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The Body Shop Chocomania Soaps

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4 Reviews
  • exfoliating pieces
  • good lather
  • Some may not like the coconut pieces
  • Messy soap
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    4 Reviews
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      28.10.2014 14:08
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • " exfoliating pieces"
      • " good lather"
      • "Lovely aroma"


      • "Some may not like the coconut pieces"

      Yummy - a gorgeous chocolate smelling soap that also exfoliates

      ===The Product===

      Body Shop Chocomania Soap
      100 grams bars or as little hearts as shown in the image above
      Comes in transparent wrapper.
      Uses certified sustainable palm oil.
      Made in UK and use within 12 months.
      Body Shop avoids animal testing.
      Cocoa butter from Ghana.
      Standard bar is oval curved tablet of pale coffee coloured soap with flecks of exfoliating coconut shell, the hearts are small novelty soaps which came in a bag as above or I also was able to buy them singly.


      The bag of hearts was around 4 pounds, cannot recall the cost of a single heart but the standard bar was 2 pounds now selling for half price.

      ===My Opinion===

      I love nice soaps which I find worth indulging in and this was one of the Body Shop's soaps that I had not tried before.
      I had purchased some little hearts last year but these had been given as gifts.
      Almost all of the Body Shop's soaps come in standard 100 gram oval shape and sell for £2 at full price, that is apart from special ones made for Christmas etc.
      This Chocomania range has a lovely deep rich chocolate aroma – more like dark bitter choclate rather than the sweet and sickly smell of the milk versions.
      However this bar is a pale coffee colour and it has evident little dark flecks speckled through it. This is the exfoliating coconut shell pieces.
      The smell of this soap is gorgeous but you will not be smelling as if you just ate a chocolate bar.
      I also like the fact that it lathers up well and is lovely and creamy. The exfoliating bits do not bother me at all and I find them quite pleasant, both for my hands and on my body in the bath. They are not too sharp and scratchy and I even use this soap on my face and have had no problems.
      I hope this chocolate line is not being discontinued as it is a lovely one and also makes a good gift.
      The Body Shop soaps always last a long time and keep their shape pretty well – unless you leave them standing for days in a wet puddle of water.
      Definitely a good quality and aromatic soap which you can still smell on your skin very gently after washing.


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        03.09.2014 13:27
        Very helpful


        • "Smell Amazing"


        • "Messy soap "

        Smell gorgeous and a pretty soap

        I received these Body Shop Chocomania soaps for my birthday in a gift set. I think that also in the gift set was some gorgous body butter, body scrub and shower gel, all the amazing chocolate flavour.

        On initially opening my gift set I was a bit disappointed having received hard soap as it is not something that I normally use. I did actually consider selling this on eBay rather than using them but my husband convinced me to give them a go and I’m really glad that I followed his advice.

        These cocomania body shop soaps are really cute little hearts. As soon as I opened the packet I was hot with a gorgeous chocolaty smell. Once the soap got wet after the first use the smell got quite powerful and I noticed it just entering my bathroom.

        The soap had little bits of coconut shell in so this would be really harsh and rough against smooth skin. It is fine whilst using the soap to wash your hands with but if using in the bath then you will need a shower puff. The soap does create a descent lather and so it is good when using it with a shower puff. Of course because it is a soap it does dry skin out more than a moisturising shower gel so I am now just sticking to using it as a hand soap.

        The smell is amazing and I can smell it on my hands long after washing them. I really like this soap, it would just be much more useful to me in squirty form so as not to make a soap mess around the sink.


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        10.05.2013 18:53
        Very helpful



        A great idea for little soaps - but expensive compared to a normal sized bar

        The Chocomania is one of the new ranges brought into the Bosy Shop range, and there are a few products in the range, the one I am reviewing today is the Mini Soaps.

        =The Soaps=
        The soaps are more like a body scrub to me, as although they contain real cocoa butter, they also contain coconut shell which has an exfoliating effect.

        The chocolate scent is pleasant and not over powering, if anything it is rather mild to what I would have expected, whether that is me being picky, I don't know.

        The soap lathers well, but due to the sharpness of the coconut shell, I would recommend using a shower puff or a sponge as it could be a painful incident otherwise.

        These are Body Shop own brand and can be purchased in store or on-line, and they are £4 for a bag of mini soaps, and each soap is 25grams. The Body Shop also sell the soap as a standard sized single soap and this is 100g soap for £2, more economical in price.

        =My Thoughts=
        I would defiantly buy this soap again, I would buy the little bags of soap for travelling, as I rely on shower gel and hand wash, and soaps don't get much use, so for me under that principle the little soaps would be better for me.

        =If I could change=
        The one thing that I would be the chocolate, I want more.

        =My Overall Thoughts=
        This is a set of gorgeous little soaps, that would make an excellent gift, or as a treat for yourself, and you get a skin workout with the coconut shell. I think there brilliant.

        Just lose 1 star - for not enough chocolate


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        14.04.2013 13:38
        Very helpful



        A great little present for any chocolate lover!

        Chocomania is one of the more recent ranges brought out by The Body Shop. The scent is found in a few different products and these mini soaps being one of them. I have already tried the chocolate scented shower gel before and loved it, but found the body butter to be a bit too sickly when I tried the tester in the shop. I received these mini heart shaped soaps as a little present by my boyfriend at christmas, as he knew I liked the shower gel.

        The soaps contain real cocoa butter and exfoliating coconut shell. The coconut shell bits inside the soap are quite 'sharp' in texture and so you definitely need a sponge or shower puff to lather the soap up when using it, because using it directly on the skin may be quite unpleasant! They do make for a very exfoliating scrub though, which I don't find with many other soaps I have used in the past.

        As for the chocolate scent, it is noticeable in these soaps and is very nice, not sickly at all. However, I don't think it is as strong as I'd like it, having already used the shower gel before I found the scent to be a lot stronger in that. Therefore, I don't think this scent lingers on the skin very well after use, and so you really do have to enjoy it while it lasts.

        I do think it is a good soap though that really exfoliates and makes my skin feel quite soft after use. So I try to keep my skin feeling soft by moisturising after.

        These heart shaped soaps would make a lovely little gift for someone, or just as a treat to yourself. Especially for any chocolate lovers! They are 25g each and the bag costs £4. The larger 100g sized bar of soap is also available in this Chocomania scent but priced at £2 so it is cheaper if you buy the single large sized bar. I would definitely buy this again as its a good exfoliating scrub bar, not like other soaps I have used from the likes of Lush which usually cost a lot more too! I don't usually buy expensive soaps for myself, and just use them when i have received them in gift sets as presents. However, I think £2 for a bar of this is quite cheap considering how well it works and i would buy this for myself again. The mini ones I use too seem to last ages. I have deducted one star due to the scent not being very strong, but it is still noticable so not a complete let down.


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