also be published on Ciao under my user name Violet1278.


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