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Tesco Lime & Mandarin Soap

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3 Reviews
  • It is very cheap to buy
  • It smells very nice
  • There are no disadvantages
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    3 Reviews
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      23.11.2014 23:11
      Very helpful


      • "It is very cheap to buy"
      • "It does not dry out when it is not used"
      • "It feels fresh"
      • "It smells very nice"


      • "There are no disadvantages"

      Tesco mandarin and lime soap

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is soap that is made by Tesco and can be brought from their stores or online. It has got a fragrance of mandarin and lime that I think is very refreshing.


      I have used this soap for about one year and I buy it because my husband is a complainer and says that I have got too many feminine smelling soaps so I buy this to keep him happy because it is a fresh fragrance that I think is suited for men and women. He does not complain when I buy this soap.

      It does not give me very many bubbles but the soap makes my skin feel very clean, I think it makes my hands a little bit dry but no body else has said this who uses it in my home and my hands do get dry anyway so I think it is just me who has this reaction to it.

      The smell is very beautiful and the soap smells like fresh oranges and limes so it is full of zest smells, I do not think soap can be refreshing if you are using it only for your hands but my husband has used it many times to shower and he has said that when he lathers it on his whole body he feels clean and it helps to clear his head so that he can wake properly in the morning.

      A bar weighs 100g and it lasts for a long time because we use many different soaps and do not only use one that is open. I am happy that this does not go cracked on the surface if it is left to dry but I put it always in a soap dish that has got a lid to cover it so it will not ever dry out all the way even if it is not used over one week.


      This bar of soap costs only 75p and that is a cost I am happy to pay for something that smells so nice and that me and my husband can agree on.

      5 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      02.10.2013 22:30
      Very helpful



      A refreshing zesty soap from Tesco

      I love trying and testing new products, particularly where beauty is concerned and when carrying out the Tesco weekly shop a few months ago, my eyes were drawn to their Lime and Mandarin Soap. Consequently, I dropped a bar into my trolley with this review discussing my thoughts.

      It was the appearance of the cardboard box that captured my interest due to the colourful images displaying zesty mandarins and limes. As there is a small circular cut out on the front of the box I was able to take a sniff prior to making my purchase rather than cheekily removing it from the packaging.

      As I opened the side of the box to slide out the 100 g bar of soap I was greeted with the most stunning and refreshing citrus aroma with the scent of both the mandarins and lime being extremely authentic. The appearance of the pale orange coloured soap reminds me of Coal Tar as it is of a boxy shape as opposed to offering curved edges, which is generally the case with the majority of brands. The front of the box informs us that the soap is enriched with natural extracts and vitamin E with the words "natural extracts" being etched onto the upper section of the bar.

      When using in the bath for the first time, I found that I couldn't comfortably hold the soap in my hand due to the oblong shape although this is a very minor issue especially as it rapidly shrunk in size. It created a good lather as I rubbed it across my wet body polisher a few times with the zingy aroma intensifying. The lather was wonderfully soft and creamy as I applied it to my skin with the soap effectively removing any traces of grease and grime. It rinsed away with great ease without leaving any sticky residue and I loved the fact that the aroma gently lingered on the surface of my skin for an hour or so afterwards.

      Whilst I do not suffer with dry skin on my body with the exception of my elbows and knees, the ingredients did not exacerbate the dryness and due to the inclusion of vitamin E, my skin felt soft and smooth to the touch. However, I would point out that I regularly use moisturising creams and butters, so the skin on my body is generally soft and well hydrated. The only issue that I experienced on a few occasions is that the natural extracts of the lime and mandarin caused me to suffer a sneezing fit, as both aromas are extremely zesty.

      I solely used the soap in the bath where it sat in a china soap dish and as I ensured that it never rested in a pool of water, the soap did not turn into a squidgy pulp. I would estimate that the bar of soap lasted me around three weeks with me bathing daily and my husband occasionally using it on his face. Whilst I did not use it on my face due to suffering with dryness on my cheeks, my husband who suffers with sensitive skin, did not experience any issues.

      I enjoyed trying out a new soap for use in the bath although I probably wouldn't repurchase again for myself, as nothing can beat the luxury offered by Imperial Leather. The 100 g bar is a little pricey at 75p especially when I can purchase a pack of three Imperial Leather same size bars from Poundland. However, I wouldn't dismiss buying this for one of my Christmas pamper hampers.


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        29.08.2012 14:52
        Very helpful



        Fruity, long lasting, moisturising bar of soap

        ===Why I Bought This===

        One thing I enjoy is having nice soap, but as I do not get out to the shops much these days I tend to limit my choice to what I find on te Tesco Grocery website. These little boxed soaps turned up on the website a few weeks ago and I decided to try them.

        ===The Brand===

        Made for Tesco.

        ===The Product===

        Lime and Mandarin soap.
        Comes in a bright orange box decorated with images of mandarins and limes - there is a round 'window' so you can view he soap inside.
        'Enriched with Natural Extracts and Vitamin E'.
        100 gram bar.
        'Enriched with added mosituriser to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.'
        Has added extracts of lime and mandarin 'to help sooth your body and leave you feeling refreshed'.
        Use with 24 months - and keep away from eyes.
        Inside the box is a rectangular pale orange bar of soap with the words 'NATURAL EXTRACTS' on the front.
        Among other ingredients are glycerine and citrus oils.
        Made in China for Tesco.


        These soaps come in three sorts:
        *Aloe Vera and Green Tea
        *Lavender and Chamomile
        *Lime and Mandarine


        75p per 100 gram bar.

        ===My Opinion===

        This is a chunky oblong bar of soap and is an attractive pale orange colour. It is not clear like lots of glycerine soaps but actually resembles the old Opal Fruit sweets (now Starburst).
        Although the box is vivid orange in colour the soap is only a very pale shade or orange and even the smell reminds me of Opal Fruits.
        This is a unisex sort of smell and can be used by all the family.
        The aroma is pleasant and refreshing and coming in a nice box makes the soap feel slightly 'better' than just the ordinarly ones ou buy in packs of four.
        The soap itself feels lovely when in use and you can feel its moisturising properties - it may not be a huge bar but it does last a long time - and I also ike the fact that it does not start to disintegrate when it is wet and in use.
        I tend to use my bars in the shower or bath but they are equally as good by the sink to wash your hands and the perfume is not so powerful as to leave stronge smells on your hands after use - just a faint hind of aroma.
        These bars may seem a little expensive to use on a daily basis - especially as husband comes in from the garden wth filthy hands, so I try and keep these good bars for myself and hope he will use the cheaper bars I buy for general use - but it does not always work, and I have not resorted to hiding my bars of soap yet.
        I would definitely recommend these refreshing bars of soap - they are more expensive than others that Tesco sell which you cAn have four bars for £1 but sometines it is good to have a little luxury in smal things.
        Although fruity these are very subtle and ot half as storng smelling as the fruity Body Shop glycerine soaps - so while I pefer the Body SHop ones at £2 each - these are also really good for just 75p.

        ===Star Rating===

        5 stars.

        ===Would I Recommend?===





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