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Sainsbury's Active Naturals Coconut & Lime Exfoliating Soap

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Soap / Subcategory: Exfoliator / What it does: Smoothes, Exfoliates,

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    2 Reviews
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      23.07.2010 14:49
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      I always love a bit of pampering in the bathroom - lovely smells, lots of bubbles, and generally I look upon having a bath as one of the few times I get the luxury of peace and quiet - at least on the odd occasion my daughter doesn't barge in to use the loo .

      So, when I saw the active naturals range of exfoliating soaps, costing only £1.28 in Sainsburys (and, I believe, exclusive to that store) I decided to buy one,opting for the lime and coconut variety.

      The soap is pretty interesting, a white creamy colour with some brown speckles, smooth and curved on the top with lots of massaging nodules on the bottom. Not only would the gritty tecture act as an exfoliator, but the nodules would give me a soothing massage.

      Using this soap produced a large amount of lather, and although the rough texture was a little scratchy on the skin (I certainly would not recommend it for delicate areas) the massage element was very pleasant, and as I got out of the bath my skin looked fresh and pink, with all the dead surface skin having been exfoliated off. The scent was very pleasant, the sweet tropical coconut balanced out by the freshness of the lime .

      I did find my skin a little dry after using this, so I moisturised a little, but overall I was very impressed- my skin looked much fresher and had a healthy glow .

      4 stars - one off for being slightly drying .


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        23.01.2009 20:45
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        A big no-no for me!!

        First of all, I have to point out that I 'suggested' this product to dooyoo in the 'broad'sense of Sainsbury's Exfoliating Soap and they have posted it as 'Coconut and Lime' which is not the fragrance I used, however I do think that the 'whole' experience of the product will be the same.

        ~ Packaging & Price ~

        This soap bar is very simply packaged. It is covered in clear plastic, resembling cling film.

        The 125gm bar retails at £1.26, quite steep when I can get packs of 4 or even 6 other soap bars for about the same price when on special offer!

        ~ Appearance ~

        An unusual looking soap bar. On first glance, the soap looks like many others with a curved top surface. However the underside of the bar has 24 nodules.

        The soap bar is a pale beige (unlike the version shown by dooyoo) with speckled bits in it that are varying shades of beige and brown.

        ~ What is it? ~

        This particular soap is the 'Rice and Ginger' variety although Sainsbury's also sell 'Mango and Advocado' as well as 'Coconut and Lime'.

        It is produced by Sainsbury's which claims to be against animal testing for those of you who are interested in this fact and is from the 'Active Naturals' range:

        * A cleansing vegetable-based soap.
        * Contains rice bran to gently exfoliate.
        * Leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed.
        * Contains ginger extract.

        ~ My Experience ~

        On the little bit of paper that was attached to the 'cling film' type packaging, the consumer is advised to 'work the soap on to wet skin to create an exfoliating creamy lather'.

        - Smell -

        There is a very delicate hint of ginger in the scent. A good unisex soap in the sense that I won't leave a bloke walking around with a strong floral scent, unless that's what he wants!

        - Texture and Exfoliating Properties -

        When this is initially opened it really doesn't feel rough, however after the first wash it becomes extremely rough on the skin and I would even go so far to say that it hurts!

        I would therefore have to dispute Sainsbury's claim that it is a 'gentle exfoliator'.

        Whilst I have no doubt that it does exfoliate and removes dead skin cells, it does so at the expense of my skin feeling as if I'm using sand paper on it. Before I paint a dreadful picture of this, I have to say that it doesn't actually leave scratch marks on my skin but when using it, it actually feels as if it would be.
        Both the curved and 'nodules' side had the same effect which really wasn't good.

        As for the 'creamy lather' that they claim is produced when used on wet skin, I certainly didn't manage to create any lather from the soap bar.

        ~ Overall ~

        I bought this to take on holiday to sunnier climes in the summer of 2008, thinking that it would be a good idea as opposed to taking both a soap and an exfoliator, thereby taking up less space and the all important weight factor!

        I'm not a huge 'preener' in terms of looking after my skin but tend to make more of an effort when on holiday to rid myself of dead skin cells.

        This soap bar was really just too painful to use and I gave up after 3 washes, opting for the possible flaky, dead skin on my legs as opposed to the feeling of having my skin ripped to shreds!

        I actually 'disposed' of it, i.e. 'binned' it after the initial trials which to anyone who knows me speaks volumes as I hate waste!!

        Thanks for reading :-)

        N.B. This review is also posted on ciao.


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