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Soape Apple & White Heather Glycerine Soap

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Brand: Soape / Type: Soap

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    1 Review
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      28.08.2012 21:58
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      A nice enough soap I'd like better if it stayed in one piece

      Another day, another handmade soap from Casyopea - well not quite, they do last longer than that. It's true though that Casyopea does make a lot of different soaps and, for me, the majority of them sound really appealing.

      This 'Apple & White Heather' soap is from their range of glycerine soaps; the other ranges are olive oil soaps, cream soaps and Dead Sea soaps (additionally they have a range of exfoliating soaps which are some of the usual lines but with added shreds of loofah). I bought it because the fragrance sounded light and fresh and it was the apple that appealed because, in truth, I had no idea what white heather might smell like.

      First impressions are great; as soon as I saw the soap I wanted to use it. It's bright and colourful without being garish, in summery hues of peach, orange, yellow and white. Like most of the glycerine soaps this is translucent with quirky curls of opaque white soap bunched at the bottom of the block. Casyopea soaps are made in blocks so slices are cut from them for wrapping individually meaning pieces are similar but never exactly the same.

      I could detect the apple fragrance before removing the soap from the cellophane wrapper; it's not a crisp green apple scent, more of a warmer rosy apple scent but pleasant all the same. On removing the soap from the wrapping I could pick up more of a floral scent with a touch of musk which, while not strong, held its own against the apple.

      I'm a big fan of Casyopea's soaps and I think that 100 grams is a fair size but I don't have very big hands and for the first few uses I find that the blocks are a little uncomfortable in my hands and as a result I frequently drop them. I also find the straight edges a little unwieldy and would prefer the edges to be slightly rounded for ease of use.

      The scent doesn't intensify much when the soap is wet but neither is it diluted. It retains its apple scent to some degree but I think the heather element is more detectable after use, lingering a while on the skin. Like all the glycerine soaps it lathers very nicely considering it doesn't contain an artificial frothing agent and the lather feels rich and luxurious without being too heavy. After showering using this soap my skin feels clean and fresh with no dryness and as it's easily rinsed off there's no residue.

      There is only one drawback to this soap and it's one that is common to all the Casyopea soaps that have curls of a second colour within them; the soap starts to break up and bits drops off and disappear down the plughole which seems like a bit of a waste to me. Even if you can catch them, they are too small to be of practical use.

      This has put me off buying any more of the soaps in this style though I would consider buying this one again if it wasn't for the wastage aspect. The fragrance is lovely and I've no complaints about the soap itself. All products made by Casyopea are animal cruelty free and the company uses only ingredients that meet the approval of vegetarians and vegans. They also claim to use no artificial ingredients.

      The Apple & White Heather soap currently costs £2.40 for 100 grams from www.soape.com which is the only supplier in the UK. (The products are made by a company based in Bulgaria who franchise the business). Unfortunately postage is only free for purchases over £16 and makes the soap rather expensive if you are only buying a small quantity. My tip would be to look out for Soape.com's frequent promotions and buy at these times.


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